T-Mobile lays out their own $100 discount offer to loyal BlackBerry users

By Bla1ze on 3 Apr 2014 07:47 pm EDT

Following BlackBerry's own offer of a $100 discount on device purchases from ShopBlackBerry, T-Mobile CEO John Legere has now laid out the same offer in an open letter for loyal BlackBerry customers discussing the changes and expectations.

If you’re already with T-Mobile, you can continue to count on us for the great service you’ve come to expect, the regular OS updates, and, of course, America’s fastest nationwide 4G LTE network. None of that changes as far as we’re concerned.

And, if you own any BlackBerry that works on our network and also want the fairness and freedom that comes with being a T-Mobile customer, you can bring in your BlackBerry any time and enjoy Un-carrier benefits like no annual contract, unlimited everything with no overages on our wicked-fast network, no hidden device costs, no upgrade wait – and international roaming at no extra cost. And, don’t forget, you get to enjoy your BlackBerry with all of these Un-carrier advantages on America’s fastest nationwide 4G LTE network.

In fact, to show our appreciation for all current consumers so passionate and loyal to all things BlackBerry, we’re offering a $100 credit toward any new device, including the BlackBerry Q10 or the Z10. And this offer is good through the end of the year. So you can take your time.

One thing you can count on from us: we’ll keep listening to you and finding new ways to meet the needs of BlackBerry users – individuals and businesses – everywhere. But we’re not done. Stay tuned for another Un-carrier offer that gives you more value and even more reasons to stay with America’s fastest growing wireless company.

It's a nice sounding letter but whether or not it'll have any impact on customers remains to be seen. T-Mobile CEO John Legere has been pretty vocal about the situation since it came to light but some of his responses to the BlackBerry community haven't been well received. One thing is undeniable though, T-Mobile is certainly still listening and communicating even if some of the answers aren't the ones people want to hear.

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T-Mobile lays out their own $100 discount offer to loyal BlackBerry users



I swear, every time that CEO talks, it's always "we are looking out for you" "we are the un-carrier" "we care about the customer" etc. etc... Anyone who has to keep repeating that you know it is really the opposite. Even when he's removing a discount so his "dear" customers will have to pay 15% or higher more, it's "for the customers"...

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How do you know what a meth dealer dresses like? LOL...i hope you don't come across that many.

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Hook, line, and sinker? Lol

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Yeah the un-carrier reminds me of ING's un-mortgage idea, so not original at all. Except that ING made the message work.

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Why get the same discount from t mobile when you can get it from BlackBerry with an unlocked phone.

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And I think T-Mobile's prices are higher, and they don't let you buy a phone unless you pay at least one month of service with them...

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...you can bring in your BlackBerry any time and enjoy Un-carrier benefits like no annual contract, unlimited everything with no overages on our wicked-fast network, no hidden device costs, no upgrade wait...

But rather an update wait...

Un carrier? You must mean unsatisfied. I don't believe thus will work in the BlackBerry community. I got one am switching as soon as I can. I need my BlackBerry experience to be untouched and beautiful.


Well said, agreeing with a cane fan, much respect, FSU, DOLPHINE , fan all day everyday. Palm Beach County here know that, no gator love. Do you have a Channel

They're still losing money, but gaining customers. And the gimmicks have gotten the other carriers to drop their prices. This is good for the consumer.

Your only choice currently for "BlackBerry experience to be untouched and beautiful" is with Verizon. AT&T and Sprint are still on 10.1.

It is a bullshit marketing term like "Retina Display" or "BlackBerry Natural Sound" that kinda means something but mostly just sounds cool.

Well...no. By the literal definition of the term "natural sound", it is not accurate. I like the term, but it is still a marketing term that is just there to try and create an identifiable level of quality that the fans can identify with. These generally work, as they did with "Retina Display"...it made everybody want a display with high enough quality to be dubbed "Retina Display". This is the reason why each word has a capital letter: to differentiate it as a proper noun.

