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T-Mobile to offer BlackBerry Q10 pre-order for business customers on April 29th

By Adam Zeis on 24 Apr 2013 12:27 pm EDT

T-Moible has announced today that they will be offering up pre-orders of the BlackBerry Q10 to business customers starting on April 29th. It's not really much to go on but it's a step in the right direction. 

Sadly T-Mobile doesn't note anything about a release date, availability or even a price - so you'll just have to hang tight until a "later date" when the details show up.

Nothing yet from Verzion, AT&T or Sprint on the Q10 either but fingers crossed we'll see some news soon.

You can head to starting on the 29th to register.



Wow... no 1 month delay???

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I cant wait for this to come out... watching the CB video's last night, I cant help but be drawn even more to the Q10. Looks like my Z10's going to be a secondary phone. Just cant pass up this beauty


I agree. I was looking at this phone as well.

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Truly they will sell like hot cakes. Many have been silently waiting for these.

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I guess T - Mobile will sell the Q10. So much for the early rumors that they will not sell it.

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I couldn't wait for the Q10 to come out so I got the Z10 from t-mobile and gave it a try. The virtual keyboard is awesome but still nothing beats the physical keyboard. I'll definitely get the Q10 once T-mobile releases it and use both :)


Thats the same conclusion i came to. I LOOOOOVE the Z10 and its just absolutely powerful, but i want the BlackBerry recognition when i pull out my phone. I dont really get that with the Z10 till i start using it. My plan is to see if i can add data only on the Z10 and make my Q10 the main phone. I'll be working around with a Q10, Z10 and 2 PlayBooks lol. Cracked out!



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the photo looks An AT&T device :) I just say it

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Zeerak Imran

is that the default wallpaper because to be honest, it looks crap


4 months between announcement and availability in the US. Not exactly what we were promised prior to the January launch...


T-mobile with at&t logo! Seems cute LoL


Yeah a lot have the AT&T logo its just the dev alphas that are out I think

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better than at&t

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Leaving my Note 2 for this bad boy and I can't wait

Khanhye East

Hoping they will carry the white one. My wife is in need of a new phone, still rocking her 9780 as she did not want the Z10 for two reasons. 1. She wants a white phone, 2. Need that keyboard!!!!!!


Never thought I could do without a physical keyboard but after having the T-Mobile Z10 for about a month, I am never going back. Although the Q10 does look pretty cool too I love the larger screen too much! haha



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I hope they carry a white one!

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jamal nasr

Q10 or stick to Z10!! Confusing

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Glad T-Mobile will carry the Q10. My choice was made when I paid for my Z10. However, the Q10 is so elegant. The look alone is driving me to purchase the device.
That being said I'm sticking with the Z10 and waiting for the PlayBook update.

Sent from my looooong waited for Z10


Sticking with the Z10 for the time being, but might get one full price later on this year around summer time or Christmas and switch off between them.

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If I had the ability I would have bought a Q10 just for the hell of it. It's just that awesome. Paired up with my Z10! UGH!!


This is great, would like to have this as well as my Z10.

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i love it!

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I'm sticking with my Z10 for now until Aristo launch later this year.


BB finally launched Z10 with DIGITEL & Telefonica "Movistar" in Venezuela but no news about the Q10


:D hahahahaah go blackberrry!