T-Mobile expected to roll out BlackBerry 10.2.1 in March, cites WiFi calling integration as the reason for delay

By Bla1ze on 20 Feb 2014 02:56 pm EST

If you're on T-Mobile USA and have been wondering where the heck BlackBerry 10.2.1 is, we now know thanks to comments from Mike Sievert, Executive VP and Chief Marketing Officer at T-Mobile. Taking to Twitter to answer questions for BlackBerry users, Sievert noted the delay is due to the WiFi calling integration on BlackBerry 10 devices which is a key offering from T-Mobile. 

So that's it. If you're not willing to explore the world of leaks and autoloaders, come early March we should see it rolling out to all T-Mobile customers. Great to finally have an answer explaining the delay, if only they had of mentioned that earlier instead of just ignoring the question altogether.

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T-Mobile expected to roll out BlackBerry 10.2.1 in March, cites WiFi calling integration as the reason for delay



And by that time, you will be the only one with a BlackBerry phone. The world by then will be dominated by the two leading tech giants, Facebook and WhatsApp

Hope you enjoy bbm your self, it's going to be a solo event.

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Any word on Verizon? I listened to the latest podcast which stated the roll out has been active but it getting stuck. More info on that would be appreciated!

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Q10 here...no Verizon update yet. :^(

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I have the Z30 for Verizon and no update at all bit yet the Z10 and the Q10 received there's. Sup with that?

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@OJ..that's not nice...BB is smelling blood and they know video is going to kill everybody,and they're desperate,get that video thing going

OJ.... gotta tell you these clowns at TMob are really trying to look past their recent slight towards us and trying to entice me to bring my 3 BlackBerrys over from ATT.... because Lord knows if ATT is, even, thinking about 10.2.1.... I doubt they are....

CB from the Z30...

Why wait on AT&T? I've been running for weeks now.. and it's sweeeet. Almost double my z10 battery life compared to 2.1.176

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I'll second that! Only a week or so and appreciable difference! Love my ATT Z10! Rocking

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I actually brought my AT&T Q10 to T-Mobile. Trust me. That will be a mistake. Just sideload.

Yes your phone's HSPA+ and LTE will work. BUT Dead zones everywhere. In the most vital places for me too. Customer service that can't even understand what I'm talking about when I have a problem. They refuse to let me opt out of the arbitration clause.

I'm actually thinking of switching back. :-(

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Good question. At least they are releasing 10.2.1. AT&T has not even bothered to say anything to that effect.

On phone with Att yesterday and "I don't have any information on that at this time. ". Okay..
Why not I wonder! Perhaps they're working on the wifi calling. Here's holding my breath!

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Thanks t-mobile for some answers. You guys were really good with customer service..

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Not anymore they are not. Their customer service was the best a few years ago. Now even Verizon is better than them.

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I'm not so sure they are better... I had to advocate on behalf of my parents who had a terrible time with some fraud that occurred (and recurred) in connection with Apple stores. Since then I know multiple people that had problems. Verizon was not direct in taking responsibility or compensating and it took a lot of time to correct. And then half a year later and more fraud through some "automation" they apparently told them, whatever that means. So now they have to change their numbers... ugh.

At least they're not pretending the update doesn't exist like Verizon.

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Blaize.... someone at CrackBerry should do a "WhatsApp vs. BBM" comparison... I don't want to have to download WA on my Z30 to figure it out....

What do you think?


CB from the Z30

Spot on, yeah a real proper comparison.
I managed to get one of my work colleagues finally to load BBM onto his Samsung. I think he likes it already.

Been sharing some funny voice notes and he called me over bbm call.

I think he will ditch WhatsApp

Catapulted from my Z10.

LOL Freddy, what does that have anything to do with the article or my comment?

But yes that idea would be good.

FINALLYYYY there is a hope! Took long enough to get a response that still projected a wait period of two weeks give or take.

Can I get some wifi calling? I've been on 10.2.1 since it was first leaked, wifi calling is all I'm missing.

