T-Mobile BlackBerry Bold 9780 arriving November 17th

T-Mobile BlackBerry Bold 9780
By Bla1ze on 23 Oct 2010 09:51 pm EDT

T-Mobile is ramping up for their BlackBerry Bold 9780 launch. While the date is tentative and subject to change the documentation clearly shows November 17th as the expected date. It's stil rather odd that Reseach In Motion has made no mention of the device officially with launch expected across all GSM carriers next month. Kinda makes you wonder if one day you'll just walk into your carrier and the 9700 will no longer exist and the BlackBerry Bold 9780 will just quietly show up. Still now word on the AT&T front for this release but, any T-Mobile fans excited to finally have some form of confirmation the 9780 will be arriving?

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T-Mobile BlackBerry Bold 9780 arriving November 17th


not november 3rd or 11th as i had been hoping, but at least there is finally a date mentioned by Tmobile. time to enjoy my last few weeks with my 9700 before it gets relegated to being a back-up phone!

I'm on Tmo too. But I refuse to buy pretty much the same damn phone I've already been using for the past 8 months just for the sake of a slightly better camera and a lil more memory. I refuse to do that especially when OS6 is coming to my 9700 too. Trying to wait but this shit is getting frustrating.

not november 3rd or 11th as i had been hoping, but at least there is finally a date mentioned by Tmobile. time to enjoy my last few weeks with my 9700 before it gets relegated to being a back-up phone!

Hopefully this means Verizon will get their head out of their @$$ and release OS6 on the 9650 and 9330.

I think they are doing a "quiet release" with this device, not so much of a "new product" release because it is after all a "better" version of the 9700. We might just walk into T-Mobile and just see "BlackBerry 9780" rather than "BlackBerry 9700" up on display. I still think T-Mobile has plans to release/add a new BlackBerry to their product line.

A quiet release would make a lot of sense. Why market a product that's virtually identical to an existing product?

This will definitely not make me change my mind and come back to Blackberry. Having 512 MB Of RAM and OS6 isn't enough. My retired 9700 will stay just that... Retired!!

I really don't see all the hype over the Bold9780, I for one belive that all T-mobile blackberry user's wants the 9800, now don't get me wrong I love my 9700, but its not fair that only AT&T have it, I'm not gonna buy the 9780. I will wait for the 9800 or something better

I'm on tmo and I REALLY don't want the 9800... my bf just got on my plan and the only NON-touch screen phones were blackberries..

I'm really to hear that it's being released for T-mobile, not happy about the date though but still at least its not too far away.

I was just at the T-Mobile site, just seeing some phones, and I was wondering when will they release the 9780. So I go to CrackBerry.com, to see if they have any rumors. I go to the front page, and the 1st thing I see is "T-Mobile BlackBerry Bold 9780 arriving November 17th" I <3 CrackBerry :D

I was just at the T-Mobile site, just seeing some phones, and I was wondering when will they release the 9780. So I go to CrackBerry.com, to see if they have any rumors. I go to the front page, and the 1st thing I see is "T-Mobile BlackBerry Bold 9780 arriving November 17th" I <3 CrackBerry :D

There is the possibility that T-Mobile can get the 9800 though, since the Torch runs on GSM carrier networks. Hmmm....

i doubt they'll get that device, at&t never gave up exclusivity of the 9000 and I am thinking its going to be the same thing.

FINALLY - Some type of backboard as to when its coming out.. Oh my gosh, I cannot wait. :) Wish the 2Y price was stated though..

I hope that in the next few days that Crackberry will announce that AT&T will have the 9780 as well. I worry that they will not because of the release being so close to when the Torch came out for them. I did however got to an AT&T store recently and did see that they had removed the 9700 from the floor. So hopefully that means that they will get the 9780.
Now, I am no expert when it comes to phones but I do realize that the OS 6 software will not come out till after the 9780 comes out and is two or three months in. Otherwise what would be the reason a customer would upgrade to this phone if the OS 6 were given to the 9700. I am in the market for the Torch or the 9780 as I am up for an upgrade with AT&T, what I am interested in to see is if the 9780 not having a touch screen will help the 624mhz processor have a faster and snappier feel running OS 6. The verdict remains out.

Is it just me, or does it seem as if Sprint is ALWAYS a day late and a dollar short on all of the really smokin' hot RIM devices? They're so dang interested in pushing those damn HTC pieces of crap, they've neglected the other consumer choices.

sprint is always behind tho, look how long it took to get that 9650 and it still only has a 3MP camera, everything else is the same.

I'm not whining, as you put it, the truth is just that, the truth. With so many new and updated RIM devices hitting the market Sprint does need to stop playing catch up. If they're going to claim being the nations best carrier, prove it.

