T-Mobile has moved to fulfillment via direct ship for BlackBerry 10 devices

By Bla1ze on 10 Jan 2014 02:13 pm EST

If you've been through the CrackBerry forums the past few days there has been plenty of talk surrounding T-Mobile removing BlackBerry 10 devices from their consumer site. Previously, the BlackBerry Z10 and the BlackBerry Q10 were listed and recently they were removed, though, the Q10 remained listed on the T-Mobile business site. 

This led many folks to assume, for whatever reason, that T-Mobile had 'dropped' BlackBerry 10 support despite their well known business initiatives with BlackBerry. We reached out to T-Mobile for clarification on the matter and here's what our T-Mobile spokesperson had to say. 

T-Mobile continues to support the BlackBerry platform. Current T-Mobile customers can buy BlackBerry Z10 and Q10 devices online at https://my.t-mobile.com through Care and B2B sales channels. New customers can order the smartphones via direct ship at T-Mobile retail channels or through telesales. The T-Mobile retail channel has moved to fulfillment via direct ship for BlackBerry devices, rather than in-store inventory. 

We heard along ago that this was going to be the case, so it looks as though T-Mobile finally just made all the changes for it. If you want a BlackBerry 10 device on T-Mobile you might not see it listed on their website but customer care will order one for you as will retail locations and ship them directly to you but the support for BlackBerry 10 devices is indeed, still there. Again, not new information but rather clarification for those who thought otherwise.

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T-Mobile has moved to fulfillment via direct ship for BlackBerry 10 devices


Ya its pretty sad of the lack of support from the carriers in the U.S and even Canada. Rogers didn't even want to carry the z30 until they got hit hard by their own customers and the press.

Hopefully Chen can address theses issues with carriers not promoting their phones, pushing updates and marketing. Get the word around how good the new BB 10 phones are :)

The issue is not with the carriers. It is simple "supply and demand" if there was a demand for the product, the carriers would be stumbling over themselves to stock the product. Chen understands this.

Example: my local Best Buy had the Zed10 for a few months, it didn't sell, they discontinued the product. The Marketing Dept. at BB must create the demand, not Best Buy.

There's already demand. Reading some of the threads over the months, even existing blackberry users cannot get hold of a mobile, like my self.

Z30, only one carrier here, a carrier that has poor coverage. Even worse is the prices charges on tariffs, compared to other high end smartphones.

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Btw, if I start a forum thread stating Verizon has decided to never release another OS update for BlackBerry, can we get a Verizon spokesman to clarify the actual release date?

BlackBerry should sell unlocked BlackBerry 10 smartphones directly to consumers and organisations at reasonable pricing since they5 be off-contract by default.

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Support that's effectively invisible may as well not exist.

Posted via CB10 on Z30 STA100-2 / on O2 UK - Activated on BES10.2

I hope there is a couple demo units at the retail stores for users to look at. Not to mention, a display with a BlackBerry sign. Not just behind the counter.

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haha keep dreaming!

T-Mobile hardly gave BlackBerry a decent display area when they WERE carrying the devices in stores, so they definitely won't be doing anything more, now that the devices won't even be in the store.

The store close to me still has them on display, and powered up and usable. I guess eventually they will be pulled though now that corporate has made the decision.

Yet, there is a Windows phone display in the retail stores, which has even less of a market share than BlackBerry.

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Latest figures show Windows Phone marketshare to be DOUBLE that of Blackberry in the US as of end-of-year 2013.

Hmm. I guess EE in the UK dropped the Q10 and the Z10, so this can be considered not such a bad thing.

It's the end of BB10 as a disastrous failure. May the future be brighter for Blackberry.

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At least they pushed BlackBerry 10 out as a real product. They rest of bit was a disaster, including marketing etc. The only TV ad I ever saw was video chat. Never promoted hub, apps, security....way to go!

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What Marketing BlackBerry is absolutely awful at any kind of marketing one of the worst marketed brands I have ever seen.

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While the marketing effort was horrible, and while the product was still not ready for launch after nearly a year's worth of delays, the BULK of the blame falls squarely on Mike and Jim (and mostly Mike). Mike is the one who wasted 3-4 years trying to make legacy phones into a modern OS before even trying to do something new, and he clearly thought moving on was a mistake from Day 1. It wasn't Heins' fault that BB10 development started years later than it should have, resulting in launch delays and a half-baked product at launch. Development cycles are MUCH longer than the 1 year he was in charge prior to launch, and it's not like he had a time machine to go back and make changes in the past.

Put the blame where it really belongs.

Yeah. They bought QNX and said, let's make a Tablet. Then, like 1/1000th of a second later, they should have said, let's make a new Phone! and they didn't. . . That was THEE biggest mess-up. Trying to keep both, instead of just a new Single OS was the mistake. They could have started both at the same time. Think of where they would be today . . .

Completely agree with your assessment. 10.0 was horrible. 10.1 was better but still lacked a lot of features. 10.2.0 is much improved and 10.2.1 is superb. When I was using 10.0 I almost returned my phone except that 10.1 came out. Still, I did not recommended BB10 to anyone until 10.2

Couldn't agree more with Troy. BlackBerry 10 (as we know it today) development should have started the day after the first iPhone was unveiled. Years of neglect was followed up by a botched launch.

