T-Mobile exclusively begins offering cloud-hosted BES10 Servers

By Bla1ze on 9 Dec 2013 10:45 am EST

If you're running a business and looking to make use of BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10 with minimum involvement, T-Mobile might have just rolled out exactly what you're looking for. In a recent email sent out to business customers, T-Mobile unveiled their Hosted Mobility Management Services for legacy BlackBerry, BlackBerry 10, iOS and Android devices that makes use of cloud-hosted BES 10 Servers.

  • Cloud-hosted BES10 Server - Rent only what you need with our scalable subscription model and you can redirect capital investment costs not being used to purchase excess capacity for other purposes.
  • Server configuration, maintenance, and updates - T-Mobile’s HMMS offer will handle setup, installation, and maintenance of your BES10 server so you can focus on issues at the heart of your business.
  • 24/7 support - T-Mobile can supplement or complement your IT department and take calls at practically any time.
  • On-premises deployment if needed - T-Mobile can help your deploy on-premises solutions for government agencies and others prohibited from using cloud-hosted solutions.
  • Save time, money, and resources with the help of T-Mobile HMMS BES Cloud Solution - You’ll get virtually end-to-end support for your OS needs, including iOS, Android, and new and legacy BlackBerry devices. Help free up your IT department to take care of the business that matters most.

T-Mobile of course, doesn't have any pricing listed for the services but instead advises those interested to reach out to their business reps to further look into it. Perhaps the most interesting thing about all of this at this point is that, despite recent BlackBerry news coming from T-Mobile, they're touting exclusivity on this offer.

Learn more about T-Mobile Hosted Mobility Management Service




Mmm...CB10! Just the tip though...


Sweet that you're FIRST!! FIRSTEEZ!

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That is a nice, unexpected surprise!

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It will be interesting to see if a Canadian carrier will also be offering this. It could be useful for smaller businesses.

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R Field

I hope it's not Rogers. This is good news though. Anything that helps facilitate the transition especially in a major market like the US is a positive thing.

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I doubt Rogers as they were not even going to carry the z30. However on a positive note, does this not super endorse BES10?

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jojo beaconsfield

More middlemen More screw ups.


Exactly, and exclusivity for a carrier that offers zero support for BlackBerry.


I doubt there will be "middlemen" as far as touching the data. I already got me email from BBRY Business allowing me access to test out the Cloud BES10 until March 2014. I think that T-Mobile will just up-charge on top of the actual BBRY pricing. I will know for sure soon as I have already reached out to T-Mobile for pricing and information.

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Nice Tmobile +1

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Yeah !
Posted on FB some minutes ago and already have some DM about it "where, when, how !?!"
Definitely a great, I mean GREAT news !

(FTR: do I have to mark this in the credit balance ?)


"Perhaps the most interesting thing about all of this at this point is that, despite recent BlackBerry news coming from T-Mobile, they're touting exclusivity on this offer."

Interesting, or scary? When I think of a major carrier with a large number of business accounts.... T-Mobile is not who comes to mind.


Initially, I had the same concern. But I thought about how Apple launched its iPhone exclusively with at&t in 2007. I remembered I was thinking at that time: why not Verizon? Turns out business deal is a lot more than a few concerns, besides that T-Mobile would have a lot more incentive to advertise this rollout than say Verizon or at&t. I am extremely excited about the general direction of a cloud based BES10. I just can't make up what the initial volume would be yet. Most likely the initial customers will be small businesses and pilot programs. But just getting it going could mean huge both for BlackBerry, and for our new friend T-Mobile. :)


We are currently testing T-mobile for our business. So far they are performing well. We currently have verizon, sprint and AT&T accounts that we want to consolidate. In the past, we would never consider T-mobile but when they came out with the international data plan it made us reconsider them. That they will be offering BES is very good news.


Nice. Now bring us the Z30.


Exactly. You would think this bodes well for TMO finally getting the Z30.

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Right?! Bring the Z30!

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Drew Oswalt


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Now it makes me proud, as a T-Mobile costumer :)

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Nice, another piece of puzzle is starting to fall into place. Love to see the advertising. Background shots of the NSA building with fleets of black colored SUVs driven by black suited agents coming for your emails. You never know, it might work.


Would love to know what BlackBerry's cut is in all this? Great news all round!

BlackBerry Forever!


They probably still get most of the per device fee.


Now what about an official release of 10.2 for the rest if us?

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Hope they decide to offer Z30 now and not just to business customers.

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They do offer it on-line but not in-store.