I was about to switch to verizon but this may get me to stay with T-mobile for another year. I did want a different Blackberry experience which may still get me to switch if the new storm drops for verizon but the news has been so sketchy that I may end up getting this and calling it a day.
But essentially this is just more of the same old blackberry, if it isn't broke don't fix it but idk I may need that storm for a spice-up

Which is why this will just slip fairly quietly onto shelves -- it's just a refresh. The new BB is the Torch. If you watch TV, you'd think that the Torch is the only BB.

now that this is coming out, it sort of sucks that we probably won't see any new blackberry on t-mobile for quite a while, since the curve 9300 came out in September and now the Bold in November. actually, other than the Storm 3, or whatever it was, we haven't seen a leaked photo of a prototype in a quite a while!

I've been patiently waiting for OS6 to leak but if it doesn't by the time this comes out, and it doesn't seem likely that it will, I might just give in and get it. I guess it'll be ncie to have the extra memory. Maybe i'll wait a week or so after.

Idk how I feel about this. If the date is right, it's basically the exact same time the 9700 was released last year, bc that's when I upgraded from the curve. I'm mad bc it looks like this 'refresh' will annihilate the 9700, but then again I want it. Lol. Doesn't t-mo honor upgrade discounts at least a year into your current contract? If so, I begrudgingly may considerrr...

Like the "murdered-out" all black look.
Was hoping for the 9800, however unlikely at this point. Hate, hate, hate exclusivity.
Purchase: TBD

I bet after the release of the 9780 that the os 6 upgrade for the 9700 will follow shortly after. I'd also wager that every carrier with the 9700 now will get the 9780. That's a great thing.

that's definitely not 5 on the screen. Looks exactly like 6 on my 9650 does. Note the little 'universal search' magnifying glass under the connection icons...

it's confirmed that 9700 is not getting OS6 till every one forgets 9700.

thanks RIM for selling peanuts for price of gold.
no doubt your dumb decisions will make suffer your customers and you.

enjoy sitting in dark and day dreaming.

I think the rollout of new handsets all but confirms that there will be no official OS6 release for 9650 and 9700 owners.

I dont know about anyone else, but this pretty much slices it for me. Once I'm eligible for an upgrade I'm ditching Blackberry. To promise OS6 to your customers and instead try to lure them into buying new devices is inexcusable.

Really, it wouldn't be a big deal if the new handsets were actual worthwhile upgrades (and not just some miniscule bump in memory).

When exactly did RIM promise OS6 on the 9700?

while i love crackberry and the valid info they bring firsthand to blackberry lovers,crackberry doing a write-up about a POSSIBILITY of OS6 being available on the Bold 9700 does not translate to RIM promising you same.

I believe there is a little disclaimer at the bottom of every crackberry webpage that says CrackBerry.com is in No Way Affiliated with Research in Motion Limited.

Oh, and don't believe everything you read on the internet

This Bold 9780 is far superior to the 9700...I haven't been able to put it down...all of you that have reservations about this handset, you won't be dissapointed.

Blackberry OS 6 gives it the ultimate experience...

If you are wondering how i got one, I do work in the telecommunication industry and I have one sent to my company for evaluation.

Explain to use exactly how it is FAR SUPERIOR to the 9700?? A slightly better cam? Memory bump? OS6, which we'll get too eventually. You gotta be joking me.

You bet it is. These piece-meal upgrades are not about to get me off the couch and dump my 9700. What we really want to see is the addition of HSPA+ radios in these new TMO Blackberrys. Otherwise, all we can really count on is RIM losing even more market share with TMO. Would you really want to pay for last years sports car with white wall tires on 16" wheels? Wake up RIM, your not only losing the battle, your also losing the war!

I have to send my 9700 to be replaced, but if i hold out would they just send me a 9780 instead?

if you are patiently persistent and still under the original manufacturer's warranty, you can get it for free or nect to nothing.

Tmobile is very customer oriented and i say this because i had a phone that i had to return up to 3 times.( bad keypad on the 1st one, 2nd one which was refurbished had speaker problems,the spacebar wouldnt work on the 3rd and the 'N' button wouldn't work on the 4th).

I was still under manufacturer's warranty from my 1st phone so i got all the replacements for free. When it got to the 4th phone, they offered to give me a different phone altogether if i agreed to pay for shipping. i declined though cos i loved the phone i had and thank goodness it turned out to be ok for me.

In other words, just keep sending the phone out. lol!! find a different excuse each time and you will be surprised what they will offer you.