Unfortunately, we may see other carriers follow T-Mo's lead in 2014.

Heins spent a year arrogantly flying around on private jets and toasting champagne with stars.

I totally blame him 100%

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Yes, Thor gave too much responsibility to Boulbin, it was his responsibility to create the demand, he failed, unfortunately. Then was rewarded millions of dollars for his performance, crazy world isn't it?

Better than nothing, which is what I had thought.

I think the Z30 available for direct ship would go nicely with their BES10 Cloud services that they launched last month....

Why is BlackBerry being treated like nudie mags?

"We will sell it, but not display it, you gotta ask, and wait for it to be mailed"

Such bullsh_t. Who buys a phone without touching one first?

TMobile, you suck!


Before you swear off, you need to try the Z30 with 10.2.1925 loaded. I just got one for my wife and WOW. Talk about a smooth OS, ridiculous battery life, and insanely wonderful speakers. It's what I was hoping the Z10 would have been.

That's true, but what marketing has TMO done for BlackBerry devices? All their ads are all about the iPhone.

It is not T-Mobile's job to advertise for Blackberry. They are advertising for iPhone simply because everybody is buying them, and they want folks to know they now sell them so they can get in on the action.

BlackBerry has to buy display space from the carriers. Clearly they didn't do that as well as they should have.

Shelf space is pretty valuable and I would also do the same and replace a product that isn't getting much attention from consumers or salea with a product that is. Blame it on BlackBerry's sh*tty marketing for that not T-Mobile.

Marketing is a separate issue.

Marketing has nothing to do with sales staff that refuse to learn about products (BB10) and are often openly hostile towards BlackBerry if you ask to see one.

Forums (and my personal experience) are full of examples of sales staff who are ignorant or just hostile to people who come in to see a BlackBerry phone.


Well, I'm not agree with you. When you are going to the shop, you know exactly what you want to buy. Perhaps you're still hesitating between two droid phones, but you know if you want ios, droid, WP ou BB.

And if they don't ask for BB, that's only because poor marketing.

If 50 customers by shop ask for a BB, be sure the staff will know a lot about BB; and maybe they'll use BB...

I took the chance and purchased the Z30 before seeing and touching it and must say I am very happy with it. New BlackBerry customers will need to at least be able to see a demo model of the phones. I have shown and let others try my Z30 and they have been fascinated by it. Me personally currently don't want anything else but blackberry. I have a Z10 supposedly was top of line until hearing about the Z30 and knew I had to have it.

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You can get it right now 10.2.1 as a matter of fact just head on over to the leaked/ Beta OS thread right here on crackberry grab the file and thrown it on your phone, done done and done she's on your phone you will have10.2.1.1925 on your phone

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And you "install at your own risk".

Void any support from your carrier, may in fact void warranty.

Some of us need a phone for communication, and do not want to spend hour or days fiddlefracking with "leaks" or unsupported software.

Links is a pos.

And those who have the cool non pc's known as Mac -well, they're outta luck.

Leaks are not a solution, just a bandaid for people who want to put in that much effort/risk.


I'm guessing that you've never installed an official release from another carrier?

I'm on AT&T running a release from another carrier - it works great and has been zero maintenance.

I do agree about leaks, though. I'm hesitant to go that route.

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So what is the point of your post? Lostonline never mentioned anything about running an OS from another carrier, which is not considered a leak, but an official release, regardless of where it comes from. That would be the same thing as if you were an AT&T customer who decides to install 10.2 from Rogers, using Sachesi, which only provides official OSes released from BlackBerry. No leaks. Then, you agree with him/her about leaks. Thus, kind of making what you said pointless.

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"You can get it right now 10.2.1 as a matter of fact just head on over to the leaked/ Beta OS thread right here on crackberry grab the file and thrown it on your phone, done done and done she's on your phone you will have10.2.1.1925 on your phone"

You point me to a leak that will support T-Mobile's WiFi Calling in the USA and I'll install it.

I've installed several leaks previously, now I don't. Don't presume we're all timid dopes; many of us have reasons for having to wait, and we're pretty sick of the "just install a leak, you weenie!" types.

Had they launched with OS 10.2.1, and all android apps, it might have been a survivable launch.

But oh. No. Some big egos wanted their OWN madew for Blackberry apps...like about 150,000 fake apss from S4bb...

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They should still have it on the site though. How many people will simply see no BB option and decide on something else? Buying a BB shouldn't be like discovering an Easter Egg.

Dame here......when will the 10.2 come out for tmobile? I called them two weeks ago and they state they see no updates within the next two months. WTF.

Where are my Z10 bitches?

You can get it right now 10.2.1 as a matter of fact just head on over to the leaked/ Beta OS thread right here on crackberry grab the file and thrown it on your phone, done done and done she's on your phone you will have10.2.1.1925 on your phone

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"You can get it right now 10.2.1 as a matter of fact just head on over to the leaked/ Beta OS thread right here on crackberry grab the file and thrown it on your phone, done done and done she's on your phone you will have10.2.1.1925 on your phone"

Will you PLEASE stop this crap!

