T-Mobile now rolling out OS to the BlackBerry Bold 9900

By Bla1ze on 6 Feb 2012 06:50 pm EST

Despite the official announcement of BlackBerry OS 7.1 being available to all carriers, there have been a few hold-outs not willing to go ahead and get the OS out to their customers as soon as possible. T-Mobile was among them until not long ago. If you go ahead and check for system updates on your BlackBerry Bold 9900 right now, you should find OS is readily available for download. Get to it and drop by the forums to let us know how the update went. If you're not seeing it yet, sit tight -- it should be along shortly, the interwebs are magical like that.

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T-Mobile now rolling out OS to the BlackBerry Bold 9900


:( Hey At&t... what about us? Oh probably gonna come out with the "we have to test it first" excuse, always last to launch and last one release BB updates!!!

Bold 9900 & PlayBook 64GB Wifi

I spoke to a guy from O2 and he said that it would be coming soon. BlackBerry haven't released them a change log or something so they're in the testing progress.

I was checking out setting on the bold 9900. It just says blackberry is up to date with 7.0 version 2406. I'm guessing when o2 do finally release the update it will say found 7.1 and ask to install?

Yeah I know leaked, but I'm talking official os rollout. I've kept my .190 because it settled in so nicely for me

you may wanna update to .205. it is a fantastic os and imo better bat life and better stability than .190. in all honesty out of all the 7.0 and 7.1 os's for the 9900, it's my fave. simply fabulous. :)

Yeah, Rogers has been habitually slow in releasing updates. I think they are always the last to release them. Anticipating that I updated my 9900 the day after it arrived with the leaked version. Works a charm and the addition of the Wifi hotspot is great. It came in handy one day at Starbucks when the Wifi went down. I turned on the hotspot and my wife's and my Playbooks were back online in seconds.

I'm with Wind now, and they didn't replied to my tweet asking when they plan to release 7.1 either.
when I have BB Pearl Flip, 8220 with Rogers, I had bluethooth issues. I changed phone 3 times and the issue was still there.
Then I realized its a software issue, but no update from Rogers. Unlocked the phone and update the OS from RIM... Issue gone.
stupid Carriers..

Have att, but I find it strange because randomly today it popped up and said, the network is sending out a software update. Or something of that sort..on leaked 7.1.190 anyway.

can someone please tell me why it keeps saying that update request failed and to try again later or update using dm. but when i do go on dm it says that there is no update. someone please help

Idk why they went with .205 instead of .190 the bettery life on .190 was much better. .205 forced my to downgrade due to exessive battery drains (and no, nothing running in the background). Just a heads up that's all.

Something up with your device or one of the apps installed. .205 has been wonderful as far as battery life is concerned. Are you in a "4G" area? I have seen situations where battery life suffers when the phone is forced to switch back and forth between 4G/EDGE for example. Seems that the older technologies don't have all the radio power control features that you have when on HSPA+.

Why it is not available from T Mobile website? I never used leaked OS and want to download this 7.1 but I'm on a french carrier so no update for the moment... Any help?

Can I double up on the question over when O2UK will be dropping OS7.1 on us mere mortals? I woulda thought it would be out before Playbook OS2 but now I'm not so sure...

Good to know. Guess a manual update is in order when/if T-Mo posts it to their website.

Otherwise, I guess I'll just have to wipe.

I'm still waiting on Optus down here in Aus to release it. I cant wait till the next wave of phones come out and we wont have to wait on the carrier.

I phoned MTS last week about this update. No one heard of it. No clue on release dates. lady said "when its released we will know the updates out".... LAME! Rocking the leaked .205 and love it!

Yes... i was wanting this.... was actually just prepping everything to upload the leaked version... happy i dont have to anymore.

Been trying all evening with no luck. You would think that RIM would have DM ready to pull the update if the phone thinks it can get it via OTA. Can't wait for BB10 to get the carriers out of the upgrade equation.

Only interested in New OS release, will help for the brink-phone? My 9900 is still brink. no hope for the recovery by os 540.

