T-Mobile BlackBerry Q10 registration page for business customers has gone live

By Bla1ze on 29 Apr 2013 01:22 am EDT

If you're a T-Mobile business account holder who is interested in picking up the BlackBerry Q10, now would be a good time to head on over to the T-Mobile website. As noted earlier, T-Mobile has set up a registration page for those interested and it has now gone live. You can drop in your email address, which T-Mobile will then use to keep you updated on the BlackBerry Q10 release.

Much like the BlackBerry Z10 launch on T-Mobile, business customers will have access to the device before regular consumers so if you fit the criteria, it's certainly worth dropping your name in there. Sadly, still no word on pricing or availability but I suppose that's essentially what you're signing up for.

T-Mobile BlackBerry Q10 registration page

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T-Mobile BlackBerry Q10 registration page for business customers has gone live


What was the length of time between registration for the Z10 for business users and the actual release date for regular customers? Does anyone remember?

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Although I didn't qualify, I signed up for the Z10 business user registration so I could start bugging T-Mobile on a regular customer release date, it was a bit over 2 weeks but if felt like FOREVER!

Yea i agree. That theme is sexy and beneficial for the battery life! Hopefully software update 10.1 has that option.

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The Dark theme is beneficial for battery life on the Q10's AMOLED screen but not on the Z10's LCD screen, which is why the Z10 didn't come with it.

I'd like to see the Dark theme as a choice for the Z10 at some point as I do prefer how it looks. It matches the rest of BB10's User Interface better than the Light theme which to me looks out of place on screens such as Settings and Share. However BB10 doesn't support changing themes and it's not clear that it ever will, BlackBerry have said it won't, so that's probably that.

Hopefully the 10.1 update for the Z10 will just force the change to Dark theme upon us for those screens I mentioned and some of the the core apps. Don't think BlackBerry would change the Hub lists to Dark theme though as they seem to think message lists should always be black on white.

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Yes indeed. The Q10's battery life benefits from a dark background on the AMOLED screen.

Since the Z10 is LCD based and is back lit, making things dark means blocking light. So a dark background won't benefit you as it does on the Q10.

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I've been developing with the 10.1 simulator using the z10 interface.. according to docs all I had to do was set an environment var which I did and dark theme was enabled. This was only the sim though.

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Kevin I know you pretty much buy all the devices that come out but I'm curious if you've chosen for switch from your Z10 to the Q? You look pretty content in that pic.

Feel free to add me 24EFEB55

I wonder if this will work like their Z10 update where they never sent out emails and then claimed on Twitter that they had already announced a release date...

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These "registration" pages are a joke and waste of time. They mean nothing. Either give us real information, like an actual release date and price, or stop wasting our time.

No doubt T-Mobile customers will probably have their Q's in hand by the time an email from T-Mobile gets sent out to people saying, "The all new Blackberry Q10 is available now." At least that is how it works at Verizon.

Ha! You stole my post! It was so ridiculous! Signed up and haven't received an email till this day! As far as that is concerned the Z10 hasn't even dropped yet! LoL

I have the z10 on TMobile but I would like to try the q10 and might get one for my wife.

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Probably worth pointing out that this is T-Mobile US. I'm with T-mobile UK and got most confused when I couldn't log-in.