You point me to a leak that will support T-Mobile's WiFi Calling in the USA and I'll install it.

I've installed several leaks previously, now I don't. Don't presume we're all timid dopes; many of us have reasons for having to wait, and we're pretty sick of the "just install a leak, you weenie!" types.

It's simply too risky with my Mac. I need my phone to WORK day in, day out. I can't take the risk of having trouble after spending all day loading Bootcamp and then trying to install a leak. I'm really up the creek if it crashes. So that's why I haven't tried. I think about it frequently, but reality sets in fast. I am not happy with the US carriers at all. Least of all TMobile...

Basically, the only people that they will sell BlackBerry phones to, are those that demand one and can't be steered toward another brand

That doesn't sound like a very high level of support to me.

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Better than nothing. I wonder how long it will be before we start seeing the new marketing guy go into action. Effective marketing boosts demand, thus, forcing more effective carrier support.

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Good job, Blaze. I am leaving ATT asap and bringing my Z30, Z10 and 9900 with me to TMob....

Save about $80 a month - who cares - none of the US Carriers have had a decent BlackBerry display since Bold 9800 at ATT.....Fact....

CB10 from the Z30

Very few people understand that with these pimply faces 20 year old Fanboys and Android heads selling in these carriers - BlackBerry doesn't stand a chance.

CB10 from the Z30

+1 I remember going into t-mobile way back when BB10 first came out and the pimply faced isheep staff said 'why on earth do you want a Blackberry?' and pushed the iPhone as being the only phone worth getting! I just went elsewhere and got the Z10 anyway. Don't think any of the carriers are pushing Blackberry so will it actually make any difference?

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I've never seen any of my local cell phone stores try to steer anyone to an iPhone. They try to get people to buy android phones.

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I guess wherever the margin / commission lies. Haha!

If BlackBerry gave a movie ticket, $20 or other incentive for every BlackBerry sold and verifiably activated, guess where BB sales are going to head? Up, up, up...

Grab the pimply heads where you can get them.

My name is Prem, I'm using BBM ... from my QuZe10 ...whatarhyme...

It's more than that. Returns and customer dissatisfaction cause big problems for salespeople too (in most sales structures, anyway). If they sell a phone that people aren't happy with and/or return a lot, they lose their commissions on those sales and their stats go down, which could cause them to lose their job entirely.

Once you factor that in, it's not hard to understand why many salespeople steer people away from BB.

Have you worked in a phone store? A few bits I didn't know. Thanks.

So they just go with a safe recommendation, and that would be (no.1) the iPhone, and (no. 2) any of the top droids, like the S3 or the S4.

The power user features if BB10 are way over the head of most users and salespeople, so they'd recommend or push anything but BB. Not a "safe choice". Also bugs and quirks of early OS releases, I guess.

Please correct me if I'm wrong, this is an interesting topic. Do you have some more insight?

Zzzzwiped from a Zedevice....

No, you got it; that's pretty much how it works. I'm not a phone salesmen, but I've talked to a few about this (I often ask people details about how their jobs work, as I find it interesting).

Salespeople want people to be happy with their purchases, because if they aren't, the store usually has to provide support, or return/exchange the item, and both of those cost the store money, and most stores penalize the salesperson for that in their sales structure. A happy customer is usually not heard from again, unless they want to upgrade.

And the fact is that BB buyers needed a lot of support and/or required returns/exchanges at a much higher rate than most phones. I'm sure you know all of the various reasons why that was true, but the bottom line is that iPhones and phones like the Galaxy S3/S4/Note and the HTC One required little in the way of support from the stores, so that's what the salespeople tend to steer customers towards.

Exactly the same experience for me, after driving 35 miles to my NEAREST T-Mo store. The one on "display" was dead, with no charger and the idiot chick tried to berate me into buying iCult stuff I didn't want, asking me why on earth I'd want a BlackBerry. I asked her to explain the differences - she didn't know a damn thing about the Z10, of course.

I insisted on seeing a Z10 box to confirm the availability of the sub-model I wanted, then told the mouthbreathing girl that she'd just lost her commission with her attitude and ignorance - I was buying from the T-Mo online store for direct delivery. And that's exactly what I did. I told her what I wanted; she argued with her customer. I'm sure she didn't care; many kids don't these days until they get fired 3 or 4 times and go on welfare.

That was back in May, before things really got crappy for BlackBerry, too.

So here the average customer... "Mmmm I want to buy a new phone, let's check online on the T-Mobile website: in order i can see iPhone 5c, 5s, HTC one, LG optimus, Nokia Lumia 521, Galaxi Note II... and after a tons of other phones a BLACKBERRY CURVE 9315!!!!!!" That means that NO ONE will ever even ASK about a Z10 or Q10.. it is really an awful situation.. BlackBerry will have 0 sales from T-Mobile, they need to address in some way this, really sad... really disappointed... :(

Well, a good case to be made for BlackBerry selling direct in the US for sure. Carrier support Is abysmal and direct sales gives BlackBerry the ability to push out updates without carrier approval. Right now seems like BlackBerry is still held hostage by old carrier model so what units they do have in circulation aren't a priority for carrier support. This needs to be addressed and quickly. The only area carriers are needed is on corporate and enterprise sales. Time to break free of this outdated model and go direct. Carriers have been useless in supporting bb10.

