T-Mobile BlackBerry Q10 gets an early unboxing

By Adam Zeis on 28 May 2013 04:12 pm EDT

On the heels of news that the BlackBerry Q10 could be landing on T-Mobile as early as next week, it looks like some users may already be ahead of the game. Geoffrey sent in this video unboxing of a BlackBerry Q10 on T-Mobile that he received earlier today.

It's pretty much what you'd expect - the device, battery charger and manuals - but sadly no headset is included. (Not to worry because we have plenty you can pick up).

A quick check of T-mo's site still shows the device as "coming soon". Geoffrey is a business customer however, so those that were able to order already should be getting devices soon.

We expect it to go on sale for average Joes next week (hopefully).

Hit up T-Mobile for more info.

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T-Mobile BlackBerry Q10 gets an early unboxing


If I won the Gold one, I'd craft a vacuum-sealed case and just look at it. No way that baby is seeing regular day-to-day use. And given its limited availability, in a few years it might be worth even more!

Posted via CB10 on my Z10 & loving it!

It's good seeing the Q10 in a T-Mobile box...that lets us know that they're ready to go in a warehouse somewhere.

It does suck. I really wanted a pair of the headphones :(

Dear CrackBerry Store: PLEASE start selling the Q10's premium headphones!

talk about bare bones, how about throwing in some ear buds at least. In the past we would at least get that and a holster.

Most folk want to pick their own protective cases and ear buds.
I have a box full of unused accessories from prior phone purchases.


I don't know, the pair you get with the Bold 9900 is pretty decent once you find the right size ear piece to fit just right. Once you get that perfect seal, the sound is actually quite nice compared to even many of the third party earbuds...

I guess they work better on other devices because Apple's headphone amplifiers in their ipods and iphones SUCK... I don't get how they are considered the "standard" for other mp3 players to meet. Their sound quality is terrible compared to the competition like the Creative Zen that doesn't sell at all because people are stupid apparently...

TM US Q10 (@: $579.99) is $48 more than their Z10 (@$531.99).
Q10's will have many corporate buyers, who will pay for the phones. I suppose this is not a bad deal for all.

Given the massive us delay compared to Canada, I have no sympathy. Maybe it's cheaper because it's now an older phone?

well since i visited the hospital today, seen a specialist, had a hip injection and walked out without paying a cent, I guess everythingin Canada is not as expensive as the USA

I'm in Canada and paid $649 for my Q10, which also included the $40 premium stereo headset. The headset is awesome. :)

Posted via CB10 on my sexy Q10

Man I am so torn between the Q10 and the Z10. My upgrade is vailable on AT&T this Saturday and still don't know which one to choose. I've done 9700, 9800 and currently 9900. I truly do love the keyboard but could so use a bigger screen.

loved it, just really didn't love how the T-Mobile branding is so obvious. Branding on me phones are so ugly but why would US carriers insist on doing them...sssshhs

I'm in LA and it's great. Near LTE speeds. And excellent in building service. This is relatively new, as they recently had some major upgrades, but it's really, really good now.

I am in South Pas and run around all over - you'll get 4G pretty much everywhere. In La Canada, East Pas, Santa Monica, Venice and a few other places I go to you'll get LTE.

I've had the Q since opening date in Canada. Keyboard plus a bigger screen from the 9900. Only thing better would be winning the gold Q.

Posted via CB10

I'm so disappointed in BlackBerry, first off the screen is too small. Second, they left out the things that make a BlackBerry unique i.e. the dedicated camera button, the convenience key, rapid charging points for docks and the ever famous BlackBerry holster. Not to mention they are flawed hardware I.e.the random reboot issue which is why I returned my Z10. Idk if the Q10 will have this problem too but, I'm sure it will as it uses the same hardware. Frankly this phone isn't worth it until they bring the hardware/software up to par.

this is a fresh start for blackberry much like windows phone was a few years back so obviously features will be missing ... you do not need rapid charge points you would like them. i agree with the lack of a camera button but there are 2 onscreen buttons. the hardware has nothing to do with restarts it could be just a bad flash or a software glitch and even if it was a hardware problem you can get it exchanged. the price is high honestly i know but its their comeback and it will get better with updates blackberry is moving fast with the updates.. if you don't think its worth it well there are androids iPhone and windows phones.

as for the screen too small its a portrait qwerty phone would you like a long phone to have a larger screen ??
i would advise u wait slider with larger screen

"Moving fast"? Really?! I've been waiting for this savior for OVER two years! I was due an up grade last Spring and yet kept holding out even with the delays and promises of wanting to get it right the first time. I'm just tired of the excuses and fan boy comments. We are weeks away and yet they stil can't nail down a release date.

1) the release date is June the 5th
2) there is no way a new product is going to be right the first time or flawless its a new os give it time windows phone had its issues when it launched as well
3) a fan boi im not cuz i cant even afford any of these expensive bb10 devices im just being optimistic about it and its success
4)ive been waiting too but i cant afford and wont be able to for quite some time cuz its $6000 in my currency and carriers here wont launch the Q10 till September and even then it will be like $4000 - $5000 on contract and prepaid so could you please calm down cuz im not bashing them for taking long or having platform issues.

Nice, but some vocals would have been expected, and that vertical cinemascope format trimmed too much view