Well, the difference is that it's not misleading. Retina Display refers to what your eyes can distinguish, so that's technically not misleading either. Natural Sound means that it sounds as close to the real thing as possible on a mobile phone. They can't just say "It has really good sound." But the whole "uncarrier" thing is misleading because they are still a carrier that is up to the same carrier antics, just masked as something different...

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bleurgh...I was just using some examples. They're not easily comparable...just examples.

No need to read so deeply into the comments of a moron on the internet...

I'm not going to bicker with you on the internet regardless of how wrong your perspective might or might not be...I'm too tired for that.

Doesn't the un carrier deal mean that you must give up your current phone which in my case is a Z10? Smh. Don't wanna give that up for anything except a Z30 though. Is T-mobile able to sell the Z30 after all this feud?

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I don't think they will sell the Z30 which means if you have a BlackBerry with T-Mobile.. NO UPGRADES. Smh... ughhh


He has both a Nexus 5 and a Z30 from Verizon...

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I bought a Z30 from shop blackberry that came with 10.1. The moment I turned it on and connected to wifi I got the 10.2.1 update.

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So I guess it doesn't matter since the phone came unlocked. It will get update anyway. Right?

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Yeah when I found out they're not carrying the Z30, I just went and bought a compatible unlocked Z30 for Tmo and gave my Z10 to my daughter. The things we BlackBerry loyalist have to go through as of late...smh

BlackBerry 4Life

Obviously you can buy a Z30 direct at ShopBlackBerry.com and, I presume, get a cheaper service plan on T-Mobile but I guess you meant: on contract with the upfront discount in hardware and more expensive monthly payment.

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No they won't be carrying any new BlackBerry devices. They are just selling the ones that they currently have in stock. If I was a BlackBerry user on T-Mobile I would definitely switch carriers. But who knows if the other US carriers will eventually stop selling BlackBerry too. I am with Android now so that I don't have to jump to hoops to upgrade my device.

Yeah, but at&t's offer expires at the end of this month. Gotta give Legere credit, he is "sweetening the pot." It's almost like he realizes what his actions (or the actions/inactions of his company) have caused.

True, I just think it's funny how they're getting in on it too. How can we rope Bell, Rogers and Telus into giving us $100 off lol

...we are all connected...

Now you're talking! Just how do we get the big Canadian 3 in on this deal and have them sweeten the pot?!!! Hmm

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Haha, I feel ya. But I feel the Canadian carriers are doing the best they can. It's tough to sell a BlackBerry, but they're still trying

I don't think Legere realised anything. I think that the PR team put this together and we get to see Legere's actual "genius" in the land where idiocy reigns supreme: The Social Network.

Yea it's a bit of a sour pot if you ask me.
BlackBerry users can get $100 any device, even BlackBerry phones, HOWEVER if you decide that you want a BB phone you will have to order it sight un-seen and have it shipped to your house. If you chose a non-BlackBerry device you can walk out the door with it today.

If you knew nothing about iOS, Android or BB10, do you really think that you could go to a store and see if the device suits you? The only thing you can see if it looks "pretty", a good weight and size. You're not going to be able to set it up with your email, social media, movies, music, etc. to really test it. It doesn't really matter if it comes in the mail or you can have it that day. You still need to test it for yourself.

being able to hold a device in your hand & type on it, browse the web ect. makes a HUGE difference.....ALSO in the US a lot of carriers often let you take a device home and return them within x days without any problem

Most carriers will even let you make a call to test the quality.

14 days to take it home, try and if you don't like - bring it back. Did it one time - no hassle at all.

My point is whether you take the phone home with you that day or get it in the mail a day or two later, you still would want to try it out for 14 days and return it if it doesn't suit you.

Actually, I find its a nice gesture and he's coming to his senses.

Hope they can restore their relationship with BBRY.... hate and antagonism solves nothing.

Zzzzwiped from a Zedevice....

I am hoping the same. I called T-Mobile with great concern over the issue between BlackBerry and them. They (tmo) did not try to sell me another phone. They were really concerned if I were leaving them as a customer. They told me that they will continue support, updates and replacements for customers with the Z10 and Q10. They are not going to sell any new devices. That was all I got out of them.

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I am a T-Mobile customer with a Q10. I left AT&T with my old pearl to go there last year. The last few weeks have made me distrustful of Mr. Legere.

