T-Mobile BlackBerry Bold 9780 commercial hits the air

By Adam Zeis on 21 Dec 2010 09:22 am EST

After the influx of BlackBerry Torch 9800 commercials that popped up upon the device's release, it's great to see some commercials for other devices as well. The latest I caught as I was going to sleep last night and it kind of threw me for a loop when the white Bold 9780 popped up and I didn't see a Torch. I guess it makes sense to see a Bold 9780 on a T-Mo commercial since they don't have the Torch. And it's always great to see a white device in action. I do love these commercials since they actually have a point and show off some of the device/apps, unlike the Love What You Do commercials which really didn't get the point across (for me anyway).

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T-Mobile BlackBerry Bold 9780 commercial hits the air


i dont know. im not a hater nor am i bashing on BB (this commercial was probably a t-mobile commercial anyway) so dont get on my case but this commercial didnt do justice. it didnt make me want to jump out of my seat and go and grab the 9780. it was way too mellow of a commercial IMO.

There is one very important feature that the bold 9780 doesn't have and it makes it and every other OS6 device useless for business. I'll never buy for this reason a bold 9780 becouse it has no use for business; The feature that I'm talking about is this:
Contacts universal search: when you have a business, advertising in may case, and when you have over 1000 contacts on your phone, mostly supplyers, contractors, material manufactureres, designers etc, you can't remember all of them by name or company! That is why there is an important option to add a NOTE field for each contact, where I can specify the key elements that interest me about that contact (for example John from XYZ Print Inc. has good prices on this materials: mesh, banner, 300g paper and all outdoor materials). I can make a note for this contact with these key words: outdoor, print, mesh. In this way, if I want to search my contacts agenda for a good mesh supplier, I'll type search MESH and all the contacts that manufacture this material will apear in results based on the note filed. This is the most usefull feature on a smartphone in my opinion: NOKIA E71 has it, E72, Nokia Communicator has it, Blackberyy 9700 has it with OS.5
Now, this search feature doesn't exist in OS6 and this makes the 9780 device useles in my opinion.
PS: Universal Search for blackberry OS6 isn't universal !!!!

Very good point, but it is just one point. There are many other points to suggest OS6 is good for business, so an absolute statement like "it makes it and every other OS6 device useless for business" is a little over the top. I've had my Torch for a few months and hadn't realized this wasn't possible. One suggestion would be to add a short blurp as you suggested in the Nickname field of the respective contact instead of notes. I've done this and it does work for Universal Search. For example, on my mother's contact in my phone I have her respective names in the first and last name fields, but in nickname I have "Mom". When I type Mom universal search picks it up perfectly. I just tried typing more information in this field and it seems to allow for more information. It may be worth a shot for you if this is the one thing holding you back from the 9780 and OS6.

Sorry - was referring to the older commercials where the Love What You Do song played and they didn't show off the devices and/or apps at all. Technically this is a Love What You Do but I knew what I meant :)

Mr. Zeis;

Their are alot of nice CB.Com folks waiting for the AT&T Branded 9780, It would be nice if you folks at CB.Com could try and get us some Information with regards to the AT&T 9780- As you may know already, there have been verified versions of the AT&T Branded 9780 on You Tube, Photos on various web sites ect-

Its not as though someone is asking you to uncover a "Secret"- The Phone Has been released by T-Mobile, all the Major Canadian Providers, and Globally.

CB.COM and many other Reviewing Web Sites have special relationships with the Manufacturers, and Im sure RIM and AT&T have a sweet spot for all of you folks at CB.COM.

Whats the big deal? cant you pick up the phone and call your links at RIM or AT&T and see if you can get us any information at all.

Its Christmas Time- AT&T should realise that they are losing customers in Droves, because of the recent reports done by Consumers Reports, and yes, because of the 9780. Customers are going to T-Mobile, their "Jumping Ship" because of the 9780. Theres still time to put a Gift Wrapped AT&T Branded 9780 under our Christmas Trees.

Really whats the Big Deal? We are not asking for anyone to disclose any secrets, There is no Treason or Infringment involved,

C'Mon CB.Com, you've never let us down in the past. Pick up the Phone and call your contacts at AT&T, Tell them that there are alot of Loyal AT&T Customers, Panting, Moaning and Groaning for their 9780"s and they dont want to jump ship and go to T-Mobile, all they want is their 9780's.

Hope youll take this message to heart, Seasons's Greetings to all, I have a warm spot saved unnder my tree for a AT&T Branded 9780. Keep up the Great Work Adam and CB.Com- 2011 is going to be an eye-opener for all of us!

A little "Good Will" on part of AT&T would really be appreciated by their Loyal Customers.

Trust me - you'll know as soon as we do. Unfortunately it's not as easy as just picking up the phone. Both the carriers and RIM are under NDA and can't just say "yup, we're getting it". We have to snoop around and find out what we can, or wait until someone leaks out some info. I know loads of AT&T users are waiting to get a hold of one, and I assure you we're not hiding anything. Once we find out some info we'll post on it.


Thank you for the response, I wanted to be clear about something, "I never implied that you or anyone at CB.Com were holding out" information regarding the 9780-

I enjoy your opinions and posts, as you have done here, I would be lost without CB.Com. No it was a simple and humble request that you jiggle the Christmas tree at AT&T and see if there is any info to be gotten at this point.

Happy Hollidays,


I'm on the "even more plus" plan, which means with Tmobile I don't think I'm eligible for the upgrade, in meaning I love my Bold 9700 but really can't see myself spending another $449 for a phone. If there is a way, I prob will just for the fact that I do love OS6 on the bold. Without the memory leak! I'm a designer so I don't really use this phone for buisness. For me, its exactly what I need. Hopefully ill find some way to pick up the 9780 without paying full price this time. ):

Most retarded phone "upgrade in the world."

Got the MyTouch 4g and couldn't be happier. Swype is fast, as fast as typing on the keyboard for most things, and obviously exchange is awesome.

But do have a good condition 9700 on the sale block :)

It was definitely a 9780. I have the 9780 in white and that was exactly the phone in the commercial. Sorry. :(