T-Mobile BlackBerry Z10 Unboxing!

CrackBerry's ritual unboxing of the T-Mobile USA BlackBerry Z10.

By Kevin Michaluk on 27 Mar 2013 01:45 pm EDT

I had a great experience picking up my BlackBerry Z10 from T-Mobile USA on launch day. Next thing to do was unbox it of course.  I love recording unboxing videos. They're fun.

Be sure to watch the video above, and if you're looking for a closer look at BlackBerry 10 in action, be sure to check out our BlackBerry 10 in 10 minutes video. 

Buying the Z10

Before talking about what's in the box, the first thing to address is how you can actually get your hands on a T-Mo Z10. As a first time T-Mobile customer, I was super impressed with how easy it was to walk into the store and walk out with a phone and plan.

There are a couple of ways to get your hands on the Z10. In my case, I went for the option of buying the phone outright for the low cost of $531.99 before tax. I say low, as this is cheap in comparison to Canada, where I paid $650 to buy the phone off contract from Rogers (and the CDN / USD is pretty much on par these days). From there, I'm on a $70 month to month plan, which is unlimited everything. Pretty dang good.

The other option with T-Mobile and their new Simple Choice plans, is to spread the cost of the phone out of over two years. A $99 upfront fee will get the phone into your hands, and then on top of your monthly bill you can pay $18/month for 24 months to cover the cost of the phone. I love this kind of transparency from a carrier. For more on the cost of the Z10 on T-Mobile, read here.

The Z10 is an LTE phone, so if you're lucky enough to live in a market where T-Mobile has turned on their new LTE network, you'll be able to experience wicked fast download speeds.

Unboxing the Z10

While in Canada we saw all carriers rock the same box, in the USA we're seeing each carrier mix things up a bit. The white T-Mobile box looks good. There's a big picture of the Z10 on the front, along with the T-Mobile and BlackBerry logos. I love the T-Mo magenta as well (it's not pink!)... it's so happy.

Inside the box you'll find the Z10 and not much else. The 1800mAh LS1 battery is included, as is the standard microUSB charge / sync cable and power adapter. No case is included, which isn't a surprise. Also not included are the earbud headphones that we normally see BlackBerry ship in the cost. I guess T-Mobile opted out on the headphones, which I actually don't see as that bad of a thing. For people who really love listening to music on their phone, they're probably likely to pick up higher end ones anyway. And for people who never put them to use, it's just a waste to include them. If excluding accessories helps keep the cost of the phone down, I think most will agree that's not a bad thing.

And hey, you know we've get your phone covered when it comes to cases, headphones and other BlackBerry Z10 accessories at ShopCrackBerry.com.

T-Mobile Branding

Branding on the T-Mobile Z10 is minimal. It's just the T-Mobile logo on the bottom of the battery door. As we saw with AT&T's Z10, it's tasteful. Call me weird, but I actually like seeing the carrier branding on the phone.

Reader comments

T-Mobile BlackBerry Z10 Unboxing!


Because it would have caused the shed of a few tears if he had put everything else in his pocket and dropped the phone.

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Got two yesterday and so far so good. There are things I like better and a few things I will miss - but to be expected. I also get LTE on my new TMO Z10 in Kansas City. However, it is still fairly spotty. Most of the time, it is on 4G.

Last but not least, thanks for the excitement sharing,,, :-)

Loving my Z10. Totally irrelavent to this post...but just needed to say it. People look at me and must think "wow, that guy must be really busy, he's always on his blackberry". Truth is, I'm not doing anything, I'm just flipping through my Z10, watching the transitions between screens, loving the hub, etc. etc. etc.

Had problems ordering my Z10 from T-Mobile. The online webstore kept changing my plans and adding fees and was generally very confusing. By the time I got to my local store yesterday they were sold out. Ordered through customer service this morning and it won't ship until Apr 5th.

Didn't T-Mobile say last year they were going to stop offering earbuds with phones because most people don't use them?

yay for Kevin! Slowly becoming a superstar now in front of the camera too. Not as easy as it looks. Good for you! :)

Well AT&T removed the case as well. I have agree about the ear buds though, I don't remember the last time used the stock BlackBerry ones.

Posted via CB10

Wow no earbuds? I use them and they're not too bad at all actually. But Kevin I don't know what it is, but your un boxing videos are always great haha. There's just something about them

Posted via CB10 - FINALLY

Come on Kevin, you said you really like the headphones in AT&T unboxing.. I don't care much about the headphones but even if it costs them $10 why not just keep it in there? I have a suspicion that T-Mo actually gave you the earbuds with this box and you removed them before you did this unboxing so that other users wouldn't feel so bad.. :) Hah, just kidding.

According to Tmo News, It was on for a little bit while they were testing it but they shut it off before they announced. It should be back on soon, once it's ready for primetime.

I love that you love pink!

I haven't used the AT&T earbuds, but they don't look very comfortable to me.

I love my zed 10! I have to say that I like the black z10 boxes better than the US carrier branded ones... Happy that the US finally has a chance to use these devices!


I bought the new Z10 yesterday. I jumped the ship from AT&T to T-Mobile for that. It gets lte in my home and office as I am in Olathe, Kansas. The phone is worth every penny. I gold to have this and enjoying every minute on it.