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How can they offer $100 off devices they can no longer sell? Doesn't the contract expire this month?

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They can still sell Z10's and Q10's and well, I'm guessing they're hoping you'll consider moving to something else as well.

What if we moved to them in February of 2014?
I'd like that $100 credit..

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I don't understand that.

If BlackBerry is terminating their reseller agreement and the retailer is no longer an authorized dealer, how do they continue to offer support and sales? I would think a company terminating a resale agreement (which apparently in this case happens later this month), that the vendor would ask for the remaining stock to be returned. Otherwise they would be not much different than a grey-market reseller.

T-Mobike USA can still purchase the existing stick from BlackBerry which I'm sure BlackBerry will be more than happy to oblige. BlackBerry will still send out IS updates via WiFi to these T-Mobile device, which in turn takes care of that CEO claim.

BlackBerry Q10  & Full Metal CB10!

It's better to hear that T-Mobile will still support BlackBerry customers. Sure, BlackBerry could push out their own OS updates, but what guarantee will there be for Wi-Fi Calling? With T-Mobile's announcement, it might mean they'll be sure to keep on offering it...

@Supa_Fly1: What do you mean "still purchase the existing stock".

Never in my 10+ years in the retail business have I known of any retailer who was not an authorized dealer that was still able to purchase product from the manufacturer that does not authorize them as a reseller. Makes no sense at all.

Furthermore, even if they had existing inventory, in all my experience if someone loses their dealer authorization, either the merchandise goes back to the vendor or they close it out and that's it.

As far as OS support - T-Mobile has specific requirements - the WiFi calling thing - so I doubt we will see anything past that has that capability for T-Mobile included or at the very least tested/supported.

He is covering his a** right now he already breached the terms of his licensing agreement with BlackBerry he is trying to do some damage control, he doesn't know. If a law suit is in the making that's what he's doing. As you said he should just continue selling IOS and Android .

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I'm on T-Mobile and as long as I get updates, I don't care. I'll start buying them from BlackBerry and then I won't have to deal with the annoying T-Mobile imprint on the back of my Z10.

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How would you feel if BlackBerry issued OS updates that excluded Wi-Fi Calling because T-Mobile and BlackBerry are no longer cooperating? Would you blame BlackBerry because they terminated the contract?

What's the big deal w/Wi-Fi calling? I could care less about that feature. I think it's annoying actually - when go in and out of coverage.

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WiFi calling is a huge deal for some of us who have unusable signal on any carrier due to geography and anti-tower local zoning regulations. It's the only way I have had reliable _single-number_ coverage at while working at home, _and_ have the wonderful benefit of being "back in the US" on WiFi when out of the country. I spent 2 weeks in Geneva for work in 2009 and had zero roaming charges for either voice or data; I had WiFi during the day and in the hotel in the evening, and could call customers, co-workers, and my family completely free. Without that, my roaming bill would have been in the hundreds of dollars at least. The new T-Mo 20c/min international roaming voice rates and free 2G-speed data greatly limit roaming bill shock, but "free is still better" on WiFi. There's nothing like it on any other carrier in the US, and I am really disappointed that T-Mo won't carry the Z30 and support WiFi calling on it. 3rd party SIP VoIP works well on BB10, but isn't nearly as convenient since you have to keep changing forwarding settings or deal with 2 numbers. Hoping that BB and T-Mo "make up" in the future, but not holding my breath.

He is just saying he no longer supports BlackBerry users on his network "Un-carrier benefits like no annual contract, unlimited everything with no overages on our wicked-fast network, no hidden device costs, no upgrade wait " basically come give us your BlackBerry so you can go away


I'm with Tmobile as well. I like what john is doing. If you read his recent tweet, he said let Chen know how you feel about the BlackBerry contract. So who is really at fault?

Also, what would be even better is for BlackBerry to sell devices directly all the time. Like they are doing right now. That way I can keep Tmobile and get the latest BlackBerry.

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I agree with this.

I also just appreciate the CEO's of both companies talking and listening to their customers even when still making their business decisions. I'm just mad I don't get a discount on the Z30!!!!

