T-Mobile and Bell rumored launch dates leaked

By Michelle Haag on 11 Jan 2013 04:49 pm EST

As the January 30th launch date of BlackBerry 10 draws closer, more information is trickling out regarding when carriers will have the devices for you to buy. We've seen several carriers and some retailers getting ready with pre-orders available on their sites and in store, and today sees some internal leaks from Bell in Canada and T-Mobile in the US regarding availability.

The image above shows what is supposedly Best Buy's internal information indicating Bell will have BlackBerry 10 on February 28th. Below you can see a leaked roadmap from T-Mobile which indicates a March 27th availability date for the BlackBerry Lisbon, aka BlackBerry Z10. Just how accurate these dates (and prices) are remains to be seen, and as with all rumors should be taken with a grain of salt. 

Sources: Bell image - BGR;  T-Mobile image - TMO News
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T-Mobile and Bell rumored launch dates leaked


Damn straight it had better be sooner. If they're putting off a simultaneous global launch in 6 cities, they can't piss away the momentum by delivering the phones a month or two months down the road.

+100000000.. there has to be minimal lag time between launch and availability or else the critics are going to pounce. Momentum will be lost!

This amounts to yet another delay in getting these devices into the hands of end-users. RIM will have lost any momentum coming out of the BlackBerry 10 launch event in late January by the time the first BlackBerry 10 smartphone is available for purchase.

I heard February 6th for Rogers

Telus said that the phones will be arriving to their warehouse on Jan 31st, but I wasn't told what day they will begin selling. I'm guessing that they will begin to fill in the preorders a week later, and if there are some left, start selling those.

February 27th and *only* CAD499.00 on a three-year contract? The smartphones should be free from the carrier on a 1-year contract.

RIM should make a profit, but it has to be realistic too based on the marketplace dynamics in place. It is a tough market out there, and when you are an underdog like RIM, you have to behave like one.

As much as I *LOVE* the BB10... I've had the Dev Alpha "A" to develop on for several months, own stock and truly interested in seeing RIM bounce back... They are NOT Apple. RIM does not have the marketing "coolness" factor that Apple has developed over several years, to make people overpay for things.

Apple could release the "iToilet" tomorrow and sell millions of them. Anyone else would have a hard time. Yes I am making a bit of fun here, but you get my point. RIM needs to be noticed, and for many people it would be more than just the OS experience and phone specs alone, it has to be "Wow look at this cool phone, it is really neat and the price is great too!".

RIM needs to stay competitive. As *AMAZING* as BB10 is, and I experienced only a developer OS version, it is going to be hard to convince people to switch to a Blackberry 10 device unless they see an improvement in VALUE and that will require a price-point that is reasonable.

With the iPhone 4 at $0, iPhone 4S at $99 and iPhone 5 (the latest and greatest Apple phone) at $199, plus a wide assortment of pretty good Android phones all under $199, RIM coming from the underdog position cannot price itself above the top end of the market unless it is deciding to pull another Playbook fiasco when it launched at $499 a couple years ago. Only when it got slashed to the sub-$200 range did the Playbook start to ship in reasonable numbers, although certainly not even close to any Apple products which were priced at double or triple the amounts.

So what is a reasonable price for a BB10 device? How can RIM profit if everyone is saying there is no money in the hardware business anymore? Wouldn't you rather see RIM making little to no profit now, so they can crank out as many BB10 phones as possible... and eventually the cost of the development will average out to be lower due to the number of devices and production efficiency?

Would it make sense just to try and increase the sales and numbers of people adopting BB10 phones, increase the subscriber base and encourage more developers to jump onboard and develop great apps for BB10 (who otherwise are neglecting RIM and just making Apple and Android apps)?

As a stockholder, I sure want RIM to make a profit on the BB10 phones. But I am also afraid that if priced at the highest end of the market, competing against proven phones and companies with extremely deep pockets (who can slash prices any second) that RIM will be left in the clouds and on a platform that most people may never get to try out, like the wonderful Playbook, only until prices go down. I think it needs to be priced in the middle and to show people they can get a high end phone for a good price, at least better priced than Apple's flagship phone and maybe comparable to a top-end Android of similar specs.


