T-Mobile branded BlackBerry Curve 9300 gets fondled on video

T-Mobile branded BlackBerry Curve 9300 gets fondled on video
By Bla1ze on 26 Jun 2010 12:50 am EDT

Well, this is a nice surprise. Seems the folks over at TechnoBuffalo have gotten their hands on a prerelease, prototype BlackBerry Curve 9300 and have given it a little bit of a run through for us all to enjoy. Yes, it may be not that exciting of a device for some out there but for others, this may be just what they have been waiting for. The interesting thing here is that it is currently T-Mobile branded and when things are branded that typically means they are close to production. Hit the jump, check out the video and feel free to comment.

Source: TechnoBuffalo

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T-Mobile branded BlackBerry Curve 9300 gets fondled on video


The only think that I like about the new 9300 is the 3g...
If its still runnin OS 5 and not 6 why waste the time. Plus they dumped the trackball....tsk tsk tsk...I can fix a trackball much easier the an optical pad...
It'll definitely be something to "try" and see what happens.....

The trackpad is much much better then the trackball. If you have not used it please give it a try. And fixing it, well... You shouldn't need to. The trackball had flaws by design. It was good but it needed to be updated to where we are at today.

I don't think so LMAO!!! 8900 beats the would still be a 8520 an still is a better device than the 9300; externally and internally except for the lack of 3G but wifi supplements that... I would like to see the Atlas 8980 come to the North American market...

Boring... just like most of RIM's announcements lately. Looks just like my 8530.

It's sorta funny, while watching the video, because Jon Rettinger is an apple fanboy as big as they come. And he is normally speaks so confidently and is very familiar with his product - however, it seems apparent (to me) that he isn't a crackberry addict.

Any if they keep WOWing me with these Android handsets, I might have myself a *new* addiction.

This guys makes an honest effort, but he's not well versed in the BlackBerry lingo. First, by calling the 8900 an 8500, then by citing the media buttons on the top as an emerging feature. No biggie, but details...you know... ;-)

I actually really like that look. I recentlyswitched from the tour to an evo and I kinda miss the keyboard but only a little.

Why is he calling the device on the left a 8500? When it's an 8900? Also, the bands 1,4,8 are T-mobile AWS bands in the United States... Not Europe... Did this guy just make this up as he went along or what?

Correct, band I is 2100 UMTS... ie. Europe/Asia among others (aka most the rest of the world)... band IV is AWS ie. 1700 UMTS - which T-Mo US and Wind (Canada) use... band VIII is 900 UMTS... Europe/Asia.... wish we'd have this here in North America... would certainly help the penetration issues that plague the higher frequencies...

Anyone else calling BS on the OS being Any "new" BB should be able to handle OS6. Not that I'm saying this one won't (sidenote, we didnt see the memory installed) but I think we need to take it with a grain of salt. sounds right. This is only a curve. They are not intended to be all that. They are entry level blackberrys, so there for then have no real need to run the new OS 6. But yes why RIM didn't make all new devices able to run it is beyond me. But look at the 9650 and the 9100 both out at the same time and only one will be able to run OS 6. But once again the 9100 isn't a end user device.

The 8900 came out right as 0S5.0 came out and it supported the OS. Why wouldn't this phone support OS6? I'm calling bunk on this entire post. I bet what he has is a production model or a planned model that got scrapped.

Another cheap Curve model, no wonder RIM can't ever meet projected revenues. Not impressed, show me these quantum leap models.

lol, 8900 is not the 8500.

also, the branding is tmo usa, not tmo euro because there is 1 dot in front of the t, and not 3 dots.


Rim has little wow factor with hardware these days. They are just run of the mill imitations of what is out on the market save the 9800. Plus the fact that this "new" device will be coming out the gate with os 5 and not 6 is incredible. And if they release it with the inability for it to be upgradeable to 6 would be beyond asinine ....it would be Asa-ten!

This device isn't meant to have a wow factor, it is meant to be the replacement for the entry-level work horse that is the 8520 and the main considerations for it will probably be limiting it to a certain cost and getting it out by a certain date (the back to school period perhaps) and that would be one reason why they went with the safer option of os5 that has more potential for delays along with the obvious point that the mainstream market is less worried about their exact os version than those who comment on blog posts.