Orange UK have it shown up on their site as coming soon, which generally means its a couple of weeks away from release.

I realize that a lot of people feel like the 9780 isn't worth an upgrade, however since I'm currently using a 9000 and considering it is worth it to some. I didn't feel like the 9700 was worth an upgrade from the 9000, I still like the form factor of the 9000 better than the 9700/9780, but OS6 and more memory may win out for me.

Just giving another opinion. I wish AT&T would announce a date.

Come on Rim you are screwing the current 9700 owners and plus the specs of the 9780 are still behind the basic smart phone! Wake up and take care of your customers before they all go to android!

I'm a current 9700 owner. The 9780 isn't enough for me to run out and upgrade to it. More memory,great. A better camera, fine. I love my blackberry but I'm starting to believe it is time to switch to an android device. It really feels like Rim doesn't care about their current client base. We just get suckered into buying a new device. Then six months to a year later, our phones are outdated by new a new phone that doesn't have any major differences (with the exception of the torch). I understand that phones become outdated at some point but for goodness sake outdate a current phone with features that warrant the current client to feel the need to upgrade!

Most T-Mobile customers who are waiting for a new Blackberry on T-Mobile really don't care about the upgraded Bold. In case it's not obvious, they're waiting for the Torch 9800. I know several T-Mobile customers who have already switched from Blackberries to Android devices because they're tired of waiting. Sure they can get an unlocked AT&T Torch 9800 but that one won't support T-Mobile 3G bands. Hopefully RIM only gave AT&T a 3 month exclusive period on the Torch 9800 because then it will end in mid November and then RIM and T-Mobile can release a version that supports the T-Mobile 3G bands just in time for the holiday shopping season.

Seriously considering the G2, but the flaws haven't been solved by the dev community.
No *real* UMA either. An Android "WiFi calling" app doesn't cut it.
We can dream that someday the "universal radio" chip finally arrives as promised a *year* ago. Really want a Tmo 9800, even with the disappointing specs that have been discussed.

"We want more Band IV phones!"

Is the $400 dealer cost the price of the device off contract? If so, I hope that the piece is similar on AT&T. I would definitely get it then.

it's no diff than my 9700. once i get 6.0 im fine. I won't get another berry until they drop one like the torch with 2 cameras on it like the punk iphone. design department needs to get on their job n stop making all the phones look alike to.

Thanks I thought this should have the tag-line refresh, I mean side by side if they are both suppose to get 6.0 whats the real diffrence, you know worth tossing away an upgrade.

Come on RIM

...the venomous responses that were raised when the rumors of the 9570 Storm "Odin refresh" came out several weeks ago, a device with literally the same upgrades to memory and camera. The differences in demeanor is hilarious. lol

I agree but I think the frustration people expressed about the 9570 was that over the 2 years that the Storm series was out RIM was only going to do minor upgrades again. The differences between the 9530 and 9550 were the addition of WiFi, improved SurePress technology, double RAM and double built in memory. It looked the 9570 was simply going to bump the camera resolution to 5mp, double the RAM, add support for 802.11n and run OS 6. I think after 2 years people were expecting a bigger/higher resolution screen and one of the better processors that have been available in the Android phones for about a year.

I wonder if we're going to see a upgrade to the CDMA Bold 9650 in a few months. The only thing they can update is to bump up the camera resolution to 5mp and add 802.11n support. It already has enough RAM for OS 6.

I just got my Blackberry Bold 9700 from Tmobile a couple weeks ago... And they're already refreshing it... :(

This device has been heard of for months now, why would you get the 9700 when they've been talking about this device for quite a while?

too little too late. My plan was over last month, I gave them till then to update 9700. I now have me 9800 on att and way more happy if 9780 was touch screen maybe I would get excited if i still had t mobile. But for all those that waited around for t-mobile finally, huh!

Can I ask what a "Piano Style Keyboard" is specifically? Are 9700's also that style or has something changed?

I really want the 9780. But like many say it is a waste of an upgrade. I mean I have well over 25 apps running and like 5 themes installed on my 9700. and I still have between 90-95MBs left... So I Dont really need the extra memory and am completely fine with my current camera. So if I could just get OS6 already I think I can hold out another year for something better. (You know we are all waiting patiently for a QNX OS on a BB device, surely AT&T will get it first)

Do yall think if I "lose" my phone and pay the $150 to replace it, that they will give me a 9780. That would be sweet!

anybody that is not hyped up over the 9780 shud go hide under a rock.. i have the 9700 as well, but to have a better 9700 is awesome!!! more memory better camera with a completely OS on there.. its a dream come true..9780!!! im loving it