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I had no problem getting my Q10 from T-Mobile in Germany! Just walked in, said I want it, even not listed, they asked for a moment, then came out with the package... I felt very imprtant... The other folks bought the trash in the front, I recieved the hidden jewels from behind the counter :-D

Posted via my BlackBerry*Q10, Germany

Actually, it doesn't. They have great plans, no contracts and decent coverage with WiFi Calling to fill in the holes and have laid out plans for a ton of coverage expansion this year.

It's their stores that suck, with morons behind the counter.

Why not have it on the website. How would anyone know if there is no presence on their site.

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then you might as well by the phone directly from BB. Its cheaper that way unless T-mobile is giving you the same price the BB charges for the phone

Disappointing ok they say no BB's in store in order to have space for better selling phones.

But no BB's on website except business side? It's only webspace and pixels, can't understand this.
Had the Q10 come out after this revamp I would be with a different carrier now.
There are so many old flip phones inTmobile stores, this space could be utilised for BB10.

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Yes, I simply do not understand why there shouldn't be some garbage flip-phone or landfill Android that could be replaced by a shiny Z30 on the shelf space and catch some eyes.

My name is Prem, I'm using BBM ... from my QuZe10 ...whatarhyme...

It's because those "garbage" phones outsell BB phones at the carriers. If they didn't, they wouldn't have shelf-space either.

So basically, T-Mobile really would rather not sell it at all. In fact they aren't selling it, just providing it for people who absolutely insist on getting it.

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Yeah I hope BlackBerry still gets visibility in stores.. brand marketing

C0038297E Quote of the Day (BBM Channel)

Yeah and train their staff to on what blackberry can do.
Most of the staffs knowledge, is based on the phones they personally own, in most cases which is either an Apple or a Samsung product.

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"The blind leading the blind"

(originally said in a different context)

My name is Prem, I'm using BBM ... from my QuZe10 ...whatarhyme...

This is not "better than nothing". Call it what you want as an optimist, but the only people who are getting this phone from T-Mobile will be (obviously) those that ask for it. This is absolutely as bad as it sounds...go ahead and pull your head out now.

Swiping and flicking like I'm stuck in a bag of mosquitoes!

I couldn't agree with you more. Hopefully AT&T and Verizon don't do this also. All of the AT&T stores near me in the NY area still have displays out for the Q10 & Z10 and still stock them as well.

Posted Via My AT&T BlackBerry Z10

Good idea, but they simply don't have the resources. Also, with the present product line, it would be a small store. Maybe Mall Kiosks would be a thought.

Blackberry can't even afford the buildings and offices they have right now.... how would they rent retail space?

I think they do have BlackBerry stores in some parts of Asia, where the brand value still exists. They need a good few in the US where trained staff can explain to potential buyers what BB10 is all about. Even just a few stores in big commercial centers like NY, Chicago, SF, LA, Houston, etc. could do wonders.

I'm guessing it's probably closed. But it's corporate decisions like these that I never really understood.

I wish someone would sell an unlocked GSM Z30 to U.S. Customers direct

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They currently have the STA100-2 (no LTE) and the STA100-5 (LTE on T-Mobile and Straight Talk, according to their website), and they've had both every time I've checked for the last two months. I have T-Mobile, and the LTE works perfectly on my Z30.

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Please, please try kogan.com (Australian company)

This is where I got my Z10 from. Z30 listed as $549 AUD (Aussie dollars). Might have different price for US customers. (if you can and want to check, delete cookies and use Aussie proxy & browser settings)

All standard GSM models, for Telstra and Optus (should fit ATT and T-Mobile) .

Q10 sqn-100-3
Z10 stl-100-2

My name is Prem, I'm using BBM ... from my QuZe10 ...whatarhyme...

I bought my Q10 from the tmobile retail store. They had one on display and had 6 in stock. That was about 3 days ago.

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Just checked the trade in value for a Z10 at TMO utilizing their Get Out Of Jail promo....

$46 trade in value!

I hate at&t, but I'm sure not going to pay full price for a Z10 with TMO and trade in my at&t Z10 for only $46.

Posted via CB10

Why trade phones? Just have your AT&T Z10 unlocked and then use it on T-Mobile. I have an unlocked AT&T Z10 and it works perfectly fine on T-Mobile.

It's a Bullsh!t promotion.... $46 trade in on a Z10 then you have to "buy one from them for about $600"....

That's why I am just bringing my 3 BlackBerrys there and putting them on TMob network - forget this "promotion"... if have to "break contracts" it doesn't make any sense to me...

Wooow. That's really whack. Got in on the $199 Z10 deal from blackberry.com. Had it for a day and hated it. Fedex delivered it on a Friday- I was in a t-mofo store Saturday night. Got $165 towards iPhone 5S for trading it in. It was the white Z10; they don't even sell it in white. Suckers. No apple fanboy, here, btw. Went from BB Curve, to 9700, to 9900, to Z10. Just thought it was time for a change. I'd be pissed if I only got that little towards a premium device.

