T-Mobile posts strong Q2 revenue, adds 1.5 million new customers

By Harish Jonnalagadda on 31 Jul 2014 07:13 am EDT

T-Mobile posted its second quarter earnings today, and the main takeaway is that the carrier is continuing momentum as far as customer acquisition is concerned. The Uncarrier managed to add an additional 1.5 million customers in the second quarter, which makes it the fifth consecutive quarter in which the carrier added more than 1 million subscribers. The number sees T-Mobile crossing 50 million total subscribers for the first time.

Of the 1.5 million new additions, 908,000 were postpaid customers. To put that number into context, Sprint announced that it lost 245,000 subscribers this quarter, while AT&T and Verizon added 1 million and 1.4 million customers respectively.

The influx of new customers meant that T-Mobile's revenue rose by 15.4 percent to $7.2 billion, with an operating profit of $391 million. The carrier has mentioned that it has successfully rolled out VoLTE nation-wide within two months of the service's launch in Seattle. The service currently has 2.8 million customers, and T-Mobile is actively looking to add more in the coming months.

T-Mobile is also rolling out Wideband LTE and has mentioned that it is equipping sites with 700 MHz gear as well as testing devices compatible with the spectrum, which the carrier acquired earlier this year.

Overall, it looks like the Uncarrier initiative is working in T-Mobile's favor, as the carrier has just been ranked the highest amongst all four major cellular providers in the US in customer service.

Source: T-Mobile

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T-Mobile posts strong Q2 revenue, adds 1.5 million new customers


Plain and simple nothing beats Tmobile period they are and have been the best carrier in the carrier game since June 2012

All the rest are simply a waste of time period.

From my Galaxy Note 3 via CrackBerry App

Try getting a BlackBerry off them and saying that.

(things might change... :-) )

 BlackBerry? I premdict the future's gonna be chenomenal! 

"To put that number into context, Sprint announced that it lost 245,000 million subscribers this quarter"

You may want to change that to "Thousand"

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Hahahaha, yea you think. I'm still hoping to return to t-mobile if they carry the passport.

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"print announced that it lost 245,000 million subscribers this quarter, while AT&T and Verizon added 1 million and 1.4 million customers respectively."

HAHAHAHAHA!! Sprint lost 245 million subscribers!!!!!!

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Let's see if T-Mo and BlackBerry could strike a deal... I highly doubt that BlackBerry will go back there.

However, it is rather clear the most Telcos no matter what country is operated to boos the sales of iPhone and Android capable devices. I wonder what are the kickbacks?

Even Vodafone, Optus and Telstra... all advertise Android capable devices only and the odd iPhone Ad here and there...

Don't know about kickbacks but it's a well-known fact that Apple forces carriers to sign deals where they are forced to buy a certain number of iPhone or face monetary consequences.

Why not? They both need each other, plus BlackBerry is not in a position to be picky here. Let's hope that before the new devices are released, both companies can kiss and make up.

Blackberry always.....

This pasy year I've also noticed company's that are advertising an app are using androids to show it off in ad's instead of Iphones. Weird I wonder what's going on

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I like the guy's style and the people who hate him make me like him all the more. The language. The clothes. The ripping into other carriers policies. Most of all the results his leadership brings to his company. Legere is pretty neat.

Q5-SQR100-1 / Z30-STA100-5 /OS- / T-Mobile USA

Maybe you should look at what they are being accused for by the consumer watchdog......them adding hidden charges resulting in millions of extra revenues.

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even if the xtra charge thing is true, they are still the cheapest service provider to date. I think instead of bashing legare, we should start looking at him as the leader in cellphone affordability for all. lets face it we all would still be paying 90 to 100 dolllar cell bills if were not for him. Im very happy paying my 50 dollar simple choice bill every month, unlimited everything. Once he did that the other carriers had to do the same. remember they all are ripping us off,T-mobile not as much.

And he has forced the others, even kicking and screaming, to follow him to lower pricing. I have had my AT&T bill cut in half thanks to TMobs aggressive pricing.

And do you think if they reach AT&T or Verizon's customer base levels--which they won't, because they just don't have the spectrum/coverage for it--they will keep offering their plans at this price? Why do you think everything's no-contract?

They crammed my bill and acted as if it wasn't their problem before a threat of reporting it to FTC got them to refund the charges.

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I agree, Legere is great.

