T-Mobile BlackBerry Curve 8900 Discontinued?

By Bla1ze on 4 Feb 2010 09:07 am EST
T-Mobile 8900 Officially Discontinued?

Its been a few days now since we noticed T-Mobile pulling "older" BlackBerry Curve series devices. First to be noticed was the BlackBerry Curve 8900 and then eventually the BlackBerry Curve 8320 went AWOL as well. While we were waiting to see if it was just an inventory issue, it sure didn't seem that way considering T-Mobile typically just outright says it's out of stock on their site if it truly is. News from engadget today, seems to be a bit more clear as the comments they have gotten from T-Mobile are that the BlackBerry Curve 8900 has "reached the end of its life-cycle".

With the BlackBerry Curve 8910 having been spotted rolling through the FCC with a smile on its face it could quite possibly end up at T-Mobile. It's logical for them to get the device with it's trackpad, larger display and like it or not many customers out there still have needs and wants for a EDGE only device and maybe the BlackBerry Curve 8520 won't fit that bill where as the 8910 could. All about choice. If given the choice between an 8910 or an 8520, I'd take the 8910.

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T-Mobile BlackBerry Curve 8900 Discontinued?


I spoke with several reps in T-Mobile company stores and several in CS on the phone and they all confirmed that the 8900 is gone. The one store that I go to is in fact out of physical stock and will not be getting any more in. The 8900 was a place holder and it's time has now come and gone. That said, as far as I am concerned, it was one of the finest BB's ever produced. I have not had a lick of problem with mine.. even with all the upgrades to various Beta 5.0 versions, it has worked like a charm.

RIM had better watch out however. They are introducing to many new models to quickly. When you buy a new BB not knowing if the next day you will see a replacement and yours will be outdated, that is bad business on their part. I know a lot of people that are getting turned off to RIM's product replacement tatics. It used to be you would get a BB and it would stay current for some time.. not a matter of several months like the Tour or even the short life of the 8900.

How do you get the floating contact app, what is that app called? I am referring to the picture of the 8900 above, on the home screen it appears to have floating contact heads.

I don't get why RIM is doing this. They sold the original Pearls and Curves for years, and the 8900 gets less than a year on the shelves.

I just think this quick product replacement is not a good move on RIM's part. Typical phone contracts are two years, and people will get very bitter if their phone is only in stock for less than half that time.

I find out that if my phone does crash n burn from manufacturer defects they'll only replace it, if they have it available. If not, I'll be forced to upgrade my phone. Currently my contract don't phase out til May 2011... So even if I wanted to upgrade my phone I'd have to shell out nearly 400 bucks for a new phone w/ contract extension. Can you say "OUCH!".. LOL

Yeah, that's my problem with it! I just don't get why these older model phones were sold for such a long time.. b/c people buy these newer model phones, thinking they'll also be sold for a long time too. You shouldn't be forced to upgrade! It's basically allows the service providers to make more money off you when you already have spent enough.

I agree! I just went into my T-Mobile store yesterday and the 8900 is nowhere to be found, but they have the really OLD red and silver curves for sale! They're like 74.99 or something. I have no idea why those are still there and the 8900 is gone. And I want the 9700, but I am scared because the next day it seems like a new one will come out and there is $400 down the drain!

they should upgrade to the 8910 for 8900 users if the phone has any problems, since its been about a year and there gonna now discontinue the phone

So, it looks like all of the trackball lines are getting dumped for their trackpad siblings. It doesn't surprise me that they are trying to move quickly into having all devices using the same technology.

As an owner of the 8900, It won't mean much for you, It'll mean for now, that in the event your device fails, You'll probably be given either a refurbished model, or you'll be requested to pay a small price for an 8910 upon release.

It also could mean that OS upgrades for your device will be discontinued (No OS 5.0 for you, at least not T-Mobile USA official.)

I personally think that RIM is making a bad move here, I bought an 8900 in April of 2009, after my 8100 was ruined, and now, less than a year later, It's gone, It was literally brand new when I got mine.

I love the 8900, so I think it's a bit of a shame really, I suppose my re-upgrade to a 9700 from my 9000 will happen sooner.

Welp, since this is the place where everyone guesses and accuses, I'll say that it looks like RIM is doing a full court press to get rid of the trackball altogether. The 8900 is a fine model, I bought one on release day and other than an el cheapo chrome paint job I had no problems. I got in on cellunlock.net's massive mayhem unlock giveaway so when I made the jump to VZW I gave it to ATT loving daughter, who has since passed it on to her new husband. Solid device, and I love it still.
This doesn't bode well for us Tour users. VZW is stingy enough with it's OS upgrades as it is. Add in the 9650 and we'll never see another OS either.
That seems to be the game plan IMO. Kill the 8900 for the 8910, the 9630 for the 9650, the 83xx, for the 85xx, and the 81xx, for the well deserved 9100. Trackballs will be gone for good. For RIM to do this, the trackpad must be a huge success as afar as reliability is concerned.

I specifically bought this device because I was unimpressed with the new TrackPad and it really did not have an impressive feel. I felt it was a step backwards from the TrackBall (I kept my TrackBall clean and never had a problem in two years).

I guess if mine breaks, I will buy from AT&T and unlock it. Never thought I would say that AT&T is better than T-Mobile in any aspect.

