T-Mobile must have really pissed this guy off

By Adam Zeis on 2 Jul 2012 01:06 pm EDT

This one totally made my Monday. I'm not sure that are too many of you that can't say you haven't wanted to do this to your wireless carrier's store at some point, but this guy takes it to another level. We're not sure at all what went down to bring on this guy's frustration, but he certainly lets it all out in this video. He single-handedly tears up this T-Mobile store in the UK, even going so far as to unleash an angry fire extinguisher on some downed displays before the cops finally get a hold of him.

Check out the video above, then let us know if you've ever worked out your phone frustration like this.

Source: Mashable

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T-Mobile must have really pissed this guy off


really?? pmsl?? what is this world coming to? lmao or lmfao isn't enough we need to develop a new one? I can't keep track of these.

To say "This one totally made my Monday" is irresponsible and juvenile. What CrackBerry is saying willful damage is cool...especially when you're not happy with your carrier. Obviously this guy is mentally deranged. It's lucky he didn't take out a gun and start going postal.

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! This is the moment this guy realized he just shelled out 500 euros on a 9900 that T-mobile told him was the best phone on the market... and then he got the news his phone was OBSOLETE and RIM was dead! Hey atleast he had BBM, sadly no one else has it anymore so he didn't have anyone to vent his problems to. LMFAO... hilarious!

I dropped T-Mobile back when they shipped me two defective BlackBerry Bold 9700's and they wasted 6+ hours of my time with bad customer service.

F*** T-Mobile. I also dropped AT&T after they failed to release the Bold 9900. And yeah, both AT&T and T-Mobile are blocking NFC capabilities on the new Bold Touch. F*** them. They can't do that.

My experience with T-Mo has only been positive. The best customer service hands down. Unlike AT&T, who like to act like they don't give a damn about their customers. I ditched At&T 4 years ago and can't be any happier.

lol maybe
I like how after the cops show up, he's smiling & saying "yep I did it!" He's proud of his accomplishment

In a world full of crazies strapping stuff to themselves or going on shooting sprees the LAST thing I would have been doing is hang around the window videotaping this nut trash the store. Same goes for the poor guy inside and all the hundreds of idiots outside - get the hell out of there! Call the cops and split. What's your life worth? $7.50/hr?

You never know when someone is going to pull out a weapon out of that backpack or escalate things to a point where you can't safely escape. That Anders Behring Breivik nut comes to mind in case people forgot.

Glad only the guy himself appeared to be hurt though.

yep, first I thought why nobody is doing something but then I also thought about it, would I risk a black eye or some other injuries for low low money that guy probably get from t-mobile/store.

BTW I didn't know ALDI is there too? :D

(I think I saw a ALDI logo on at the end of the vid)

It's in Manchester, England, not one of the other Manchesters in the USA, and we really don't expect guns. Also, UK adult minimum wage is rather more than $7.50 an hour.

Am I the only one that thinks it's sad that we treat events like this like infotainment?

The crowds of people are just standing there watching like it was a live show and recording so they can put it up on Youtube first.

haha, that's Manchester for you! yes, it's my home town. this is what me and my son have to grow up in. i reckon he just done it 'cause he's a proper psycho. so true though why are they are just stood there filming?! help balotelli!!! (laughed when you said that @AbuYazeedUK)

He's probably pissed like me that T-mobile has disabled the NFC on his phone. Come on T-Mo! What the hell is wrong with you? Give the customers what they want! Give us NFC

I felt similar with being a loyal customer for nine years and always paid on time asking a replacement if they ever upgrade the Internet from GPRS slow crap to 3G in my area getting ready to upgrade my phone to get a contract extension for another two years and telling me it's currently in the works and should be turned on in about three months.
Guess what, I got a new phone and it's still on GPRS a year and a half later. I felt screwed and dumped them and I'm currently paying 20 bucks a month on the ETF. BUT it's worth it to me. Rocking 4G on AT&T now.

This is what happens when simple farmers who want’s proper usage of his money doesn’t gets it.
These wireless carriers ask descent person to wait for 10 minutes and its 2 hours before they get back to you.
They will spun you all kinds of company policy & stories, you won’t get proper answers until you called them 10 times of visited store 10 times…
This guy did what they deserved…..every one like rebels


They're obviously lovers. :) How else would one know. But fun aside, really no need for gay bashing. Unless your disrupt about a breakup with this guy. I would tolerate that.

Am I the only one who thinks this was staged for the free publicity ? The employee was trying not to laugh and approx 10 seconds after he made a phone call the police show up. Thats one heck of a response time. The guy pulled a few things off the walls but didn't really "break" anything.

Free publicity is the best publicity .... right ?

Don't think it was staged. Perhaps if the police did not show up, but the guy got arrested. I think the store clerk was amused by it, but he won't be laughing for long when he has to clean up the mess.

Notice he left the blackberry posters up and the blackberry display models? He trashed the other ones and ripped their accessories off the wall. Proves it. Watch the other videos to see.

He probably then bought a blackberry from another carrier.

This shit makes me hate cellphones and people. According to the press over a 1000 people were there and to judge from another video i saw atleast 20 people were filming. People are idiots!

If I was there, my camcorder would be looking right through the glass with a monopod 3 ft. above the crowd. I would have had it all and then had it uploaded in seconds. Better yet, livestreamed it!! :)

He respected the blackberry models and took out everything else! HELL YEAH!! And he was all smiles, in case nobody noticed... Even was smiling at the police, he felt DAMN GREAT. But even though I felt like doing that to a telus store, I never did. I don't need no record spinning behind me back!

I can't believe all these comments. Inappropriate behavior. If any of you had the same thing happen in a business you owned your comments would be totally different. Very sad for the owner and scary for employees.

Actually if you are wondering why the police were so quick , its because this mall has a continous police presence.

I bet you that guy wouldn't feel so bad if he knew what we were paying for wireless in Canada - 3 year contracts on Rogers, Bell, Telus + $60/month average plan with data. that's with little minutes and 1 gig data.