T-Mobile BlackBerry Q10 pricing gets detailed

Available in June for $579.99

By Adam Zeis on 21 May 2013 09:19 am EDT

While T-Mobile was the first US carrier to go live with preorders for the BlackBerry Q10 for business customers, they are just now firing up their registration page for everyone else. You still can't actually order a Q10 just yet, but you can sign up to be notified of all the happenings over the next few weeks. 

The fun part, as noted on the page, is that the Q10 will be available in June (which we knew already) and that the device will run you $579.99 outright. That means thanks to T-Mo's Simple Choice plans, you can pick up a Q10 for as little at $99.99 down and $20/month for 24 months. 

So if you've been scoping out a Q10 on T-Mobile you shouldn't have to wait much longer. All-in-all not a bad play if you're thinking of picking up a Q10 sans-contract.

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T-Mobile BlackBerry Q10 pricing gets detailed


Wow, better than Canada, for the upfront price, but $20 a month for 24 months is ripping people off!!

I believe the option is there to pay it off asap..not necessarily 20 a month. Don't quote me but if that's the case it's excellent.

Yes So-sa you are right when I spoke with Tmobile two weeks ago the rep said you could infact pay off the phone in full at anytime before the 24 months.

How's it a ripoff? At the end, you're paying the $579. It's no different than Rogers or Bell or Telus burying this in their monthly fee.

Did Tmob truly lower their monthly fees though? And if they did, was it significant enough to make up for the additional $20 per month in device cost?

No, not really... Here's how a T-Mo plan would compare to a Sprint plan.
T-Mo: $70 for Unlimited everything, $20 for 24 months for device, in my area it would be around $100 after taxes.
Sprint: 69.99 450 landline minutes, Unlimited Mobile to Mobile, texting, and data, $10 "premium data" smartphone charge, $8 insurance for 9330 (goes up to $11 for more expensive phones) and my bill comes out to $95.81 a month after tax, so even with insurance Sprint is cheaper (I don't need unlimited to landlines) and with Sprint you get to upgrade every 20 months. An AT&T plan with 3GB of data and 450 landline minutes w/ rollover would be around the same as the Sprint plan, it just wouldn't have insurance.

I don't think that the insurance is worth it for that phone given that you probably have to pay some deductible (notice 'given' and 'probably' on the same sentence if that makes any sense)

That's just my opinion.

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It's worth it, the only time you actually have to pay a deductible is if the screen is broken or if there's been water damage. Otherwise I can simply walk in (let's say I've worn out my keyboard for example which I have actually done, same with the lock button) I tell them whats wrong with the phone, they verify the problem, order a refurbished device, once the device has been delivered to the store I can go pick it up and they'll activate it and ship my old one back. The price is worth it for how trouble free it makes things.

That's only one side of the plan, though. You chose to compare the top of the line plan.

Here's what I have (copied and pasted from my online account): Simple Choice Plan: Unlimited Talk + Text ($50), Premium Handset Protection Warranty ($3.99), 500 MB High-Speed Data (Free, 4G I haven't capped it out yet), WorldClass International Service (Free). Add the phone cost for a Z10: $18 (only for 24 months) and all the annoying fees and taxes my bill came out to $81.96.

The big thing is, if I ever did go over my 500mb of data, I would never be charged for it. I would just lose 4G.

Of course if you want a higher data plan, it's going to cost more (Unlimited Data is $20, which is where you got your $70 from)(2GB costs $10). So top of the line, yes it would be $100, but that's not always the case.

Also it's $30 for a second line, and any after that are only $10 (as opposed to paying the $50 per line).

It all goes down to what the individual needs. For someone like me that uses the computer more (since I'm home more often), this plan works out great.

Yes, of course that's only one plan. It makes sense to compare truly unlimited to truly unlimited, so I did. Yeah if you can get away with the lower plan rates its great, but for me I need a carrier with more coverage than T-Mo and the VZW roaming on Sprint comes in handy. Not that T-Mo isn't a good wireless provider, they just suck in my area so their of no use to me.

