T-Mobile BlackBerry Curve 9360 turns up at a meeting

BlackBerry Curve 9360
By Bla1ze on 24 Aug 2011 04:25 pm EDT

Though it's not exactly the most shocking news -- considering the devices are now officially announced and we've been seeing them for a while anyway, some fresh pics of the BlackBerry Curve 9360 have now appeared. The images come from a T-Mobile meeting of employees held today where some product knowledge was dropped and they got to go hands-on with the devices. Still no release date for T-Mobile version but we're expecting that shortly.

Source: PocketBerry

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T-Mobile BlackBerry Curve 9360 turns up at a meeting


cool. but im waiting for vodafone's 9860. should be available by the end of September. cant wait!

Darn While I was logging in I was beat to first...anyways I either want this or the new Bold.

I think my 9330 is a little too slow for me lol

I know how you feel. I upgraded to the 9900 from the 8330. when I got my new phone I was like "WHHHAAAATTTTT that hourglass isn't part of the display picture?"

Sorry to butt in but I totally laughed out loud reading your comment. Sometimes I feel the same way. Planning to upgrade from my 9000 to the 9900 as soon as AT&T releases it.

What is going on with the release of the Torch 9860??? If T-Mobile is releasing the 9900 and the 9360, get the 9860 out there. I checked one out at the Sprint store and it is real nice in the hand!