Glad to wind up my journey with Iphone and back on the blackberry.

Posted via CB10

I was the first person at the Pleasant Hill CA TMo store to pick up a BB Z10. There was no publicity on the walls, actually none anywhere. I just looked for the phone amongst the selection of TMo and Samsung handsets. There were, of course, posters for the new iPhone launch at T-Mobile. I'm struggling to understand why there are no Blackberry banners, pamphlets etc. in these stores. BB has a lot to answer for.

So, that's why AT&T couldn't spend any money of their own on marketing, we got ear buds instead!

The TMob box is nicer though

And Kevin it's not pink it's TMob Magenta

Picked up one today from T-Mobile......loving it so far.....the store manager said I was the first one to buy one :-/.

I've had my T-Mobile Z10 for less then 24 hours and its made my life much easier!!! Àwesome device!!! Priceless!!!!

I'm calling you weird Kevin as I hate carrier branding. Nothing but BlackBerry and their logo should be on my device.

Posted via CB10

Thanks for the unboxing stand up. :) I was hoping for a little more surprises in the box. Oh well, I brought my case and screen protector from CrackBerry today. Getting my Z10 on Friday from T-Mobile.

Hi Kevin - I ordered mine yesterday from T-Mobile they said it would be here by Friday - How ever why is it that for customers like myself who is on their ( customer loyalty plan) now changed to ( Talk -Text - 500 meg Hi speed data Unlimited plan ) fore 50.00 per month, they wanted 249.00 down ?? & 11.00 per month. Yet their add reads 99.00 down & 24 months at 18.00 per month . There's a lot of people screaming over this maybe you could shed some light on this..

They tried to do the same to me but then our salesperson at the store spoke with the cs rep over the phone and had it adjusted to the regular price.

I think there is a Credit check they do and the DOWN can change depending on your credit qualification's.
It does say that in the Add

I miss the case BlackBerry used to include, it was the first thing I noticed the first time I bought a BlackBerry. I was so impressed by the quality and the accessories included that it made me the RIM fanatic that I now am. I miss the old days.

I love my white Z10! Yeah people think I'm a workaholic since I am tinkering with my phone A LOT! I just love playing with it!

Posted via CB10

No ear buds? No Case?? I remember a long time ago when the 9700 Bold was released on AT&T, I was greeted with premium head phones and a beautiful leather holster upon opening the box. Where have those days gone???

I understand T-Mo not having the extra swag in the box but AT&T? and for $199 w/contract. I can live without the case but BB should have done a better job of releasing the premium head phones earlier in order to ship with all Z10s. BB absolutely can't give the competition any more of a leg up than they already have. BB needs all the positive buzz it can get. BB needs to get its act together.

I went to T-Mobile yesterday to test the Z10 but ended up not getting it. I’m a traditional physical QWERTY keyboard user. I struggle with touchscreens. I struggled with this too. The swipe feature is neat but I’m used to typing without even looking at the screen much of the time. I was going to buy the phone knowing that I had 30 days to return it but the salesperson told me that there’s a restocking fee. I’m going to test the phone when I have more time but I might have to wait until the Q10 arrives. Did anyone else struggle with the touchscreen?

The salesperson admitted that she hadn’t even used the phone. That wasn’t a big deal. I rebooted the phone to get out of the demo mode.

I was surprised of the restocking fee too...although they told me i was entitled to a "$50 instant discount" so it ended up costing me $93 with tax out the door... I'm coming from a bold 9700 and the transition takes some getting used to but since i live in cali i get 30 days to decide before returning it (not likely). If i want to avoid the restocking fee i guess i could just sell it i suppose.

Thanks for your reply. That's good to know that you got an extra $50 off. I've been with T-Mobile since 2005 so I hope that they will give me that discount too. If they do then I will definitely get it. I'm buying 2 Z10s so that helps a lot. While the Q10 has a larger screen compared to the Bold I really like the big screen on the Z10. It would be especially helpful for the GPS and the internet. I'll be switching from the 9700 too so this will be a lot different.

Indeed it seems T-Mobile was much more prepared with this launch beyond price plans and Box branding like at@t.

I still hate unboxing, especially repeated ones from the same person on the same product, even if thé box is thrown away. It's a dam. Product in a box. Only this product matters.

Posted via CB10

So will this phone, if unlocked, work on Mobilicity/Wind 1700/2100 Mhz frequencies in addition to LTE? My GF's T-Mobile USA Galaxy Note 2 just got the update to rock on LTE but she's on Mobilicity on AWS. Basically want an unlocked pentaband/LTE Z10 as a World Phone. And I don't like carrier logos.

Do you actually buy the phone at every carrier launch?

I love your enthusiasm and fanboyism for the new blackberry. I myself have the z10 and waiting on a q10 to launch here in Canada.

this is my first BlackBerry been with Iphone from first gen i got my z10 feb 5 at 10am at costco. now i want to try out the Q10 might get that for my sec line.

I picked up my Z10 on launch day here in Miami and the store was filled with BlackBerry reps! I was in and out within 40 minutes, rocking my new phone and glad to rid myself of my 9900 as it had become very buggy... now, spreading the Gospel...

Posted via CB10

I can't wait to get my Q10! I'm going to make the fastest unboxing video ever. Faster than anybody else did! :D