T-Mobile BlackBerry Bold and Kickstart by August 1st?!

By Kevin Michaluk on 19 May 2008 09:55 pm EDT

BlackBerry KickStart by August 1st?

TmoNews says to take this with a "grain of salt", but the word is that T-Mobile is to have a whopping 16 device launches between June 16th and August 1st. Of interest to BlackBerry users, both the Bold & KickStart are on the list! Curve updates (OS4.5) are also slated.

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T-Mobile BlackBerry Bold and Kickstart by August 1st?!


I just bought a 8820 from T-Mobile... now the BOLD is coming out in the near future? Well that stinks. Anyone know if the 8820 will be getting a 4.6 update?

The funny thing is that this blog is about the Kickstart and a few of the replies to this post are about the Blackberry Bold. I don't know and think that the Kickstart will do as well as the Curves and the Bold in the future. This may be RIM/Blackberry's way to appeal to a larger crowd.

You might see these phones with a lot of younger, High School kids who want to say they have a Blackberry for a cheaper price.

Scared though that RIM/Blackberry might be selling out...

Finally..I was just about to switch to another network though I still might. T-mobile has the worst and limited selection of phones and seemed content in not getting new phones! Come on T-mobile...get with the game like everyone else...I have so many friends that switched so they could get 'cool' new phones to use...

i agree....I think T-Mobile has the best Plans but they seem to be very happy and settled with NOT having as much phones as other carriers.
It is pretty exciting that T-Mobile has the New Blackberry Curve 8900, yet they have no PROMOTIONS like Verizon and AT&T did for their new BB launches. WTF?

anywho, I sure hope they step up their game because their coverage and plans are good so far.

Yes it will....all tmobile phones that are launched with wifi will support the hotspot@home feature and it will also work with the new Tmobile @home service that launces today! But you will need to have the feature added to the account for $9.99

I just got in a long chat on the phone with t-mobile customer care's market/sales guru

he blew much smoke up my ass but admitted that USA t-mobile is NOT getting the blackberry bold. sad sad sad

then he said I should forget about the bold or iphone and that in a few months there is a 3g phone that will be out that is unbelievable. Right

i am going back to the dark side tomorrow and getting an iphone

I agree with David up there. t-mobile phone quality is really lame. And with what Bill said confirms my rumor. No Bold for t-mobile users. I will have to settle for an unlocked iPhone or Bold or switch to a different provider.

hey moron you ever realize that what your saying is bullshit, every magazine/ interviewer/ w/e the hell else is out there says it will be on tmobile, they even talk about it being 50 dollars more, your such a fucking loser that don't know how to get strate facts!

It is august 1. No sign of it anywhere. You know this always freaking happens to me. Just like x5 for psp never came out. Dang it. No updates on pricing or even realease.

Just got off the phone with a t-mobile rep i always seem to get at this late hour, very helpful gal... anyway, during our lengthy discussion, I asked about the Bold and upcoming T-Mobile BB releases, having read elsewhere that the flip phone would be the only new one on T-Mo for some time. The Pearl Flip already having been released, she stated that T-Mobile would indeed be getting either the Bold or Thunder in Q4 of 2008, that it would be one of the 2, not both, and she did not have any specific release dates, just Q4 of 08. AT&T's release of the Bold slated for 11/04 being set in stone, however, makes me apprehensive of renewing my T-Mobile contract...