That's just the Q10 and Z10 online since T-Mobile pulled Blackberry from store inventory. Verizon has the Z30 and it's only online and only for Verizon for the time being.

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I know! I've had my Q1O since June and I'm still 10.1!

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Would be good if Telus helped out in a similar fashion, since they have been positive towards selling BB devices unlike Rogers...

Kobe Barksdale

So T-Mobile wanna support BES 10 but not the updates for the BlackBerry 10 devices?

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"Exclusively? "


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That is soo coooool! Good move for BlackBerry, but I'm not so sure about the exclusivity to T-Mobile??


TMOB is, probably, the "hottest" carrier in the USA right now - adding more subscribers than ATT and VZ combined. I will be leaving ATT for TMOB soon.

Now if they would just announce the Z30 - they would really garner some BBRY Nation Love.

CB10 from the Z30


Agreed ! If coverage improves I will be leaving Sprint (Crawl....slooowwww.....dragging a*s ) soon! not very happy with the Android and apple a*s kissing!!! I want choice.



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Would this be the same as the Cloud beta BlackBerry has going on?


No. It's hosted BES10.

But the options (like BlackBerry Drive) are to be discussed with T-Mobile.


Maybe iPhone fever is gonna get down in near future. If carriers once again showed love to BlackBerry.

But whichever way the customers will pay the price.

I see BlackBerry has come up with some comeback plans.

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It's not related.

For instance a small company owner may rent a BES10 at T-Mobile to manage a fleet of 7 iPhones and 0 BlackBerry phones.


That is exactly the kind of service I was looking at.
Hopefully this will get to other carriers soon. I'm on Bell


That's good to hear as I almost ditched T-MO for Verizon to get the z30, but I found one unlocked on my own to work on the T-MO network. Interesting tho they would host BES 10 but won't carry the z30 for enterprise consumers to buy.

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Please where did you get the Z30 that works on TMO 4G

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I've been looking too. Ebay but be ready to fork over some serious cash. They are gsm unlocked I'm just not sure if it will be LTE compatible with Tmo. It's questionable but I prefer my phones with the carrier branded to it so there are no second guesses.

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I got the Verizon one "unlocked it" and brought it over to ATT.... no small feat... but works great and an amazing upgrade from my Z10 that I "gifted" to a loved one....


This is very significant. Let's hope there is big demand for the service.


Like to see Canadian Carriers offer this service.


I have been so ticked off with T-Mobile 's lack of BlackBerry support. Lets see what the future holds.

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It is two sets of offers that can have completely different services.

It is possible to have T-Mobile:
- Provide very few support for BlackBerry phones for normal subscriptions
- Provide a top notch support to BES10 subscriptions

The same goes anyway for all Pro subscriptions at a given carrier compared to a regular subscription at the same given carrier.


TM discontinued retail store sales of BB products, but, is now interested in the business sales, if not BB phones then services.
MAYBE they will restore in-store sales.


Lets hope other major carriers around the work bring this into the fold as well. This could be the begining of a major MDM coup for BlackBerry!



You are now in my Bingo Book


First they need to update Z10 to 10.2, before all this bs...

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Yeah they do. I've tried the leaked version but I end up missing general apps when starting the phone back up.

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I need Rogers to offer this in Canada

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That's really good news. It may be the perfect opportunity for small and medium sized businesses that don't want to invest in new infrastructure for BES implementation.

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Awesome! Now let's hope it sells.

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I have TMO but the coverage for HSPA/LTE is limited to more densely populated areas. So I am in 2G Waaaaay to much compared to AT&T . But at least I don't drop calls with TMO like I did with AT&T .

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This is very encouraging and a good service to sell to small businesses. The big question for me is who is going to market this and how are they going to do it. Chen will need to market it, but does anyone at bbry know how to sell?

T-Mobile has a long history with bbry and does work with small businesses.


I think it is better if T-Mobile handles the advertising. After all, they are the seller facing the end-user?


Very nice!!

Can Canadians participate in a monthly.or yearly service?

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I found the z30 STA 100-5 unlocked on ebay and it works on T-Mobile LTE in Dallas where I live. GSM Nation also has the z30 STA 100-5 that works on all T-Mobile frequencies.

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Did you mean to say STA 5 in both instances?

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When does this come to Canada?!

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This is very good news. Continue to be happily surprised to be happy to be a TMO customer!

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That sounds like a very clever business model. Neat.

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Somebody please tell Rogers to do the same. Simplify BES for small business owners.