T-Mobile BlackBerry Curve 9315 shows up online

By Adam Zeis on 12 Oct 2012 02:22 pm EDT

T-Mobile Curve 9315

This one popped up earlier on Twitter courtesy of @evleaks. It's said to be the T-Mobile Curve 9315 - what it is or where it came from we have no idea. It does looks like it fits right in with the other recent Curves like the Curve 93509360 and even the Curve 9310 - only with T-Mobile branding. Perhaps it's an upcoming prepaid device or just an addition to the BlackBerry 7 lineup. Regardless, there it is. We'll try to scrounge up some more info on this one soon.

Source: @evleaks 



I think this is likely going to be one of the prepaid models, of the GSM varient. I wonder what it'll be priced at and which specs? Beefed up maybe. Alas, a budget BlackBerry 7 device for new and emerging markets. This is awesome!! Maybe it'll have LTE frequencies? (LTE being 3G HSPA+ in reality)


"LTE being 3G HSPA+ in reality"
LTE is its own network standard


RIP blackberry OS. RIM 850 - Curve 9315


In the name of the Father,
and of the Son,
and of the Holy Spirit.
RIM 850 - Curve 9700


And on the 3rd month it rose again from the dead. It ascended into 3rd place, and sits in the right hand of Thor the almighty.


The 9350/60 is a world apart from the 9310/20 the 9310/20 has a very low screen resolution compared to the /50/60 and its much thinner and overall a higher quality curve. The 9310/20 is basically a 8530/20 with os7


Yeah. But the 9310/9320 has much better battery life.


It has great battery life and more power than you'd the only real difference is the low resolution you speak of but other than that the phone fits in your hand rather nicely.
Blackberry for Life


The problem is that if my 9900 freezes and I have to do constant reboots already along with the fact I EASILY ran out of memory installing apps on it, imagine with this one. This phone sucks big time! I just can't wait to upgrade to BB10.


What a waste, I can see other developing countries getting this Curve or the other versions but this one is too low on the totem pole to be releasing it in the US. We should of gotten one with all touch screen and the higher spec'd Curve or even the 9860. The 9860 is one hell of a sexy phone!