T-Mobile confirms they will carry the all new BlackBerry Z10

T-Mobile BlackBerry Z10
By Zach Gilbert on 30 Jan 2013 12:35 pm EST

On the heels of today's introduction to the BlackBerry Z10 T-Mobile has opened up a signup page for the new device. The signup page will allow you to be notified when the new device is ready for preorder, as well as offer launch date information. Currently BlackBerry has stated that American carriers will start selling the all touch device in March of 2013. CrackBerry Nation, if T-Mobile is your carrier of choice grab the link below and be the first to know when it’s available.

T-Mobile BlackBerry Z10 signup page

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T-Mobile confirms they will carry the all new BlackBerry Z10


I really wish someone would shed light on why the US phones are being released so much later than the other countries. Is it really the carriers fault or is it Blackberrys? I'm really excited about BB10 and looking forward to dropping my Galaxy S2. Android is cool, just maybe not for me.

Most of the delays, according to Heins for the launch, is network testing. The last I saw, the FCC had a submission for the Z10, but as yet I haven't seen approvals. Absent that signoff, the device can't be sold in the States. And buying (at full price, please note) the Z10 from Rogers won't be compatible with HSPA and HSPA+ (3G and "4G") since Roger's high-speed network uses a different band than TMo. In the absence of 4G-LTE, you'll be stuck at 2G.

I have a question. Which Canadian or British carrier has the same frequencies as T-Mobile or can be used on T-Mobile's HSPA+ network here in the US.

Wind Mobile in Canada is compatible with T-Mobile. The rule of thumb Wind customers follow when buying unlocked phones from the US is that if it's a T-Mobile phone, it will work with Wind's network. Wind customers often do this because, at least at first, Wind had a very narrow selection of phones.

The thing I'm not sure about is what exact bands overlap for the Z10, so I'm not sure if buying a Wind Z10 will be able to use T-Mobile's fastest band. But it will at least be compatible with one or more of the bands (Wind uses AWS).

Also note, Wind hasn't yet announced what day they are indeed making the Z10 available for their customers, so who knows, maybe Wind won't even have it before T-Mobile... We'll just have to see.

Who in the world is the marketing person? Have a big event to introduce the product, get everyone hyped and then make them wait over a month before it is available. I love my Blackberry, but with moves like this Blackberry will never become a serious player in the smart phone market again in the US. That brings up a question does RIM want to compete in the US or are they just focus on other parts of the world?

How can any of you blame BlackBerry? It's obviously not their fault, UK is launching tomorrow and Canada on Monday its the US and no1 else to blame

BlackBerry is no stranger to how US carriers work and the burden was on them to ensure everything was in place for a timely US launch. Every other major player can get their phones launched in the US at the same time as they do abroad.

It's shameful that they hold the event in NYC, have been talking about the extreme importance of LTE for the last year and have been talking so much about the $4 million superbowl commercial, yet drop the ball in such a MAJOR way on US consumers. Hard to believe!

End of March is ridiculous.... I called Tmobile.. Dialed 611 then said "loyalty department" and spoke to someone about it.

No idea if they log that kind of info but so be it. And when the rep mentioned something about understanding about wanting the newest phone possible I politely responded that it was about Tmobile's lack of support (lately) of Blackberry and sited the fact that my 9900 was $100 more expensive then it would have been on any other US carrier.... And that the Tmobile Rep at the store tried to talk me out of buying it...

Yes, I did that with my 9900 but I wonder if we will still get LTE with the z10 on tmobile if we use a rogers z10?

Also recently the US outlawed unlocking sims which is crucial for this to work. I am hoping someone can comment on this as I would definitely buy a rogers z10.

Good to know. Next question is will the LTE work on T-Mobile's LTE Network, is UMA supported?

Are the phones identical, and simply locked to a carrier?
Will I be able to load the OS with the T-Mobile Vendor files? Is it even possible to loads the software/OS with the Carrier specific Files?

So Many questions, grin.

Thank you for the responses!

Or Maybe because UK and Canada where the first ones to get on board with the BB10 and the US carriers didn't want to commit to Blackberry (RIM).

The Truth is the US carriers are scared to scare off their relations with Lame ol' Android and iPhones.
They're waiting to see the responds from across the Pond to see User responds, March seems distant to them. SMH
Personally I'm going to get one on Telus (Canada) and import it to use on T-mobile here in the US. Can't wait till March

If this was the latest device from Samsung, HTC or Apple, the US carriers would be falling over themselves to be the first to have them on sale. US carriers have practically abandoned BlackBerry in recent years and not bringing the Z10 until over a month after many other markets is insulting.

Well, I guess we have no choice but to wait.

We've waited this long, another two months really won't make that much of a difference. Actually, it will help me decide if I still want one or not because we should have enough reviews from regular users by then.

This wait will be awful. I guess it's not as bad as when at&t made their customers wait 3 months for the 99xx, when Sprint, Verizon, and T-Mobile all had it. But still, this is terrible.

The one market where BlackBerry needs to make a big splash...and the wait is almost two months. I blame the carriers, because carriers in the UK already have them, and Canada will have them within a week.

Does anyone know if it'll have UMA? I haven't heard anything about it and it's my favorite feature specially for travelling.

My BB 9900 Decided to turn into a Brick 2 Days before the Z10 Announcement. I've fallen back to using an old 8900 in the mean time, hoping the Z10 would be ready to go upon launch, but NO! Aghh! Anyway. I'm seriously considering buying the Rogers Z10 unlocked and using it on Tmobile here in the United States. I would like to know if the phone will have complete functionality or not, ie UMA, 3G/4G (HSPA+ and LTE (when Available) anyone else have anymore insight?