BlackBerry please skip the carriers and start selling phones direct and roll out updates at your own convenience.

Keep The Faith  BlackBerry Q10 

Sounds good, but Americans want subsidized phones. VERY few people pay outright for a phone in the US. Yes, many tech enthusiasts do, but if the average person had to pay $400-$600 for a phone up front versus $99-$199 for a subsidized device, there would be FAR fewer smartphones sold in the US.

Quite the same as with Rogers here in Canada. They're happy to ship one to you but don't look for any in Rogers stores.

Cheers. :)

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OK, I can understand not having them in the store taking up shelf space if they aren't being sold, but why take it down from the website too? It seems like you have to know exactly what you want in order a BB10 device from T-Mobile.

Drop T-Mobile and make sure they know why. Just like I did with Rogers. Sometimes I email the, just to let them know I talked another stranger into doing the same.

Restricting the supply does not help, especially for those who want to try out a phone.

Go and check an apple or Samsung desk, always people playing with the phones.

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That's BS, demand can be created it's very easy, all those grocery stores with loyalty points cards don't all the time

Get point card
See kraft peanut butter for same price as competitive brand name, if you have the card

Kraft sales go up, kraft gets more shelf space

Competitor brand loses space

Kraft priced same as competitor brand And you get bonus points to buy Kraft

Kraft sales go up, kraft gets more shelf space

Cheap brand dropped....why? no demand

Hmm do you think Kraft might have had something to do with this????

Replace Kraft with Samsung/Apple and competitor with BlackBerry

Pretty straight forward stuff

Posted from my ZED 30 jacked up on thank you very much!!

The problem with your analogy is people actually LIKE and REQUEST kraft peanut butter. Blackberries? Not so much.

Yeah, other brand dropped, KRAFT price goes up. Haha.

Loss of competitor is never good for consumers and in the end not even the retailers. So Apple (and Samsung) can squeeze them even more, or they just pass it on to us buyers.

My name is Prem, I'm using BBM ... from my QuZe10 ...whatarhyme...

Sadly in this case Blackberry is not competitive in the US for this to be true. Currently #3 competition is coming from Windows phone.

I will be staying with AT&T. I much rather pay more money per month and know I will have great service wherever I go. You get what you pay for in life.

Posted Via My AT&T BlackBerry Z10

Here in the UK, that statement would be a load of bull.
Tmobile has reduced their blackberry 10 choices and pretty much stock limited legacy devices, which are plastic dummy models.

T mobile, get your act together and put your money where your mouth is.

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T mobile has declined with its customer service. Been with them for over ten years. Now this. Hmmmm.

BB Uniq BB Bold -Z10 with 1925

It's not only the service providers that are blacklisting Blackberry, and let's not kid ourselves, that is exactly what is happening, Blackberry is being forced out of the consumer market. When is the last time you went into your phone provider, looking for a new handset and we're told by the sales clerk that you should not buy a blackberry? Well, I was told adamantly by three different sales people that I would be better with a Samsung then waste my money on a Blackberry, and that was through the Fido kiosk at the Cambridge Center in Ontario. Canada. Yes, a hop skip and a jump from Blackberry in Kitchener. How sad is that. Ant to top it off I asked if any of the naysayers had ever owned a Blackberry and none ever had. What is this? I find it absolute garbage and if I were the owners of the Kiosk those three would be unemployed. Blackberry truly has an uphill battle ahead of them if this is the kind of corporate support they are looking forward to. Truly a sad state of affairs when Canadian and American providers would rather support Asian cell phone makers then North American ones. I for one will support Blackberry and hope that somehow these companies that have seen fit to Blacklist Blackberry change their marketing strategies or they themselves are Blacklisted by the public.

Posted via CB10 on my Q10

Balsille created this environment, and Thor to the reigns with BB10, using the same failed strategy. We are arrogant, we will build, they shall buy! We know what customers need and want, not the stupid consumer. Thanks Jim Balsille.

By your own definition, will you still support Blackberry when all the new phones are made in Asia by FoxConn?

High-end will still be in-house.

If everyone is in bed with Foxconn, then only brand differentiation and your usage pattern counts.

I for myself don't want my digital mobile life hooked up to a Google server 24/7 or an M$ server for that matter or have an Apple tracking chip in the phone with a networkable finger print scanner attached. Ugh.

That's why I won't buy Android, except to reflash with Ubuntu or other Open source OS. Did that to my Nexus 4.

My name is Prem, I'm using BBM ... from my QuZe10 ...whatarhyme...

When i went to the store it didn't seem like their associates know this and try to point me to another OS. So if a customer doesn't know it, they're not going to go through that and just try to sell them another OS.

I use T-Mobile and i find this sad. The only reason why I use them is because of the price.
I was in a corporate store over the Christmas charging my phone and saw a dead Q10 on display so I asked about Blackberry and was told they do not sell Blackberry phone anymore not in the stores or on the website.
A young girl came into the store and ask about their plans and told them she only needed a phone for about 6months as she was only visiting. This same rep went directly to showing her Android phones for $200. She looked at him and said that was too much he then showed her another Android phone for $150. I chimed in and ask why don't you show her the Windows phone for $99 which was also being discounting even more, his response was it does not have any apps. That was clearly the budget this girl was looking to spend and apps was not her focus. She eventually walked out the store empty handed.

