T-Mobile BlackBerry Z10 launch day photos and observations

By Kevin Michaluk on 26 Mar 2013 04:23 pm EDT

We came. We saw. We left with a BlackBerry Z10 in hand. It was a good morning for the BlackBerry faithful that turned up at NYC's T-Mobile store located at 34th and 6th and all T-Mobile subscribers that have been waiting patiently impatiently for the Z10. Beyond today's Z10 launch, it was a big day for T-Mobile USA in other news.

Separately, the company held a press conference today officially announcing its first seven LTE-enabled cities along with their new Simple Choice plans. They also announced pricing and availability for the Samsung S4 and HTC One and that the iPhone will finally be available from T-Mobile, starting April 12th. T-Mobile really lined things up to make March 26th a T-Mobile day.

All of that other news was a moot point though for the soon to be BlackBerry Z10 owners that arrived before the store opened this morning. Walking up to the line thirty minutes before the store opened, I was immediately recognized by a good number of people. It's always a nice thing to see CrackBerry fans in line, but I was also happy to discover there were people in line who had never ever heard of CrackBerry.com before. And that's an even better thing - demand for BlackBerry 10 has to be bigger than CrackBerry Nation - so I was glad that was case.

One such fellow -- who I'll refer to as Bob -- was totally awesome and exuded that if there's a problem, I'll solve it with money type of vibe. Seriously, Bob offered to buy both my and Bla1ze's Z10s just so he could skip waiting in line (plus he liked my white Z10 and Bla1ze's red one). Talking to Bob was interesting though as it reminded me of just how hardcore that core base of traditional NYC / Wall Street BlackBerry users can be. For him, it's a communication tool first and foremost -- he could give a rat's ass about apps -- and he just wants the best BlackBerry and communication experience he can get. Bob was clear he would only be using his Z10 until the Q10 comes out, as he doesn't think he "will be able text and drive as well with the Z10 compared to the Q10". Like I said, hardcore. It also makes me think that the Q10 launch is going to be BIG for BlackBerry - there are a lot of people not like Bob who are simply going to hold out for the Q10. [Editor's Note - Don't Text and Drive]

Five minutes before the store opened, the T-Mobile District Manager for Manhattan Midtown came out of the store to greet everybody in line and let us know they would be opening the doors soon. I was the fifth person to walk in the door, and was quickly assigned to a rep to get working on getting a Z10. Thanks to T-Mobile's contract-less plans (which is awesome), picking up a Z10 was quick and painless. I'm excited to have a Z10 on T-Mobile to try while in NYC. Word is they should flick the switch on their LTE service any day now. 

Overall, the vibe in the store was really positive. I spoke to the District Manager and District Director for a bit (both CrackBerry readers!), and they were clearly excited by the launch of BlackBerry 10. They relayed there is still a big base of users in NYC who have been wanting a new BlackBerry.

Outside of the store, T-Mobile reps were handing out flyers about the Z10 and showing off demos on live units. And as everybody in the store began to leave the store with Z10 in hand, I saw nothing but smiles.

It was a great experience. Of course, these are my observations at one store. Hopefully other T-Mobile customers across the US have had positive experiences picking up their Z10s today. If you picked up a Z10 today from T-Mobile, be sure to let us know in the comments how it went for you!

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T-Mobile BlackBerry Z10 launch day photos and observations


yes, moot, as in "moot point" which means "An issue regarded as potentially debatable, but no longer practically applicable". Not to be confused with "mute" which some people do. Hope that's helpful ;)

And not to be confused with A moo point, you know, it's like a cow's opinion. It just doesn't matter. It's moo

First; sell like he-l-l!
Second; swipe like he-l-l!
Third; show friends like he-l-l!
( See what I did there? If you want to comment first try to have a GD point!!)

Please be respectful, lamanonymos62. Don't be nasty. But, Bob, you're an idiot. Sorry, you're not just endangering your life but the lives of others on the street. There are families driving around with young kids. How are you going to feel if you took out a 2 year old in her car seat because you were texting? Seriously Bob, end that habit now. I wouldn't want to live with that on my conscience for the rest of my life.

You didn't text and drive before the lame law? So its only bad if there's a law against the activity?

