T-Mobile BlackBerry Curve 8900 Unboxed on Video!

By Kevin Michaluk on 23 Jan 2009 01:16 am EST

SWEET! Following up on our last Curve 8900 post and the Corporate Ordering is Legit forum thread, CrackBerry.com member trini_pirate got his hands on a BlackBerry Curve 8900 and did up the traditional unboxing video!! He's even worked in an iPhone 3G comparison into the vid. Check it out above and you can comment on the forum thread here.

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T-Mobile BlackBerry Curve 8900 Unboxed on Video!


as far as size and thickness and the screen...oh and i do kinda like that sleeve...i wasn't a fan of the case that came with my att bold

Great job! I can't wait to get mine!

I'm glad it came with a sleeve cover.
RIM left that out when I got my BB 8320.

They should include the charging cradle also!!!!

where can you get the black battery door? i don't like t-mobile's gray battery door, i don't understand why they would go with gray instead of black.

Looks like no holster. I figured it would include one like the Bold. I may have seen it wrong, but it looked like what was included was that worthless little sleeve that came with the 83xx. A premium device should come with a holster.


Do Blackberry's in the States and Canada always come with a holster other than the 8900 on T-Mobile?

In the UK I have had

an 8900, 9000, 9500, 8310 on Vodafone

9000 & 8100 on T-Mobile UK


8120 on O2 UK

None of them came with a holster just as you say "that worthless little sleeve"


I was a bit surprised to see how thick looking the actual 8900 was against the iPhone. I have a new Bold, so I am not in the market for a Curve, but am still interested in what RIM is up to. I don't like the color choice that T-Mobile made with the grey back cover. I am wondering if they will be selling back covers in different colors. I do like the black colored track ball... the Bold should have had that instead of the frost white. Is the black one translucent and lights up when the backlight comes on? That is the one advantage of the frost white ball... it lights up very well. All-in-all, RIM has done a great job in upgrading and introducing the next generation Curve.

Their is no question that RIM has really elevated the BB to new heights with the introduction of the Bold (the mothership of BBs), the Storm (a consumer oriented model), the Flip Phone (for those who what a much smaller form factor) and now the 8900 Curve (for those who want a mix of consumer and business orientation with their BB). I think RIM now offers a model for just about everyone and they are all outstanding devises in their own right. Well done RIM!!!

Apparently You Can't Read Timestamps.

Look At Your Reply, Look At Mine. I Couldn't See that You ONLY had an iPhone, Because You Replied Before I could see it.

So Calm Down Bud, and Keep your Snark Responses to yourself. If Your Going to Get These Videos Posted, You Should at least compose yourself Nicely, Grouch.

You were never a Boy Scout, were you? CUT AWAY FROM YOURSELF!!! BlackBerry's are useless without your thumbs! I actually know someone that stabbed himself in the eye cutting cable ties towards him with a box cutter.

Basic knife safety anyone? Lucky that thing was dull and no box cutters or razors were used in the making of this video.

It's about time President Obama upgraded!!!! glad to see he can keep his BB and get a new one too..... JUST KIDDING. nice phone.

How much for the upgrade? Been with TMO about five years and due an upgrade right now, but they wouldn't give me pricing or let me pre-order. We just signed up for another two years and i'm itching to get my hands on this...

i havent heard anything about the new curve for verizon, but i have heard that verizon and sprint are getting a redisigned version of the bold that looks alot if not just like the curve 8900. it supposed to be a little bigger than the curve and it will have the same keyboard as the gsm bold. and i know its just a roomer but i watched a phonedog video where noah had a phone for verizon that was supposed to be awsome but he could not show it because verizon changed their mind and said that he could not show it yet but his exact words were if your thinking about getting the storm you might want to hold out and wait for this device. its rumored to be released some time in may or possibly june.

Does anyone know if the 8900 curve going to be exclusive only to Tmobile? Eventually will it be like the previous gen. models?

That is other than a redesign version.

I know this is more than a little bit off the subject, but I figured I should mention it as soon as possible: AT&T just made the official 4.5 handset release available for the 8800, so you can now upgrade fully legitimately. As you may recall, they made the 4.5 available for the 8820 (and 8320) some two months ago, but there are many of us out there with 8800s, and we now got the goods too and can upgrade as of today. Just go to www.blackberry.com/upgrades using Internet Explorer (only supported browser; yes I know that's lame) and it's pretty much automatic, albeit slow. Takes between 1 hour and 1.5 hours in my experience, especially if you have close to 40,000 address book and calendar records.

I had stopped checking,..they also finally released it for the 8300 as well. I upgraded with Rogers's link before but i'll see if i can use AT&T's official one,..boy its late, Can I get an 8900 already?

i have iphone 3g. have the curve and have the nokia n95 8g. i thinking should i get this one or shouldnt. either its curve or bold. which is better?

i thought about it. then said to myself one more piece of technology wont hurt. so i just placed my ordered. it will be here next week. most important i didnt have to extend my contract. i bought it for 199.99 without any extension to the contract. i guess i got lucky. fellow blackberry users. HAPPY 8900

man im tired on hearing and seeing the iphone had four of them there played out, okay there more hipe the anything its a good browser and has a good touch screen but no themes,no mms,no good..3g i mean verizon smokes atts 3g.. i mean all it does is call,email,text, on a good touch screen...and it looks good wow....but good unboxing video 8900 is a nice looking device should put it up with a storm same looking frame but no touch very nice