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Personally, I could have lived without it as long as 10.2.1 came out earlier. Went to leaks. Haven't looked back.

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Everyone on a U.S. carrier has been wondering where the heck 10.2.1 is.

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Since (as it turns out) Rogers can't send one of their SIM cards to a US address (they're not regulated here). we AT&T saps now have the option to wait for T-Mobile's release instead of buying a Rogers card on EBay.

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Translation: we forgot BlackBerry existed until we were shamed on twitter, so we got our intern Steve compiling a Wifi calling app currently.

Exactly! I don't buy it for a second. If Wifi "Calling" is the issue, what about all the other carriers that don't even offer it????

Also, I've been talking to countless CSRs and their supervisors. Not only can they not provide information about a release, they are also unfamiliar with 10.2.1!!!!! How can T-Mobile provide customer service if the CSRs have not even been trained on the OS yet? History shows it normally takes 3-4 weeks for training, and that's even for devices they like.

Woe is me.... I am fearing another delay after this one just for training purposes. April-Maybe???????????;;;;;

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I saw something about this, buggered if I can remember where.

TMO are jerking folks around, as are the rest of the carriers. They're all cr@p and only want one thing... your money!!

Can't they just give us the 10.2.1 update now and then update it once they have 10.2.1 working?

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well consider the leak is the same thing, may as well just install that and wait for the wifi calling addition, that would give you the exact result you're suggesting.

They can't even get 1 update out and you expect them to make 2 updates for the same OS SMH

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Great news for T-Mobile customers. Now if only VZW users can get some kind of information as to when they're gonna release 10.2.1. I can't believe that NO ONE at VZW seems to know anything about this. Surely SOMEONE is/has been testing this, no? Maybe Bla1ze or Kevin can get something from VZW? :)

Not good enough of an excuse, globally rolled out, only US carriers are having issues, must be a poor infrastructure on place if it takes that long to integrate wifi calling another fail!

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You seem to have developed some serious BlackBerry hate recently. How do you know it is BlackBerry's fault? Because T mobile worded their answer to imply that? I don't trust anything any US carrier says.

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He didn't imply it, he categorically stated the issue was with BBRY. If it isn't let them deny it. Let's have it all out in public.

Exactly. I tweeted BlackBerry saying the ball is in their court now. They can respond if what T-Mobile says is false. But since we know that people who have updated to 10.2.1 don't have working wifi calling then I think it is easy to see that what T-Mobile is saying is correct.

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I think his implication is that Wi-Fi Calling is the software responsibility of BlackBerry, not T-Mobile. From threads on CrackBerry, it does seem that T-Mobile doesn't write the code into the OS, it's BlackBerry.

This guy from Tmobile is bullshit speaker.
Anybody with a leak running Tmobile?
Running out of characters?? Come on.

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Why U No announce 10.2.1 for Q10 and Z30?

Posted while peeking and flowing on my incredible BBQ10! 

Very welcoming news and it looks like TMOBILE will be first again to real sense BlackBerry 10 OS update in the US.


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10.2 is not 10.2.1...I hope that he simply made an error in omission. If they release 10.2, then I'm canceling T-Mo.

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Worth the wait for wifi calling. Wish Rogers still had it.

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Wait, so T-Mobile is blaming on BlackBerry? When he said "BB working hard on it". Does he knows BlackBerry is spelled with two capitals b?

It is BlackBerry's fault if the problem is with the code in the OS to support it. 10.1.x supports Wi-Fi Calling fine and still does, which implies there's something different in 10.2.x that broke it.

If Wi-Fi Calling has been working, which one 10.2.x tester said on CrackBerry, then the fault returns to T-Mobile for the delay.

At least they are honest about their reasoning. Verizon was super slow in updating to 10.1 because Skype would be available after that upgrade.

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Finally a response to the questions!! T-Mobile had better change their decision to not continue selling BlackBerry devices soon or they will lose this 12 year customer!