I've spent 4 years driving 135km ea h way to work... and saw some real interesting things done whilst driving; newspaper reading, make up'ing, shaving (with A razer), blunt burning, hair spraying, happy meal eating, and countless other not officially legislated against things which could have caused havoc on a busy highway...

Text in with a BlackBerry (with keys) is a no brainer for those with a brain who are able to use the devi e above steering wheel level... This law forces them to go down low and poof - now it's crazy dangerous.

Just my perspective... hope you get my point!

Via Z10

So is it safe to say that AT&T has zero interest in pushing the device into the hands of BlackBerry users or even people that are curious about the Z10?

Seems that way since there seems to be no marketing or even displays for that matter.

Anyone else agree?

Posted via CB10

I agree. I'm an AT&T customer and noticed that even though they were the first out the door with the Z10, they had no one pushing it. I seems like every store I go to had it in the back corner tucked away with no signage except for the obligatory display model sign.

Posted via CB10

Totally agree.

I was very much hoping to see tmo and Verizon jump on that dropped ball.

I mean it is your bottom line after all. The more offerings you have the better chance of keeping your existing customers.

Posted via CB10 on my Z10!

I agree. The ATT store near me had one on display today but no signs or advertising. The other day when I tried to check the Z10 out they had 1 stuffed in a drawer, not even on display. I had to peruse the entire line up of displays before I found it tucked away in obscurity.

I just went to the T-Mobile site and the Z10 IS on the front page. There are 3 images that are in rotation... first is on their new promo, second is iPhone 5, third is the Z10

Just my personal opinion based on my observations, but you're a downer. Pretty much every comment you make. Do you need a hug? I could be wrong though, as not everything in my world is perfect.

Haha in all seriousness I have been negative and I'm glad you called me on it. I guess I'm frustrated with how things are unfolding (late US launch, huge gap between the Z10 and Q10, lack of more big apps with US launch, etc.). BlackBerry really needs a homerun and I feel like they're just hitting doubles.

I hear what you're saying, and I can totally understand the way you're feeling. The emotional side of me feels the same way. Where's the 'homerun' that is universally accepted as great news and isn't spun negatively by the media?

Well, that's the emotional side of me. The investor side of me knows that there may never be a homerun. They're just hitting singles and advancing runners. But you know what... that kinda grind-it-out play is what it's going to take to win back US market share. The general sentiment in the US is negative... actually, outright hatred is not uncommon. Those kinds of very personal feelings don't just go away overnight. Once (...if) those sentiments start changing, you'll get your apps, platform adoption, carrier support, etc.

I think, given the circumstances, Blackberry has been doing a fantastic job.

Awesome side stories going on here in the comments, but flames still beats oilers hands down -- a Calgarian

Homer, Great point. There's 9 innings and we've just got to the second. Also, Flames suck ;)

@Camera, thanks for being honest, it's much more insightful than most of the other comments. We're all with you on the frustration level, some more than others. But just remember, CrackBerry(the website and the community) is doing all they can to promote and show support for BlackBerry. Let's cut them a little slack if they miss-spell a word or give a link with an error, or even miss a picture or 2.

Anyway, like they say, it always gets worse before it gets better, and as the meth-heads out here in Deadmonton will say, you gotta hit rock bottom before you can get back up and hit the pipe...or something.

I went to my local T-Mobile today hoping to pick-up my Z10 even tho I called and they said that it wouldn't be available until tomorrow. After arriving I convinced the store clerk to check the date again because i knew it was supposed to be released today, Eventually he agreed with me and said to give them a couple hours to unpack them and check the pricing etc. So hopefully I have my Z10 tonight.!!!

What will Thursday tell us about T-Mobile or any of the other Stateside launches? Absolutely nothing, that's what. Fiscal year ended on March 2 for BB, that will be the extent of the numbers they report Thursday.

Mate, I was speaking in the larger global context of the Z10, which you may or may not agree would give us a glimpse of what US sales would be like.

I've said before that the US market is a harsh and unforgiving market. Save for die-hard BlackBerry fans, why on earth would anyone give up iOS or Android to use the utterly ghastly Facebook app on the Z10 for instance? We may choose to live in denial for as long as we want, but an OS cannot be considered to be doing well if there are no apps to support it - that is the hard truth.