Yeah, i have the 9900 with T-Mobile and i am getting a pop up that says 'update request failed. Try again later or use DM to download'. That is soooo annoying. UGHHHH!!! I wanted OS 7.1 tonight.

At least now I know that AT&T will now give us the updates by the end of the year instead of 2013....phewwww

/end sarcasm

Is it an update OTA (Over the air) or thru DM (Desktopmanager)??!!!??? HELLA EXCITED THIS CAME OUT FIRST TO TMO been with tmo forever

thank you T-Mobile. Glad your takeover failed ATT. Getting my new 9900, with 7.1, and Playbook OS 2.0 next week... if so Christmas comes earlythis year.

Can someone PLEASE tell me if wi-fi or UMA calling is now included with this update. That's all I need to know to buy the 9900.

Why isn't T-Mobile site updating their sites with the latest os 7.1? I live in another country and my carrier doesn't support OS 7.1. I can just delete the vendor file so I can install the OS on my non- T-Mobile phone. (My Blackberry is a OEM)..
When will they upgrade their site?

moah! I talked to a o2 support tech about 3min ago. No date for the 7.1 update for o2 germany customers for the BB 9900 in the near future I have been told...

I have been trying to download 7.1 on my tmo 9900 since 5pm yesterday and still no luck, you know i might just cry!

Why I didn't see any update. I tried from the device and the DM on mac, is it nessasary to use PC DM to do the update? I am using tmobile network and 9900. Is it says its the internet problem? How long should I wait till get it, Anyidea?

Ditto MSOFRESHDC. I have the same issue. I have the upgrade of 7.1.0 Bundle 648 available since yesterday on my TMobile 9900. It errors out " Update request failed. Try again later or update using BBDM on your computer". I tried using the DM and it didn't show the update on it. I have restarted my device multiple times as well. Anyone knows how to get the update installed?

Is it my SIM that's causing it not to download? Seems like from TMO blogs it could be my SIM card which I haven't changed in couple of years. Can anyone she some light?

Its driving me nuts!! I havent checked the blogs for TMO but I have a new sim card in my 9900 and still cant get it to download. I am getting the same msg that you are.

I went in to the TMO store to grab me a new SIM and I tried again to update and it failed with the same error. Pissing me offfffffffff :(

I think this release is unintentional. No one seems to able to download it. I called TMobile and they are not aware of any updates. Sorry peeps.

I am on my 5th BB 9900 since september 2011??The phone becomes a brick and my phonecompany gives me a new one. A little frustrating ! still like Blackberry. Also have a Playbook!
I hope the new 10 OS will be better.

T-Mobile still hasn't allowed NFC. Its making me rather upset that they are the only ones out there not allowing NFC, come on T-Mobile!

this from the tmo support forums (poster is a site mod and has a tmo logo in his image):

13. Feb 8, 2012 11:12 AM (in response to afrozepher)
Re: Blackberry OS Update to 7.1
T-Mobile has approved the 7.1 update and it will be released the week of 2/13.

Thanks again for your patience


the latest from the tmo board:

9. Feb 13, 2012 6:16 AM (in response to kla)
Re: 7.1 Update Is Here...or is it?
Hey guys,

Upon final testing, T-Mobile and RIM has decided to delay the release of the updated software. Again we apologize for the delay but will let you know when the software will be available. Thanks for your patience and understanding


where can i get it,i have t mobile and ive been looking on their forums and their site and all that and the only thing i can find is disappointed bb users,please reply.my phone is like a powerdrill running on vista,its the opposite of cordless
and where can i get it from,link please(and yes i do now i sound like a helpless child)


Almost March and still no word on the update? Still not available on desktop manager. My phone says it has an update available but then it won't download. Can only assume T-mobile is still stalling. Has anyone heard any news?

Hmmm. Same here no TMOB 7.10 OS for BB Bold 9900 OTA or Using DM. Anyway to get a hold of file and load manually?

This is why ppl get fustrated, why is the 9900 update 7.1 taking so long and why don't anyone ever post results instead of complaints, well I guess we all have to wait till this update gets pushed.