T-Mobile Launches the BlackBerry Curve 8900!

By James Falconer on 11 Feb 2009 10:17 am EST

T-Mobile BlackBerry 8900All of you out there on the big T-Mo have no doubt been waiting... and now the moment has arrived. The BlackBerry Curve 8900 is now available on T-Mobile USA! You can pick it up from T-Mo for $199.99 on a 2-year contract with a $100 mail-in rebate.

The 8900 (aka Javelin) has the beloved full QWERTY keyboard, 2.44 inch HVGA+ display, quad band GSM, WiFi and Bluetooth. No 3G on board, but there is GPS, a 512 MHz processor, a 3.2MP camera and more. One more thing about the T-Mobile 8900, is it supports their Unlimited Hotspot Calling service, which uses WiFi and VoIP. You can also use the myFaves service to get unlimited nationwide calling to 5 of your friends, family, colleagues...whomever.

For more information hit up T-Mobile's BlackBerry Curve 8900 Page.

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T-Mobile Launches the BlackBerry Curve 8900!


Congrats to T-MO people who have been waiting. For me though, no 3G means no go.

Dear Verizon,
The Storm excitement has passed, and feelings are pretty much split 50/50. Please bring out the next full QWERTY keyboard phone (Bold comparison)so the rest of us can get excited about something. Thanks.

All Verizon Blackberry customers that hate the Storm.

No 3g = who gives a shit...this phone is still incredibly fast and sexy. nicer camera than the bold, crisper screen than the bold since the same resolution is on a smaller screen, and not nearly as bulky as the Bold. Awesome phone...they only had 5 at the store I went to this morning, i was lucky to be the 2nd one in line.

LOL!!! I like that....No 3G=who gives a shit!!!! I ordered mine today ($149.99- Amazon.com) and I cant wait. The Bold is too big and I HATE touchscreens, you mite as well let your infant send a text message.

same here!! of course i had to upgrade to express shipping... the lady at t-mobile was talking about a feb. 23rd delivery date for regular ground shipping... uhh, no thanks. can't wait for my first blackberry!

I ordered mine Monday night and upgraded the shipping and almost sharted myself when it arrived today because the rep told me it woul arrive next Tuesday! Hopefully it gets to you quickly!

I orderd my 8900 yesterday morning and it came in this afternoon. A little over 24 hours! I am so excited... I am unboxing as we speak! I LOVE TMOBILE!

I really don't get all of this talk about the added bulk you get with the Bold.

Dimensions for the 8900: 4.29" x 2.36" x 0.53"
Dimensions for the Bold: 4.49" x 2.6" x 0.59"

Since when is 0.20" x 0.24" x 0.06" a massive increase in size?

I have held both phones, and the bold is and feels bigger and bulkier. that little bit actually does make a difference, you wouldn't think so until you hold them both.

I know it doesnt seem like much on paper, but the device is tapered in such a way that it feels much smaller in the hand than the bold, and is a lot more pocketable.

Before getting this device I used my Zune 80 as a reference, since it has nearly identical dimensions and figured I could deal with the size, but boy was I surprised. It truly is a big difference between the 8900 and the Bold (and even my Zune). Size and design matter.

Plus, $50 on Amazon!? Thats a steal! I paid $179 for mine. And thats after spending half an hour on the phone with Rogers because they charged me $319 + activation.

Hmm... I'll wait until the price drops to $99.

That way, I can sign up for a 1 year contract for $149.00 dollars! :)

I don't do 2 years..NEVER AGAIN!!!!!

I upgraded today and was offered $149.99 (2 year ext) includes instant rebate or $249.99 (1 year ext. i took the $249.99 and i'm going to submit for the $100 rebate.

To say that no 3g is a deal breaker...if you have a carrier that supports 3g then I can understand your comment. However, with T-Mobile, right now 3g isn't much of an option. Also, with T-Mobile when it comes to new blackberry devices, our options are the Pearl flip or the 8900. Not that hard of a decision.

I just went to my local Tmo store and picked one up, my GF is gonna kill me, but I had to have it.

