T-Mobile Complete Offers Contract Free BlackBerry Devices

By Adam Zeis on 19 Nov 2009 09:06 am EST

T-Mobile Complete 

T-Mobile looks to be revamping all kinds of plans and devices lately, and their latest offering dubbed T-Mobile Complete just adds to the fun. The new program allows for contract-free devices, namely the Curve 8520. According to Engadget, you can grab the Curve 8520 for $299.99 or a Pearl for $149.99. The first month of service is including free, but you're on your own after that. The plans start around $59.99, so not a bad deal if you are weary of getting in on a contract. The T-Mobile Complete packages should be arriving in Best Buy and WalMart just in time for the holiday season.

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T-Mobile Complete Offers Contract Free BlackBerry Devices


This is actually really awesome. After 7 years of buying T-Mobile Sidekicks with 2 year contracts and having them break on me after the first year, I really started to think that contracts are a means of screwing us over. Hopefully my Blackberry Bold 9700 will be a different story as far as build quality is concerned, but its really a great idea to let people buy the phone at a low price without a contract. Not sure if I understand the 60 dollar part. Is that 60 bucks every month after that for eternity or something? Not such a cool idea if that's the case.

Looking at the T-Mobile US site I cannot find any information regarding T-Mobile Complete. Right on the front page though the first ad that comes up is for their contract free service called T-Mobile Even More Plus. Unlimited Talk and Text is $59.99 but there are plans starting at $29.99 for 500 minutes of talk time.

According to the site also the Curve 8520 is $349, not $300 and there are a lot more than 4 contract free phones to choose from.

i think what adam means is that the plan will be 59.99 for every month of service after the first month ... & no this is not wrong info, notice in the post it states that the plan should be arriving for the holidays ... meaning u won't see it on tmobile's website yet

I've scoured the US, UK and Deutsche T-Mobile sites and have not found this press release that Engadget talks about (and quotes). I did a Google search quoting the first line of the press release and none of the few hits link to any T-Mobile site. So where is this phantom press release coming from?

BB power users were underwhelmed with the 8500 series, but this is where it belongs. With the 8520, you have a complete BB device cheap enough to sell without a contract, and with lots of memory (relatively speaking) for installing apps.

Adam, according to any news article I have read so far only the 8520 is available on T-Mobile Complete at launch. The other three phones are Samsung phones.

$300 is pretty steep for the 8520 though. It should be priced at $199. There are numerous texting phones available for a lot cheaper and this is the market that the 8520 is aimed at.