T-Mobile Lists BlackBerry Curve 8520 As Coming Soon

BlackBerry Curve 8520 Now On T-Mobile Website
By Bla1ze on 2 Aug 2009 12:03 pm EDT

Falling right in line with all prior predicitions, rumors and confirmation T-Mobile has posted the 8520 as a "Coming Soon" device on their site. August 5th will be a great day for those waiting to get their hands on one or--even two of these considering the low cost of $48.88 that they will be rolling into Walmart locations with. T-Mobile as of yet, has not posted any contracted pricing for the 8520 nor any off contract pricing either but we're expecting a $100-$150 range on contract for the 8520. And it just would feel wrong if we didn't give one of these away, so stay tuned for an upcoming contest we'll be having where you have the chance to win an 8520 of your own.

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Walmart sells Blackberrys? Its going to be for 50 bucks?!


48.88 iirc.

Everytime I see that thing in print, it looks like a cheap throwaway phone. I hope it looks better in person. I know its an entry level phone, but even the pearl never looked chintzy.


what? No paw stamp T-Mobile? I wanna try the optical track pad. Its no 8900, however i do like the black trim..


hopefully it's coming to rogers/ bell soon! i want one looks pretty slick


Rogers is still sitting on the idea of launching it...at this point, you'd really be better off making friends with someone on T-Mobile, lol


are the ones wal-mart is goin to sell not going to require a contract or what? seems a bit too good to believe...


I hate the fact they're making the Curve an entry level phone.. why didn't they make a throwaway pearl?

Also, that article didn't make sense.. it said Wal-Mart will have them for 48.88 while T-Mobile will offer them for $100-$150 WITH a contract. Am I missing something here?

experiment 626

The Wal-Mart kiosks usually undercut the Corp. store prices.Even for higher-end devices.


non corporate stores can put sale prices on what corporate wants to sell it for.


I was in my local Walmart this morning and looked for the 8520. None on display but low and behold there were 2 in the case on the bottom shelf. Yep, that's what I said.... 2. I'll be checking back to get a hands on since the CDMA version is heading to Sprint this fall. :)


I'll wait for the real 3g Berrys to come out and play. My 2 year old curve outshines this.


i like it but my 8900 is my fave for now.


This BB really needs to be on their PrePaid line-up.

TMO USA missed a BIG opportunity to steal customers away from Boost Mobile and MetroPCS.


Story run today saying that wally world aleady started selling them at some stores. Go get 'em addicts.