T-Mobile Releases OS4.5 for the BlackBerry 8700

T-Mobile BlackBerry 8700 Gets OS 4.5
By Kevin Michaluk on 21 May 2009 04:13 pm EDT

One of the questions I get asked on a fairly regular basis is What BlackBerry do you use? I rotate up devices fairly often and for the most part like to stay cutting edge, but ask me the question today and my answer is the T-Mobile BlackBerry 8700! T-Mobile just officially released OS4.5 for the 8700, so how could I not get my 8700 on?

Seriously, while trackballs and touchscreens and optical trackpads are all fine and dandy, trackwheels are still where it's at! I love this device. The battery lasts forever, it's built like a brick and it just feels good in the hand. Whenever I pick up my 8700 I can't help but think of that scene in Crocodile Dundee...  That's Not a Knife. THIS is a knife! If smartphones could fight, I'm pretty sure the 8700 could kick the $#!t out of the rest of them. If you have a T-Mobile 8700, do yourself a favor and go upgrade now at tmobile.com/bbupgrade.

Can I get a boooyaaah! from all the BlackBerry 8700 owners past and present out there? 

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T-Mobile Releases OS4.5 for the BlackBerry 8700


My wife still uses my old Verizon 8703e. That thing is a total work horse and has great reliability. I love my Curve but wish it was as stable as the 8703e. I could type much faster on that device too.

I think I had that one. Although, I've had 7 different bb's since January of last year. I think I liked it, but I couldn't wait to upgrade.

No OS 4.5 (or any other OS for that matter) for my (ex-Suncom) Pearl 8100, but they'll release 4.5 for the 8700!! I'm not dissing the all-powerful 8700, but COME ON!

How does it run? When I "upgraded" to a non-TMO 4.5 my Pearl was slower than my Grandma in winter.

Absolutely, 100% right. That was my first BB and it really is an exceptional device. Love the retro look, too.

after my curve went thru the wash... I'm back to an 8700 - most apps these days want 4.5 OS... I need it!

Still love my 8700, still use it about every other week (use it while out on the boat). Although I need to replace the housing on it, it still works just as good as the day I got it.

Good to see the 8700 getting some love on CB, now if I could just find the old "overlord" theme I would be good to go on the old guy.

Hell ya!! I miss my 8700!!! Rim really needs to bring back the trackwheel!!! haha With the included holster!! man, I had all versions from all cariers...then I moved to the 7100..blah..

So ya, bring back the trackwheel and holster..and upgrade everything else!!

Maybe RIM could do a "throwback" blackberry. Give me the 8700 form factor and trackwheel, give me the screen from the 8900 and the guts of the Bold, then throw in a camera, WiFi and GPS. Could we ask for any more?

I'd switch up the 8900 screen for the Bold's. Then I would have the ultimate blackberry. I would much rather get that amazing hybrid than any of the new devices that RIM is pushing out.

This was my first blackberry and it's nice to see an update for it. But, RIM should be focused on OS4.6 & OS5 updates for the Curve 83xx series. Isn't that the most popular blackberry sold now?

BOOOYAAAH! I love my 8700, I upgraded to the STORM and haven't been very impressed. Maybe its time to go back to the tried and true,; affectionately named "The Brick" by all my other bberry friends.

I agree!! I still have my 8700 & I am considering going back to it. I will also say that some things of the storm I like but overall still not the 8700!!

The 8700's hardware is a cadillac compared to the newer BB's.
I wish RIM would go back to making hardware that lasts...
This plastic crap that they are using on the new BB's is unsatisfactory!!!

This makes me wonder if they will go ahead and put on OS 5 for 81xx, 83xx and 88xx series at some point (waaaaay down the road).

I am also curious how 4.5 runs on the 8700. Since they could cut out many of the media modules (the ones that require SD access anyway) I'm guessing it wouldn't be as bloated as on the 8100, etc., but I'd still be surprised if it wasn't slowed down considerably.

I've still got my 8700. I just can't seem to get rid of it. I use it whenever I'm worried about something happening to my bold.

lol this made me laugh i have a 8900,8320,8120 and (2)8100's and my 8700 should i take it out of the drawer and upgrade ? hmmmmmmmm

boooyaaah! I actually activate my 8703e randomly... and use it for a day or three. And then i jump back into my 8830 :D It definitely feels great in the hand, definitely looked great on the holster too... yeah, good times with that device. It was definitely a workhorse.

I have had just about all of them and i can say i uesed the 8700 the most. Started with a 957 and then the 6680 i think no color no Bluetooth, quickly changed to the 7290 and the the 8700.

I sold a ton of the 8700's for Ma Bell and got many of them back in trade, many still looked brand new years later.

i still use one at my home as a landline replacement connected to a Xlink and a 6 handeset Siemens cordless system.


I'm on my SECOND 8703e for Verizon. The screen outshines the World Edition's and the Curve's. Navigating with a trackball may be more efficient, but my trackwheel kicks absolute a$$.

its like comparing a new car to an old car, my first bb was a storm and im only 16 so i wasnt around for old cars but i love them and ive worked on them, cars in the 70s were made out of metal and the car manufactuerers knew what they were doing when they made them, and the new camaro and challenger too, but new cars are made of plastic and the engines are a joke, compare the engine compartment from a chevelle to a civic and your gonna laugh ur @$$ off. just puttin that out there.

A chevelle and a civic weren't necessarily ever made to
"compare." Perhaps compare a S2000, NSX, etc engine with a
Chevelle, and I'd rather get the latter. Just saying, even though I am fond of the Chevelle.

I'm a recent convert to Blackberry, got myself a Pearl 8130 earlier this week after going through two touch screen phones. I totally understand the term "crackberry". So true! Having said that, I have always liked the look of the 8700. It's a solid piece of technology that will last and last.

Berry love all around!!

The 8700c (At&t) was my first blackberry. It served me well. I got it unlocked during the unlock code give away and upgraded it to OS 4.5 and now my brother in Kenya is using it.

When I dusted it off to wipe it and upgrade, the battery life was just as amazing as I remembered it.

T-Mobile 4.5 for the 8820 is unusable. Had to roll my users back to 4.2. Hopefully, this one is good. I still have about 40 of them.

Use it for work email only everyday. Thing will hold a charge for a week practically.

Use a Storm for my personal phone.

I have a strange problem. I dont know what key I pressed but there is now an 'up' arrow on the right top corner which has made my keyboard go crazy. Earlier the enter button would actually open the option i wanted, now it dosent do anything. the escape button actually opens a bar where I am supposed to select an application..am not sure why this has happened..could anyone pls tell me what button i might have pressed?