T-Mobile customers experiencing BlackBerry data outages

T-Mobile is having data woes
By Michelle Haag on 24 Jul 2012 03:01 pm EDT

Update from RIM (4:00p ET): 

RIM had this to say. At this point it seems more like a Tmo issue than a RIM issue. We'll update this if we find out more.

We are aware that some users on the T-Mobile USA network have reported a service issue and we are currently investigating the issue with T-Mobile. BlackBerry customers on other networks in the United States and other countries are unaffected. 

Reports are rolling in today that T-Mobile BlackBerry users may be having some trouble accessing email, BlackBerry Messenger, and other BIS services. Several CrackBerry members have spoken with customer service at T-Mobile and have been told various things (it's T-Mobile's issue, it's RIM's fault, it's an issue with authentication servers, it will be restored in 2 hours, it will be restored at 10pm tonight, etc). If you are experiencing issues as well, leave a comment below or head on over to the forums to discuss.

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T-Mobile customers experiencing BlackBerry data outages


I have tmo and it only lasted maybe an hour for me....no real sweat from like 830am to round 930am. Been up and running with no problems or lags since.

I not only experienced outage on tmobile, but my friend as well who has BB on AT&T as of 230 pm EST he can't make calls. AT&T told him it was all Blackberrys.

The blacker the berry the sweeter the use...

Well that is horse crap. Any RIM service like web or bbm that run through them ok, but phone calls??? Those go right to the towers. Sounds like AT&T need better support

I went to the grocery store today and they didn't have any milk in stock. I spoke with the manager and he said it was RIM's fault.

According to T-Mobile -- some how a handful of BlackBerry users were deactivated -- I was on of them unfortunately. Called in and issue was resolved within a half hour on their end with them reactivating my BIS account.

I just called tmobile they said that its due to a BB outage, which unfortunately has no resolution up to ths point. Fools.

I had the issue. I called Tmobile, they reregistered my phone on their network and issue was resolved. I was told that during a "refresh" process the Internet flag on some data plans was turned off. They don't know why it happened. A friend of mine had the same issue and his phone started working again without needing to call.

There was a widespread Verizon Blackberry outage several weeks ago and both Verizon and Blackberry denied it even though there was a 1000+ posts in the forums. Go figure.

Interesting - so it wasn't just me. I couldn't even make phone calls. Wifi was the only thing working.

THAT has been happening to me for days... signal just go off... it stays on SOS. no matter what i do it stays like that. even after reseting..

I was wondering why I didn't have my emails coming. And foursquare wasn't finding me so I switched over to my Samsung Galaxy 2. Ill check my 9900 every couple of hours to see if its up and running. I NEED my BaBy back

Its definitely not working for me... in New York as well. The T-Mo rep I spoke to did nothing to help either... Uggghhh.

9700 on T-Mobile in Portland, OR No email, BBM, facebook. Opera Mini is working. I chatted with support from T-Mobile and they said there was nothing they could do about my BIS saying it was deactivated or suspended, it was just part of the outage, blamed on RIM. 2 hr ETA

Yep, my messenger is down and my ubersocial keeps giving me a pop up saying "java exception, failed to transmit" and it hasn't updated in the last 6 hrs from what i can tell...these things happen with all providers at one point or another, just have to wait it out i guess.

Ok....got mine working...
Options/device/advanced system settings/host routing table....press menu button then click register....

Worked for me and I hope this helps!

This is a Tmo issue! My brother has a 9650 on Verizon and he can BBM but my gf has a 9900 from Tmo and I cant BBM her nor can either of us email!

Tmo WTF?

No BBM service in the Washington DC area where I am!!!

I am on TMobile in Northern CA. My 9700 has no internet and the email and BBM are blocked. It has been going on for at least two and a half hours now. TMo says it is a RIM issue. Sounds like the opposite...

Wishing and hoping that BB10 is released SOON...

Things happen on all platforms but this comes at a bad time for my household. Down to 2 BB from 5 BB. Android working fine for the rest. So how do i prevent more defections. tmobile is trying to sabotage RIM...

Ticks me off that customer service was blaming RIM. Smelled funny from the jump. Blame RIM for carrier issue...another stunt to get folks to blame RIM and drag the stock down.

QUIT playing with my money!!!

Also a proud owner of a Blackberry Playbook and shares in RIM.

I have tmobile and my internet is working just not my emails since this early am. I called and they said data outage. They said they are working with blackberry to get this solved by hopefully midnight in pacific time. I checked with my other friends who have att&t and sprint and they are having the same issue. BBM isn't working either. I really am starting to hate blackberry.I have had blackberry forever but this phone always freezes and more and more I'm looking forward to the iphone5s

The last email I received was 5am today. I called TMobile who told me it was a 'Global Outage' with Blackberry. They had no idea how long it would be before the problem was resolved. The guy I spoke with said he had been answering phones since 4am and had been receiving many complaints about it. He also said that no one told him or his colleagues that there was a problem. They had to work it out for themselves. :\

I called again at 5.30pm, and was told that there was a 7 hour eta to get it fixed, but the operator could not tell me what time they were told this!

Got the registration email about an hour ago, everything else seems to be up and running, told you you had to wait it out...the world (at least mine) continued to spin at a regular pace.

I have AT&T here in upstate NY and my phone calls, BBM and SMS were ok but early this AM until late this evening I couldn't load web pages. Some apps opened fine, like HuffPost but if I tried Google the page progress would crawl and die at about 75%. I didn't know why until I saw the mention about it here. Thought it was a problem on my end earlier. Apparently not.

This is ridiculous, I called T-Mobile 3 times today. We had a severe storm in chicago around 4am that last for a few hours. I wasn't surprised if something got knocked out. My calls and texts worked, no bis data. So my outage was from roughly 4:45am to 10pm from what I can tell. They tried to blame RIM on this. I was pissed I couldn't get email or browse the web. Or my Facebook working if that matters. They're getting another call.

I'm on AT&T and a couple of days ago there was a storm that made it impossible to send text messages for me. I could receive them, but not send (it showed an "x" and also said "network out of order". I also couldn't receive e-mails or check Facebook. BBM was working fine. I called AT&T and they told me it was indeed the storm's fault. A couple of hours later the problem went away.

Anybody have any new information on this? I just went up to central NY last night to my apartment, and when I arrived it just kept saying searching on my phone, and I know I always have service here. I called T-Mobile 3 times last night and finally on the 3rd time around they told me Blackberry users who have T-Mobile are having issues etc., Blackberry and T-Mobile apologize, and he said that by tomorrow morning the problem should be fixed. Well I woke up this morning and the problem persists. This is BS second time this crap has happened in the past 2 months.

I had multiple "Activation Server" messages yesterday (twice) and earlier today (once) regarding the email accounts I access via my BlackBerry. It seems to have stopped. Each message was the generic congratulations about the given email account having been set up successfully. Of course, I'd done nothing with the set up for the email accounts. My T-Mobile BlackBerry otherwise worked fine in terms of data and calls. I can't comment re: BBM experience since I haven't used it recently. I'm glad this seems to be over. I don't know about how others feel. But I wish that TMo reps would simply tell callers the truth (to the extent that they are told or know) rather than the obviously canned or generic responses.