T-Mobile Gets the BlackBerry Pearl Flip in Red!

T-Mobile Red Pearl Flip
By Kevin Michaluk on 30 Oct 2008 11:51 am EDT

Interested in buying a BlackBerry Pearl Flip from T-Mobile? Now you need to make a tough decision... do you buy it in Black or Red? Click the image above for all the details.

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Al Sacco

I've had the red Pearl Flip for about a month now, and I actually prefer the black device. The two-tone body just looks kind of strange, like it doesn't match up correctly. And $150 for that phone is just too much...I'd hold out until after the holidays when T-Mo will likely (hopefully) drop the price to $99 or maybe even $49...



I think that the two tone colors are nice...


I probrably should have taken a picture of it, but Wal-Mart has the Pearl Flip on sale for $49.99! Just like the G1 Android, Wal-Mart is flying under the radar and under-cutting corporate stores with cheaper prices.


I am a non US resident. Please advice me the price of just the phone only without any contract. Is the phone useable anywhere in the world.? I own a blackberry pearl 8100 and using my own service provider MAXIS MALAYSIA.