If BlackBerry insists on offering me Android apps from 2 years ago, what then stops me from buying an Android phone? Would anyone buy a MacBook for the purposes of running Windows?

Like I said, mazel tov.

Hey, stop with the "Android apps of 2 years ago" thing! You're not the first to say that. I've read the same crap from BGR. First, it's not the Android apps that's the problem, but rather the aging Android 2.3 OS. Anyway, that one comment you made is complete and utter nonsense. Haven't you heard of Parallels Desktop on MacOS? Good seller too!

Until a few months ago, you were hard pressed to find Android 4 on any but a half dozen Android devices. Android 3, as you know, was only for tablets, and it died a painful death taking those tablets with it. I don't think any of those tablets can be upgraded to ICS. In fact, many of these crap "2 year old" Android 2.3 phones are still being sold TODAY by Samsung and LG. I suppose, in the Android world, 2.3 ain't that old now is it?

First of all mate, can I ask that you stop, sit down, and breathe in and out for about 3 mins? Feel better? Good!

I do know of Parallels, okay? My simple point - yes, it is a simple point - is that people buy Mac primarily for the Mac experience. On BB10, Android ports seem to be playing a bigger and bigger role with each passing day, especially with regards to apps from big well-known developers. Why should I or any other Z10 owner settle for an inferior Android experience on BB10 when folks can simply get rid of their BB10 phones and buy Android phones, experiencing the best of Android thereafter? Do you suppose you could answer this simple yet key question?

I asked the question about Facebook above, and I'll ask it again: why should anyone give up Facebook on iOS or Android to then have to put up with a Facebook experience on the Z10 which by any standard is simply ghastly?

Mind you, I have never owned an Android phone in my life - I left iOS to take my chances with BB10, but I have to say, the whole experience has proved to be terribly underwhelming. I thought the gap between the UK launch and the US launch would have spurred BlackBerry into sorting out nagging issues with BB10, but how wrong I was.

I don't know man, maybe so you can BBM AND have apps at the same time? Nobody is fooling anybody: BB10 is a new player in town, and lack of apps is expected. If you can't bear the thought of not using Facebook, go back to iPhone, everyone agrees that what matters is whether the phone helps you or not. Staying only to have bad experience actually hurts BlackBerry's rep.

The Android runtime wasn't actually meant to allow people to sideload, it's to allow developers to simply use their Android app without changing much. Kind of like an apartment that throws in "Free Furniture" or something.

Posted via CB10

Tried to buy a Z10 outright at my local T-Mobile store. They would only sell it to me on credit with one of their new plans. I want the $30 prepaid plan. I am trying to get a Z10 to hold me over until Sprint has a BB10 device. Lame.

I went to my local T Mobile store today to get my Z10. I was out the door in 20 minutes. I'm really happy with the device.

Posted via CB10

Seems somewhat location dependent. Somes stores are ready while others are not.

Might be a difference between ownership. Some may just be a dealer while others are actually owned by tmo

Posted via CB10 on my Z10!

I love hearing how much better the T-Mobile launch in NYC was compared to the AT&T launch. This is what should have been going on at AT&T. BlackBerry customers lining up before the store opens, several reps available to sign people up, and more reps outside. Way to go, T-Mobile!

The local store here had a good display up, with an actual device for demonstration, trained staff, and the manager excited about the Z10. Hopefully we hear more stories like this. :)

Posted via CB10

The local store I went to didn't have any on display and didn't know if they had any to sell. They had 4 in stock. Will be returning my att z10 for T-Mobile to save money!

Posted via CB10

It bothers me a little that so much of the initial success seems entirely left up to apathetic store managers. Who don't even bother to realize they have a new product to sell. Sad.

Posted via CB10 on my Z10!

It is sad... what's that old saying, "... It's hard to find good help!" Fortunately, there are some managers who do care about their jobs and take pride in doing a good job. Seems from the responses here that T-Mobile was generally better prepared.

Bob needs a ticket! Smh @texting and driving. #RememberingAlex just had a head on collision happen in town driver cut over center line driver was texting and died. Other vehicle was flipped occupants in critical condition.