All I kept thinking was, this is the same thing Blackberry went through. These reps don't have a clue and as such they don't do their jobs. I told him the Windows phone as all she would have needed from a phone and then I left.

Blackberry need another Curve device but not another Curve experience, they also need to start selling all their phones direct from and cutting out they carrier support crap as it is not helping them now.

When I travel with my unlocked phone to another country all I do is to buy SIM card and get the APN for that carrier and I am good to go. This notion that a carrier must give phone support is long gone. Sell direct and support them directly brings a great deal of advantage. You are directly in touch with your customers so you are able to connect with them even more. This is why they where so successful in the enterprise space, they dealt directly with their customers so they where able to give them just what they wanted.

App-gap obsession. No cure in sight.

This dude looked at the girl from his perspective and his perceived needs. You can do facebook, email and the like on a Windows phone. Looks like she was actually just after something that would dial a number in the first place.

My name is Prem, I'm using BBM ... from my QuZe10 ...whatarhyme...

So the question is can I now switch from Verizon to T mobile with the new plan they announced? We have 2 Z10 (his and hers) and 1 I-phone (kid) in the family. And save money on new plan.

Posted via CB10

If you read above, T-mobile will only offer you $46 for each Z10, and you have to buy a new Z10 from them to get the deal they are offering. They will not pay your ETF fee and give you all the discounts if you just want to "bring over" your existing Z10 and other phones.

Why leave the marketing to the carriers? BYOD is the wave of the future with freedom to come with what you have and activate on most major carriers.

The only problem is that they have to be physically available somewhere. If T-Mobile for example won't put it on their shelves it will be mighty hard to advertise a product and have nowhere to have potential customers interact with it.

Unfortunately they do not have enough products to open their own stores like apple. In addition, having displays in retail stores like best buy and Walmart hasn't helped as much as it should.

What does BlackBerry need? They need a beautiful phone, they need a "Porsche design" phone that the masses can buy. The OS doesn't suck but people don't hold the BlackBerry phones long enough to realize that. Leave an impression in their mind, something they will want to buy despite what they have heard about BlackBerry because it just looks and feels so good.

A full aluminum case with BlackBerry's logo actually laser cut with a depth that you would feel when you run your finger over it.

The only thing that EVERY consumer will realize when picking up a phone for even just a few seconds is the build quality. Make a person holding your phone feel like it's worth a million bucks and I can guarantee that they will At least give the OS a try.

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I have to say when I went in a t mobile store to check out the Z10, it was well displayed, i have mine on Verizon and remember the reps took classes on how to use the new operating system.. blackberry has to create the demand for its own devices

Posted via CB10

When I bought my z30 from telus, I did it by telephone as there's no local store here. I told him what I wanted and the guy told me "I'm not trying to change your mind, but I have the s4, and it's a great phone. BlackBerry has solid hardware because it has all Samsung guts inside it, but why would you choose a BlackBerry? "
I couldn't believe what I was hearing! This is a Canadian cell phone company, but they are trying to push Samsung? I told him I already have a Z10, after upgrading from an Android HTC Amaze, and I have no regrets, and don't want to go back. He said well that wasn't really a top of the line android experience. I said I could never go back to a regular keyboard, the BlackBerry practically reads my mind!... he seemed disappointed by my choice. I can tell you one thing, I'm not disappointed at all ;)

Posted via CB10

Regardless, this isn't great news for BBRY and sales to consumers using Tmobile. Out of site, out of mind...I'm sure most won't see a BBRY in the store and think they went OOB (like the US media keeps propagating).

Posted via CB10

I ordered a Q10 from T-Mobile two days after Christmas and had to pay 6.00 for UPS ground. Took a week to get the phone. Had to call customer care as the phone was not listed online.

I love my Z10 been with BlackBerry for years. The Z10 launch was embarrassing to say the least.

The operating system wasn't stable and lots of people returned their devices in the beginning because they believed they had broken devices. The negative press by the haters that want BlackBerry to die lavished in our mistakes. BlackBerry stayed hushed on the matter while we lost precious ground. The phones operating system should have been polished before launch. My phone rebooted routinely throughout the day and night three weeks after buying one. I didn't return it. I knew it wasn't the phone.

I went online uninstalled apps figured out there were conflicts within which caused the reboots. Here's the thing. No regular phone user will tolerate what I went through. No one should and I couldn't push the phone to anyone that wanted to buy the phone as much as I wanted them to because of the many issues that were present.

I waited for the t-mobile updates. I recently updated to It's the best to date. I can fill the app gap. The phone feels fresh and polished. If we started out with this version we wouldn't be in this hot mess.

There are a multitude of reasons why things went bad. I still believe in the brand and the power of QNX which is awesome. BlackBerry has to demonstrate to the world how it all comes together.

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Those that mean we can order the Z30 for a direct ship too

Posted from the Awesomeness of My BlackberryZ10

I wonder why they removed it from the website though? Seems like if it's available through the telephone the same system should be able to make and order online. Oh well, I guess it is good that it is still available.

