T-Mobile removes employer discounts from Simple Choice plans

By Derek Kessler on 31 Mar 2014 05:39 pm EDT

Tomorrow might be April 1st, but T-Mobile's not joking around with their latest move: they're scrapping employer rate plans discounts. Gone is the supposed complexity that came with wondering what kind of discount you might get with your Simple Choice plan based on where you work, replaced instead with a T-Mobile gift card worth $25 when your purchase a new device… based on where you work. It's simpler than trying to figure out if it's 15% or 5% or 2.8% that you'll get off of your bill.

That said, it could also be a pretty big rate hike for a lot of people. T-Mobile has offered discounts of up to 15% off depending on where you work (including the United States Armed Forces), and the loss of that discount could add up to hundreds of dollars a year. Said T-Mobile CEO John Legere in a blog post announcing the change:

The old programs were designed to help big carriers close big corporate contracts, with employees as bargaining chips. We aren’t playing that game anymore. This change is about simplifying wireless for everyone… including employees of small and large companies alike.

If you upgrade your phone on a frequent basis, this change might work out really well with T-Mobile's Jump upgrade plan. But if you're not, if you're a normal person who keeps their phone for a good long while and doesn't like forking over a few hundred dollars every few months for a new phone, this change might not work out in your favor. T-Mobile customers with corporate discounts: what's your bill going to look like come tomorrow?

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Mark Edward Carr

New q10 or z30?!?

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There goes my 12% monthly discount, this is really tiring, every time I turn around T-mo is doing something to give me more reason to leave.


Then take a hint and jet!

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I love how that CEO is trying to spin things to seem like he's helping the people with this, LMAO. Sad thing is, some people will fall for it...

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These are the scripts that are apparently being provided to reps:

I currently get a corporate discount with Verizon. Does T-Mobile do that? – “I’m glad you asked. T-Mobile gives all our customers the greatest value possible by offering competitive rate plans that include unlimited talk, text and data, no matter where you work. It’s easy to learn about our Advantage Program, you can check the enrollment website on your own to see if your company participates and what the offer includes. Let’s take a look at some of our newest devices!”

Why did my monthly discount get removed? – “I can understand why changes to the program can be frustrating, so I’ll tell you about the changes. Our Simple Choice plans now come with more data, international text messaging, and more countries included in our global network…all of our customers benefit regardless of who they work for. With the new Advantage Program, each participating company may provide a $25 reward card or a monthly service discount, which would provide an additional value on top of the plans that we just discussed. Now let’s take a look at your account and review your current plan and features.”

Notice the BS non-reply in the second scenario LOL.


Legere is a giant classless douche.


Well I was going to switch over to TMO but not now. It wouldn't be getting any better deal as I have to buy new phones as I am coming from CDMA technology. And after I run the numbers I might as well go with VZW or AT&T as there networks are bigger and work in more places. To bad I was looking forward to the switch. And this little spat between the companies didn't help either. I am glad the two are still looking after there customers though as that should be first and foremost.


Nice to know it's not only us Canadians getting screwed by carriers.


+1 on that
I'd try to squeeze Rogers but i'd just be picking my preferred thief.

Oh and let's hear the good old excuse "Canada is big with lower density"....

Funny though, their gross margin looks high density enough. For once I agree with this government, we need more competition.

I'm Zeeing a bright future for Blackberry


Any discount has a price, and the customer pays; the give you cigar from your own box (as we say here)

Have a nice day


Humm well prepaid may have to start being my next option or AT&T or Verizon with the discount I get with them.


What happened to being grandfathered in? Can't they just apply it to new customers? This is not cool

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Jerry A

Still less than a comparable plan from Verizon or AT&T.


Not necessarily. Over the weekend, AT&T introduced a $50 1GB BYOD plan, where the plan's $65, but if you BYOD, you get $15 off every month. I'm not sure if hotspot's included and the other bells and whistles like unlimited texts to 200 countries probably isn't. But AT&T is still honoring employee discounts, and overall has better network coverage.


Oh yeah, AT&T has an "upgrade your own OS" plan as well, as they NEVER release OS updates..


Lol. Fair point. If I was shopping around and all things equal, AT&T's price really was better, I'd take the savings on the better network and get me the latest OS off Sachesi, where unlike TMO, no functionality is going to be broken. But I do understand this (non-OTA downloading) is not the usual way people go about it.


There is a value difference. T-Mobile's data is unlimited use. Even under the 1gb plan. You're throttled by going over, but not charged a fee. Running on edge is better than forking over $15 extra in most cases.

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On TMO, that first 1GB is more likely to be EDGE as well :)

Point taken, however. Some people may like extra data being added (for convenience or whatever reasons,) I don't. But if 1GB is what I would sign up for, I'd make damn sure I wasn't going over, or figuring out how to cut off data before I hit the limit.


Nice! If that includes hotspot I think I'm switching. Hotspot has been great for uploading loads of photos while working on the road, so I can't give that up. BUT, with AT&T's broader coverage, I don't think I'd be reliant on WiFi Calling anymore!


I'm seriously going to look into switching carriers. Not cool. Last straw.

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I hear ya I get a 20% discount with AT&T and Verizon and with them lowering plans these days I see better coverage and options.


I'm going to net-10, great coverage in my area and cheaper than at&t and t mobile.

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Hah oh well. Still paying way less with an old T-Mobile plan and 2gigs than any other carrier would charge. They're new plans are less appealing to be honest.

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I said it before and I'll say it again T-MOBILE SUCKS!