There should be one for TMobile customers with Blackberries

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I came to T-Mobile from AT&T when I decided it was time to get away from two year contracts and payments. Enough is enough. No cable TV, no mobile contract, no car payments, etc.

I purchased my Z10 outright from T-Mobile and pay month to month and don't owe a sole a penny. $74 per month gets me unlimited everything. Better than $120 per month and a two year contract.

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What exactly is the benefit of this contract ? Does that affect the consumer in any way? Or is it solely T-mobile losing a perk or two if any?

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The only thing that consumers would get if T-Mobile continued to carry BlackBerry's is interest free financing on BlackBerry devices. Buying directly from BlackBerry means paying up-front. With T-Mobile, the cost is spread over 20-24 months.

I was contemplating switching to T Mobile, but definitely not now!! I guess I'll be on Verizon for a while longer.

I have no problems with T-MOBILE and my wallet is a lot happier. I suggest you unlock your phone and get a T-MOBILE sim on a month to month and try it while keeping Verizon. It may well work for you or it may not. It'll cost you less than $100 to try it for a month.

Blackberry, T-Mobile, Apple, Verizon, Samsung, AT&T, Sprint will all screw you if it makes more business sense to them to leave you out there flapping. When you are no longer useful to them I guarantee you won't get a Christmas card from Chen or any of the others. You should use your consumer power to keep these companies in check. When you make a business decision based on emotion, it's an unsound decision and you're venerable . I like Blackberry but if something doesn't change for the better. I'll look elsewhere. Use your consumer power or you'll be made into a sucker.

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I was scrolling through their unlimited plan info on their website and further down in the "More about your plan" section it says "Up to 1 GB of 4G LTE data. Speeds reduced after 1 GB.".

Even further along I saw this: "Once you have used all the high speed data allotted on your data option, your data speed will automatically convert to up to 2G web speeds for the remainder of your billing cycle. At the beginning of your next billing cycle youll be back to nationwide 4G data.".

... and even further down: "Standard speeds approx. 128 Kbps.". = S L O W

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All the plans are unlimited in the sense that you will always get data and not be cut off or receive a surprise fee for going over - both standard practice on the other carriers. There's an Unlimited LTE plan, which is more expensive, but still cheaper or on par with the other carriers.

Yeah but you might not get updates!?!?!?! Your choice ! ! ! ! ! ! haven't you had enough of carrier non support??????????

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Ever since TMO and BlackBerry started fighting, I got $200 off an iPhone bought for my daughter who flipped from a galaxy s3 and now two offers of $100 off a new BlackBerry. So I'll get a Q10 or Q5 for one of the other kids. It's worked out well for me and now it looks like I'll keep getting updates. I'm good.

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Lol way to stay positive.. I definitely cashed in in the first deal. I wish they would put the 9900 at $100 off..

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I got a Q10 via trading in a 9850, from Sprint(!) on the first deal... then about a week or two later, 10.2.1...

That was a strange message to say the least! Good publicity for BlackBerry so I'm actually liking it!

Posted using the best phone ever, the Z30!

I am in Canada so should I hook up with T-Mo and get unlimited everything and then use it at home? :)

Q10 with Telus on

THE ONLY UPGRADE THAT'S REALLY AN UPGRADE IS A Z30 & T-MOBILE DOESN'T EVEN SUPPLY THAT SO WHAT GOOD IS CREDIT & BENEFITS FOR A NEW PHONE I mean I understand the world needs the consumer to own plastic phones for better surveillance but I don't want a iPhone or a Windows w/ 50,000,000,000 megapixel but I do want my BlackBerry UPDATED & as current as possible even w/ new versions & models which is completely impossible now w/ my carrier or else I'd just pay as I go & spend grands on unlocked Blackberry's everytime they make new 1s because I won't have a specific service ONLY A MICROCHIP SIM CARD THAT I'M LEFT W/ FROM DECADES W/ T-MOBILE

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But why not? Don't you want to be able to see that clogged pore under the eye of that cute jogger in the background of the aerial photo you've just taken? 50000,000,000 Megapixel might come in handy...oh wait...I will need that 128GB Micro SDXC card so I can take ONE photo. Lol

It sounds like TM is likely to back down on their required excessive request for BlackBerry to pay for their advertising and promotions. What TM did not expect was a negative public response to their actions.