It all goes back to a cycle of blackberry having the lack of popular American apps(netflix, instagram, hulu, snapchat, banking apps, etc). BlackBerry also released the BB10 software to soon losing core os7 features, and BlackBerry users, and not enough to attract users from other OS ( ANDROID), just like they did with the "playbook". Also Dumb tech reviewers and tech websites who personally wants to destroy blackberry's public image in the cunsumer's eye, why? Because if I was invested in apple, and had a lot of shares I would want to see apple win at all costs. How do I do that? By writing articles, and reviews trash talking blackberry, putting it in the mind of the average phone buyer that blackberry is dead and old news smh. Have you went on Google and typed in "BlackBerry" just try it lol so many bad articles that a regular phone buyer would just laugh and run the other way. Type in "BlackBerry" and hit the "images" tab and all you will see is photos of all the old blackberry models from years ago. And that's another reason for the lack of awareness of BB10 phones. Furthermore American carriers have showed lack of interest in BB10 by not having usable BlackBerry devices on display, by putting BlackBerry wayyyyyy in the back of the store with no posters up, and idiot service reps who always wanna know "why BlackBerry?" and try there best to sway your attention to another device. I'm on Tmobile, why am I still on 10.1 and the rest of the world is about to get 10.2.1? So this is the cycle that's landed BlackBerry to where it's at currently. It's Blackberry's fault, American carriers fault. Dumb cunsumer's fault, everyone's fault. And this is the cycle. But I'm looking forward to Mr. Chen breaking that cycle in 2014.

BBM: 2B1F4D96 Channels: C00121E43

Interestingly Co su.er Reports gives high marks to the Blackberries, scoring them higher than completion i. Some areas and within a point in others. Any feedback on the Q5? It retails with no contract for around $300.

Let's talk all of this on Tmobile's fourms, not just on here and maybe the crackberry nation can rise and change things. Let's do it on all us carriers fourms!

BBM: 2B1F4D96 Channels: C00121E43

Blackberry will continue to be competing in emerging markets.. they are doing better than apple.. however.. as you can see if you walk into a US carrier store.. they push iPhone or they point you to a Samsung android. They actually will talk you out of a Blackberry and tell you. They are going out of business. Absolutely, nuts! In order to fix the brand and properly demonstrate there products. Blackberry must copy apple with having blackberry stores in target rich areas.

Posted from a Blackberry Z10 version10.2.1.176 on Verizon 4G network

When I bought my z10 I didn't have any problems, I tried out the iphone, the nexus 4 and the z10 the sales rep did not try to influence me towards any brand even though he owned a nexus 4. With that said so if I want to buy a q10 from them, what exactly do I have to do?

Posted via CB10

Is there any reason why BlackBerry shouldn't be thinking of releasing OS updates directly to their customers? Really, if the brand isn't good enough for the carriers, why bother to infuriate the user-base by making them wait on the self-seeking carriers who only care enough when there's a good profit to be made?

With the current trends in mobile technology, i think it would be a disservice to the company if BlackBerry continues to give current and prospective customers reasons to be discouraged about the blackberry brand. Really the competition as it stands has little room for such "nonsense". You're either competitive or not!

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Oh and I forgot to mention, there is a reason why they push iphones on customers in the US. Because apple has these contracts that forces the carriers to get stuck with high inventory of the iphone. So when you here people who are crying about there apple stock dropping. It is because the inventory is high and carriers are stuck with them, plus now with Foxconn manufacturing blackberry phones will even further change the game. And yes even Verizon sucks when he comes to BlackBerry customers wanting what they want. This is not just t-mobile.

Posted from a Blackberry Z10 version10.2.1.176 on Verizon 4G network

Great news and thanks for the clarification. Who cares how you get a device as long as you can use it on TMO...thanks Blaze

Posted via CB10

I'm sorry Bla1ze but I think there is still more going on.

There is no reason why T-Mobile should stop selling BlackBerry devices through their website if you can still call in and ask to get one. If the are selling them then why not have them on the web site?

It's not like a physical store where every square inch has a $$$ value associated with it, I get why they stopped carrying them in the stores and don't have a problem with that. Devices have to earn a right to be on the physical floor, and if they aren't selling then they don't necessarily deserve a spot.

But again if they are still selling them, why did they remove them from the website? Its not costing them anything to list them on their virtual store front, and if nothing else they are complicating the purchase of BB devices by making those who want them go through special hoops to get them.

Something isn't adding up.

Seems like a copycat industry, so the other carriers might do this direct ship deal down the line. Come on BB, put all your phones on your website for direct ship to customers!

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It might be helpful for BlackBerry to step out of the consumer space in the US for a short time and focus in those spaces where they stand a fighting chance. Once they've turned those emerging markets around and the corporate US businesses are back to solid with the brand, then there will be some time and cash flow, to re introduce itself. They need a break, there isn't one in the US for the handset.

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In my opinion BlackBerry should sell unlocked phones and push out OS updates directly like Apple. The carrier store sales model is dying anyways. Do it online through the BlackBerry website and get creative about how to get a physical phone into people's hands to try it first. Maybe use a referral system using existing bb10 users to supply trial phones and do a deal with a carrier to supply the trial phones with short term Sim cards (e.g. 5 days) so that people can use the phone for enough time to get a sense of all the benefits. If they purchase the phone, the existing user gets a $50 credit or something...