What sucks the most about the new plans is that I was on a grandfathered plan with my parents that is a decade old. I basically left them so I could have my own plan, and am now paying double what I was (22 and married, it was time). That's the only thing I hate about the new plans, there is no incentives for long-term customers. I thought about going to Sprint, but it was a bit more expensive, and since I don't have a landline, the unlimited talk pulled me in.

If I was locked into a contract, I would be safe, but if they decide to raise their prices, I would have to pay it. That's a big thing to think about, imo, when choosing them. I took a leap of faith since they've always treated me well, but if they start raising the price, I'm gone, and I would probably choose Sprint. The only reason I stayed with T-Mo was because Sprint didn't get the Z10.

Yup, that's the problem there were too many legacy people on older cheaper plans. The new structure was a great way to say, "either buy the phones full price and keep your plan, or move to the new plans." Yet people on the Sprint SERO plans can still get upgrades ironically.

Well, the new no contract plans are available through the Corporate Stores and Customer Care. You can renew your existing contracted plan at Best Buy or another retailer and get your subsidized plan. One thing to also keep in mind is that the new plans still allow you to get a corporate discount if your employer, school or even gym is part of T-Mobile's discount program. Also, unlike all other carriers, if the main account holder isn't eligible for the discount (ie. employer not on the list) then if an authorized user is eligible (ie. they go to a university or are serving our country), that covers the entire account.

You're calculating your actual Sprint bill without considering the cost of the phone when you upgrade, or does Sprint give you the phone for free? But, then you are calculating T-mobiles monthly bill with the $20 installment for the phone. Is that a fair comparison?

The great thing about the contract pricing, is while something like the Note II from Sprint would cost me $299.99, I can get the same phone at Amazon for $99.99 the same $100 that T-Mo wants down on a lot of their phones.T-Mobile's over all pricing will always remain focused on the MSRP which won't go down over time. Plus T-Mo pay for 24 months then upgrade if you don't want to pay extra, Sprint every 20 months. I'm someone who upgrades every 20 months and normally unless it's something like the Q10 that I want at launch, I won't pay full price. Normally phones I get will be either free or 100-150. T-Mo is only good if you either
A. Don't need truly unlimited data and can deal with a speed cap
B. Buy the phone at MSRP as the T-Mo MSRP is often cheaper than other carriers.
C. Don't upgrade every time you're can.
My Sprint works for me, T-Mo will never be cheaper in my case nor will it ever be a good value for me as their network is extremely poor in areas I need service. My entire problem with these plans is they aren't the giant value T-Mo promotes them as. Yes, they can save people money, but it's not universal across the plans it's all depending on usage, phones, and upgrade patterns. While they make it sound like it's something that can save everyone out there giant truck loads of money, while really it's much more conditional than that.

Your pricing on sprint is complete BS. I just went to sprint and its $109 for unlimited everything. Have fun paying way more..... vs $90 (that's with the $20 phone) on TMO. And BTW, its not $100 + the MSRP. Your paying the first $100 off the MSRP or end price if you will.

I know its not "$100 +MSRP" the $100 is a down payment and then you pay the rest in monthly installments, my point was with my plan, I pay $100 for a phone upfront with Sprint, then I can upgrade at 20 months. When I say truly unlimited I was talking about data! If you actually talk to landlines so much that you need more than 450 minutes dedicated to them during weekdays before 7PM and after 7AM then great for you. T-Mo is the better option, again my problem is the savings on the new T-Mo plans aren't as clear cut as T-Mo makes them seem.

It's their new payment structure. Zero interest, and you can pay it off whenever you want (including at the time of purchase.) Only thing is though, to keep this payment plan, you need to be getting service through them, or else you owe the full amount or whatever is left on the balance.

Their Z10 was the cheapest out of all three US carriers, btw.

For third party contracts/upgrades, the Z10 was $200. Since the Q10 is priced $50 higher than the Z10, my guess would be that this would carry over and the contract pricing would be $250.

These are third party upgrades we're talking about, so Best Buy, Radioshack etc. might have sales that T-Mobile may not. I know Best Buy ran a '$50 off any smartphone upgrade' a while back.