At this time BB can not afford the same ad budget as Apple

What BlackBerry can do for TM is to bring corporate business

They're both being childish. It's obvious that the best thing for the customers is to renew the deal (BlackBerry) and SUPPORT the devices (T-Mobile). If t-mobile supported the devices properly, we wouldn't even be stuck in the middle of this schoolyard piss contest.

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I'm with tmobile but if they can't offer any new BlackBerry device in the future I'm going to switch service.. I already told my wife were switching in the future . . #teamblackberry


If this is meant for BlackBerry loyal customers, then the $100 credit should go towards purchasing a new BlackBerry device. Not "any new device." it's like saying switch to a different OS. That's what I feel.

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And that has ALWAYS been T-Mobile's objective, starting with their original BlackBerry customer poaching campaign. REGARDLESS what windbag Legere claims.

You're on to him. This is basically a rehash of their previous offer, except this time he isn't feeling so generous.

So resign a current or new BlackBerry with a company that will not have any blackberry support in the future?

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I'm interested in seeing what other US carriers are going to do. Because, honestly, it is hard to purchase a blackberry 10 device anywhere. And usually, these carriers follow each other. The fact that the z30 is considered end of life with Verizon, and that the next high end device may come in 2015, makes me a little cautious.

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I believe that all carriers are offering $100 credit for any smartphone. The fact that he makes it seem like he is directing the deal at BlackBerry customers to stay with BlackBerry is insulting.


Yeah, this is disappointing, especially since many people think TMo dumped BlackBerry.

I am ok with this as long as BlackBerry starts offering all models that are fully compatible selling direct.

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Two companies that bring up the rear of the markets they serve, and they actually need each other, but t-mobile disrespected blackberry and I put the back and forth on them for the backhanded marketing and unloyal program. I am with t-mobile but this situation they created makes my BUTTons hurt, and I totally agree that blackberry is only hurting themselves by replying on carriers that hide their product in the back. Selling direct is the only way they can move legit units.

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Too little to late, AT&T already offers $100 and they will be supporting BlackBerry.

Funny how he was saying BlackBerry is only 1 percent of their business and offering money to trade in BlackBerry for something other then BlackBerry but now all of a sudden he wants their business.

Second thoughts about BlackBerry after getting dumped by them!

Me too! Bring the Z30. Showcase BB10 in stores and actually train T-Mobile reps to sell them.

TM CEO needs to humble himself and negotiate with Chen. Otherwise they've got nothing on the competition other than the "un-carrier" slogan, whatever that means.

Z10STL100-3/ CB10

I'm from Canada so I could be wrong, but by only offering the limited devices he may be trying to get rid of the remaining stock.

Also sounds like a CEO trying to keep his job after the war of words on social media.


if he really wants to sweeten the deal make it $200 off and i'll stay...i've been with them for almost 16 yrs and i would hate to leave but i'm considering severing this marriage at this point.

T-Mobile customer service is the worst of any company I have ever dealt with. There isn't a snowballs chance in hell I would give them a dime.

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Honestly everything about this seems spiteful and desperate. It's like they realized they took a sh*t on loyal BB customers and tried some quick PR clean-up to keep what BB customers they have....and a bonus of trying to up the ante on the offer BB has given T-Mobile customers. T-Mobile's CEO has come off as nothing but a snarky jerkface ever since his sneaky countermove against BB... just my opinion though...... i could be way off ...

Legere is a d-b@g... Who else is tired of his cr@p? It's time for some sort of investigation or scandal to bring him down...

One can always shake the consumer world up a little...
and become...
the "uncustomer".

I have a suspicion that I'm late to the game with that one, but just in case I'm throwing it out there. ;)

Looks like signs of a desperate man.

John Legere knows he is on borrowed time.

How many back tracks has this man made?

Time to leave T-Mobile and make the shareholders do the necessary.

