T-Mobile Offering Free Visual Voicemail

T-Mobile Visual Voicemail
By Bla1ze on 16 Nov 2009 09:38 am EST

Picked up a brand new BlackBerry Bold 9700 from T-Mobile today? Make sure you activate your free visual voicemail services via the My T-Mobile website. Other savvy BlackBerry users have also found out that when logging into the site, if you have an older BlackBerry that has an OS on it that supports visual voicemail (Some leaked 4.6 and OS 5.0 versions), you too can activate the services.

Log in, change your device to the BlackBerry Bold 9700 and under the services tab, you should now see visual voicemail is now available as an option. Check it out, let us know if it's working 100% for devices other then the 9700.

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T-Mobile Offering Free Visual Voicemail


It just doesn't work. "We cannot complete your order online" when you submit the changes. Anyone else experiencing this?

In order to get this to work you have to go online to My T_Mobile and change your device to the BB Bold 9900. Once that is done, go to add/change services and one of them will be visual voicemail and it will be free. Add the checkbox and hit continue or save services and confirm the addition of visual voicemail. Give your phone a few minutes and then go to the visual voicemail app on your phone and there you go. It should be working like a champ

I use Youmail and works great for me. It alerts me of any missed call that I have when out of coverage or if the phone is off. The BB application works nice too!

I added the visual voice mail onto my services, and resent the service books.
I am using a BlackBerry Storm 9530 with, is their anyway to make it work on my phone?

i love having visual voicemail, i have been using youmail for a long time now. one thing i did not like about youmail was having to forward calls to a different number for the answering service. one thing i do not like about the tmo vvm is that it leaves a meesage in your inbox, no way to filter it like sms and if you delete from inbox it deltes on the app as well. so im on the fence for now, i'll give a few days but i left my youmail account open just in case

According to Tmobile, Visual Voicemail is only for "Visual Voicemail works on both the T-Mobile G1® and the T-Mobile myTouch™ 3G"

When I loaded (and now.348) onto my 8900 the new OS came with a native visual voicemail, complete with home screen icon ... and it's worked great! What is different about the T-Mo version?

If you check out my post in the T-Mobile forum, you will note that I was told that you have to download a 3rd party app from the App Store in order for it to work with BlackBerry. I feel I may have been misinformed...

I have a TMO 8900 and I followed the instructions and it is working on my phone now. I am running OS

and it works great. As a matter of fact, once provisioned, it took about 2 minutes and it loaded up about 10 voice messages.. as far back as a month ago. I am running an 8900 with OS 5.0. When T-Mobile releases their official version of OS 5.0 Visual Voice Mail will work for everyone that has a Blackberry with 5.0. But I had no issues changing my services to include Visual Voice Mail via My T-Mobile site.

a number of you have 8900's w/5.0 (as do I) - did you not get a native visual voicemail with the 5.0 upgrade? Why is the T-Mo version better? Thanks.

I just switched to Google Voice for my voice mail a few days ago. It's way better! Google provides a free VM app for Blackberry which not only provides visual voice mail, but free transcripts of voice mail messages.

Unless T-Mobile can offer me the free transcripts sent to my phone, I'll stick with Google for this one.

Too bad because prior to learning about GV, I was looking forward to T-Mobile's VVM.

your not messing anything. If you have a BB running 5.0 you just need to switch your phone over to the 9700, under your Mytmobile, then go to the manage and services tab and you will find it towards the bottom of the page.

I think I am with Phoneboy on this one. I did activate it on my account, but I just dont think I want to pull myself away from Youmail. I'll have to check out GV, but I don't think I care that Tmob get VVM at this point.

Before I saw your post, I contacted T-Mobile to activate the visual voice mail, and they were unable to help me. T-Mobile rep contacted the IT guys who said it could not be done, and that it was only available on one phone (G-1?) that was not a BlackBerry phone. Went to the this post and then to T-Mobile. Everything seemed to go through with no problem. Waiting for it to provision.

Did I miss something? Has there been a official software update for the 8900? Or did ya'll download the leaked version? I'm still running the 4.6.1231

I'm running the leaked ... and it's awesome! Still dont get why we need a T-Mo VVM when the 5.0 comes with one?

I'm running on my 8900 and it had the icon for visual voice mail but I couldn't activate it. I followed the instructions and changed my phone to 9700 and I was able to add the visual voice mail service and it's working on my phone now.