Seems it doesn't like my old sim from my pearl...might have to go to tmo store and get another...we'll see

Went by Tmo store closest to my work on early lunch but came away empty. They only had 5 Javelins and the lady in front of me got the last one.

Will have to check store by my house and if no luck will be ordering online.

Good Luck!

Has anyone downloaded twitterberry to their 8900? The 8900 isn't listed as a supported device on their website. Just curious if anyone downloaded it anyways and if it worked okay?

Yes, I have Twitterberry on my Rogers 8900 and it works fine. I've been using it for over a month and haven't had any glitches.

There is no way I'm paying $429 (minus $70 rebate) for the 8900, such a bummer. I called tmo and they said I'm only eligible for a partial upgrade and I have to wait five more months to get the full discount.

Did any of you guys experience this? What did you guys do?

Last time I upgraded was in September of 2007 when the 8320 came out.

I just ordered mine through TMO, I'm an existing customer (for the past 7 years). They started at full price and then I told them that I was teetering between this and the Storm (I don't want the Storm, but I know they can't offer it). They sent me to a retention specialist and although its not as good as a new customer deal I was able to get $179 out the door with no rebates. So instead of $299 with a $100 rebate (I hate rebates) I got it for $179 WITH a 2 year commitment. I pushed to lower the commitment but that would have raised the price. I really have been happy with TMO over the years so adding 2 years was not a big deal for me. So if you are with TMO now and want to upgrade, it never hurts to push for a better price. Like I said, not fantastic but better than just taking the initial offer. Oh yeah, and try to be decent to the folks on the phone, you catch more flies with honey than you do with vinegar.
Awaiting the delivery of my new 8900 (want to call it the Javelin)...

Call them and ask for customer retention... tell them you are going to break your contract and leave. They will sale you one in a minute for much much much much cheaper. I promise because I just ordered mine today and I still had 5 months to get the full discount. Mine will be her next week.

No matter what I try, the inbound csr's just keep claiming ignorance about anyone else getting that $299 w $100 mir out of full upgrade range. I upgraded to the 8320 in Oct 2007 and they're saying I don't qualify for anything else.

I said that other people in my same situation got it today and nothin. What are you guys saying to get them to bring it down from $4xx?


I'm sorry to hear you are having a bad experience. I just talked to someone in Retention, and spoke very nicely to the young lady, and told her that after 8 years of service I don't mind leaving them and going to AT&T. That's all I had to say and I got it for 179.00 and I am still 5 months out from my actually "full discount" period. LOl have you tried that route?

I haven't tried to ask straight for a retention specialist. I've gotten 3 or 4 reps with varying knowledge of blackberrys, and tmobile in general. I think one of my main issues is that I changed the name on the account back when I upgraded last and thus it made a "new account." prior to that I had been with them since summer of 2003. But in their records I haven't even been a customer for 2 years. I just want to get it now for 200 bucks! Is that so much to ask! Thanks

When you call 611 tell sally sue or whoever the automated system that you want Customer Retention and she will say Cancel Service. But that is who you want to talk to. I hope it works out for you. I just got a Text that my order was being processed to ship.

There was an earlier post with a pic of a price tag from BestBuy for $150. Has anbody picked up their 8900 from BestBuy?. What prices do they have?? Are they the sames as what was posted earlier??

I spoke to my local Best Buy (Phoenix) yesterday and they told me the 8900 wouldn't be available until the 22nd.

Well looking at that pic, if I upgrade and extend my contract for 1 yr. I would get the 8900 for free!! I hope this is true, looks like BestBuy has the best offer so far.

I ordered my 8900 this morning. The CSR was so fabulous. I received a full upgrade on another phone at the end of July '08, so I was expecting her to say that I was only eligible for a partial upgrade but she told me that I was eligible for the FULL upgrade + a $100 rebate as soon as I told her that I may want to upgrade. I was shocked! I was also able to have the purchase amount spread over 4 payments.