Come on Mr Chen, I know you can't force these mega companies to do anything, after all they only chase one thing and that's money, so make it happen please. They need to support us the way they support the other guys.

Posted Via Q10 Super Phone

I think it's time Blackberry works with paygo companies to offer free sim, and top ups directly on their own website. If American carriers refuse to support the brand, then forget them! Make them realize they need Blackberry not the other way around. I bought my BlackBerry for the technology not based on my carrier preference. Republic Wireless, Vodafone, Three, Tracfone, and other companies would love to leap frog the top carriers, and offering affordable services with powerhouse Blackberry Devices might be the way.

Posted via CB10

Disappointing. The one carrier I have respect for doesn't carry my platform of choice "officially".

BlackBerry really needs to win back the carriers, having Rogers and tmobile not carry their devices says not good things. Hopefully Chen can pull these guys back into the fold.

It ultimately a fail to say we support BlackBerrys and not have at least a "get a BlackBerry this way" on their main consumer site. Their current plan only works for the determined "I know I want a BlackBerry "buyer.
Really? No redirect on the main site? C mon

Never mind the carriers, I wish BlackBerry would sell their devices directly through their website. I heard this is true for US customers but we need and want that available to Canadian customers as well!!!!

Posted via CB10 on my Z30

At least now BlackBerry will know who their true support partners are, and payback accordingly when they are back on top.

I would be just as happy ordering direct from the Berry.

But that's going to sell even less BlackBerry. Do you want to wait for the device to be shipped when the store is just down the road and you can go pick one up. Now that stores don't carry inventory, can you imagine what sales is going to be like?? GENIUS!!!

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Yes, carriers such as T-Mobile need to separate themselves from the rest of the lynch mob and offer full support, not just lip service.

Sent from my BlackBerry Z30

So... What does this mean for future/upcoming devices? Is this just all there will be going forward?

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This makes no sense at all but I guess it's better than not offering BlackBerry at all. Most people won't even know that they have BlackBerry available if they don't see a display in the stores or even advertised on their website. BlackBerry marketing needs to jump all over this & get T-Mobile motivated into advertising their products. They can work together on this.

Posted with my BlackBerry Q10 via CB10.

BlackBerry needs to end it's exclusive distribution contracts. Why should I buy a handset that is locked to a carrier that gives me zero support? I'm not buying a Z30 that's locked to a carrier.

I'd love to buy a Z30 direct from BlackBerry. That won't happen with BlackBerry's current sales model.

BlackBerry, why have exclusive distribution agreements if the carrier won't push the handset?

Posted via CB10 on my  Z10

The vast, overwhelming number of phones sold in the US are sold by carriers, even today. And BB has to maintain relationships with the carriers because in order to do corporate/enterprise sales, they need to work with the carrier that the corporation has chosen (something BB has little input in). Carriers (well, CDMA carriers, like Verizon and Sprint anyway) don't HAVE to let non-carrier devices onto their networks, and in fact, they don't - they routinely deny phones if they weren't originally sold by that carrier.

So, until that changes (and it will, eventually, when legacy tech is dropped and VoLTE and all-LTE phones are standard), BB must continue to work with the carriers and follow their rules.

I was looking at going to T-Mobile because I would save a ton monthly, but I don't like the hassle of buying a blackberry through them. I am not confident they will continue to support the devices....so I guess when I jump over I am leaving Blackberry behind...I am going to miss my Q10 and not that it will matter to my other 4-lines who have Z10's, they would be happy with an Iphone or Android. Sucks to see Blackberry still being pushed around and not pushing back.

Wow. Just looked at what t-mobile would give me towards trading in my 4 Z10's. $46 USD each! My question is: Can I keep my Att Z10's and just bring them into t mobile?

Posted via CB10

How is that support if consumers don't even know they sale the devices? Moreover they can't go in an feel the devices, blackberry needs to do something about thus, pay the companies to carry your devices if need be!!!!!

Posted via CB10

What about software updates? Are they going to push that or no? Does anyone know!

Posted via CB10

Yes. As a T-Mobile rep and BlackBerry champion it's not T-Mobile's fault that they had to pull BlackBerry from the shelves. The demand is not there, sadly. Most manufacturers other than Apple and Samsung, will hold contest with carriers to have reps sell their phones. BlackBerry attempted this and it was pretty awesome. I got some cool stuff....like a BlackBerry Q10! T-Mobile really wants to support BlackBerry but there has got to be some better marketing for it.

Posted via CB10 with my T-Mobile USA  ‎BlackBerry Q10...SON!

I was at at&t and they don't have any bbs on display. I asked the rep about it and he said BlackBerry isn't paying for the space. LAME!! Insult to stockholders

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Today is the day I drop VZW and save $75/month and switching to T-mobile. It's really sad that I have to leave my blackberry... all 4 of them. Sure I could go out of my way to buy a new Q10 through them, but I shouldn't have to work at buying a phone. I hope BBRY gets back in the game so later I can come back to it. See ya guys!

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