T-Mobile Going Through A Learning Curve with the BlackBerry 8320 Curve - UMA Issues in California

By Kevin Michaluk on 27 Sep 2007 11:12 am EDT
T-Mobile Learning Curves

** Updated ** Friday, September 28th:
The Verdict is in: T-Mobile is DEFINITELY having problems with the UMA service on the newly released BlackBerry Curve 8320. Read the Comments to this post to see what T-Mobile Curve owners are saying.

A CrackBerry.com member just sent this in, and I figured it worthy of a post. As predicted by David Boyd in his Out of the Box Review of the new BlackBerry 8320, it looks like it's going to take some time for T-Mobile to get up to speed with the capabilities of this new device:

I purchased a BB 8320 from TMO Saturday. After UMA service worked for 3 days, yesterday a friend and I both only had lowercase uma on the device all day.  After calling TMO, then RIM, then TMO again, I was told that TMO has a UMA system issue for the entire state of California, and the expected date for full service restoration is October 22, almost a full month away.  Level 2 support says that this only affects the Curve, no other TMO UMA devices.

I can't find any other reference to this online, but I think it's ridiculous that TMO is advertising this device as having UMA support on their 'exclusive' Hotspot @ Home service and  now it's broken for one of the largest states.

Figured I'd pass it along.

Is anyone else experiencing similar difficulties with their new T-Mobile Curve? 

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T-Mobile Going Through A Learning Curve with the BlackBerry 8320 Curve - UMA Issues in California


your about a rock...read a manual better yet dial 611 on your T-Mo phone and i'm sure CS will be happy to help you out.

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Most people in this country have a problem with differentiating "its" from "it's"; "they're" and "their", "lose" from "loose", "where" from "were",etc. etc...all basic shit which we should have mastered in grade school.

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Bad for us, great for all the hihgly-educated Indian, Asian and Europeans coming to take away our (technical, medical and scientific) jobs.

Not to mention comments filled with typos, or more likely people have also lost their ability to spell - definitely. Thanks for your comment.

I just bought my BB Curve and I was confused as to the difference between EDGE, edge, uma, and UMA. Should I be worried now that there's all this talk about a UMA outage?

yes i can relate i have been experiencing the same problem, truly sux but i guess i can wait another month

this is my 2nd curve - I had to send the first one back b/c the phone wouldn't stop cycling. Got my new one today and as soon as I connected to the stupid router, the phone began continuously recycling again. The agent and I figured out it was the router and the manager and techs all got excited. I got a call back within minutes of hanging up and they're attempting to fix it. Once the router is turned off, the phone stops cycling and is back to normal.

I'm on T-Mobile in Chicago. I have two routers in my house, a D-Link G and a Buffalo N. I can connect to the D-Link, but as soon as I add the Buffalo router the phone starts power cycling. I have to shut down the router for the phone to start working again.
I have downloaded and installed the very latest OS version, no improvement. Very irritating.

Just got off my 5th call with TMO. UMA basically down in California until 10/22. I suggest to everyone to return their Curve and rebuy it then. Otherwise you will lose your 15.30 day return period. Screw them. Let them repackage a million refurbs!!!

The California and Nevada UMA outage has now been resolved. It is important to note that their are two distinct issues here. Several people (myself included) had no UMA service the entire day yesterday. The issue that will not be resolved until 10/22 is UMA <-> GSM handoff. If you are in California and start a call on WiFi, it will DROP YOUR CALL if you leave your WiFi coverage area.

My theory is that the towers in California that used to be operated by Cingular are running a different hardware platform that still need a software update to properly support the 8320's UMA implementation.

I had no UMA indicator at all on my new curve, I had switched over from a BB 8700. There was apparently an issue with using the BB desktop switch device function. Called TMO and the Level 2 support had the solution. Works fine now. Noticed a bit more of a delay than cellular though, maybe that is to be expected. Looking forward to trying it out in Germany next week, free calls home!!


I noticed your post at CB Message Board. I also just purchased the Curve 8320 from T-Mobile. I am really trying hard to sync the Curve with the Bluetooth on my Mac (PowerBook G4), but failing......

By the way, UMA is strong here in Seattle (as of 10/1).

Also, I will visit Germany next week as well. Free calls? How? Do I need to by a Deutche Telecom SIM Chip? What did you do?

Did you have any luck syncing your new curve? Mine does not sync. I have had all kinds of issues and spoke to t-mobile and RIM help. The main issue is that the pocketmac/missing sync program does not recognize the device. RIM explained to me theat the MAC's USB power is too low and insufficient and more is required than previously owned devices (8700, 8100). The computer recognizes it, but the software program does not. Not sure what I am going to do to sync all my addresses/appointments.

Had same issue yesterday. Nothing. Almost returned the curve. Thanks God I didnt. EVERYTHING WORKS NOW!!! UMA. Hand off in BOTH directions. Most amazing service ever!!! Sorry I ever bad mouthed it!!!

Ended up returning it :(. Tooo bad. Was the best Blackberry I have ever owned. Waiting for them to resolve the issues. Stick with Vonage for unlimited calls from home.