You got a full upgrade?? i used my upgrade around July '08 too. Did u agree for 2 more years or just one back in july? what exactly did you tell them when you called? how much did u end up paying?

I called 611>Upgrade>Blackberry. The CSR gets on and I explain to her how I'd just upgraded to the new Sidekick 6 months ago, but I hadn't been happy with it and explained my issues...then I told her that I was interested in upgrading to a Blackberry. She said she would pull my account and let me know what I could do. She told me there was actually a brand new Blackberry Curve that was available today and she was happy to tell me that I was eligible for the full upgrade, which meant that I'd be getting the lowest price possible (which is obviously wasn't true after reading about the $179 situation but I digress). She told me the initial price with the upgrade would be $299, but then explained that I would receive a $100 rebate which means that the phone would end up only costing $199). Like I said...I was shocked. I was prepared to be quoted $429, since I'd received a full upgrade 6 months ago, so I'd already had a plan to work my way into a full upgrade but I didn't have to! :)

I just got off the phone with T-mobile and for the VERY low price of $179, my 8900 is on the way

ALL YOU HAVE TO DO....is act like u wanna leave tmobile in hopes to get the storm, be persistent too, cuz they will tell u that u can get an unlocked storm and use it on their network, but thats not what u wanna do....

they will transfer u to someone whos job is to MAKE U STAY WITH TMOBILE no matter what it takes.

So hey, i did as the person who commented on this article said and I got the same deal.

If its ALWAYS this easy to get over on tmobile, then I ain't never leaving, LOL.

Good luck my crackberry peoples!! let me know how it goes

I've only been with T-Mo since the end of '06 and I've always gotten what I wanted or what I felt I deserved (which is what a "new customer" would pay). I came over from Sprint, so their CS is extremely impressive to me. I've never had a phone for more than a 6 or 7 month period and have never had to haggle them into giving me a full upgrade. They've just offered it to me each and every time regardless of where I was in my contract. I don't know why it is. Like I said, after hearing about others who weren't within 2 months of their contract expiring only getting a partial discount, I expected to be quoted the same and intended to haggle them. But I didn't have to...

Just a day after tmobile releases the curve 8900
and calling 611 and talking to the rep. told them how long i have been with tmobile, and telling them im looking into the new curve 8900. I simply said the price is a little iffy especially when i can get the bb Storm for a $100 with there being no mail in rebate from verizon with a 2 year agreement (which is a lie). the rep then asked me do you realize that the pricing would be more expensive on your monthly bill, which i said actually no! it would be the same (lie again). they then transferred the call to a customer care rep, which then said they can give me the phone for 179 with no mail in rebate. i call that a bargain
a day later and they keep up that bargain.

I called 611 yesterday and got the $179 price. You don't have to "get over" on T-Mobile, I didn't lie or make any kind of threats and I did just fine. I had to get past the "ordinary" sales person that I was sent to at first... I just told the truth: that I was looking to upgrade to the 8900, but I can't stand rebates and I was hoping that there might be another offer for longtime customers. She checked my account and noted that I was indeed a longtime customer (been with them since the VoiceStream days), so she sent me to the loyalty department.

Not only did the loyalty department give me the $179 price, but they waived the shipping and added 200 minutes to my grandfathered plan at no extra charge. I didn't even ask for the minutes or the free shipping, she just threw that in while I was talking to her.

As the saying goes, more flies with honey than vinegar...

I ordered my 8900 very early this morning and paid $20 extra for overnight delivery (because I'm cracking out to get it), and everything looked good until this afternoon when I went to check the status (from the link they emailed me) and it said the phone was out of stock!!!! UGGGG!! Anyway, the only way to contact wirefly (besides new orders) is via online chat or email - so I opened an online chat session and they informed me they were not sure when the next shipment would be for the 8900s. They refunded me the shipping charge after fighting with them for like 20 minutes. Their site STILL SAYS "IN STOCK".