Stopped by my local tmobile store today and got my Z10. The sales rep told me that I was the first on the island to get one. Have not had a chance to play with it yet since I am at work but so far everything looks good and work well. Only disappointment I have is that it was only a bare noes kit. No wipe, earphones or sleeve to use while I wait to get a case.

I was the 3rd person to get the z10 from the tmobile store in Jacksonville FL. They only had three in store and the sales person was not sure when they would have more. She said that BlackBerry has not visited the store or pushed the release of the phone. She did not know much about the phone either. I also had to pay full price for the phone due to the new no contract deal. I wish BlackBerry would step up in the promotion and marketing this wonderful phone. I do love it, so far and am adjusting from the Bold 9900.

That's weird the best buy i got my from only had five, it's like they were preparing for a low response instead of a high demand.

Posted via CB10

As a former iphone5 user, I don't understand why people are hating on the z10 so much or why the carriers like att are not advertising better. I absolutely love my z10

Posted via CB10

I think you can extend your comment to not just hating the z10... people HATE Blackberry. I've been following the blogs, news, tech sites, you name it... there are some really strong feelings against Blackberry. Seriously, it's been a long time since I've encountered a product that is so polarizing. And what was their crime? They were slow to react to the changing smartphone landscape? Doesn't make sense to me.

Why? It's the same smartphone, same accessories in a box with a different brand. What's with so many people wanting and recording "Un boxing Video's".

Think about it, it's a box that you're opening, it's not like you don't know what a box is nor how to open it. It's the product inside you're after, he can just take a photo of the box open and closed, then tell us what's inside. Not even 6yr Olds care about the box at Christmas just what's inside.

Posted via CB10

The store I went too had some advertising up. The guys working there were genuinely excited about it. I can't put it down. I love this phone.

Posted via CB10

I bought my Z10 on the phone from customer care. My cheerful representative said I was her first (that's what she said). She did not know the phone was available. I had to ask her to check. "Oh, look, there it is!"
I don't want to be a jerk, but back in the day, I was a morning radio host and I have done my share of sales, promotions and advertising and the degree of fail is breathtaking.

Okay, I understand that Tmo announced the iPhone and contract free plans and both of these are HUGE, but it's just one more thing. At the ATT store, the representative didn't know how to use the device.

Let it suffice to say I hope the Z10 sells itself, because the carriers (mostly the stores) are inexcusably incompetent.

Tmo store on Powell Union Square had it up and staff was talking about it. They are selling them. Happy to walk out with one! Love the new plans.

Posted via CB10

I loved this event. It was so much fun. Plus I was on the clock for work while getting my new Z10. Now that the box is open, its time to learn it all.

I was the first person to walk into the store. With all the rumors of low stock, I was there almost an hour before they opened to secure a unit and I happened to be the first one there LOL.
I'm the guy with the salmon-ish colored pants standing on the right.

Dude! I tip my hat to you for coming in early and waiting out in the cold to get your Z! Hope you're enjoying it. CrackBerry folks have a great set of articles lined up for you, if you're new to BB10. Cheers!

My hands were numb, but once more Blackberrians started showing up, the time flew by chatting in the queue :)

Just left a T-Mobile store in Houston. They had up a Z10 display with Brochures. The manager was hyped about the phone. They had sold one and also had a lot of walk-in interest today.

I got one at the Att launch . I can't stress enough how bad a$$ this phone is. Don't wait for the q10. Be Bob. Get it now.
I pre ordered via radio Shack who dropped the ball and didn't have the phone when I came in Thursday night. I ran down to Att who said it's 7:57 and we close in 3 minutes so you can't come for a phone. Best buy had 4 left and I told them one has my name on it. Took a 30 minute drive, slapped full price on the counter (off contract) and called it mine. The guy at best buy was a BlackBerry fan :) we did tons of high fives. Lol

Posted via CB10

I was the first guy to pick one up today at the store near by. It looked like I was the one selling the phone to him. Lol! While I was paying for my phone the other rep was talking to another customer asking about the Z10 as well. Very happy with my new Z10! For the record, they only had 7 in stock.