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I got on hold to a rep and he told me that they didn't even 10.2.1 to test. I dont believe anything these scumbags say

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When will people stop believing customer reps when it comes to OS updates? It has been stated numerous times on here that customer reps don't know anything about OS updates until it's already released.

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I know that they know nothing, he was so adamant about them not receiving a test os. He was talking out of his ass, which was frustrating

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Yes I know it's very frustrating and it's why I don't ask them anything to do with OS updates. I have been installing leaks and haven't looked back. Good thing they are available otherwise I would still be stuck on 10.1.

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What is there, like 10 people still placing faith in T-Mobile on here? Unlock the device, get a Rogers SIM, and forget about T-Mobile. You'll be much happier.

I used my Q10 to create this CrackBerry madness!

@ nerd....will Rogers work in Chicago? I am disgusted with all of the US carriers....Rogers seems to have fallen in line quite nicely since we threatened them....

CB10 from the Z30

I'm right on the border...went to the last Bayfest in Sarnia sponsored by Rogers...Maiden-Maiden-Maiden!!!

They NEVER advertise to America/Americans...ever. I only see their commercials on CBC, CTV and Global.

I would be curious to find out about international sales with Rogers...but I think the extra taxes(GST, national sales tax) would make any of their plans noncompetitive to the corresponding USA plan.

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I really wonder if you are not Canadien or not living in Canada...if you could sign up with a Canadian carrier?

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Maybe, I'll go into a Mack's Milk and find out.

Then I'll hit Sears-Simpson, Zeller's and Home Hardware before going to Harvey's for lunch.

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I forgot...I might hit up a Loblaw's for some President's Choice items before heading back to the States.

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Finally! I was seriously thinking about switching to Verizon. 10.2 is the answer to all my OS10 issues. I really love T-Mobile. I was Just in Jamaica and as a courtesy for some issues I had with the service, T-Mobile gave me wifi calling for free. Just so you understand, using wifi calling to call or receive calls from outside the USA is usually see as a long distance call and is billed accordingly. So Big up to T-Mobile. I really hope I can get Shazam and the Ring Central app running on 10.2.

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Why does anyone need "WiFi calling" and why is it billed?

Get your contacts on BBM and use BBM voice calls. Much simpler and a darn sight better.

Yeah right. Probably wanted some time to send that offer to upgrade to an iphone instead

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Dude they wouldn't publicly say it if it weren't true. Until BlackBerry publicly states otherwise why should we disbelieve T-Mobile? I'm glad T-Mobile is speaking out and calling out BlackBerry on their clear lack of interest on the matter.

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It may be in BlackBerry's court now, but that doesn't mean that T-Mobile didn't sit on it for months doing nothing. I don't think T-Mobile makes BlackBerry updates a priority, just like Verizon and At&T. If they did they would have everything ready on the day every other carrier released it. US carriers are looking for excuses.

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Oh and I'll be picking up a Q10 on Friday. $250 off baby, Whoo hoo. If the BlackBerry ship goes down I'll be right there playing bass on the deck.

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Glad to see someone happy and going with the T-Mo offer!

iPhone for me? Scr... ahem Q that! (posted from the latter)

@ dg...good on you...congratulations on the Q....i think Z10 is still cheaper if you buy it directly from BlackBerry... am I correct on that?

CB10 from the Z30

Yes, I talked to them and they told me their answer: F-OFF and die,w e don't give a shit about Blackberry.

I'd switch in a second to Verizon and the Z30 if they were rolling out 10.2.1 but I hear they are not. GRRRRR. T-Mo has poor coverage where I am.

Is this only for the Q10? 'Im on TMobile and recieved 10.2.1 on my Z10 about 3 weeks ago. Been loving it ever since but wondering why I have it and others dont?

