T-Mobile confirms March 26 as BlackBerry Z10 launch date

The date is officially official, even if the officials thought it was official before, but it really wasn't. My head hurts. 

The T-Mobile BlackBerry Z10
By Simon Sage on 20 Mar 2013 04:13 pm EDT

While we've known it was coming but just couldn't pin down a date, T-Mobile has confirmed via Twitter that the BlackBerry Z10 will be landing on March 26.

Though the tweeter in question says that the date has already been announced, by our count the date has, at best, been leaked

There's a good chance that the BlackBerry Z10 will be one of the first LTE-enabled phones on T-Mobile's network, since they said they'll be flipping the switch before the end of the month.

Whatever happens, you can mark your calendar with confidence now. Any T-Mobile customers ready to get on the BlackBerry 10 train? How about those of you with the other guys? Are T-Mobile attractive plan options pulling you in at all, or do you need more confidence in network coverage? 

Dive into our U.S. BlackBerry Z10 buyers guide!

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T-Mobile confirms March 26 as BlackBerry Z10 launch date


So Verizon goes first to announce there release but were last against there rivals to release the BB Z10.


AT&t March 22nd
T-Mobile March 26th
Verizon.....28th. Horrible Verizon just horrible! smh

I added my Z10 LE to T-Mobile no problems. Nice to be able to be on 4G (HSPA+) with them, after having just 3G on my 9700!

Boom! Played with an AT&T one at Best Buy today. I'll be getting a T-Mobile variant on Tuesday. The girl at Best Buy though was very pleased with it which was such a great sign to see. No more disgusting looks from them when you say you want a Blackberry?? Maybe I'm wishfully thinking, but I don't care. I want my Z10!

When I read "The girl at Best Buy though" I was expected for you to say "wasn't very pleased with it". lol, I am happy that the signs of the Z10 here in USA have been positive thus far.

I have friend who is an AT&T rep and he texted me a picture of him with his demo Z10 last night. He left iPhone for an HTC One X+. He told me the Z10 is amazing.

I think if people actually get over the "Blackberry Stigma" and try it out, they'll realize that its really a formidable device and has a shot at getting back in the game eventually.

That's the key! We have the product! But we have too many people stuck with the old perception of Blackberry. Hating on Blackberry has become "Cool." So it'll take awhile to break that Pop Culture chain. We just gotta' be patient and continue to educate. No different from Racism. LoL


I also believe that if one of the multi-platform video chat apps is released soon it will help with the "Blackberry Stigma" that you mentioned. Video chat is nothing new, video chatting with a person on a non-BB device is a big deal. I tried reelportal once, I told my cousin that uses iOS to download it and she said "wtf is that"? So that avenue doesn't work too well. We need Skype or OoVoO and we'll be on an even playing field.

About time! Just took the day off to bond with the bb. Already have my flip case and extra battery charged.

That is price for business customers, even AT&T and Verizon have similar prices. But all the carriers have instant discounts to bring down the price to $199.

Thanks and thank you Google Translate. I was wondering and hoping that another update would come out before or soon after the US release, to make the impact that much better.

I stopped by my store today to get a new sim for my girlfriend. The sales people were amazed and asked to mess around with it. I was surprised to see bb10 accessories and demo units, considering the lack of news about a release date. This was before I read this article and didn't ask about the release date assuming it was still the 27th

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Well I'm with sprint and I don't need to tell you that I will be leaving. But the plans are very much attractive at tmobile

I am also with Sprint since the launch of 9930 after years with T-Mo. Both networks are somewhat spotty in my area but T-Mo customer service was far better than what I have seen with Sprint. My wife wants to go back to T-Mo and if we do we will both get Z10s. She currently has a Samsung Galaxy Epic because she wanted a physical keyboard and a large screen. I will try to convert her as we both learn to go without keyboards plus if she wants me to be her resident tech support then she can be on the same platform that I am learning to service for myself. We still have 8 months on our contract with two other phone lines.

Are you leaving Sprint only for Z10 or because you're dissatisfied with Sprint?

I got now a unlocked Z10 and using T-Mobile service which is pretty good but could be much better, question is when will they release the update to the Z10? Anybody knows?

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As of today, March 20th pm, TM is not yet offering the BB Z10 as an upgrade.
The 'all' phone page says: "Coming Soon!" with no pricing or date of availability

If the rumors of T-Mobile USA going to no-contract plans are true, they may see a lot of new customers just in time for the Z10 and the LTE activation.

That's no rumour. That's entirely true. I'm a T-Mobile rep and we already had our training for the new plan.