Posted via CB10

Right on both fronts! I am the first Z10 owner in Downtown Nashville, TN! And I also put on my salesman hat! T-mobile owes me a check! LoL Also, there were only like 7 in stock... interesting.

Good to get on the ground update, thank you Kevin and team. I have had my T-Mobile Z10 for nearly a week, and getting the hang of all the new gestures, and loving all but the battery life which is just not acceptable - iPhone-like - as of now. I fear I identify with 'Bob' a bit more than I ought...

Dude, my Z10 has been running for 8 hours and I'm just passing 50%!!! May want to tweek your settings? Question, what size Media Card do you have in your Z10 if you have one at all?

Now that's a cool dude. He seems so excited.
You are going to love that Z10 more and more each day. Trust me.

Don't forget the 5 finger flush to reset the hub !!!!
( Kevin discovered it ..... I named it )

How is that five fingered thing even useful. When has anyone ever needed to restart the Hub?

Yes, I must admit that you'll keep discovering cool things for the next month. Honestly, after several weeks I'm still discovering cool things with my Z.

I want to work for BlackBerry. I will work on comission ..... $1 for every phone I sell. These phones will sell them self.

Love my z10!!!! A little bit of getting used to but I've logged a few hours already. Got absolutely zero work done but I now know my phone better opening sucked in Chicago had to go to 3 stores before I could get one. Was late for work but it was totally worth it

I picked up my Z10 from a T-Mobile store on Manhattan's Upper West Side this afternoon. There was a demo unit available for playing with.

I was pressured, understandably, by the salesperson to move up from my grandfathered $40 base voice + data plan. I held my ground, but had to pay the full price of the phone upfront. I expected that would happen, and it seemed reasonable enough.

Typed on my new Z10!!!

Posted via CB10

Sad Day again! I went to two local Tmobile stores and both stores did not know the Z10 had arrived. I had to ask them to please check their phone inventory. Sure enough the phone was there. I spent 40 minutes educating the rep about the features of the Z10. No one in the store had any idea of this amazing new phone. :( still debating to drop my Sprint Service for Tmobile. I have free international Data roaming on my Spring 9930. So cool that I dont I want to give it up.

Free International Roaming is big, but T-Mobile's new plans are game changers! Just depends on how you live.

Absolutely horrible experience with tmo today getting a z10. Finally was able to prove to a store here in south Texas that they were allowed for sale today. My first call afterwards was to a contact I have at BlackBerry. The retail stores in my area are not even displaying any of the material they see being paid to put up, tmo or att. Hopefully that will change soon, but I did get to show the phone to a bunch of coworkers.

Posted via CB10

Must be nice to have the Z10 while waiting for the Q10. Just wish the Q10 was out so I can really compare!

I don't think it's a comparison thing. It's different phones for different people. You're either a Q or a Z.

Yea, but I swear man, the Z10 Keyboard Experience is TOUGH to compete with. It's like playing a SUPER addictive video game! You look for excuses to type! LoL And every time you type it just gets faster & faster.

This will be a day long remembered. It has seen the launch of the BB Z10 on T-Mobile, and it signals the celebration of my exit from Sprint.

Just got the best gift in a long while...a BlackBerry z10...yaay...This was so so unexpected

Posted via CB10

Great pictures!!! I just order my Z10 from Verizon today, I was able to get an early upgrade... Now I can't wait to get my baby... This is so exciting!!!!

I picked up my Z10 once I woke up! Called a cab to the nearest T-Mobile shop & traded in my 9900 for it. I've been messing around with it ever since I got home!

& is it possible to buy spark stickers? I would love to put one on the back of my Otter Box

The Z10 and TMobile are the best..... I walked into a Tmobile store in Ridgewood, Queens and yes they opened 2 minutes late, lol, I was the first one to buy it out of their store. The sales rep was excited to un-box it too. She said "This is exciting" lol. And I even had a blackberry hater say, "oooh this is nice, not too bad." LOL. Still trying to figure everything out, but I'm glad I spent my money on it! Thanks BB and TMobile! Kudos!

