T-Mobile BlackBerry Q10 Unboxing

By Simon Sage on 27 Jun 2013 01:42 pm EDT

Alright T-Mobile fans, a lot of you have already gone and picked up the BlackBerry Q10, but for those that haven't, here's a peek at what you get. The two notable things about the unboxing here is that there aren't any headphones included, and you've got branding on the front face. The T-Mobile Q10 we saw at BlackBerry Live was still a pre-launch model, complete with engraved serial numbers, so it's not a huge surprise that a logo eventually found its way on there. It does make me thankful for the clean models that were launched in Canada, though. 

Inside the box you've got the usual fistful of documentation, a microUSB cable, and a charger. There's nothing too fancy here, but the box is very tastefully laid out. If you're hankering for some headphones, you should check out the premium BlackBerry headphones. I've been really happy with my pair. There are a ton of other accessories worth looking into if you've picked up a Q10 and need to kit it out. 

T-Mobile customers, how many of you have already picked up the BlackBerry Q10? How are you digging the LTE network? Is the coverage and speed up to snuff? 

Order the T-Mobile BlackBerry Q10 oinline for $99 on a two-year agreement and a $20 monthly tab

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T-Mobile BlackBerry Q10 Unboxing


I know, right?!  I've been quiet this week.  Sprained my wrist and been working on a whole bunch of admin catch up (work and personal).... living out of a suitcase for the better part of a six months, when you come home you need to play catch up.

Have a little post coming up shortly though.... but it's kinda fun to let the other guys have the spot light too. We have such a good team :)

I didn't see the need to grab TMO Q10 as my Z10 has been serving me all the needs I ever want from any smartphone.

I just hope that TMO will bring the white models either Z10 or Q10 so that I can get it to replace my wife iPhone. I was tempted on that color ware unit, but it only comes in as STL100-2. So, it won't be able to utilize TMO LTE.

Just out of curiosity, do the carriers subsidize you guys when you buy phones? Seems excessive to buy every phone on every carrier. There aren't many differences and does the cost really generate at least a break even for your sites revenue?

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They have a US non-profit section 2772.1 classification, so these phones are actually paid for by our tax dollars (including Canadian and UK models). I'm cool with it because I like all of the unboxings and reviews. And yes, I'm joking.

I'm about two weeks in with the Q, and loving every second of it.
LTE is awesome, not used to these speeds.
Always had decent coverage out and about with TMO except and home I constantly find the phone has no signal.
And I can't put it on wifi for calls yet like I do with my 9900 because TMO has enabled it yet. Thank heavens I didn't deactivate the 9900 when I purchased the Q.

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If I buy a T-Mobile Q10, will it work flawlessly on Videotron, provided all of the T-Mobile branding?

I was in my local TMO store on release day (6/6). After having it for three weeks, I can say that it is my all-time favorite device, beating out my beloved 9900. Awesome phone!!!

@dunaway - Posted with TMO Q10 via CB10

When seeing this unboxing, I'm still bitter that T-Mobile didn't give us any kind of holster or the premium earphones..and then I see Telstra in Australia give away Bose MIE2 earphones with their Q10..worth like $150.

Lucky Australians :)

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I got my tmobile q10 a couple weeks ago, absolutely loving it. Hoping for better google apps integration in the future though.

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I went to T-Mobile Pasadena, CA tonight to check the Q10 and Z10. They had lots of Blackberry flyers on a table. That was the good surprise. But... the Z10 and Q10 were at the end of the store, next to a 9900 and another older model. All dummy devices. The 9900 even had some keys missing from the keypad. To my surprise, they were all priced the same. I asked the saleswoman why a 2yo 9900 was the price of a brand new Q10, she tried to come up with an explanation but had no clue about it. Then I asked if she was selling lots of BB10, she said "yes, I sell those all the time". So, I asked how many and she said "like 4 or 5 in June". (!) Next to me the other salesman was showing a customer the Androids with great enthusiasm.

Blackberry can do all the marketing they want, most customers enter a shop with no clue about what they want to buy, so if the salespeople are not promoting the product, it is all useless. Even worse, if they have no clue what is a Q10 compared to a 9900 (for the same price!), when someone slightly interested like i pretended to be is, then BBRY will not sale a lot of phones.
And those dummy devices are really a shame. The only non dummy devices were iPhone and Android.
I'm aware most of it is the responsibility of the carrier. But I think this is where some effort has to be put in from Blackberry.