I just chatted with T-Mobile. The Z10 isn't listed as a phone I can upgrade to even though I'm eligible. We have 2 phones on our contract with over 300 days left on them. The rep told me there would be a $200 per line migration fee to move to a Value Unlimited Plan for those 2 phones. She couldn't give me discounted pricing on just purchasing the phone. She said to check back on Tuesday to see if it's on the upgrade eligible list.

they make me mad everyday since finding out they wont carry Z10, but not made anymore leaving them.

Switch on over to T-Mobile :) we will accept you with open arms too. I am quite sure AT&T and Verizon will too

That would be one hefty roaming bill, because Mobilicity is a Canadian carrier :) It's AWS though, so the TMO Z10 should work on their network (once unlocked.)

FINALLY..But is this the date you can walk into a T-mobile store and purchase the phone or a pre-order launch date?

I spoke to a rep online today and asked that very question. The answer was a big YES! I will so be in the store next Tuesday morning buying two of these wonderful phones! I can't wait!

I called T-mobile stores in the area and 611 and no one has a set date. Most of the stores stated mid-April. They have the launch all G-14 classified (Rush Hour joke)..

I'm so happy for our American friends finally! If I must say though, the black box with the blue 'Z10' on the front that we got in Canada(UK as well?) is a wee bit sexier. But all's good, less than a week!!

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I just called a tmo rep and they said I would be able to walk into my local store and buy one on the 26th. Sooooo excited. I can't wait. I already have my screen protectors and my case is almost here too.

I talked to rep online today and she told me the 26th the Z10 will be available for purchase. My next question was will I be able to walk into any T-Mobiel store and buy one on the March 26th? Her answer was yes! I was so excited I typed in WoooHooo!!!! She said that made her laugh. I then asked about Pre-Orders. She said no pre-orders at this point, but I could ask the local stores if they would reserve or take pre-orders. I did stop by a T-mobile store this evening and they were not aware of the 26th date and had no clue about pre-orders. I was bummed they had no information on the Z10 out for display or any accessories out for it yet.

Finally I saved my upgrade since last summer! I will say I hate how US carriers ruin the boxes, when we saw the launch devices I thought the Z10 box looked awesome, but seeing that box from t mobile it really kills the wow factor of the device in marketing prospective...

Yea, I have been waiting for T-Mobile to announce the Z10. I saw only the black Z10 on their website. I am waiting for the white Z10. Does anyone know if T-Mobile will be carrying the white Z10 as well?

Glad to hear that my fellow Americans finally get to experience the power of the Z10. My wife finally got the white one from Virgin yesterday. I swore I would wait for the Q10 but after trying the full touch I am sold. She wanted Q10 as well so I told her if she didn't like the Z, I would take it........not happening. She loves it!

I wanted to hear it for myself, I called in and spoke with a customer service rep who put me on hold to speak with his manager. They confirmed March 26th! I could not be happier!

Very happy for the Americans of CrackBerry Nation!!
At last...your time has come. :)


I bought my Z10 online( couldn't wait) and using Tmobile on it, without 4g the browser is fast! Am impressed! This phone is truly amazing!

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Had z10 white since 13th with Tmo and the Phone is AWESOME! It's not like any BlackBerry of the past,

No wife calling and Launch but everything else work, wife calling will be released at later date with os update

Question: if I buy a Z10 from T-mobile with plan but without contract (pay full price) Can I demand to have my phone unlocked before it gets activated? Looking forward for Tuesday!

i already bought 3 cases including transform and poetic, 1 battery, 3 skins including the skinomi fiber skin, a dock charger that supports also the backup battery charge off amazon and waiting till the OEM dock becomes available.

If you want to have some fun, walk into a t-mobile store tomorrow and ask them when does it go on sale and i'll bet you they'll say they have no idea....

The wait will be a little longer for me since i've been a customer for over 13yrs i have to deal with t-mobile directly in order to get a special deal...they did give me my bold 9700 for free last time, i doubt they'll be so generous this time but i wouldn't mind a $20 discount either...we'll see.

Why did blackberry company didn't release it from the beginning and not in the middle east it's cheat!!

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I wouldn't be surprised if it gets included with the current data plan at least for now, not too manny folks would want to pay a significant amount of dough for a half-baked LTE network that will be VERY new and limited.

Problem is the absence of good international data plans since there is no blackberry contract anymore allowing you to get emails abroad

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What the hec do you all mean TMO is not offering the Z10 as an upgrade for existing customers????? SMH!!! I've been sitting on my upgrade for 6+ months awaiting the new BB. I really want it. Please explain before I drown my sorrows in a bottle of Jim Beam.