T-Mobile BlackBerry Z10 OS update coming September 5th

By Adam Zeis on 4 Sep 2013 09:16 am EDT

Users on T-Mobile will be happy to know that an OS update is due to land tomorrow that brings along Wi-Fi calling as well as a few other improvements. Not too long ago T-Mobile began rolling out an OS update to Q10 users and now Z10 owners will be able to join in the fun as well.  

A notice in T-Mobile's support docs shows the update will be to OS and available starting September 5th. This is one of the first times we've seen a carrier drop word of an OS before the actual release but we won't complain about it one bit.

We'll be on the lookout for more tomorrow, but if you're using a Z10 on T-Mobile be sure to keep your eyes peeled and report back if you see the update.

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T-Mobile BlackBerry Z10 OS update coming September 5th


BlackBerry should have T-Mobile carry their handsets exclusively on the consumer side. They are the most attentive to the platform in terms of software updates in the US.

Agreed. And I called this several months ago. Glad to see we get it first again :)

Signed via my weapon of choice, Z10.

Haha, I'm a victim of my own stupidity. Thought this was in. Addition to 10.2

Signed via my weapon of choice, Z10.

did anyone else hear about the sep 12 release date? i find it difficult to believe its coming out that soon

When I was in the US a few weeks ago with my unlocked Rogers z10 using my tmo sim, I was prompted to connect to Wifi. Once I did it would notify me to connect to Wifi calling. Can I assume it was available on tmo purchased z10's?

Posted via CB10

Not on TMO Z10s. That's what this update will bring. It is available though on non-TMO (i.e. unlocked) Z10s such as yours that are being used on the TMO network.

Doing a Google search on this matter I found several internet blog reports with identical context.

As reported, someone on a Crackberry forum (one of us ordinary folk), 'over-heard from' a sales person (aka 'store manager') that BB OS10 phones were to be removed from the store(s) and only available on line.

Apparently there have not been any official TM reports of this kind.

T-Mobile UK never had WiFi calling, Orange did. Now that both are a part of the EE...who knows.

I've been running leaked for quite some time - WiFi Calling is in there and works quite well. Not perfect (sometimes it disconnects and I have to disable/enable WiFi to restore it) but about 95% reliable at my home which has very poor cell coverage. So to me it's very useful.

Hopefully this newer release will make it even more reliable.

I just updated my z10 to a leaked release. [Newbie to the whole leaked release game, and I love it!] Will it allow me to update elements, like it did when we were on 10.0.x or am I going to have to restore to my prior version?

Depends on what version you installed on your device.

If you installed an OS higher than what T-Mobile is releasing, then you will not be prompted.

I feel better now about buying my Z10 from T-Mobile, instead of waiting for Sprint to release BB10.

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Thanks for the info. Even though I'm on AT&T, I have a T-Mo SIM so I can get the update. Alas, I'd do the update and jump immediately on a plane for 2 weeks. I don't want to take that chance. Will have to wait until I get back.

If you already own an OS10 phone (or any other BB for that matter), TM US charges much lower service charges than ATT, VZ, Sprint.

I think Wifi calling will compensate for all that. For me it is other way round though, as T-Mobile has the best signal in my home area and office and their speeds are unbeatable by both AT&T and Verizon 4G LTE.

We have been waiting for all update to be launched at the same time together all over the world just like Apple did.

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I can't update, don't have any storage space left on my Z10. :(

How to free up some space?

Posted from Z10 via CB10

Do you have a microSD card?
Transfer all your own stuff (music, videos, docs) to that card and delete the duplicate stuff from the device memory.

Go through your apps and delete all not used.
Clear caches and history.
Do a battery pull.

I called care and walked into a store...no go. :(
(strangely, both didn't know the answer as far as yes/no it was available on the Q10)

Time to make a new backup, just in case something goes wrong.

Having wifi calling back will be a very nice feature.

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I wonder will I have to go back to 10.1 from 10.2 leak to get wi-fi calling with tmo?

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Had the 10.1 as a leak and had Wifi calling. Have since updated to Z10STL100-3/ leak and do not have it. So my guess is no you wouldn't have it.

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I think T-Mobile is removing blackberries from the store but you can purchase them online from T-Mobile

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How pathetic. Why don't they just start learning about bb10, and training staff accordingly; even if it takes a bit more effort for a few Months? Show a bit if backbone!

No, instead it is easier to quit.

Glad I don't have to use that carrier.

After having experienced 10.2 I don't see myself going back to 10.1 unless this update includes the sharing feature and toast/reply notifications the 10.2 offers.

BlackBerry 4Life

I'm debating this too. I love 10.2 but I lately have more and more situations where I could use wifi calling (which isn't there on 1047).

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Hopefully the 10.2 release won't be handled like 10.1 and 10.1MR with regards to the US and getting it last, but it likely will. It is obvious that they US carriers are getting builds after the others to test, my guess is because they want to give all the US carriers the candidates at the same time and we have Verizon with the dinosaur CDMA support holding things back. This staggered global launch cycle is ridiculous and needs to be addressed ASAP, even if it means Verizon and Sprint gets builds to test after AT&T and T-Mobile because they have CDMA to support.

2nd to this, but I have a feeling that it won't happen soon.

Until then, we simply install the leak. Even a novice can do it, so it works adequately for now.
Hang onto that ball!

I'm not sure they're getting the builds later. Maybe they're just "testing" them for longer?

I might have to downgrade back to 10.1 tomorrow, just to see if the wifi calling actually works for me now (it hasn't with any of the leaks), then make a tough decision about going back to 10.2, if it does work.