I don't know if you can buy a TMob phone "with contract" any longer, and Best Buy only lets you order a TMob phone for later pick up they do not stock TMob phones in the stores.

They haven't sold one Q10 to business customers because Blackberry hasn't given T-Mobile any inventory. Business customers now have to wait until June.

It's the extra burden we keyboard users will have to bear, I guess. They probably figured if we want it that bad, we'll pay. Whether this strategy will work or not, we'll see.

Banda aceh, Indonesia wait to this blackberry Q10, hope that soonly will come 2 my home country.. can't wait...

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well thats better then I expected. I was thinking they were gonna charge $600 outright and a bigger down payment so good knows for folks wanting the phone.

579.99$ is only 450€. Thats 200€ cheaper then reports here in Europe.

U guys sure this is right?

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They don't convert price directly between currencies. And it doesn't do us any good when it's not available...

That's a bargain compared to the UK. I picked one up from Carphone Warehouse (unbranded and unlocked) for £550, that's roughly $825. I know it's all to do with international price parity but that does seem like quite a gap.

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Interesting that the prices in the US are about $100 less than the prices in Canada. Thanks to BBRY for their home team advantage...

Well for some reason, T-Mobile's retail prices under the new plans have been lower than AT&T/Verizon/Sprint. Their Z10, which is arguably the best Z10 for North America, was about $20 cheaper that AT&T/Verizon (not a lot,) but their iPhone upon launch was around $70 cheaper (until they raised the price by $50...which Apple probably made them do.)

For Verizon and AT&T, I wouldn't be surprised if the off contract price was around $650. Let's wait and see

Thank you. Thought it was going to be priced higher. I guess that's why you don't announce price at reveal. It just gives you more room to price based on perceived demand.

Here in Belgium pre order for 699 euro
Like my Z10 it will go down after a few weeks.
Z10 now for sale at 499 euro.
So I will wait a few weeks longer to get my hands on a Q10 :)

This is a better deal than they had for the 9900 last year ($200 up front with $20 payments over 24 mo.). Interesting to see that T-Mobile's outright price seems to be cheaper than other carriers. Do carriers mark up the outright price at all vs. what they pay for it? Could it be that T-Mo is marking it up less to try to attract new customers?

They were selling the Z10 $20 (IIRC) cheaper than AT&T, and the iPhone $70 cheaper than AT&T (until they jacked up the price by $50, making it just $20 cheaper than AT&T.) And both these phones, radio bands wise are arguably better on paper than the AT&T variants (at least the Z10 is...not 100% sure about the iPhone.) My guess is that in addition to the reason you've given, TMO can "afford" to sell the phones a little cheaper as they recoup the entire cost of the phone, especially when bought at full price. They're not subsidizing it and losing money with every sale like Sprint did (does?) on the iPhone.

Picked up a Z10 for $99 on Tmo and I just might pick up the Q10 for the hell of it and swap phones when I feeling like it, Thanks Tmo

Kobe how will you "Swap"..i have a Z10 and would like to get a Q10 to replacer. I'm on Tmobile (USA). I assumed I would have to sell my Z privately. Thanks

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I got the z10 and switched to this new plan the same day. I think I am paying $11 per month for my z10. I paid more upfront though.

For thos that don't understand the new plans, they are similar to traditional plans if you upgrade on a two year cyclw, all of the lines on your plan. I have 5 lines but i am only paying for my z10. All others were bought on ebay or craigslist.

I have 5 smartphones on my plan, one iPhone 4s, a MyTouch. A bold and a torch and the total for all is around $135 per month.
All lines are no overage lines. All comes with unlimited talk and text. The only limit is 4g data is limited to 500meg. After going over once my speed was reduced to 128k which wasn't bad really.

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if you use the payment plan then you are essentially in a 24 month contract (because if you cancel before the 24 months the total remaining balance becomes due instead of continuing at $20 for the remaining finance period; making it similar to an early termination fee); also if you want to use your corporate discount from work they will tack on a 24 month contract.

I know because they have done both to me