Is T-mobile going to get this in white? If not, I don't want any parts of it. But if it's white, ill upgrade from my white 9700

They are a horrible company and just plan stupid people working there. If they where smart they would come out with 0s6 for 9700 and make it run slower than hell so that more people would just upgrade to the 9780. I'm not really that big into my phone or any phone but just reading the comments makes me get into it. And the anticipation is driving me crazy!!!!. I'm just going to come out with my own phone company that is just a laptop with a phone built in to it and have everything. Put all these phone companies out of business. Ill call my wireless company "Go To Hell Wireless". Look for it in the future.

i love my Bold 9700 but i'm waiting for a newer device from T-Mobile that has OS 6. Key word- waiting. Why dont people understand that phone companies are in the business of making money? Dont you think that if you switched over to android they will still release a better version of your phone within a couple of months? RIM maks the best devices in my opinion and no matter what smarthone you get, there will be an updated version coming later, that doesnt mean they are screwing you. If you want to have the latest device or OS, go buy it, if not, then stay quiet and make a decision on when you will get it. You guys sound like freakin 4 year olds. "i want jimmy's toy his is better!" go take a nap.

Couldn’t agree more. All these whinging moaners seem to think that RIM have a personal vendetta against them.

I read in a blog post (can't recall where), that the Bold 9780 not only is double the memory of the Bold 9700 and a better cam, but that you can actually install apps on the SD Card ala Android. I think I did read it here on CrackBerry. Anyone else remember that?
Maybe it'll be worth it. To each their own. Too bad it isn't touchscreen too.....

Considering Virgin Mobile (Canada) was supposed to be the first one to release it and it's nowhere in sight at this point, I wouldn't get my hopes up at this point :-/

Hey Verizon did this same thing if anyone remembers! When the 9630 was having problems with there track pad they just replaced it with the 9650! And 9630 disappeared! If you had the 9630 and did a warranty exchange they would give you the new 9650! Hope T-Mobile does the same! I'm going to trade mine in as soon as they do!!

So I'll wait it out and get mines next year. I'm good with my 9700 and MY current OS hybrid, but i can't wait til January to have this baby in my hands. Until then, I'll just see my brother enjoy it.

I have been with VZW for 6+ years. Well their Customer Service and Financial Serivces groups have ticked me off that I am going to T-Mo. It appears that for her needs(She has the 8330) its not worth it. I just did the Bold 9700 for a Penny on Amazon and my HTC HD 2 for $49.99.

I will admit the 9700 appears to be a nice phone. The track pad is sweet. The 5.0 OS will be an adjustment for her but wait until 6.0 arrives.

it is so funny how some of you are whining about how you want the torch 9800 on tmobile>>>>NEWSFLASH you will never see the torch on tmobile or any other us carrier it is a att exclusive and i ham happy to deliver this message on my TORCH 9800 now they might make other phones that sAY torch but you wont get the one i have HOLLABLACK

i will not upgrade to a "new" phone that looks like my old 9700 just for the OS 6 on it and a bigger RAM! I will patiently wait for OS 6 on 9700. It's just crazy to get tied to tmo for the next 2 years with exact same model of phone with just slight modifications on its OS and camera. Anyways, I really hope TMO works fast in releasing OS 6.0 for Bold 9700.

I say this because one, I'm a T-mobile BB sufferer (lol) and two, I'm still rocking my Curve 8320! So any upgrade at this point would be gravy. Sure I want a new phone and yes I love technology and gadgets. However, use technology as a tool! I still get my email and calls and still browse the web while standing in a line. And IT'S STILL A PHONE!
If RIM is getting on your nerves, speak with your dollar bills. Evidently, they are listening to their base, and it's not the readers of crackberry...it's the companies that use BB's (in my opinion of course). And when those companies start switching to something like an iphone, THEN they might get their "act" together.
Until then accept your spoonful of changes or move on. Just a thought.

If I didn't like my plan with t-mobile, I would have had a iphone by now. As long as I don't need to watch tv on my phone, I can be patient until something pique my interest (like the Torch!)

instead of going with the sprint Bold i am going to buy a cheap curve then wait for the new Bold to come out on Sprint...i really want a white one

instead of going with the sprint Bold i am going to buy a cheap curve then wait for the new Bold to come out on Sprint...i really want a white one

I'm not quite sure if OS 6.0 will be released for the 9700 any time soon, In the past when t-mobile blackberry has been revamped the older device is pulled off the shelf. T-mobile doesn't focus on releasing OS updates for devices that have been pulled off the shelf. I have a curve 8900 so upgrading to the Bold 9780 is an easy choice for me. If I owned the 9700 I would still upgrade to the 9780