'See Ya and I wouldn't wanna be Ya!!!'

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Has everyone forgotten the horrible Verizon support when Z10s were released and Sprint not even carrying Zs? I left Sprint's sorry ass a year ago and my service is much better all around with T-Mobile. All the US carriers have sucked with updates, and I get the impression most of us here have been installing leaks on our own anyway. Let these companies throw their money at us and take advantage when you can. Not a one of them is really any better than the others, and BlackBerry has been doing a fine job of digging itself into a deeper hole without even taking the carriers into account.

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What's funny about all this to me is, which is more a realization of the "Un-carrier" concept? Buying locked phones from a carrier, or buying unlocked phones directly from an oem?

Posted via CB10

T-Mobile seems so sketchy recently. I don't think they intentionally have tried to look bad, but people need choices and controlling their choices just seems gross.

Is the company finish? Since the ad keep saying uncarrier. It might gain customer if it uncarrier software update for BlackBerry devices.

I am okay with it as others have said because AT&T has still not updated the Z10 officially and Verizon and AT&T are both too expensive for my three lines. T-Mobile can update like John says he will or there are ways around it.

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Isn't it over $100 cheaper to buy it unlocked from shopblackberry.com with the coupon code?

Posted via CB10

Lol yes. But there's an EIP option with TMO. Someone did a very nice analysis in the forums before this TMO promo where buying from SBB with your credit card and paying off this purchase over two years was cheaper than what you end up paying to TMO. He even used two interest rates in his calculation lol.

John Legere needs to buy a bicycle, turn the seat around , and face the rear tire so he can stop back peddling so much. He showed his ass. No one likes him. BlackBerry told him to lick their boots and parted ways with T-Mobile. The end.

I used my almighty Z30 to create this CrackBerry madness!

FTR, "Showed His Ass" is a figure of speech that means showing what your real motives or hidden agendas are in such a way that you are viewed as a pompous jerk. No profanity intended.

I used my almighty Z30 to create this CrackBerry madness!

No, no... I got that, lol. I just thought your delivery was fantastic! And the "the end" ending just made it better. It struck me as hilarious last night while reading it... laughed heartily, that's all. Was just joking around because it sounded like a nice short story.

I am just disappointed that the Z30 isn't part of the deal from either one. I would upgrade to that from my Z10.

The other thing that worries me is T-Mobile WiFi calling. With no relationship next update we may lose that feature. Those of you who don't need it great. Some of us do and it is the reason we stay with T-Mobile.

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Not to sound stupid, cause I really don't know... but why do you use wifi calling if t-mobile offers unlimited "everything" and I would assume that is minutes.

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It's cause T-Mobile reception isn't strong enough in many buildings..but if people switch carriers they'd have a strong signal..

Another reason is if you're somewhere that there is zero cellular reception then Wifi calling is awesome since you still get to send/receive calls with your #.

Z10STL100-3/ CB10

True re: Reception. I was with Boostmobile before this and it was cheap and had good reception in many places. Wonder if my unlocked phone would have true 4G LTE with Boostmobile if I switched from T-Mo

Q10 on T-Mobile

In the USA, Boost Mobile is part of Sprint. So you would likely get the same reception as if you were a Sprint customer. (Which should be, in general, better coverage than you would get on T-Mobile USA.)

Sprint was the first US carrier with "4G" (in the form of WiMax), but they have been building out an LTE network to eventually replace WiMax where it has not already.

No, Sprint/Boost & T-Mobile use different LTE bands and different 3G technologies, and you can't bring an unlocked GSM phone to the CDMA+LTE Sprint/Boost network. You'd need a different Sprint-specific handset.

Besides, Sprint's (thus Boost's) LTE network coverage is still less extensive than T-Mobile's HSPA+ and LTE networks, so you'd be on Sprint's CDMA 3G network getting under 1Mbps of data speed in many places where you'd get >5Mbps or even >10Mbps on T-Mo. Each network of course has their unique areas of better coverage.