I spoke with TMO just 2 minutes ago and they said they were not out of them. I order my this morning and she said it was getting ready to ship. What did the email say and what time did you order it? I order mine at 8:30 EST.

i have had the 8900 for about 3 weeks now and I must say it is a great phone. I have tested the bold and storm and i think i made the right choice. the bold does feel too bulky especially if you keep it in your front pocket like i do (i hate phone holsters). The bold's size and no wifi were deal breakers. The storm was smaller than the bold but the touch screen was not as big a wow factor as i thought it would be. with the amount of typing i do, the touch screen got old fast! i love the small form factor with full qwerty and wifi the 8900 has to offer. it was a no brainer! by the way i ran side by side with 3g phones and kept up if not beat them.

I'm looking to purchase the Blackberry 8900 and with the full upgrade I would have to pay $199 after a $100 mail in rebate. It's been 3 yrs since my last upgrade and I think this is a lot of $. I can understand that the product is fresh on the market and that some have to pay more than $199, but is there anyway to negotiate this price. I don't even care about the rebate. Is there a way I could just pay a flat out amount for the phone?

Just picked up my 2 8900's, one for the wife, one for me after our recently FREE UPGRADED 8320's kept dropping calls mid sentence... WHILE STANDING STILL! Oh, and did I mention, I only paid $50 TOTAL for the new phones (with Return on the free 8320's). Don't mean to rub it in, I had issues prior to, plus a lot of other things, but still exciting. Main Line PA SOLD OUT

Any way, I Love this phone. The weight makes it feel like a real phone, and not a fisher price one like the 83xx. The speed is great (Kudos to the no 3G = No Big Deal!). Great phone, fast, sleek, and looking to get some new apps for it.

I am officially addicted after 3 months fellow Crackberriers...

Dec 2008 - 8320
Feb 2009 - 8900

First time poster, short time owner!

Most stores only got 5-6 units. I am hoping I get mine in the next 3 day. I placed my order at 8:30 EST time morning. I have the WING and hate it. Can't wait. It's like Christmas all over again, only with big kids toys!!!!

I just spoke with a rep at Amazon and the price that they have listed (199-100 rebate) is ONLY for new customers. The Rep said that T-Mobile, unlike ATT, did not give them the option of an "upgrade" for existing customers. Hence, if you are on TMO and don't care about which network you are on, you can switch to ATT and get the Bold via Amazon for 149$. It all depends on your phone and provider preference. Are 3G and the Bold worth the extra $$$ you have to shell out monthly on ATT network.....

I tried the Storm. VZW's network was decent, but something was missing and I just didn't feel their prices could be justified.

I tried the Bold. Cool device, but it seemed a tad bulky and the dropped/garbled calls were too much for my comfort. Damn ATT I wanted to love you.

So, I picked this one up. I have to say this is the best looking feel good device I've ever used from RIM. Call quality is fantastic over GSM and over WiFi and the screen is absolutely beautiful. No dropped calls in over 2 weeks and the processor speed is really noticeable (and much welcomed) compared to my old Verizon Curve.

+1 For T-Mobile's Network here in Hollywood
+1 For RIM's new 8900



I have had mine for 2 weeks now. I don't mind the lack of 3G because of the WiFi capabilities... I don't use the internet every day, so it's not a big deal to scan and hop on someone's WiFi connection if I want to use the internet.

I arrived at the T-Mobile store this morning and picked up my 8900. I love the feel of this phone, BUT the browsing capabilities aren't all that great in terms of speed. I am really contemplating returning this phone and just wait for the 3G version of this phone to arrive. Does anyone have an idea of when a 3G version is coming out?

The 8900 is the best Blackberry currently available but I sent mine back after a week because:

1. The overall user experience was not a significant enough improvement over my 8120. I think most 8120 and 8320 users will agree.
2. I could not justify $200 for the device (not including new accessories) and a 2 year agreement.
3. The screen is great for graphics but still very hard to read.
4. Within 4-6 months the market will be swamped with better smartphones.
5. Battery life not so good.

If I didn't already have the 8120, I would have kept the 8900 but there just wasn't enough difference, in my opinion.

