T-Mobile Hosting 8520 Launch Party July 20th Announcement Soon?!?

T-Mobile Hosting 8520 Launch Party Announcement Soon?!?
By Bla1ze on 14 Jul 2009 06:04 pm EDT

The folks over at Berry Review got a good tip on some happenings on Facebook regarding a RIM/T-Mobile hosted party. With the 8520 knowingly being launched on T-Mobile at any time now it only seems according that they would be hosting the launch party to go with it. You can check out the site, but in order to register you do need a referral code or--the dead giveaway, a T-Mobile referral code. Anyone excited for the first track pad device to launch?

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T-Mobile Hosting 8520 Launch Party July 20th Announcement Soon?!?


The 8520 is coming to t-mobile but the 8520 will not have GPS so why is there a gps app in the pic? 9020 going to be launched too?

You can use Telenav with a Bluetooth standalone GPS, so while it's interesting that it's shown..really, it may mean nothing at all.

Everyone knows I love T-Mobile but I'm not sure why they'd launch a party for something so low end.

Even low end phones have 3G radios in them and why so late in the game they'd throw a party for something with low specs is beyond me.

I'm not saying this will be a bad or terrible device. Heck, it will suffice as a great messaging tool like all BlackBerry's are but with so many other BlockBuster devices hopefully T-Mobile has something else under its sleeve like the Onyx/Driftwood 90xx series with a 3G/WiFi radio.

There is only one device that would make me cancel my pre-order for the myTouch 3G. That would be a 3G enabled BlackBerry by T-Mobile.

EDIT: Oh wait, maybe that's why they won't launch them around the same time. I get it. LOL

I'll be at the Phoenix event! This will be a very, very solid device and great as a starter Blackberry with an awesome price point for this economy.

Thasi, I'd give you my code, but you need it's tied to your email address and you have to present either an employee badge, business card, or a pay stub at the door. I went to the Pearl Flip launch party in Minneapolis and it was pretty lame. You're probably not missing much.

Why would they release a blackberry without GPS support? Thats like nextel/sprint releasing a phone without the annyoing chirp

That would be like blackberry releasing a device without email.

Since when have all blackberry devices supported GPS? I for one don't care for GPS so such a device would be fine for me.

Even without a code, you can see when and where the local event is - maybe go hangout and see if you can tag-along and scam your way in. :-)

Yeah I work at a best buy mobile and I got a invite code, I'm going the 21 there suppose to give away free stuff and device give aways. Who knows it's free