Sure, it could work, but Skype has 2 downsides vs T-Mo WiFi calling. The same downsides also happen with 3rd party VoIP:

1) pay by the minute vs. free, (Ok, 2c/min or less is not a lot, but it's still double-paying)

and worse,

2) A separate number than your regular mobile if you want to be reachable on Skype-in or another VoIP service. That means you need to muck around with forwarding or conditional forwarding, and change it when you leave the house or return to your house, etc. With WiFi calling, your normal mobile number just works on either type of network connection. Sprint's even starting to offer that, but it's not as comprehensive as T-Mobile's implementation.

Yep, I agree completely! WiFi calling is essential to some of us; I switched to T-Mobile 7 years ago and have stayed vocally loyal to them because of it, first on a Nokia 6086 flip phone & then on several BBs. But I don't want to switch to Android to keep WiFi calling when I finally am willing to spend money on something bigger & faster than my Z10.

T-Mo did trumpet their unique business advantages of WiFi calling on BB and Hosted BES, so I'm surprised that Legere didn't work harder to keep the relationship.

This is a ploy to deplete their inventory that they already purchased from BlackBerry. Rather than write off the lose, they still manage to choose to profit from it. Hence, "til the end of the year" which is when they close their annual ledgers, chances are

Posted via my Z10. Keep it Classy.

As an international traveler, I am extremely happy with tmo. Whether it be free wifi calling or unlimited roaming or $.02 min ww voice roaming, they have a very compelling story for the international road worrier.
BlackBerry has been bumbling through the PlayBook, and unstable releases of bb10 for years. And now, when they finally put out a stable release they piss all over my carrier. Don't get me wrong, I love my z10, but if they make me choose it's not going to go there way.

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I agree with you 100%. People don't realize the value that wifi calling brings to international travelers. When it first started, calls made over wifi, whether you were here in the US or overseas and calling back to a US phone number, those minutes were FREE (ie. didn't go against your minutes). That eventually changed with the Simple Choice Unlimited plans but you still didn't pay any voice roaming charges when calling the US from overseas over wifi. Unfortunately, with the direction and disappointments of BlackBerry, I too would choose T-Mobile before BlackBerry.

UNFORTUNATELY! For me I can't move on to another carrier. Verizon and Att are not an option, lest to mention sprint

From my White Z30

You should just give up your phone so that some of the people here can have satisfaction that they got someone off T-Mobile!

The whole situation is very interesting. I had transferred my Z10 from AT&T to TMO to save $ on a no-contract plan, with my wife getting my old Torch 9800 for her first smartphone. This lasted 3 months or so, then my z died in mid download...no display at all. This was right after TMO's OTA update to 10.2.1.

BlackBerry sent me a new Z10 on advanced return, but TMO couldn't get it up and running, and couldn't get the 9800 to retrieve email for my wife.

Net result is that we'te back with AT&T again, with better service, and at a lower price. TMO did help lower contract terms and prices, but that's about all

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In hoping this recent feud between BlackBerry and t-mobile results in an email sent to all staff to cater to BlackBerry users instead of pushing then to other phones

One can dream right?

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So let's see : I get this offer from T- Mobile. It's good until the end of the year. Supposedly BlackBerry also had an offer. I haven't received anything about that. No email. No text. I have been a loyal BlackBerry customers for 10+ years. I have been with TMO for 3 years. Hmmm.....

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You define value differently than I do.

Yes, the service is cheaper. They don't have much choice, really. Because their network footprint is the smallest of all national US carriers, and they don't have any lower-frequency spectrum so their in-building coverage is also the worst overall of any of the national carriers.

This. I laugh when they talk about value. Well, that's because their nationwide networks as a whole are crappier. You wouldn't be paying TMO-like prices if they had Verizon-like coverage. I can guarantee you that.

And you want to talk about value? Look at how they modified a) JUMP--you have to pay off more of the phone before you can switch, b) their unlimited tier--went up by $10 for new customers, c) employee corporate discounts--eliminated for new customers--ironically, in the name of "value to all customers," as per Mr. Legere. So nobody should lose track of the fact they're a business, and if they start losing money, they will damn sure take corrective measures. As they have in these three cases.