No 3G=Ill wait a second longer for facebook to load so I don't have to carry a phone the size of a brick around.

With the absence of 3G on this phone, if you are on the internet and someone tries to call you, do you get a call waiting beep or are they sent right to your voicemail? eg, is it like the early days of dial up internet service?

Also, when on WiFi can you surf the net and talk at the same time?
Thanks folks.


I've been using the 8900 for a week now, and it is a significant upgrade from the 8320.

The first thing I noticed was the keyboard. The individual keys are slightly longer vertically, giving us fat fingered users a smoother typing experience. Such a slight change has made a big difference for me.

The change to the track ball is great. The old style had issues with the ring coming off.

The 3G isn't a big deal. TMO doesn't have 3G in most areas. The wifi picks up the slack, since I'm rarely in a place without it these days. T-Mobile has hot spots worldwide. The transition from EDGE to wifi is seamless. The wifi SIGNAL is stronger than the 8320 from what I can tell. However, I do not have any tech sheets on the signal. It doesn't get confused between GSM and UMA.

The camera is excellent. It's one of the best T-Mobile has thus far (The Nok 5600 doesn't count... recalled.). While not as high res as the Behold, it outperforms it hands down. The auto focus and light sensor work great. Another upgrade over the 8320 is the lens cover. It is now flush with the phone. It's a breeze to keep clean now.

The GPS is noticeably quicker and more efficient than other GPS handhelds I've used. It located a satellite indoors very fast.

YOUTUBE. Yes, it streams online media now. It opens online videos into the media player.

Games. It comes with a larger selection of full version games. Texas Hold Em with free online play will definitely be a favorite.

Hot Swapping Memory. The memory card is now placed so that you can remove it while the phone is on. I'm not sure if it is recommended to hot swap your Micro SDs, but it is static memory and shouldn't be a problem. You don't have to remove the battery to access it anymore.

Browser. The new browser interface is a big improvement over the standard 8320 design. The default free floating mouse with quick zoom in/out was a welcome change.

That's pretty much my experience over the past week in a nutshell. I highly recommend it as an upgrade. The G1 and Behold don't touch it.

For those of you in the Carolinas who have pre-existing service, you might be eligible for a $15 Blackberry feature.

Scooped up one today after work, to my surprise the T-mobile salesperson at the retail store had no clue it was even released today after I INSISTED I knew what I was talking about, she checked with her manager. All was right with the world shortly after that.
Love it already. (=

There have been numerous videos comparing the Bold, Storm, Curve 8900, all pretty much pointed to 8900 as the better phone due to the smaller size, better resolution, WiFi, 5- Favs, screen savers, camera. The lack of 3G is not a big differance seeing the curve is revamped with onboard memory. I prefer a smaller phone and do not care for touch screens, you constantly have to clean them because of your pudgy fingers petrols oil all over the touch screen and its just a bigger screen to end up broken if you happen to drop, it will be like Shaq taking out the backboard. Make it rain.

T-Mobiles customer service is top notch at least with my experience and usually if you are upset they give you 100 bonus minutes. T-Mobile does have 3G, just not in all areas yet which is why they provide the wifi. Which the wifi in my opinion is 3G speeds and I can access the internet faster than your moms computer. The Curve 8900 is the Bond phone of cell phones with its sleek, sexy, compact and covert black tuxedo looks, its definatly bringing sexy back to cell phones.

I know many thought T- Mo got the poopy end of the stick when AT&T got exclusive rights to the Bold and then Verizon was granted the Storm but good things come to those who wait. By the way, I ordered mine with customer care at 6am sharp, should have it in a day or two. My GF is getting my old curve, lmao, talk about poopy ends of sticks!

I have been with T-Mobile for greater than 10 years. Called today and they said it would be $449 for new 8900. I laughed and said "Well, I guess I will get an iPhone from AT&T". They switched me to a supervisor and she said new contracts are $179 and she would match that for me. That is for 2 year contract, they will give you a one year contract for $239. Shipped today, my local T-mobile store sold out.