I'm pretty sure I recall reading that those hidden charges were not exclusive to t-mobile and that all of the carriers were guilty of it.

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Legere is following a standard ploy: distract people from the overall dearth of coverage his company still has and have them focus more on his antics and the policies they put in place to gain customers. If executed correctly: it gives T-Mobile enough time to address their issues (there are still major swathes of the US that only get EDGE coverage with T-Mobile); if not, customers see through the hot air and move on.

Or maybe the service is cheaper and just as good 99% of the time so why should I pay more?

It's not all smoke and mirrors. Sometimes it just makes sense. I spend 99% of my time in a city where I get LTE all the time. The other 1% when I'm on the road I'll suffer and spend the money elsewhere. I can read a book while traveling to entertain myself.

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Too bad they're killing the principle of net neutrality with their streaming moves

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The fact that they allow you to stream free music from only certain services/providers. They can position it as pro-consumer all they want, but it is a violation of net neutrality.

Thank you, many of the people over at Android Central are eating Tmobile's "consumer friendly" story right up

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Deutsche Telekom is German, and they're pretty uninvolved in day-to-day operations of T-Mobile USA, which is based out of Washington.

Have you got ALDI yet? Haven't checked...

They're kicking the Woolworths and Coles duopoly hard here, down under. Australians consumer landscape is suffering because of their tactics and control of prices. ALDI doesn't play this game. Just sad they don't operate north or Bundaberg / Gympie here in Queensland. To far to cart stuff around.

Cashews @ Woolworths ~$15
Cashews @ ALDI ~$11

Last time I was able to check. Just as an indicator.

 BlackBerry? I premdict the future's gonna be chenomenal! 

Yeah, I think ALDI is the midwest/East Coast of the US. I don't think they're in California, where I am.

I wonder how many of those subscribers are from the test drive initiative and only there for the seven days...

"I love when people boast about their phones...like its a pissing contest"

I wish they would still carry BlackBerry!! When the passport is out, we'll see what carrier I move to!!

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Who is going to carry the Passport? Probably just like with the Z30, maybe only Verizon will carry it. The others or should I say the remaining 2 carriers will take a pass on it just like they took a pass on the Z30. I don't like Verizon plans and the only BB they carry that is of any interest is the Z30. Maybe if the merger with Sprint goes through, T-Mo customers will be able to get BB's again. Looking for a new touchscreen phone, but not too large. Can't afford to buy an unlocked Z30 while I am still paying for my Z10.

Many of us are in Metropolitan areas. That's why they're called Metropolitan areas. . And don't have ANY problems with TMo or Sprint's service.

This is actually a prett lame question. Since, here in the states, the places with the highest popluation densities are Metropolitan areas. So, from a business perspective, it only makes sense for cell carriers to concentrate their efforts where the majority of customers and potential customers are. Wouldn't you agree?

So, to answer your question, if you're not in a Metro area and you're getting crappy service you likely have two options.

1.) Find a provider that does provide the coverage you need and expect.


2.) Move to a Metroplitan area.

Born and raised in The Greatest City in the entire world! Does my bias show?

So after it come to light that you have been screwing your customers by over charging them, more people will be your customers so they can be screwed too

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"The wireless carrier swung to a second-quarter profit of $391 million, or 48 cents a share, helped by a 90-cent gain from a spectrum licensing deal with Verizon Wireless. Excluding the item, T-Mobile would have posted a loss."

Oh..and ARPU declined again. And will keep doing so with their $100 for 4 lines deal.

Cheaper, schmeaper. Pffft.

You just can't put a price tag on respect and common decency, and TMO has been doing me dirty ever since my 9700 died two years ago and they forced a Samsung GS2 on me. The snide comments, the ignorant remarks, the lack of concern for me as a BBRY customer...ugh.

I don't care if Legere offers free data, free phones and 40 virgins over at TMO - I'm DONE with them. I've switched to VZW and am now a proud Z30 user, and I'm not looking back!...

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Since you posted 3 hours ago, you probably know this already, but DT rejected that bid tout suite. Which is a shame.

Seriously, they need to change that picture of their CEO, that doesn't scream of senior level businessman with an accumulated wealth of experience and great financial acumen...it says dirty uncle...

Cartman says: Screw you guys I'm going home!

Well, there was that time he was accused of sexual harassment while at his previous company, so you may be on to something.