T-Mobile flips the switch for unlimited data in the US

T-Mobile 4G
By Adam Zeis on 5 Sep 2012 11:09 am EDT

T-Mobile is celebrating their 10th anniversary in style - with new unlimited data plans. Announced in August, the new Unlimited Nationwide 4G Data plan gives customers all the data they can scarf up for a flat price. Users can add the unlimited data to an existing plan - $30/month on the Classic Plan or $20/month on the Value Plan. This brings them in lower than both AT&T and Verizon (depending on the amount of devices and choice of plan of course). While T-Mobile doesn't have LTE options yet, perhaps the unlimited data will keep them in the running of top carriers for a while.

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T-Mobile flips the switch for unlimited data in the US


IIRC, the new unlimited plans don't include mobile hotspot service so check if that's important to you before switching.

Seems like a nice idea. As the need for data increases, I can see how this would be a good move, but what about specific data needs like BIS and BES? Will those still be extra?


right now i'm on the value plan @ TMo & don't pay anything additional for "BlackBerry data". It's just the $100 for two lines of unlimited everything (data throttled after 2gb, but I've yet to get close) so a pretty awesome deal.

Yeah, just checked with T-Mo. two different reps stated that the prices include BIS or BES, no additional cost for those services. Nice!

pjkarasek, I am on a grandfathered unlimited plan paying $140 for two BBs. What specific Value plan are you under? I wish to keep my current unlimited talk, text and data (2GB throttled) but like you, I never reach that amount. Having the same Value Plan will save me a much needed $40 per month. My contract is up on Sept. 8th and I am not really ready to commit to another two years until I upgrade my device (BB10 maybe?).

I'm on just the standard value plan they debuted last year or whatever. It was 49.99/line for at least 2 lines of unlimited everything (including BIS). The one thing that is worth comparison is that the phones are not subsidized, so you will be paying full price for your handset. The payment for the handset, however, can be spaced out over 20 months in zero-interest payments. The reason people don't like the value plans is because you have to pay full price for a phone and still have a contract. It's dependent on how much you will save monthly on the cheaper contract vs. how much you will save on an upfront phone subsidy, but I know I'm coming out in the positive compared to the classic plans on my 9900. They occasionally offer sale weekends where the phones are discounted a bit for the value plans too. I follow tmonews dot com for any word on sales usually.

According to the News release: " ...Featuring no data caps, speed limits or bill shock,..."

Only if you change to a Classic or Value plan. T-Mobile reps said it's $20 for the Value and $30 for the Classic - even if you have a Blackberry!

Fido's got a 9gb LTE plan. am trying to get them to give it to me for my bold 9900 lol. we'll see how that goes but who is that gorgeous brunette in the ad!?? O.M.G.

Anyone see the new plan available online for a BlackBerry yet? When I log in I can see it as an option for the Android phone on our account, but not the BlackBerry

It should be available after T-Mo updates their systems but you can probably ask for it right now in live chat.

We have been on TM USA with $20/month unlimited BB Internet and email for some time: called 'BB PREF'
The last additional BB phones to our account did not even need grandfather to the old plans, it was offered to everyone.
Perhaps at this time you must ask 'Retentions' for such a plan.