Hey everyone,
I got my 8900 today right when tmo opened. I had the 8300 and loved it. This phone is SAWEET. Lightning fast and great to hold. There are more built in sounds too...anyway, I LOVED the "keypad lock when holstered" feature on the 8300 but I can't seem to find it on this phone...is it gone now that there is a dedicated button for locking? There must still be a sensor of some sort since it can detect if it's holstered in regard to the ring styles. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

I missed them selling the last one by MINUTES! Now I have to wait until the 18th, for their next shipment. Don't want to deal with ordering via mail -- if anything is wrong, I have to ship it back. The store is across the street from me - easier if a problem arises.

So bummed out... :(

just picked up a blackberry 8900 this morning because kevin didn't pick me to be the winner of crackberry.com's give-aways. anyway, i was the first to be in the one-man line this morning in front of the official tmobile store(san diego) and i paid 199.99 for the phone with a 2 year..i am a new customer. now after reading all your posts, i feel like i paid too much. does tmobile have any price-matching policies? or do any of you see a way for me to get the difference in price back but still keep the same number i just signed up for today? thanks

The price for the phone is pretty standard. The ACTUAL price is 299.99 and you get a 100.00 MIR.

Certain places can offer you the phone for less.
An Exclusive Retail Partner or a third party authorized dealer receive a compensation for the phone, plan, and features. Since most wireless companies pay their employees on sales commission, they do whatever they can to sell the phone for the price listed. The more they discount, the more money they lose.

However, places such as Wal Mart, Sams Club, Costco, AMAZON, etc don't care. They can set the price low and still make a small profit. Especially Wal Mart. Wal Mart cellular employees do not receive commission on their sales. They get paid the basic hourly of that particular store (roughly $8-9/hr dependent upon location). Amazon stores can afford to go even cheaper, because sales are handled online. There is no sales rep.

There are pros and cons to both of these. The pros of an online store and Wal Mart is the price. That is the only pro.

The problem you run into with Wal Mart, for example, is a sales staff that knows very little and has no invested interest in you as a customer. In 95% of cases, Wal Mart employees won't be able to help you with your phone. The problem with online is no sales staff at all. If you have an issue, you have to mail your phone back.

Retail, ERP, and authorized dealers DO have an invested interest in the sale. They usually work off of commission, and it is highly competitive. All three of those are also held to a very high standard of customer service as well. If you want knowledgeable sales reps who can fix issues and make things happen, go to one of these.

Don't expect anyone to spend time on your problems if you didn't purchase your phone from them. Even corporate retail stores will try and turn you away. Call 611 instead.

The CSR quoted me $19.99 for expedited shipping and told me it was for 2-3 business days. She said with the free UPS ground shipping it would be 7-10 business days, which means I would get it by the 23rd. Since UPS ground is always quick for me, I went for the free shipping. Just checked UPS tracking today and my 8900 is scheduled to be delivered tomorrow!

I just went and played with the 8900 in the store this morning and I am impressed already. I this quiet a step up from the 8320 and I love the 8320. I am going to satisfied with this phone for a very long time.

im coming from using windows mobile and palm devices for many years since the treo 600, i was too younge and the black berry devices werent geared towards my demographic at the time. regardless of the lack of 3g the phone is great solid in my hand even though its thinness makes it feel very small in a large grip but the os is smooth and responsive. i couldnt see any other phone bringin me back to tmobile. i only have 2 bars max in my coverage area but the uma feature sold me on the phone. im curently using a sprint ppc mogul, iphone 3g and now my bb 8900 may very well replace my att service. i have been a constant visitor of crack berry for some time now staying up to date on new releases and up dating other peoples black berries. thanks and i'm glad to be a new member.

Just curious where it appears everyone is getting the best deal for the new 8900? I'm a TMO customer of a few years. I have an account with 5 lines and spend plenty every month with TMO. I'm beyond my 2 year contract (though I did renew for one of the lines; I can break that if need be).