You really hit it on the head here. I desperately want a BB10 phone - I'm still on an 8520 for god's sake! Anyone who's not Apple just can't expect to dominate the market for more than $200 a unit.

Apple can pull their overpricing scheme off because Macintosh has long been considered the computer of "cool" people, which goes back decades to the Mac being the computer of choice for Graphic Designers and artsy types... Who everyone views as "cool." well, it's easy to use an obscenely expensive computer as your primary when your flipping employer footed the bill.
Thus, the following act of the "iDevice" family became the automatic choice for people wanting to look "cool."
Apple devices have always been steeply overpriced and underperformers for the hardware included. (note I'm no Windows fan either, I'm a Linux gal).

At any rate, I sprang for a PB when the pricing took a dive (64 GB for $180!).
My contract is long expired with TMobile. They need to offer the BB10 to me for <$150 for me to get it.
I'm sorry but that's the cold hard truth. If I have >$400 to blow, I think I'll get new tires for my car first.
In no attempt to bring up any ridiculous political argument, but rather in interest of pointing out the facts, RIM can either choose to price the BB10 to get it into the 2% of the population who can afford exorbitantly priced gadgets, or they can set their sights on the rest of the populace.
For a (sadly) hurting company with an ever diminishing market share, which do you think is the better route?

I think T-Mobile's is understandable because London is the world phone without LTE. And T-Mobile still has to launch their LTE network. And since Lisbon is listed, T-Mobile will launch their LTE and have an LTE capable phone rather than the alternative. Which is exactly what I was hoping.

**this is not reply but i want to make my important comment to be on top***

I work for Bell, and this information is not anywhere near true. Bell's 30 day pricing of Blakberry 10 is $699. ( 30 day pricing means no contract)

3 year contract price - $349.99
2 year contract price - $499.99

Release date says still :TBD

so please disregard this leaks

This is not correct either.. I won't comment on the off contract price, but the 3 year price will not be above $199.

$349.99 on a 3yr term. I'm not sure we're you're getting this info from but that's hardly competitive when Bell is selling iPhone 5 for 179.99 on a 3yr and the GS3 for $159.99 on a 3 yr. No way anyone in Canada is going to pay that much for a device that hasn't proven itself in the open market. I was excited but if what you say is true, I may have to hold off till the price drops.

“Think highly of yourself, because the world will take you at your own estimate.”

Sorry , its my mistake.

3 year contract price - $199.99
2 year contract price - $349.99
1 year contract price - $499.99

30 day pricing $699.99

you should pick one of these contracts and get a data plan and keep it atleast 1 year to get this price. if you remove the data plan may be after 6 months, you will get charge back.

i missed the 1 year contract price and messed it up. sry :(

Great, at least now I'll have an estimate how much it'll cost on WINDtab after it's subsidized. :)

I wouldn't be able to afford buying the N series outright. I expect it to be the same/similar.

yes its competitive pricing. basically $199.99 will go down to $179.99 after 6 months for sure. iPhone was $199 and now its 179 so i think its very reasonable price.

The Bell image is just of a placeholder entry. They have no idea so just picked the last day of the month, and the highest possible price (within reason).

I hope that's not actually the buy out price.

Makes no sense that a phone is 800 bucks when tablets can be had at half that cost.

Nope, it is the carrier's price that they paid to RIM to buy the blackberry 10 phones.

We pay much much less.

If that is the price, and RIM sells a tonne of these, the RIMM shares are going to be worth $225.00 each.

What the heck why is this device 800.00 it's more than the note 2, iphone5 16gb and any of the top phones that price is to expensive

I think he understands that. $800 is ridiculous. Note 2 is only $699 off contract at verizon. $800 is just stupid high. I highly doubt this to be the real price. It should be at least $100 cheaper.

I hope this is a joke. I'm not on tmobile but the end of march is insulting. Verizon better have it within the first half of february.

Homies at RIMM,

this needs to be available one or 2 weeks after the announcement. waiting till the 28th is not good. Waiting till March is death

Doubtful that the Bell data is accurate. If it were truly a finalized entry in the system, it would clearly name the device (i.e. Z10, X10 or some other variant) as opposed to just "Bell BlackBerry 10 Device". Not to mention that 799.99 definitely isn't the pricepoint. It looks like it's just a placeholder.