The visual voicemail works great. I have used Hullo Mail and Visual Voicemail in the past and I found both work great, but I am the type of user that likes less 3rd party apps to do things that RIM should have native for every Blackberry. Now i pray that T-Mobile releases an official OS 5.0 update for the 8900 soon. The only thing I'm waiting for Blackberry phones is the Flash player. I undersatnd that my phone won't support it due to the chipset that is in my phone, but I am willing to get the 9700 so i can get flash.

I did the change on my.t-mobile.com (had to change my phone to the 9700 first) and nothing happened. I resent service books and did a battery pull. I guess the 8220 isn't supported for this yet... oh well.

I am using an at&t branded Bold 9000 with Tmobile. I went to Tmobile.com and turned on voicemail this morning. Not working on my Bold. Does it mean Tmobile's visual voice mail is not compatible with 9000? My phone does have a visual voice mail app installed, but I guess it only works on AT&T. :-( Oh, well I'll just stick with YouMail.

I like most on here have an 8900 with OS 5.0.0348 and it won't work for me. My phone says to call 611 and switching to the 9700 on the my-tmobile.com site did nothing either. How is it working for some but not for all?

It's telling me I need a "required blackberry service" even though I have the unlimited $35 plan... So I can't activate it unless I opt-in for another $30 a month for new service... WTF???

I had the same issue and called CS. The level 2 tech could not figure it out and finally went to his sup and the sup activated it instantly. Working great!

I have the Blackberry Minutes and Mail plan with 1000 minutes. It took a couple of times of refreshing and searching services but it finally showed up. It should be listed under OTHER second to last from the bottom.

I was able to get it to work on my 8520, I had to go on tmobile's website and change my phone to the 8700 and select the free visual voicemail, and then change my phone back to the 8520 with the service still working as intended.

Oh yeah... I am running a leaked os 5.0 on my 8520, with the 1000 plus flexpay plan. I noticed it wont let me forward calls but thats because with flexpay you cant forward calls. Something about a 500 minute block they allow customers to transfer calls that flexpay customers dont get.

its only free for 8700 users? lame! I was however able to get it by changing my phone.. my 8900 has the app but I cant delete it and there is no reason to have it if i cant have the vm! anyway i've been using this voicemail called youmail for the last yr. They offer free visual vm.. it comes with a blackberry app which u can download via app world its awesome! just for those who want to have visual vm and cant get it. YOUMAIL.COM

Unfortunately, I've been unable to enable the VVM service for my phone (8900). I'm on a legacy "BlackBerry Unlimited Add-on" service. Once I change my phone type on the web, the VVM service shows up on my available services for selection, but upon selecting it and saving the changes, no error is received but I don't get a confirmation either. When I go back to the Change Services form, the service is unselected again. My wife has a more recent BB plan and I was able to enable VVM on her 8900, although she doesn't run a OS that support VVM, so the service pointless for her at this point.

I too am on the legacy blackberry add-on plan and I was able to get VVM working by changing the phone type and selecting in the services. When I selected the service and hit submit....it looked as if the screen/IE browser was doing nothing for a few seconds and then it finally submitted...hope you can get yours working :-)

can someone walk me through this? ive changed my device to the 9700 but i cant find the vvm link anywhere!!

..looks like the Tmobile site is back up and working. I was able to switch to the 9700 and add the VVM option. After I got a confirmation from the site, I re-registered my BB and did a battery pull. And bam.. it's working :)

This is not working for me. I have changed the phone to 9700 on my tmobile, and still nothing anyone with any help. I don't even see where I can click to get VVM.

Ok I have the 9700 and visual voicemail, but it showing that I have not been provisioned on the device. T-mobile checked and said I do, and we even did a walk through with RIM to determine the issue (yes that included a wipe of the device), yet still no VVM. Any suggestions, because T-mobile cant find an issue nor has RIM.

Hi all, i just bought my 9700 yesterday, and so far so good... I also added the "visual voicemail" and love that too.. it is so much easier then pressing and holding down the key #1 and waiting for the voicemail to come on. this feature is so much better... I hardly ever listen to my voicemail so I'm one of those that it builds up now I can definitely see who called..

I just bought a 9700 on TMO and I love it!! If I want to listen to an old message from a year ago I just click on it!!!!

I have the $19.95 data plan. Each time I try to look at adding or changing services. A window tells me I have to select the $35 or $30 cost of the newer plans. I have the 9700 and it shows on the site. T-mobile seems to be getting more scatter brained each day. The website is tougher to get through with each attempt to update it.

I also use Google Voice (free) and I have my messages forwarded to Google Voice. I get my transcribed messages emailed to me and can also listed to the audio with a link in the email. I also can archive old emails, block unwanted calls, and have any or all my phones ring when I get a call to my Google Voice number.