T-Mobile Releases BlackBerry Curve 8900 OS

T-Mobile Releases BlackBerry Curve 8900 OS
By Bla1ze on 18 Jul 2009 08:54 am EDT

Good news for BlackBerry Curve 8900 users on T-Mobile as updated firmware is now available for your device! OS version for the Curve 8900 is now available for. At this point is an official OS download so if you have been holding off on an update due to it being a leaked version, you need not worry here. Some changes to look forward to with htis OS:

  • Improved battery life
  • Improved performance and stability
  • Improved UMA and data performance
  • Enhancements to audio and the speakerphone
  • Fixes myfaves issues
  • Fixes uncaught exception errors

You can now find the version available to download via the T-Mobile BlackBerry Upgrade page. We had a ton of excited T-Mobile customers send this info into us. Thanks to all. Now go get your update on!

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T-Mobile Releases BlackBerry Curve 8900 OS


Wish that either T-Mobile or BlackBerry (whoever has ultimate responsibility) would enable the over the air OS upgrade.

In the US, there are two Blackberries for whom OTA OS upgrades are enabled: The 9530/Storm on Verizon Wireless and the 8350i on Sprint/Nextel. Two models, on two carriers...hopefully more soon.

the battery has 4 bars and I uploaded new OS yesterday morning. i have rebooted device five times( only to get rid of some unwanted apps) Used browser and upgraded facebook, new BB messenger. this new update works so good. Battery life is way better now. big difference. thanks RIM & Tmo

Cnt wait for the OTA Link....am hoping it improves da Tmobile Blackberry experience....def not as fast as sprint or at&t....but I am waiting for the link....hope to see it soon!!! ;-)

"no such thing as an ota link for an o/s update."

ya... we get it.

that's why everyone is saying they look forwad to having that feature someday...

The Batt life and the sound profiles are great with this update! I am even seeing a little more stability with UMA

I have been running .250 for some time. I experienced lags between Apps and especially in the Media (pictures) side of the OS. Although I didn't have any major issues with .250 it was not completely stable. No big surprise as it is a beta. This official release of .231 seems to smooth all of that out and the 8900 is running faster without question. No lag pulling up pictures anymore. UMA is much stronger and the sound profiles much better. This is one case where I would highly recommend downgrading if you are on a higher version beta.

The bottom line is that it will be really nice when T-Mo releases 5.0 for the 8900.

I am using Curve 8900 Orange UK. And i have German Opperator called BASE in it. Can i download it? is it still risk or i may have some issues?

I'm having trouble here idk if anyone else is but the upgrade just messed everything up. i just downloaded it and facebook is now my browser and i have no internet service! can someone help me out?

I tried updating the software followed the steps. but when the phone was booting it there was a 'fatal error' and now when i try to connect my bb to my computer it doesnt recognize it. What should i do?

There are some great tips on how to recover a dead bb on Crackberry. It can be found in blackberry help, located on this site.

I am very satisfied with this update, not only is myfavs working like it should and not getting the javalang error message, the sound profiles are louder, the battery last longer, but they also added hold the menu key for 5 seconds and the task bar comes up....the alt and escape still brings it up, but this feature for me should have been implemented along time ago.

Fixes uncaught exception errors, really? That was the FIRST thing I seen after the update! :-O Have no clue of what exactly the error is/was or what app, but haven't seen it since and it does look like the battery last longer. :) Although I will be buying a couple more batteries because I usually run the heck outta my BB, and it will help get me through a 13 hour flight. :-O Oh yeah, I went to backup my BB the other day (yesterday???) and the update came up automatically.

can someone please copy this to rapidshare or mediafire or something? I am not a tmo customer and but I entered my friends tmo number which worked for me before but this time it says it is not a valid tmo number even though it is.

just purchased a sim free 8900 from the uk waiting to ring o2 and get a bberry contract would it be possible for me to upgrade because its sim free sorry if this is a stupid question extremley new to the blackberry world :$

Please someone post the link for the t-mobile's OS update.. everyone who is not T-Mobile are waiting.. Please help us

The official release is working great. Been doing some heavy browsing since downloded it at 1 am and battery life is showing great improvement, just one bar gone. The UMA is better too. Before UMA dropped a lot and now it's holding pretty good. That's why I love official releases.

Got mine update yesterday. It's oh so lovely, you will instantly see the improvements... Gee, I'm one happy T-mo 8900 user :)

I'm not sure what I am doing wrong. I have the DM 5.0 and I have downloaded the upgrade from Tmobile site. When it starts to upgrade it stops and says that there has been an error and to re-try. Can anyone help me with this?

Can someone please post a link for non tmo customer to download the new os

Or if there is any dummy number that works on the tmo website

I upgraded, have not seen any difference in performance (only used for a few hours. However, the message icon in the today plus (front screen) shows the red asterisk, meaning I have an unopened meessage. I do not, though. There is no icon in the upper part of the screen (although it does show up when I have a new message), but the envelope icon shows a red asterisk. When I go to the menu, there is no asterisk on the envelope icon indicating that I have a message there. Anyone else see this?

I upgraded my os to 4.6.213 and my mobile checkbook by mobatech starting doubling numbers (1.09 was 1100.99). I emailed support@mobatech.com and they sent an update. All problems fixed! Hopefully it helps someone else...

The update says it includes an update for BlackBerry Messenger but after the update completed, it says BBM was not updated, everything else was fine though. Anyone else have an issue with this?

The T Mobile upgrade site says that OS version 4.6.231 hasn't been updated since 1-23-2009?

Hasn't this release been there the whole time?

the beta version of .231 wasn't even leaked until April or May. I bought my 8900 in March and it came with .114

After several hours using and bis, I realived I wasn't recieving emial from several accounts.. Resent service books... all ok now.

Thanks, CrackBerry for keeping current.

For all the "Beginners" out there:
Download and install DM 5.0 first.

The TMO site provides DM 4.7, but it will NOT work when you are trying to upgrade software. I kept getting a error message.

In summary, use: DM 5.0 and the TMO upgrade OS

For some reason after upgrading to OS, my BB Curve has been restarting for a couple of times within the first day already. I'm new to using the BB btw. ><

I have also noticed how my UMA connection bars went high, but it is not stable. It often goes to XSOS state which really bugs me a lot.

I hope my phone isn't broken because I just got it a week ago.

Does anybody know why it keeps doing this?

Your help would be truly appreciated.


install went flawlessly, but anyone noticed that the alerts (rings, msg alerts) are like 10x as loud? I have it set on "LOW" too it's so loud that the whole office can hear everytime my email comes in.. this is crazy

that the upgrade also upgrades the sounds/speaker and the such. Maybe if it's THAT loud, maybe vibrate? ;-) Even use one of the softer tones that came with the phone?

I got a second 8900 this weekend (yup, I'm back to BB) and it came with .231 out of the box. I hate it! I miss the .114 version on my first 8900. This new version drops more UMA calls than the original ever did, and sending DTMF tones on a UMA call is a total nightmare! Basically, the first 8900 I had (with .114 OS) was the best UMA device I've ever used. This second device and its .231 OS is the worst UMA device I've used! :-(