T-Mobile Offering Bold 9700 OS Update on May 11th?

Tmobile OS update
By Adam Zeis on 3 May 2010 02:51 pm EDT

From the looks of things T-Mobile may be the next in line to offer up an official OS update for the Bold 9700. Its been a while since we've seen a leak for this device, so we can hope that this version is good enough to get the job done. This internal doc shows the upgrade is slated to roll out OTA starting May 11th, and also that some may receive devices with the software as early as last week. Fixes include:

  • Increased general OS stability (less battery pulls/lag etc.)
  • Improvements to the messaging experience such as, a separate icon for BES e-mail, improvements to chat view SMS interface, and an improved BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) client.
  • General Visual Voicemail improvements
  • Resolve 3G drop call issue
  • Mobile Backup Support
  • Improvements to TrackPad performance 

Fingers crossed that this holds true, but we'll know for sure in about a week. If you have received a newer device from T-Mobile with the software installed, or you see the Wireless Update icon pop up, be sure to drop a comment and let us know.

Source: TmoNews

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T-Mobile Offering Bold 9700 OS Update on May 11th?


I've dropped them, gone straight to voicemail with no rings or just plain reboot in a call. I think every carrier needs this update.

I've had my t-mob bold since it came out and have never gotten and "official" update. Hope this one is sick, it will be nice to do this OTA for once!!!

This was confirmed to me by a friend that works for T-Mobile a while back. It is true, finally an official T-Mobile update to the 9700. It's supposed to fix just about every performance issue currently known for the device! :D

hey I am on the leaked os .593.. Its pretty ok.. Kurrupt 1, what do you mean higher than .622 ?? I thought .593 was the latest for 9700 !! And I certainly am sure that T-mobile is never going to release anything ahead of .593... Hoping it does though....

apparently T-Mobile is releasing .586.

I am currently running the official .593 OS...but it does not fix the 3G issue and does not have Mobile Backup, however...i hear that .586 is a bit buggy and I don't know if I will downgrade because of those issues.

Got my 9700 last Saturday and experienced some of those dropped calls myself. Hasn't acted up today but other than that, I love this phone.

T-Mobile did release an update for the 8900 - still of OS 4.6. By the way, it ruined the great UMA performance of the original software.

That 3G droppage seems to do everything from kick me off jmIRC-m to even disconnecting me from Beejive. If this is fixed, I'm gonna be stoked. If its not, I'm gonna be mad.

I upgrade my bold even if I'm not with t-mobile? The sms bug is killing me! Never know who is sending me sms's so annoying!

Is the only difference between the 9700 and the 9650 more memory and open GL? Why is it considered to be an upgrade to the tour and not ththe bold?

First, as long as T-Mobile remains 2G-only in my area, I will not install the OS update. Even when (and if) they decide to add 3G, if I don't have dropped calls, I won't install this update. I'd rather keep the Lock and Standy functionality that RIM has crippled in their newer OS updates.

You obviously cared enough to reply. I couldn't care less about those who are eager to install this update, but it is what it is. Some people want it, some don't. Get over it. Those who are psyched about this update aren't any more entitled to express their opinions than those who aren't psyched about RIM's latest OS functionality downgrades.

I live in Central Florida, and I've been having problems since last week of april, drop calls no txt messages sent or receive and T-Mobile just tells me they don't know what the problem is.

I've been running the leaked since the day it appeared in the main blog and have had no problems. So I could not care less if T-Mo ever releases an update for us lowly Curve users. Everything is smooth and YouTube even streams better. I just hope 6.0 will run on a 256 MB device when that comes out!

Ok the whole mobile back up is pissing me off. For some reason I have all of my numbers including my brothers address book. When I delete the numbers it comes right back. Is anyone else experiencing the same problem. I'm running .586 btw.

I was just talking to T-Mobile tonight about my 4 months of issues with this phone. I Told them if this does not resolve my issues, I'm done with T-Mobile. The bad thing is, this means I'll have to get a voice plan and pay double what i was paying for a data-only plan. They have been giving me credit, but this does not make the phone work any better!

I never thought I would see that sentence in my life..its about damn time!!!!

Hopefully this OS will be better. If not, I will surely be chatting with t-mo specialists about what should be fixed.

Finally, I've waited sonce the day this phone came out for an update.....i've gone through 6 warrenty exchanges and I was about 2 weeks away from switching back 2 sprint

Got a replacement phone from T-Mobile two days ago due to 3G issues... Changes are immedietly noticeable in the stability of calls, speed of internet, etc. Visual voicemail consistantly works now as well. Worth the upgrade so far!!!

I hope that this new update will be good. I am currently running the official .593 and its a bit buggy. The 3G issue hasn't been resolved and when you use the Media Player and connect headphones and want to disconnect them, you have to make sure that you stop playing the song or your phone freezes and after like ten minutes or a battery pull it will become functional again. Its really frustrating and I don't want to downgrade back to .583 because that version is worse! I'm thinking of even going further down the list of upgrades because I'm getting frustrated and I don't want to skip my BB over a lake because I'll regret it so bad in the end! LOL

T-Mobile will be releasing on May 11. My friend just got her 9700 from T-Mobile and it came shipped with I guess I'll be downgrading to that one when it comes out. Can't wait!

I just received my replacement phone in the mail (LCD began shorting out for no reason). My original 9700 that I bought on release day came with .330. This phone has .586 installed. The only thing I have noticed thus far i sthe mobile backup feature. I have never loaded a leaked version, so this is new to me on this phone.

you can always count on Trash Mobile to drop the ball somehow.......how about you run your tests before giving a release date and getting everyones hopes up