Yet another good deal to grab a Z10, for a great price. I got one last time they had them for $199, and I'm gonna pickup another. Such a great device, but doesn't have the support needs to fully succeed. Sad.

Chen is standing up for his company, his people and his customers who shouldn't be singled out, it's equivalent to being kicked when your down, and it's just wrong by anyone's measurement.

In fact, to show our appreciation for all current consumers so passionate and loyal to all things BLACKBERRY, we’re offering a $100 credit toward ANY NEW DEVICE


Oh, btw, John Legere...ShopBlackBerry's prices are lower than your company's. That's including your $100 discount.

All I ever wanted as a T-Mobile BlackBerry z10 customer is a way for those of us (however few or many) who want BlackBerry devices like the Z30 and soon the z50 to be able to access the T-Mo payment plans because the phones are expensive to have to pay the entire purchase price at once. Even better would be for T-Mo to have at least one display device of each model per store so that we could get the feel of the model and then have it overnight shipped, assuming T-Mo didn't want to fully stock each location.

Would that be so hard?

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This latest offer to BlackBerry users looks like another flip off to the embattled mobile device manufacturer.

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I love my Z10, but would loveeeeee if Tmobile offered the Z30. That in my mind would be an upgrade.

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So, if I find some POS dinosaur BlackBerry, drop my sim in it at home, and cruise into a t-mobile store, I can get $100 off -any- phone? What if the phone is less than $100?

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That's why the $200 offer they had 2 months ago was abruptly cancelled. All of the POS scammers were grabbing cheap old Sprint BlackBerry devices, getting the $200 credit to the account, buying a cheap phone (<$100) and then cancelling the account and have a credit issued to them. It's always the scammers that ruin it for everyone. Unfortunately, both T-Mobile and it's honest customers lost out.

I have been with t-mobile USA since the beginning as they took over Voice Stream. I have lost complete trust in this company for my BlackBerry needs. The services are so much comparable to the top two in terms of voice and Internet speed. But for them to turn on BlackBerry when they themselves were down and out for years is despicable.

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I will import or buy it unlock. Everyone should actually. You save more money this way, and you don't get ugly carrier logos on the phone.

I agree about the logos. Especially T-Mobile's logo. At least AT&T's logo is really subtle and blends with the device.

Actually, no, Verizon's branding on BlackBerry devices is, in fact, the worst one of all.

full damage control in the making... i wish tmobile would just apologize and move forward with tmobile, I seriously feel like the divorce child in this situation...

This is a bullsh*t offer. They should allow ANY old phone (iPhone 4, etc) to be traded in as well. Absolutely anti-blackberry. All that can happen is a net loss in BlackBerry customers.

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I'm still rocking my Bold 9900 with T-Mobile..I had to send my first one back due to it freezing on occasion, they gave me the option of a new phone or a refurbished 9900..I have to admit this one has more problems due to losing the signal but I'm happy with BlackBerry, I'm passing my 9900 to my son for his first phone and just picked up a used Z10..m anyone own one? Happy? Problems? Any info would be appreciated...inquiering minds want to know! Sent from my 9900!

T mobile BlackBerry customers.. time to dumb T mobile and look for other carriers. BlackBerry loyal customer needs to follow BlackBerry not T mobile. Need to teach lessons the hard way

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Why should the customer cut off his nose to spite his face? the plain reality here is that both companies need each other, whether they admit it or not.

Of the major US carriers, TMO offers the best pricing, hands down. Why should I leave TMO, to a another carrier, when it may mean upwards of $50.00 monthly.

Finally, all those of you with the sudden surge of BlackBerry loyalty, when has Blackberry been loyal to you?

Blackberry always.....

I agree. I like my BlackBerry but there is no way I'm switching from t-mobile unless other carriers provide the same amount of service at a similar price point.

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I'm not a TMOBILE customer but the CEO gives off the impression of being very arrogant...for a #4 carrier.

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I'm dont know you but you come off as a cool aide drinking ignoramus. See what I did there.

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One thing about TMOBILE, they have dramatically lowered cell phone service fees here in the US. If our antitrust department had allowed att to acquire them, we would all still be on $100 a month two year contracts.

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