Congratulations to "all" new BB10 users! Love my Z10. The "word" is getting out, more users, more BB10 LOVERS, more BB10 promoters. C'MON!!! :)

Battery life on this thing is amazing. It took a few days to break it in. Way better than an iPhone

Posted via CB10

Nice to see this T-Mobile buzzing with the Z10 today. Sure makes for a nice change from what we have been hearing from the media of late. Any ideas on how other T-Mobile stores did on opening day?

I made the jump today! And I'm unlocked out of the box!

/never does this kinda thing
//sprint sucks
///10 years loyalty gone just like that

Posted via CB10

"Beyond today's Z10 launch, it was a big day for T-Mobile USA in other news. Separately, the company held a press conference today officially announcing its first seven LTE-enabled cities along with their new Simple Choice plans... Thanks to T-Mobile's contract-less plans (which is awesome), picking up a Z10 was quick and painless. I'm excited to have a Z10 on T-Mobile to try while in NYC. Word is they should flick the switch on their LTE service any day now."

Since T-Mobile is merging with MetroPCS, I think they're advancing in this direction, to compete with the "Big Four" of mobile carriers in the US. The merger is set to be approved on March 28th - coincidence? I think not. The contract-less plans idea is designed to lure away customers from the other three, and now, they have the resources to do so.

It was barely a year ago that AT&T planned to buy out T-Mobile for $39 billion. Times change pretty quickly, especially in the tech industry.

Proud owner of a Bold 9900 (soon Z10) and a PlayBook

"Where's the back button? Where's the home key?"
- BlackBerry 10 naysayers

Verizon charge my card today, so my White Z10 should be in the mail today and will be here Thursday the day of the release or "Maybe" even tomorrow. (1 day earlier)

I have to ask. Why is Kevin buying another Z10 to try on another mobile network, when this wrongfully skews sales numbers - no matter how insignificant, it prevents someone else from getting a Z10.

Not like he really understands mobile networks like an engineer or someone whom worked for their 2/3 support with training and understanding mobile devices gateways and Inter networks.

This kind of act repeated by all carriers kind of annoys me as a user and BlackBerry fan. Observe, but don't take a spot in line from those that don't own a device.

Posted via CB10

I picked up my Z10 today and love it. Spent the whole day playing with it and buying apps. My experience at the store was a bit different than others. There was no signage or advertising up. They had the phone in a back display. I was told that they only had 3 in stock at the store. The sales people were great though. They were just as excited to see the Z10 as I was. I stayed there for over an hour playing with it and showing them all the features of the phone. Glad I had Crackberry and friends to show me what I needed to know. I educated the sales people there and they seemed quite happy that I stopped to buy one today.

Hi I got my z10 today at t-mobile in minneapolis area. Clocking speeds of 10.2 mb/s with the T-mobile network. Also, note that T-mobile stores I heard rumour had some computer problem, which causes stores to not know what they have unless they look. Its gonna a be a problem for them, but for customers it means you gotta ask the guys to look in the back and see what they have. Then if they are out you will need to call stores nearby.

Reading the comments, I get the feeling that AT&T is the granny pants of cellular providers and T Mobile is the sexy thong. It sounds like many had great experiences, but the carriers still need to get THEIR marketing up to snuff. The days of people walking in and buying stuff off your shelves is long gone.

Posted via CB10

I got mine today and had no problems at all with T-mobile. Was switching from AT&T so I'm sure they were happy about that. I was at the store around 3pm. There weren't any customers there but they did have the Z10 prominently displayed (not a big sign but center stage), with a working demo model. All the sales associates and the sales manager were very enthusiastic about the phone. The manager said he was a long time BB user and switched to Android and was itching to go back to BB. The sales associate said he wanted to ditch his iphone for the Z10. Maybe they were just trying to close the deal but I didn't really need convincing.

Anyways, I have played with this phone all day today and I absolutely love this thing. My torch will be sent to be recycled. Pretty nice upgrade!

I Left TMobile store in Overland Park Kansas with my Z10 around 6:20 pm. It is past midnight and I am still installing applications and learning about this beautiful device.
I am happy I did not go the iOS or android way back in September 2012. The wait was well worth it. The Z10 is a different and amazing phone.
By the way, the experience at TMobile was positive. Personnel knew about the phone and transferring files from Curve 8520 was painless.