Well my fiancé just got her Z10 from blackberry proper because we could not get one from T-Mobile USA... and as soon as we powered it on (yesterday night) it updated to not sure if that was from BlackBerry or tmo, but her wifi (TMO app) calling works so I think it was an early release (over the air btw)

I installed the leaked and I don't have wifi calling

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Was that so hard? Now get Sprint to make a statement. Do they mean 10.2.1 or just 10.2 now?

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Is anyone going to do this same thing for AT&T. They are way over for the Z30 and 10.2 update. I almost left them 2 weeks ago until they reduced my bill. By the time they come out with the Z30 the Jakarta will be out. Chen needs to call the CEO of AT&T today

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I have no faith that the Z30 will ever make its way to AT&T or on BlackBerry.com. It's been 4 months since the release there hasn't been any news regarding its availability on AT&T or BlackBerry.com. If it's not made available by the time the Galaxy S5 is released then I will be moving on from BlackBerry. It's one thing that AT&T decided not to carry it but there is no excuse for BlackBerry not to have it available on their website by now.

Posted Via AT&T BlackBerry Z10

I keep rattling cages Dom but not word yet. Right there with you.

I used my Q10 to create this CrackBerry madness!

Yes I hate to have to leave BlackBerry because I have been with them so long and love their devices. But it is really sad I can't get the BlackBerry I want on the 2nd largest carrier in the US. Even T-Mobile which is the 4th largest carrier has the Z30 STA100-5 which I'd fully compatible with their network. (Raino correct me if I'm wrong)

Posted Via AT&T BlackBerry Z10

No you're right, my friend. Verizon has a fully compatible Z30 they're carrying, and TMO has one that they're not carrying. AT&T has one that's gotten clearance, but it probably won't come until either AT&T or TMO picks it up. So TMO technically has TWO models they could choose to carry, but are not. Sigh.

Somebody should ask if it's both Z10 and Q10. Just saying since yes, a 10.2.1 update is good news but if limited like Verizon to Z10's there will continue to be upset Q10 users.

Sent with my Z10, Q10, or Z30 on Verizon from Philly

I hear you, but the last time they released an OS update, it was simultaneously (or almost simultaneously) for both devices.

You wanna pay the difference in their rates so they can all jump to Verizon and get shiny new Z30s?

I agree BLA1ZE...TMOBILE should have just let us know before...then it wouldn't have been this bad...SMFH

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Most companies I've worked for had Press Information Officers, who usually tasked their assistants with compiling all press clippings, video and print that made any mention of the compnay.

This is how they kept an ear to the tracks as to how the company was being portrayed.

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I'm a Verizon customer, and have had 10.2.1 for three weeks now. What Verizon customers are still waiting?

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I will give till early March. I'm happy to hear something. Mid march I will go to ATT if nothing has happened.

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Been running the leak for some time but I guess it would be nice to have Wifi calling back.

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TMO said this about February. I'll believe it when I see it. I have no faith in them regarding Blackberry anymore.

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By the time Americans get OS 10.2 the rest of the world will be on OS 13.

Sent by carrier pigeon

Go T-Mo,...now let's unveil a T-Mo version of the Z30!,...with Next-Day Delivery! Naah,..make that "Same-Day Delivery"

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I call bs. They're probably hoping that by delaying it, they'll get those who rely on wi-fi calling to drop BlackBerry and grab an iPhone.

Posted via CB10

The iPhone doesn't have WiFi calling AT ALL. At least the older OSes on TMO's BB10 offerings do.

Why doesn't blackberry offer direct we are clearly not going to get our phones, from carriers in the states in a timely fashion are we looking in the wrong place?


Picking up my new Z10 in the morning at my local Tmobile, dealer. Swapping my Bold 9700 for Z10 with $250 off. I'm stoked. In stock, but not on the shelf. Clerk knew about the rift between CEO's.

Posted via CB10

What was the price after the discount? (since the Z10 isn't on the website?)

Was your 9700 T-Mobile-branded or another carrier?

Ugh, I don't give a ---- about Wifi calling, just want to the update. I'll keep waiting patiently.