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I'm going to switch to Straight Talk using the AT&T network. Their coverage is by far way better out in Gold Canyon, Arizona than T-Mobile. Plus $45.00 dollars of month of unlimited talk, text, and 2.5 gb of data suits my needs

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I was going to do that very thing until I discovered it wouldn't include use of mobile hotspot.


And with that John Legere shows how much of a douche he really is. Hopefully this will be one money grab the rest of the carriers don't decide to follow.

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Bad move. I'm buying out my phones and getting out of there as soon as possible. I defended you, TMO, as being the sensible option. No more.

Courtesy official  10.2.1 on TMO


How does this apply to BlackBerry users, T-Mobile and Blackberry's don't mix. T-Mobile was almost bankrupt not too long ago, so it doesn't make sense how they have treated BlackBerry as they try to reclaim their user base in America.

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Bad move! Guess I'll have to look to change after 10 years. At&t will give me 25% off my total bill.

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It's only off of the base rate. Not the smartphone access fees.

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I left them years ago, no coverage for me.

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Redroom Media

Turd mobile

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Canadian is giving us $80 for shit plan...

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Just use square trade for repair and warranty and you will save over tmobile hokey insurance plan.

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There's a PlayBook update available today.

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And ATT came out with a new single user plan that benefits smart phone users. 65.00 per month unlimited talk and txt plus 2gb of data. Screw T-Mo


Wtf are you kidding me???

I just applied the employee discount 2 months ago. My bill coming up is the first one that was supposed to have it on there.

Bullshit. Fed up with Tmobile

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I feel ya. Our new T-Mo rep just got us this info last week and I just spent an hour+ jumping through the hoops to get it approved...


Let me see a one time 25 dollar gift card or my 18% every month??? HMMMM!!! The sad part is other carriers will probably follow. Thanks T-Mo.
Guess they have to pay for all those bought out contracts somehow.

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Meanwhile my AT&T discount went from 22% to 32%

So glad I left T-mobile


That may be a short lived 32. ;)

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What the whole fuck? Uggghhh I need that discount

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Wow, I almost thought I was in a Verizon forum.

So much (not even sure what to call it)

If you're a gruntled customer, do the right thing. Take your business elsewhere. MetroPCS has a $40 unlimited plan...and before the flames, if you have good t-mobile coverage, metro runs on TMO towers
If you don't, head to another carrier. It's pretty simple, well, it should be...

Personally, five lines and and LTE PlayBook for $100 a month doesn't seem to shabby to me.

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Glad I left T-Mobile. I get 50% discount with at&t anyway.

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Somehow I doubt that.


I've been working for at&t for several years now but just recently switched service when they changed the employee discount for wireless to 50% off.

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Ahh so AT&T employees get 50% on the carrier? That's cool. Before that, the best I had heard was Apple on TMO (limited enrollment, apparently) at 30%


Yh they just changed it about 1.5 to 2 months ago. I had T-Mobile for about 10 years and kept it the whole time even when I started working with at&t about 7 years ago but the recent change to 50% finally convinced me to switch.

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The only reason I am with t-mobile is because of free international calls.

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A money grabbing price increase made to look like it isn't . I use a T-Mobile reseller. 57.00 total a month, 2 Gigs 4G.

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Tmobile rep denied it. Said if u receive a letter or a text u have to reapply

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I'm done with T-Mobile. This is the final straw. I tried to get a bb10 phone from them during that $150 or $250 credit they were doing with a trade of an old blackberry. Well all the BB10 phones were out of stock that whole week (when I called up) and they finally came back in stock after the deal ended. Convenient huh?

Vanessa Simms

You could have still traded in your phone for a new device... and if you called customer care you would have heard we do have many, many bbQ10/Z10s in stock.. since we don't sell bb in store. And would have still received your up to $250 trade in when we processed your request... and shipped out the new bb.


I know get the they dont carry devices in store. I did call customer care 3 separate times that week. All 3 times I was told that the Z10 was out of stock. And 2 of the times Q10 was out of stock. They offered a different phone instead (android). I didn't buy it because I just wanted to wait to get the Z10. Well didn't really pay attention to the "unspecified deadline" and it came in stock after the promotion...

So with that problem, also the fact that T mobile didn't pay my ETA like they advertised (But took my old phone as promised) and the fact that they have the worst service in the world. Never thought I won ld say this but, I miss sprint.

Prem WatsApp

A Legere move? Is it wise.... ? IDK

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "


Employer discounts will stay in part for USAF and government employees. I think I'll stick to TMONews for T-Mobile related news from now on.



welp...looks like I'm covered

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Tmo still works better for me, with or without un-entitled discounts

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Brayan Morales

Stick with Sprint like me :)

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C'mon Mr. Legere. Why don't you run some more BlackBerry trade-ins? Those must be cheap enough.


I have no problem with this. T-MOBILE still has great prices and since I don't get a discount, this should help those of us that don't.

I hate when companies play games with prices. The plans are called "simple choice" for a reason.

$100 per month for 4 lines is pretty decent.

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Piggy SWOW

True they are taking the discount but there still is a red tag on this one...see you can go online and put in your company's name and receive the discount that way...That just want to see who is really working for the company in which they state...I learned that yesterday when I was in the store

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According to TMONews, the discounts start coming off at the end of this month.


So this is T-Mobile US again being misrepresented by CrackBerry as the only subsidiary of T-Mobile that exists, again.

Do CrackBerry staff even know that T-Mobile is German?!

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the Unbeliever

Estimated increase of about 40/month. T-Mobile just lost its only advantage over its competitors.

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I see nothing but the stagnation of t-mobile from now on. I will stay with them until Sept and then will consider another carrier that can give me the best strength with my sta 100-5 z30

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