Just wondering if calling them as opposed to going into the store will yield me the best deal? I read some say about talking to the retention dept. I'm thinking I could use that to my advantage? Your thoughts are appreciated ;)


Yes Joe. They do have the ability to discount your phone. They are required to tell you no, otherwise the regular price would be pointless. If you play your cards right, you will be able to get a bigger discount on the phone.

Also keep in mind that RIM is offering an additional rebate on all Blackberries when you trade in an older phone to them. If it is in working order (i.e. screen not broken, no water damage, everything working, etc) they will give you a rebate of a *minimum* $50. Furthermore, there is a $100 MIR through T-Mobile on it. The prices quoted are AFTER MIR. The standard price is $299.99.

got mine 9 am sharp and after i left with my new bestfriend they were sold out. im so satisfied with this curve and i reccomend it over the old curve and the bold and storm. the bold is too big and lots of dropped calls and flaws i did not like. this phone is pefrect and incredibly small for a blackberry and im loving every minute with this phone, deffinatly worth the money. the lack of 3G is not noticable at all and i dont know why people drool over 3G phones when most feel like a brick and arent even that great. i just got my black battery cover in and i must say the phone is even sexier now :)

The phone is amazing!!!! 3G isn't shit. I had the G1 and it has 3G and the 3G service sucked this phone is soooooo worth the money! When I called T-mob customer service I found out it can take a 32G memory! I almost pissed myself in excitement! The biggest I was able to get was 8G for 25 bucks. Sweet ass phone! I cant for themes to start coming out for it and some cases with the screen protector like the one by Speck for the 8320. And to everyone on their high horse about 3G, you have no idea what you are missing with this phone.

I just recieved my 8900 yesterday. The first thing I noticed was the new crisp screen, much better than the trusty 8320. I also see the difference in speed when shifting in between apps. Nice upgrade!

so here is what one might want to try for better pricing. after you place the order for the new 8900 curve through on line or by phone from t-mobile. once you receive the phone take the phone to the ups store and return it. make sure you get the return tracking number. wait 1 business day and call 611 and say you have returned the unit under the "remorse" period which is 14 days. ask them to look into a better pricing and they will adjust the pricing for you and have them ship out another unit. usually t-mobile requires 22 months wait for a regular customer upgrade discount pricing but if you are a long time customer meaning you have been with t-mobile for more than 10+ years you can receive the hadnset with a much much much lower price. if customer service rep cannot assist you ask to be transfer to the account specialist. i am not going to post the actual pricing of my unit because it may be different for everyone but i got mine for a siginificantly lower price than what people have posted here. now remember this may work for you if you have been a long time loyal t-mobile customer. also you may have to wait additional 5-7 days but to me it is worth it very much. good luck to all my crackberry 8900 curve users

What is taking UPS so damn long to update my tracking information. I ordered the phone on the 11th with ups ground shipping and they haven't put anything in the system yet!!!!!! This is driving me crazy!!!! is anyone else experiencing this???

If you have ordered your upgrade of blackberry 8900 curve through t-mobile.com or by calling 611 there is a 2-3 weeks back order on the inventory. Even though the t-mobile web site does not state that yet. Keep checking your UPS.com tracking with your reference number which is your t-mobile mobile number with dashes.

Is anyone getting word on when the phone is coming off of back order and will start shipping again?

depending on when you ordered it and how (611 or t-mobile.com) t-mobile is slowly i mean slowly filling orders since 2/17. exact same situation happened back a few years ago when they released 8320 curve. just keep checking ups.com reference tracking.

Just place and order for the Curve 8900 last friday. called T-mobile today and they said that " This phone is on backorder with TMobile doesnt have exact date when it will be available..

Just keep checking UPS and keep on Tmobile as well. Mine will be coming tomorrow and it was back ordered on the 11th whcih is the day I ordered it. its not going to be to long before you see it.

Called 611, they offered me the $179 price for a 2-year extension. Note that I just upgraded to the Pearl in January 2008 and so I wasn't due for an upgrade yet. T-Mobile customer service has been good to me thus far. Just waiting on my Berry now.