It seems that they are setting up their new customers for the same sort of disappointment that I feel. Having a 9700 I am supposed to be the owner of a top end device, right? Why then, are they already needing to come out with a 9700a just in order to run OS 6 properly. C'mon?!?
That's what is really, really starting to frustrate me. I love my device, but without the ability to upgrade it I fear I will get bored of it. Personally I don't see why they can't just put out a few decent models for different users, and then, I don't know, maybe...STAND BEHIND THEM FOR A SMALL AMOUNT OF TIME!!! You know, support the devices you have just very recently released. At this point, there'll be a 9800a released 2 months after the 9800 just to add in the one or two things they "forgot" to add in the first one. With proper research & development, along with market research, they should easily be able to tell they're newest devices aren't up to par, and take the time BEFORE release to GET THEM RIGHT THE FIRST TIME!I will be waiting for a long while this time before getting my next device, at this point the competition has heated up and I don't see the EVO(a) or the iPhone4(a) coming out anytime soon. So only time will tell what's going to happen here.
/Rant over

I suppose because it's getting harder and harder to tell the difference between blackberry rumor and reality anymore. I'm really not sure why I ranted about anything. In reality, my opinion only matters to me anyway. Thanks.

I mean it looks ok, and its good that the trackballs are being replaced with trackpads on all the newer devices but this just wasn't stunning...but maybe that wasn't the goal RIM was looking for with this device

As "lame" as this is (320x240 - really????), it's certainly a million times better than the 8520 hunk-o-shit... I actually like the look of this 9300... brings back some styling elements from the original 83XX series... like the chin plate for the carrier name... overall, it seems like an excellent entry level BB, or even used as a second BB...

Since they all look the same and do pretty much the same thing dont get mad at this guy. So this gets 6.0 and the 9700 does not.


Research In Slow Motion

I can believe it, seriously RIM, grab the old 8520 and put it a new case, not even ready for OS 6 either a better camera and no flash still, I think this is just a waste of time and money, personal opinion.

Rim and their phones that have been released over the past 2 years all look the same and does the exact same thing. waste waste waste waste. this definitely is not gonna make me switch back from android

I am so disappointed. I was so expecting a multi-input device (i.e. touch & optical trackpad) to come from BlackBerry this year. I seriously thought that we would see a revolutionary BlackBerry this year, and the only thing we are getting is updates to the pre-existing Curves and Bolds already out.

I've had a BlackBerry for going on six years now and I'm trying to hang on to being a fan girl because I'm so familiar but just using my husbands HTC for the web browsing experience truly showed me how far BlackBerrye is falling behind....

Sorry for the rant--this post just really depressed me...

The 8900 is def the best blackberry out there, only thing missing was 3G. Its the slimmest and light blackberry made. They should be replacing the 8500 series instead of the 8900.

8900 looks better... The 9300 looks a bit cheap and more entry level than anything else, not fit to be the successor of the 8900, the 8520 maybe but definitely not the 8900.

These new Blackberrys are so boring, I just don't get it. What do you suppose RIM's longterm plan is? I don't see how they can realistically expect to stay competitive with this type of "progress." There is zero innovation. I just switched to a Bold 9650 and I'm falling asleep over here. The damn things aren't even that reliable anymore. Once upon a time you could say, "Well it always works, it's totally dependable, and their push email is superior," and that would be enough to convince you not to consider newer, more 'cutting edge' devices. But push is nothing special or hard to come by these days, and my new Bold has so many little hiccups and glitches that I'm often as frustrated as I was with my Storm 9530. Sometimes I have no idea why I'm still using a Blackberry. I've been very loyal to them for many years, I've been through 5 or 6 devices with them and I really had a good run, but I'm bored silly at this point and the competition is lapping me. I understand that all devices, regardless of the manufacturer or carrier, have bugs. Every. Single. One. But I'm willing to accept a few minor hiccups for a beautiful 4.1" display, Wifi, mobile hotspot capability, sweet browser, front facing camera, awesome media posibilities, a great app store, stellar call quality, and good looks. It's harder to swallow when all you're getting is Wifi, a 3.2MP camera, a 480x360 display, and a trackpad. Can't forget the trackpad. I'm just waiting for the right device and I'll switch device manufacturers, I guess. It's too bad though. I've really loved my Blackberrys.

You are so "spot on".IMO,RIM has just slowly regressed in build quality and/or innovation since the Curve 83xx and original Bold 9000.Only the Storm line deserves credit for thinking "outside the box" design-wise.And even that gets dragged down by #$%?@ QC.

That was put together perfect. Just like companies didnt stop until they matched or beat out Iphones OS and user friendly ways ...they have also matched and beat what kept people holding on to BB with e mail and keyboards, even on tocuh screens. Corporations need Black Berry's like FedEx needs planes and trucks, so they will always have a use but that does not and will not always cut it with consumers.

Lets step it up RIM

So I'm guessing RIM purposely made it to be no surprise for customers. I'm guessing they just wanted to redeem themselves after the failure of the 8500 series and 8900 (IMO) I would get that, probably between that and 9700 from T-Mobile.

