T-Mobile BlackBerry Bold 9700 Now Available For Purchase!!!

T-Mobile 9700
By David Boyd on 15 Nov 2009 11:46 pm EST

Attention all T-Mobile users! The time has finally come... The first T-Mobile 3G BlackBerry is now available for purchase at T-Mobile.com. But wait... is it the 8900, or the 9700. Seems as if T-Mobile dropped the ball and used the wrong photo on the website. Big oops T-Mobile!

Pricing for the new BlackBerry Bold is very reasonable at $199.99 on the new Even More plan, or at $449.99 on the Even More Plus plan. For those wondering why the difference in pricing, here is the reason:

Two types of plans, two ways to save.

Even More Plans come with a 2 Year Contract and feature great phone discounts, so your upfront costs are lower.

Even More Plus Plans have no annual contract and currently provide our best monthly rate plan pricing. So you pay for your phone upfront, but the lower monthly plan costs save you money over time.

So there you have it, hurry up and go place your order. Drop us a note and let us know how the ordering goes. Hopefully T-Mobile won't have any problems fulfilling the orders. I have a feeling this will be a very hot selling device for T-Mobile.

Also be sure to check out CrackBerry's extensive reviews on the T-Mobile BlackBerry Bold 9700.

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T-Mobile BlackBerry Bold 9700 Now Available For Purchase!!!


Strong rumors say the AT&T version will be launched next week. At the very least, I'm guessing it will be out before Black Friday.

Why should AT&T get it first? Just because you have AT&T?

Yes, you should switch to T-Mobile for the sole reason that it is getting a phone days before another carrier.

Oh, man!!! I am soooo jealous! I have to wait for AT&T to release it, but at least I'll get it for the renewal price! Congrats to those of you who are getting it now.

I can only findit listed with a new contract. It is not listed when I try to uograde. Anyone else have this problem?

Yup, if I log in to my account and try to upgrade, it doesnt display the 9700. I dont have the new Even More plans though, so Im wondering if that has something to do with it.

I'm hoping with the release of the 9700 they will drop the price of 8900.

Yea the E'ffed up.. Att definetly a better service then tmobile, i dont know wats going on over there, but finally 3g?? those are gona make money.

That's hilarious! I wonder how long it'll take til they change it back...

I'm excited to hear who won the 9700 though!


i just finished ordering it over the phone with tmobile......express shipping and all..........CRACKBERRY HELP ME!!!! i need a gift for ordering it and posting a comment.....FIRST

Funny I stopped by yesterday and the rep told me they are not until after thanksgiving. Yea right bud....

kind of odd they have the incorrect photo .. but i ordered without any problems. est delivery date is 11-24 as others have noted. don't quite understand the long est delivery time aside from that is the far end date. hopefully, it will arrive this week.

I want my phone right now. I've been without one for about a month waiting for this. and T-mobile's telling me there's a glitch in the system.

I'm ordering mine tomorrow morning first thing. Was gonna do it online, but I rather talk to a rep. Super excited for this phone! I won't be able to sleep tonight lol.

Want to order online to get the 35% Bing cashback, but the phone isn't available for upgrades on the website! :(

I just spoke to CS and was told that the website will probably by updated around noon eastern time. He said they have had this glitch before when they don't do preorders and just go live all at once. I least mine is on hold at the store, 35 more minutes and I get it.

I don't think i'm getting it. I tried to do the upgrade and for some reason it made me upgrade to the 8900. I had to call them to cancel and they said it will take 24-48 for the cancellation. Which means I can't upgrade to the right phone til Wed. smh. I waited all weekend!!! =(

It would really be nice if I won that contest.

Th 9700 is currently available for purchase from my corporate AT&T premier enterprise site for $299 with no discount.

Man TMO's sit is totally ate up! I tried to order a Bold and its not even listed as an option. Typical TMO, behind the power curve. This started weeks ago when existing customers could sign up to get the Bold on pre-release. Well once again, they blew that! When we I ever learn?

I ordered mine at midnight last night! I didnt have any issues at all...they were very helpful and even through in the express shipping for free so I shouldhave it sometime tomorrow!!! I cant wait...I have been waiiting on this device for a while now! T-mobile finally steps up to the plate with a great phone!

I just got off the phone with T-Mobile and ordered mine for $200....I just asked her to tack on the price onto my next bill....was also given the option to pay $50 extra over the next 4 bills instead of a lump sum....I want to pay for it all at once though....I was told I should have it by next tuesday....pretty hassle free if you ask me....

Damn, so how is it possible that Rogers charges $299.99 for new customers. An interesting note is Buy out price is $599.99 for the 9700, and something like $649.99 for the Bold 9000. .. Oh Rogers, how I hate you. Lol.

Walked into Orange, CT today and picked one up. The reps didn't even realize it was launching today, they had the inventory and had to call someone to see if they were allowed to sell them! No display set up either. Only one other person in there buying at the same time. Much easier than I had expected!

Tmobile so took to long and I switched to get a 3G tour. Just paid the termination fee and everything...Now sprint needs a touchpad ...smh Fail for not being patient...

going to sit in the corner :(

Does it anger anyone else that New Customers get an additional discount. It doesn't make any since to me. I've been giving money to T-Mobile for over a year and someone with no record with them can come in and get an additional 50 dollars off the phone. What a jip. Thanks for rewarding me for my continued service with you T-Mobile.

Look at the top right, under ShopCrackberry.com...looks like crackberry doesn't know the difference between the Storm2 or the Bold 9700. I guess the 9700 just has some personality issues! haha.

Just letting you know... just like how T-Mobile posted the wrong blackberry on their site, one of your shop.crackberry ads on the top right on some of the pages says Storm2 with a Bold9700 picture on it and the one that says Bold 9700 it has the Storm 2 picture on that.

I LOVE it!!! It's been a really easy transition from my Curve 8320 to my new Bold 9700. I have a slight issue with the new angled keys, but that's just because I have suck long nails. I'll learn to type on it just as fast as I did on my last one.... the internet is MUCH faster on this one which is a HUGE plus! And I can see websites the way they were meant to be seen... so far, fantastic!

Got mine yesterday morning at the store, no line, no waiting but had problems with it ALL day....even had to go exchange it for another in store because the first one kept rebooting. Getting all my bbm contacts to acknowledge the new pin has been a nightmare fore some reason, bbm wasn't working at all for several hours now I have to re request some contacts while others just replied to my broadcast message...ugh! After paying 450 for it (no contract), so far I am not impressed. All in all love the phone, love the trackpad, hate the size...wish this same phone were the same size as the original Bold, keyboard is small even for me (female), keys feel even smaller than my 8900....:(, maybe its just the new shape of them? Still waiting for the "perfect" Blackberry.

the trackpad is gonna take some getting used to
but all in all the look and feel of this phone is amazing.
probably update this later.

update #1: the sound is so damn clear on this phone. love the feel of the keys. no more clicking sound when i type so i feel more discreet about texting. having problems with the myspace app though. the icon isnt popping up. gonna try some video now

update #2: the video is crisp. love it. just tried the visual voicemail. very nifty i must say. might update it later, might not. i think ive said everything ive really had to say.