T-Mobile Giving Away Free BlackBerry Smartphones To Developers And Non Developers?

By Bla1ze on 13 Oct 2009 09:53 pm EDT
T-Mobile Giving Away Free BlackBerry Smartphones To Developers?

Ronen at Berryreview spotted this little tidbit for all BlackBerry fans. I decided to dig a little deeper  and actually call T-Mobile to find out the "real deal". Seems the the title is a little misleading-- in a good way for once. The code given on the T-Mobile site is actually a 9 month old, non advertised code which allows pretty much anyone who activates a new 2 yr contract with T-Mobile to get a free BlackBerry.

In addition to the offer on the site which shows rebates are required, Ben (the T-Mobile rep, Great guy) stated that rebates are longer required at this time for it any more. So, with that said if you are looking for a new T-Mobile BlackBerry and funds may be a little low, give em a call and see what you can make happen. Developer or not.

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T-Mobile Giving Away Free BlackBerry Smartphones To Developers And Non Developers?


This promo is great! However it is only for new accounts or additional lines. That doesn't really help me...

But for others the code does work

Re: $50 rebate in the fine print, that was discontinued a few days ago. The rep I spoke to was actually pleasantly surprised to see that, and I believe he said it had only applied to the Pearl or Pearl Flip anyhow.

I called t-mo and this is a valid promo but is can change anytime. this is for new customers or you can added a new line with a 2 year contract

Dang... I would love to get an 8900 for free or close to it. I'm not even a year down on my contract yet. I'm kinda over my 8220 flip

i just call they make u add a line if you already have service with them. plus are going to charge you a 50 a month fee for the unlimited package. the month to month requires you to sign a year contract with a early term. fine. so in other word you have to be a new costumer or add a line to your account for this Prom to work. Once again thanks T-Mobile for false Advertising, like you dont have enough problems right now"sidekick" ;now your going to mess with blackberry owners that make your phone look good.

This worked ok for me. We had a line that was expired so it was going month to month. Had to add a new line and will cancel the expired line and port the number over when the phone gets here. Added the $24 a month unlimited web for BB. Went quick and no problems. We get great T-Mobile service here so we're happy with them.

Ok, I got super excited when I read this and immediately called the number, waited for the operator to pick up. However, there were a number of red flags that I picked up on as I was talking to the guy.

#1 - Notice the domain name is not from T-Mobile, it's

If you go back to the root domain there's nothing that indicates it's owned by T-Mobile. Also, Here's the "Who Is" domain name look up - nothing says T-Mobile. http://www.whois.net/whois/tmo-web.com

#2 - Did anyone notice that the entire web page is one big graphic with only 1 link to an official t-mobile site? The link doesn't even make sense in the context of the advertisement.

#3 - I noticed a fairly high pitch click sound once the holding music came on over the phone. My initial thought was that someone dropped a phone or something.

#4 - The "associate" requested my social security number, drivers license number, and other information.

I didn't complete the call. Called T-Mobile's official customer support number and she told me that all that is necessary for new member sign-up is a license number to run your credit. And that the only promotional for a fee phone T-Mobile was running was for the pearl.

I then called a local T-Mobile store and they pretty much said the same thing. The associate had no knowledge of any promotional running for 1 of 5 free Black Berry Phones.

So, is it a scam? I can't say for sure. Has anyone actually gotten the product in from this promotional with no problems? All I can say is that getting a $300 black berry phone for free might be too good to be true. . .

I called the number in the ad, and spoke to a rep. This is an active promotion, however some reps may not know about it as it's at least 9 months old and hasn't been actively advertised. If you give them the promo code they can look it up and you will see that it's legit.

Regarding the ad being one large picture: If you check TMo's website, they do that a lot now with their ads. I tried to copy/paste an ad for the 8520 from the website and discovered it was actually several diff images, like slices.

So yes, if you're looking for a new line (or up to 5 new lines) and are willing to commit to 2 yrs each line, check it out. It is a sweet deal in those cases. Make sure you tell them the promo code, or else they most likely won't know what promotion you're referring to.

Worked great for me. Called the number provided on the promo ad, hit option 3, and was immediately connected to a representative. She added the promotional code to a new line on my account, and not only did I recieve a free Blackberry Curve 8900: I received a waived activation fee ($35), a $50 dollar credit to my account, AND a free Plantronics Explorer 360 Bluetooth Headset!!!!! Couldn't be more happy with T-Mobile!

we usto do the same things.... cancel your old line then port your line over...
not a scam offical tmo DEALER not CORPORATE


If you didnt catch the deal now for the 8900 (I ordered mine 2 hours ago), then you are out of luck.

8900 for 99.99 as per the website.