Posted via CB10 on my Seksi Z10 (STL100-3 | OS

Since switching from AT&T to TMO I've needed to use wifi calling (available on because coverage leaves a lot to be desired. For the most part it works well. At times voice quality is lower and text messages are delayed when my wifi calling is active.

I have been traveling down under for two weeks and BBM is simply brilliant. Wi Fi calling is awesome and light years ahead of Skype. Sound quality is wonderful and there is no annoying cut outs.

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It's misleading to say that T-Mobile has already begun rolling out the update for Q10's. They erroneously released a small non-update with the wifi calling app, but there has been NO software update for the Q10's on T-Mobile. I am still on, and it still says I have the "latest software".

Woow had this months ago in the UK.

When will you guys get 10.2 in 2014 at this rate

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TMO has released 10.1. This is a custom build+MR release that brings a very specific feature (WiFi calling.)

Been Tmobile for 13 years. Loving every minute of it. Very active customer service.

Posted via my sexy black zzzzzzzz10

Yayy! Love T-Mobile and love BlackBerry! Talk about best of both worlds! Haha tomorrow is just a daayy awaaaayyy

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My Internet is down right now so no wifi.. will I be able to still download this update OTA on my network?

On the Underrated Z10

It will be available OTA, but if you have limited data, you may want to confirm that the download won't count against your bucket.

So you're confirming OTA OS downloads don't count against a data plan? If this is true, would you happen to know if the same is true overseas. i.e. will you be charged for data and/or roaming when pulling down the update? Thanks

That's a great question. No clue, but I'd suggest against trying it.. International data usage might be charged because the carrier is charged no matter what. Domestically, carriers just don't want to charge customers for upgrades they deserve.

It can somewhat compensate for poor network signal. Also, it's great to have when you're overseas.

It comes in handy if you're in a building with poor signal (home or office). Where my office is situated I get poor signal strength and WiFi calling helps a lot.

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Well even if they updated the q10, it's not like I'd want to go from 10.2 to 10.1 it just doesn't make so much sense to me. But I guess it doesn't really matter. Whoever wants it could download.

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Does anyone knows when the 10.1 MR will be rolled out for Latinamerica? It was supposed to start on mid august but nothing has come out yet, my phone is factory unlocked so I wouldn't have to wait for my carrier or I still would?

So I'm on 10.2 do I just download the wifi calling app? I really like 10.2 but I also need wifi calling.... dilemma... I hope 10.2 is around the corner...

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I had awful luck with this release and it killed my battery. I don't know what's up with that but it seems everyone else did ok with it.

Really can't wait for Verizon to finally do something with blackberry -_- it's like they forget people own BlackBerry Devices for their carrier

Posted Via CB10 on a Verizon BlackBerry Z10

Theres barely any reviews on q10 at tmobile site- I think some of us who has Tmobile q10 should spread the word and write some reviews at Tmobile.com ... It doesn't requare registration- Just leave your good/ bad honest review- spread the word!!!

Where do you get the info for the 2014 release date? If the z30 gets released before the end of the year, it should also men the 10.2 compatibility with the z10

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I went ahead and took a chance installing the latest beta and it runs great on my Tmo Q10. Phone calls & everything + new features.

Only thing I don't see is Wi-Fi calling. But was that even an option in previous T-Mobile builds?

Just updated and it took about an hour, but I lost Gmail,Yahoo and my work email ; every time I try to update the passwords my device tells me is not connected to the network?!?!?! WTF always something... can anybody help! :-|

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Got and for the first time since setting up my GMail account up with 2 stage verification I didn't have to set up a separate password for the phone.

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Just updated my z10, tried enabling the wifi calling but I cant turn it on and an error on top said sim not detected.

my phone has not come back on since i updated at 7am. it is stuck on the blue screen that says its 100%. i took the battery out tried again and nothing its still stuck. wth is going on? anyone else have this issue?

Downloading, again. For some reason my first download was 147MB, and then it stopped at 99% installation, and prompted me that a 844MB update was available, both updates were for the same OS version. (I have only been running the latest T-mo updates)

I had to delete and reload all my e mail accounts for them to be recognized after updating.

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I started the update an hour ago and I am still on the blue blackberry icon (when I touch it shows 100%) on the screen.

Yeah, after I hold the power down and restart I get stuck at 98, again 96. This update broke my phone.

so I just updated and when it finished and asked me to restart it, I did that and now when it's turning back on it just gets stuck on the blackberry logo screen... I'm freaking out. I've already tried to take the battery out for it too restart again, and the same, it gets stuck there... can't do anything with it, not even the on/off button works... WHAT TO DO?? help please!!!

Where you able to get it to work, You should never ever remove the Battery when updating, be more patient it can take 30-45 min depending on the content in you phone. Hope it came back ..

OK......It's Christmas morning and my phone has been acting strange for some reason. First of all, I noticed that my contacts page isn't loading properly. I'm being asked to add contacts when I know I have at least 80 in my phone book. I can access them through the phone dialing screen itself and even THIS takes some time to load. I also noticed that when I try to access Facebook, it directs me to the account login screen to update my settings and it just loads but won't open. I tried uninstalling FB and reinstalling with the same result. Ultimately I was curious to see if there was some sort of update to the OS and came to find that my phone seems to have been updated to 10.2.179 when before it was 10.1.....whatever. I am currently running the leaked version 10.2.1055 and I'm not sure if the leak is clashing with and update if in fact the update did occur. I'm using a Verizon BB Z10 with T-Mobile service. Has anyone else noticed anything strange like this?