The 8900 was a great step in the current gen of BBs. It's been called the mini-Bold. Granted, like the Tour, I don't see it earning a successor, but as a device it's solid. The 8500 has earned RIM a bunch of money as well as a top selling rating on the Curve brand. It pulls in the new-to-Smartphone crowd. Neither is a failure and the 9300 will merely replace it as an entry level Berry. It will be fine. It's not meant to compete with top phones. The 9800 will be their next high end device followed by the Bold-Touch, whenever that happens. Or if that happens.

but i feel this a video fail ... you should of compare this with a 8500 series which wouldnt make a different because all the 8900 has that is different from 8500 is the faceplate housing is not plactic anymore ...

THIS is why Android devices are taking off in popularity. How much effort did RIM put into designing this device?Answer: 0. And what is their hang-up with camera flashes? My 3yr old 8330 can offer this feature but now it's considered a "luxury" feature?

I think its time when RIM do what others does...
See opportunity in developing nations...
These devices are for developing nations..
And they don't need fancy OS6 or some ip4 competitor..
Small companies are adopting BB...
It's like 2 US firms using 500 BB..
20 developing nation firms using 500 BB..
Point is RIM is generating revenue..
US/Canada/rich Europe are old steady market...
But RIM must show their presence in India/China/etc...
Don't worry guys...
RIM will get something for your taste too...
Just wait and watch...

RIM needs a wake up call if they are to survive in the CONSUMER market. The enterprise market belongs to RIM - No one is contesting that. Businesses want secure mobile devices and BlackBerry's BES provides just that - micromanageable security that is unparalleled and reliable push email that remains unparalleled. Businesses NEED BlackBerry's BES. Apple and Android platforms have not caught up to BlackBerry's BES, so BlackBerry is not YET threatened in the enterprise market.

This being said, let's discuss the CONSUMER market. Mike Lazaridis really needs to light a big fire under BlackBerry's R&D department if BlackBerry is to survive in the consumer market, now that Apple is taking over the consumer cell phone market like Napster took over the peer-to-peer music sharing market over 10 years ago.

The truth is, RIM is being left in the DUST now that Apple has the almighty iPhone 4, HTC has the Incredible and the Evo, and Motorola has the Droid X. What the hell does RIM have? The Storm 2, the Bold 9700, and the forthcoming Bold 9800?

My message to Mike Lazaridis: If you want to keep your consumer market fans, then bring us a NEW, REVOLUTIONARY DEVICE or else RIM will be abandoned faster than a 45-year old Pamela Anderson.

The new BlackBerry OS 6 looks decent, but can it compete with Apple's iOS4 or the Android Platform? And what about the BlackBerry Tablet PC? Apple's already planted its stake in this market and claimed VICTORY. 3 million iPads already sold in less than 90 days.

Mike Lazaridis, wake up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have to agree with the "entry level review on a entry-level device" comment.

No showing a full 360-degree view, so we don't know if it has a flash, not showing how much memory the device has...

It may have 5.0 on it now, but if it has 512MB RAM, it may be upgradable to 6.0 - couldn't tell by the review. With all the newer devices coming out now that do support upgrades to 6.0, I would assume this one would, too. It more than likely has 5.0 on it so it can be released prior to the 6.0 release.

I could see my wife finally upgrading her 8330 to this, once they come out with the CDMA counterpart.

You are the 3rd person that I seen defendng this device calling it just an "entry level" device, from my understanding when u think of something thats entry level u think of something thats more simple or easier to understand or maybe not as many features so it can attract young kids or old dogs trying to learn new tricks, but for blackberry the functionality is always the same, a 4.6, 4.7, or 5.0 OS is always going to be the same on every different blackberry, nothing really changes so how is it an entry level device?

Can I just get a 4G Blackberry with OS 6.0 that looks like the Bold 9000 for my T-Mobile Account? I, like many others, are addicted to my Curve 8320. In two and a half years, I only changed the housing to a brushed pink housing, and a purple track ball. Found a matching case as well. Upgraded my memory, and OS to 4.5. I am very happy now. The bold 9000 was the closest love I wanted next.

Yep, I agree. My 8320 has everything on it, except 3G (no big deal, when I have wifi), and 256 or 512 RAM. RIM really has to hit the bullseye, and listen to its consumer customer base. One question for you, how did you upgrade the 8320's memory?

...which means ill b keeping it. and wht do you guys hate the 8530 so much? it's a pretty great phone.

Isn't this supposed to be a step up from the 8520/8530? Not that there's anything wrong with the 8500 series.. But what's different besides the chrome instead of plastic and 3G? 8530 already has 3G.. so pretty much a step up for the 8520. Also, why is it called 9300 when it looks exactly like an 8500? I understand its just a prototype.. but still!