8900 is getting the AX and T-mo will most likely not come out with OS5 for its customers. And for you T-Mo Fan boys that say that it is already out and just load it from another vendor, like mjneid always does, WHY should I go through the trouble when it is T-Mo's responsibility to do that? I should not have to use another carriers release and jump thru hoops to install it on my phone. That is T-Mo's job to provide this. You know, like the other carriers have. So it looks like T-mo knew they were going to AX the 8900 so why support it, right? Worse yet, do they inform their customers as to why they will not update to OS5? NO!

As long as new OS updates are still coming in, T-Mobile or not. It's unfortunate that the phone got less than a year of shelf-life, but my phone still works well, I have insurance, and as long as RIM still supports the device by continuing to develop new OS's for it and compatibility with various apps, I'm still satisfied.

Damn, Only had mine about 6 months and now its 'not a current' model? wtf? as long as the updates keep coming.......

I recently purchased my mines in December 2009 from AT&T and T-Mobile is discontinuing there. That is not good business at all. Well as long RIM still supports the device OS I am happy, I just hope they release the new OS 5.0 for AT&T. The 8900 is a good phone and as long it works fine and does what I need. I am cool with it.

With the 9700 on the high end and the 8520 on the low end there was no longer any place for this phone.

Continuing to sell this device would be a disservice to RIM's customers. The same can be said for the 83xx series and the Storm1. And will soon be able to be said for the 81xx series and the 9630.

Why would it be good for any new customers to buy these old models?

Reaallyy, i was loooking for that... If not, thats DEFINITELY a waste..smh... I like the 8900, its a nice phone, sleek, light but not too light.. nice screen.. But NO 3G ugh.. boo..9700 is the key to success i think.. Its the top dog..

I loved my 8900 and now i have the 8520....i was pissed when i went to get a new one and they said they were done...

how the heck can they get rid of the 8900 and keep the inferior pear and 8820. their reasoning just makes no sense.

You can't really blame them for replacing all their models with the trackpad after seeing how successful it was. I'm sure things will cool off as far as new models go until they come out with the next big advancement.

I sold my 8900 when I switched to Verizon after Tmo stopped providing service in my area basically and now I am GLAD I sold it when I did. It is a travesty that Tmo and probably other carriers have\will discontinue this model, but I no longer have to worry and Verizon has 5 bars of 3G in my area!!

Ya know I was so excited two months ago to get a new 8900. It's been a great phone for me!. Then I got re excited to hear RIM released a 5.0 update, I couldn't wait- but did. And I have been deflating slowly ever since. Now I sit down with the laptop to see if there's any good news on my update and now I feel like T-Mobile just pulled the plug out. Going from VZW to T-Mobile because of the "great phone and service"-(good job Best Buy), looks like a big mistake. Now it looks like I'm stuck under contract with a phone that is slowly turning into a brick.
Thanks for the big letdown T-Mobile.
I will now stop telling everyone about the great phone and service I have.

...i've got a very RARE phone. wicked. i knew i had an eye for good phones. now i'm going to give my AT&T 8900 even more TLC, even though it's only 2 weeks old!

for those complaining about never officially receiving the OS5.0 update from their respective carrier there's a write-up on how to do upgrade your OS using another carrier's OS update file. i just followed the directions. and the "jumping through hoops" excuse is lame because its just one file you have to delete. took about 20 minutes, followed the onscreen instructions, left it unattended, checked back when it rebooted and got threaded SMS-texting. the only thing i really cared for. it's that easy.

agreed.. im running 5.0 on my 8900.. Running smooth! I think the best is Anything after has buggs for now!

That's alright, the 8900 is a rock solid device and I am not in a hurry to get rid of it. I will be using this phone till it dies. I have had it since August of 2009 and never had a problem with it. I am not worried about T-Mobile discontinuing the 8900. Some people still use 7290s and 8700s. As long as it works I am cool with it.

I don't see why magenta wouldn't come out with an OS5 update seeing as how so many of their customers have this device. Unless of course they just think this will get people to go out and buy another new $500 device to use for the remaining year and a half of their contracts. Idiot that I am, I'm half tempted to go do that myself, and get a 9700 just to keep my 8900 out of harm's way. Except that I don't want to be stuck using a trackpad and I could give a hoot less about 3G. I agree with the other people who said the 8900 is one of the finest BBs ever made, and sad to say that is probably why it's being pulled.

I spoke with my source at TMobile Corp....they confirmed that the 8900 was indeed "phased out" but they would continue to support the phone. I asked if they wer planning on releasing an official 5.0 os for it and was told that had not been discussed since the decision to "phase out".

I got my 8900 in May 2009 and love it. My husband has an unlocked pearl that is still running 4.3, so I am upgrading to the 9700 and he is getting my 8900. The only downside to the 8900 is the trackball, of course, and that T-mobile won't release the 5.0 OS. Otherwise, it is a perfect phone! (That doesn't mean that I'm giving him the bold, though!) ;)

The true reason for the discontinued 8900 is that it was by far the best Blackberry to date! Trackball problems? Not on mine, my GF is the only one I knew with trackball problems on 8900 and that was on AT&T. T-Mobile had to make way for new line of Blackberries such as Bold 9700 and Curve 8520 both with the updated "track pad" however great features were reduced, such as 3.2 megapixel camera to 2.0. My 8900 on OS .411 has rocked out any other device and is still going strong! This will be a collectors item in a few years due to the "discontinue".