Posted via CB10

I called a few Tmo stores around my area today. The South Gate, Ca. store didn't have any but they said that they had a shipment coming in on Wednesday. The Lakewood store also didn't have any, and they didn't know when they would be receiving any. I finally found 4 at the Compton store and by the time that I got there, they were down to 2. That's all I needed for my wife and me.
So it was a mission but my wife and I are loving our Z10!

Posted via CB10

Seems that T-Mobile's launch came with more bash that AT&Ts. I went to pick mine at AT&T in San Diego, and nothing like this was happening. Congrats T-Mo!

I would not be worried about the lack of sales people in stores pushing out the Z10. Once people start to demand the phone they will turn around and push them more to the customers. Take a look at the WP 7 launch. They had a huge marketing push, even coupled with an xbox and it still did not manage tom grab a bigger market share in US.

I went to my nearest T-Mobile store yesterday about 10:45 - less than an hour after they opened. There was a functioning Z10 on display and some BB ad stuff on a big video board, no signs in the rest of the store. Sales guy told me they had 4 units in stock, and I was their first sale for the Z10. They had to get the accessories out of the back as they hadn't put them out on display yet. When another sales person, nice girl, went to ring up my purchase she looked at the Z10 box and responded "Wow! Cool phone!" She was very excited to open up the box and get to start it up...had to unbox it there in the store to get the smaller sim card out. Phone fired up right away, almost instantly locked onto the wi-fi in the store and worked great right out of the box. Simple test call from the store to my new phone to check to make sure the sim was good and the phone worked and I was out the door. Staff at that store were generally excited to see the device. Another customer offered me an unlocked iPhone, and 2 S2's for my Z10 while I was still paying! Had to say "NO" of course. Only problem was I had to run straight to work with only enough time to transfer my data from my 9810 so I didn't really get much time to play with it...That's the project for today. Small store in the 'burbs, but overall a good experience and sales people who are excited about the phone.

So I officially spent my first day full day with my Z10 and I'm blown away. After using my 9930 for a year its night and day. Everything is smooth and seamless. I got all the apps I'm used to plus some more even got the 360 panorama app and it's awesome. And a bonus was the Alicia Keys tickets l (I was standing next to that guy and he was elated). But shout outs to Kevin and the blackberry team for the heads up.

Posted via CB10

Last night I went to Tmo there was only two ppl including myself waiting to be assisted with the Z10. The display at Tmo for the Z10 was very disappointing. No love for BB in Tampa Bay.

Hi, i got my Z10 on 1st February and I love it. But even I don't see the point in having 2 of them or buying one on a different mobile network. I just phoned O2 and requested that they unlock the handset for me which they did for free and now i can use a US sim on my holiday next month. Love CrackBerry but seriously, trying out the T Mobile Z10? Isn't it just the same as the one already in your pocket?

Posted via CB10

I was the only person at my tmo store at 10 am when they opened... But that just meant I got my z10 quickly! oh, and I love it!!

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It was a good morning indeed. Fantastic meeting you, Kool-Kev & Bla1ze. Appreaciate you including me in the photoshoot. It was only right having you guys there, when finally getting on my BB10 game. Two tix to Alicia @ Barclays was a nice treat as well.. With my new Ztoy..truly No Sleep Til Brooklyn!


I wasn't able to pick up a Z10 on March 26th as they were sold out. They only had 4 in stock on opening day.
Today, I was phoned with the info that they had just restocked six more Z10's. I went in early afternoon, March 29th, and they had already sold three, with apparently two more waiting on their phone list.
We have five Tmo stores in our local east bay area. Fantastic phone. Can't wait to learn everything.
Crackberry tips are on my number one reading list!

Picked mine up about a week ago. I'm a petite woman. At first it felt bulky in my hand, but I need this phone for Cisco. Yes, I'm aware other phones offer Cisco, but I am a devoted blackberry user for its security and encryption features. I am getting used to the phone and its learning keyboard texting features are amazing. Not only that, the sensitivity response and I am used to it now. My experience at T-Mobile in Tampa Florida was non stressful. No one pushed other products on me etc. Loving this awesome phone and still have much more to learn.

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