Posted via CB10

I don't care about the update already have, I just want wifi calling.
See what I did there :)

Posted via CB10

Or Sprint... which I'm stuck on and they only offer the Q10. which is fine since it's my preferred device anyway. But I want this update!

Posted via CB10

It can explain why my Z30 was not able to make a BBM Voice. That comes only with BBM Video!
But, I'm on T-Mobile Austria and Z30 still doesn't sell here!

Posted via CB10

They are saying they require wifi calling (a key customer feature ) and it doesn't work. They say Bbry are fixing it.
What's horrible about that?
That's why carriers do testing.

I would agree here. Except the Iphone on tmo doesn't support wifi calling... so.... try again tmo. we smell you bs from here

Posted via CB10

I'm glad they are doing the right thing. It's a great feature to have, but then it sets updates back.

Posted via CB10

I've never been impressed with AT&T and their support for Blackberry. T-mobile so far has been better but across the board on all carriers it seems like Blackberry is treated like the red headed step child. Most Verizon stores don't even carry blackberry devices in store anymore.

No, European T-Mobile doesn't have WiFi calling. For BB10, TMO US is the only carrier supporting this feature.

T-Mobile is the only carrier that removed all BlackBerry devices in all of their stores. At least SOME of the AT&T and Verizon stores still have displays up and stock them. I live in NYC and the majority of the stores I have visited still have the Z10 & Q10 on display and stock them.

We Brits have a rude word for 'people' (or companies) like tmo. It starts with a 't' and it has an 'o' next, it's got two 'ss's and it ends with 'ers'.

Posted by the inimitable Z10 handheld system

We might be moving to the U.K. sometime in the next year or two.
How is T-Mobile over there? Or should we look at a different carrier?

Posted via CB10

Right, well I have to say tmo doesn't actually exist in the UK as the same entity as tmo US (and don't forget tmo US will soon be no more, once the merger with MetroPCS is completed). Note, tmo UK will soon be no more as well, because it's merged with Orange UK to create a co called EE which intends to offer 4G only. In the UK, tmo was a British co bought by DT and rebranded ; that might explain why, to me it's always had something of a UK air, and you know in the UK, BlackBerry hasn't really gone out of fashion. This might be because of Vodafone, which continues to do substantial business with sale of BlackBerrys and hence the other carriers here do too, in order to compete. Complaints aside, Vodafone is probably the way to go in terms of a good deal and service, but from what I can tell, tmo isn't that far behind --except in terms of bb10 version of course.

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Come over to Blighty, get a factory unlocked BB10 phone and pop a GiffGaff sim in. Then, when a carrier has an update first, grab their sim and update.

With GiffGaff, you'll get unlimited data (on the 12GBP/mth plan upwards) with no caps (just don't tether).

That's weird. I'm with T-Mobile USA (granted I won my Q10 from the Keys to the City Sweepstakes) and I got the update last Sunday

This doesn't explain nothing.

It doesn't explain why all US carriers skipped 10.2

It doesn't explain why all other US carriers are not releasing the update when they don't offer wifi calling.

It doesn't explain why iPhone doesn't have WiFi calling but BB has to have it apparently.

And it doesn't explain why T-Mob even offers this feature cause all their plans are unlimited.

It's because of reception in certain areas and inside large buildings.

iPhone for me? Scr... ahem Q that! (posted from the latter)

T-mobile is not the best by far it's price and feature of wi-fi calling app. People like myself that has weak calling area with all carriers it's a great feature. If someone doesn't need wi-fi calling you have no excuse not to be on 10.2. Install a leaked version.

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What the FOCK lol wasn't it originally Feb 10 - Feb 20 TMOBILE GET IT TOGETHER PPL WILL LEAVE THAT BUTT!!

Posted via CB10

Your Rick James profile image kills me man. That curly perm is hilarious! :-D

Posted by the inimitable Z10 handheld system

T-Mobile has a delay because they're working on a feature. Meanwhile att just deliberately wants to annoy people.

Posted via CB10

Early March isn't an answer. We also hot "late january", "mid February", and now "early march"....

Better late than never. March is almost here! With what TMO is doing (or not doing) with BlackBerry phones, I was getting worried they might never release 10.2.1.

Posted via CB10

Maaaan the TWO of us are left on an island to die... Each day Blackberry kills another piece of my soul... And Sprint has given them the knife it seems like they BOTH dont care about US.

That's weird.. myself my brother and my sister all got the update when it was officially announced / released .. Whatever it was...

Posted via CB10

This is a lame excuse. From what I've heard wifi calling never worked on 10.2 so they (tmobile and/or blackberry) had months to fix this issue.

Posted via CB10

Dear AT&T... I don't even get service through you, my phone just happens to be an AT&T Phone, which you refuse to unlock, so if you're going to force me to stay locked, at least let me update!

Posted via CB10

I can't understand why it's such a big deal for US carriers to do the update roll out. We never had that issue here in my third world country The Philippines. We simply do the update once BlackBerry says it's available. No ifs no buts. :)

Posted via CB10

Finally. But, as one of the earliest victims of the "no wifi calling" fiasco in early December, I've learned some things about both BBRY and T - Mobile that neither should be proud of, and that should make customers wary of in future:

1) If you have an unlocked phone with a T-Mobile sim and account, that will NOT prevent BBRY from pushing you an OS update that T-Mobile has not approved; one that will even break T-Mobile core features such as wifi calling;

2) T-Mobile customer service will not explain this to you. Instead they will spend months suggesting you don't know how to work your phone, that you must be at fault for installing an unauthorized "leak", or that maybe it will help if you try unplugging and replugging your modem (like that's going to suddenly make the greyed out wifi calling on/off button work again);

3) The only place you're ever going to get a straight answer is here, in the forums. The system at both BBRY and T-Mobile is designed to funnel people to standard FAQ sites. Those who know do NOT spend any time in customer service.

Hi LeleRose: go to this thread in the forums:


And do it exactly what they tell you to do.
It's very easy, but you will have to download Sachesi in order to get the .bar files et.al. and install the update.
It could also take about 1 to 2 hours for your computer to download the bar files and for your phone to install the leak.
Once you have 10.2.1 installed you can go to Amazon App Store, 1Mobile Market and Android Central, etc. and download apps (apk files) directly to your phone and install them.
Some apps you may need to download to your computer and then drag them onto your phone and install them that way.

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Didn't BlackBerry say ALL carriers will have 10.2.1 rolled-out by Feb 28?

Another reason I buy factory unlocked and have a sim-only deal. Carriers are a law unto themselves.

Downloaded the leak 10.2.1 on my Q10, couldn't wait for T-Mobile US to finally get this long awaited update out.

Never made a better decision! My friend switched to team iphone and wasted money on it. Definitely got the leak right after she did this and let me tell you she could've saved her money because it was a whole new/better experience for my BlackBerry :)

I'm confused with this wifi calling. What's the difference between that and bbm voice calls?? They both use wifi do they not? Otherwise what would be the big deal with bbm voice that everyone keeps raving about?? I don't use either since I have an unlimited plan...

i actually tried using the t-mobile wifi calling and the calls would drop occasionally. I later realized it would happen whenever I opened up the browser to look up something during the call... no point in using it after that.

Posted via CB10

I have verizon, I have had thus up date fir a while now, if u love blackberry as I do, u may want to switch to blackberry friendly carrier.

Posted via CB10

Yeah instead of admitting that like ALL US carriers they SUCK Big time!!

Don't need them the autoloader are a blessing!

Rocking 10.2.1 in my beloved Z10 for almost a week now... take that at&t!!!!!!

I'm MongezaurioBerry

Wonder if they will have the updated app for Wifi calling offered in BBW as well.. (for those of us the installed the leaks)..

Posted from my Q10 (TMobile) Running OS as of 2.14.2014!