Another possibility is that the release date corresponds to the X10, though I'm doubtful and the price point still makes no sense.

I could see 2 weeks max after Jan 30. You can fly a lot of phones worldwide in 12 hours. A 747 has to hold a he77 of a lot of z-10's
If it does stretch out into March or beyond RIM will be cutting thier throat and putting the launch in jeopardy.

800 bucks, for 200 more, I can buy a L-lens for my camera. lol, this had to be a joke. BB10 should be available at least 2nd week of Feb.. Waiting for the launch is crucial enough.!

You can buy two nexus 4 phones and still have 200 dollars left over for that amount of money. I hope it's not 800$

LOL - Good luck! Not from the Play Store. I just cancelled my order and coming back to BB10. Well, since I never received the Nexus 4 I guess I never left. Still "rocking" my 9320.

That is to high BB trying to make a comeback you can't be greedy and cell the phone at cost for 800.00 that's more than any other phone on the market geesh I am out if that's the case

If it ends up being $800 you can count me out. Sorry, I can afford it but I can't think of a single phone on the planet that's worth that much. $600-$650 would be far more reasonable.

As to the launch date, I can't see it being that late into the month. We know Verizon has their dummy devices already and I was told WIND got theirs yesterday. Dummy devices are normally supplied immediately before a release.

$800 isn't out of this world the 32GB iPhone is $799.00CAD without a contract and the 64GB iPhone 5 is $899. At $800 your looking at probably 279 on a 3 year.

I always go with 3 years...yeah I have to buy out my contract every year when I switch but the money is better in my pocket today then later on down the road.

I'm quite aware there are phones out there that already cost this much but what this boils down to is whether I can see the value for money. There is no phone on the market, or even in the immediate future, that's worth $800, it doesn't matter whether you're buying it outright or burying it in a contract. For me, $800 is a ludicrous amount of money to pay for a phone. For you it's different, but I'd be interested to see how many 64GB iPhones are sold in comparison to the $600 16GB version.

This phone is for IMPORTANT people. If you can't afford it, they will have other versions at a lower price for you.

I appreciate that this phone is important, I also appreciate that I can well afford $800. But what I can afford and what I consider to be good value for money are two completely different things. There isn't a phone on the planet that's worth that much money as far as I'm concerned. And trust me, just a quick jaunt around the various forums out there will tell you there are an awful lot of people out there that agree with me. It went crazy out there when it was thought the Z10 would be $700. If this phone is marketed at or around $800 at launch,it doesn't matter how you play with the numbers (contract or off contract) my next device will not be made by RIM.

My first thoughts exactly, but because I want it to be true that Im not paying 800$... I thought about it a bit more, they usually aren't loosing money when you buy an off contract phone, becuase its almost always locked to the carrier and most people who buy it off contract are already paying 30-80 dollars a month anyways because they already have a contract. Then with rogers, it cost I think 50$ to unlock a phone, so if they sell it for 750$ which they might, then they wouldn't lose money (but yes these prices are still crazy, especially for a kid in highschool whos been saving up since he first heard about bb10..)

Yeeeep.. if it turns out it is $799 I'll go buy an iphone or S3.. I got burnt on the playbook at $500, not going to let that happen again.

I'll be going with the first carrier who has it available. My Sprint contract is up and I gotta have my #BB10! Who's it going to be....?!?

that's $900 with the tax, plus ewaste fee on top of that. Pushing a grand if you add a case, extended warranty, charging dock etc. think i'll be sticking with my 9790 for a while. that is officially out of my league for a phone. I'm kinda thinking (hoping) that price is not correct.

That price is the MRSP price the carriers paid to order them. We don't have to pay THAT much. It will be around $600 outright and subsidized over 1, 2 and 3 year terms.

yeah, come on, i hope this will be just a joke, come on RIM, i know you're ready with everything for the launch and I believe the handsets will be out for sale by mid February which just SHORTLY after the launch date right? 4 weeks or 6 weeks after the launch won't be considered as a SHORT period.

come on RIM, come on, BRING IT ON! 18 DAYS TO GO, DO NOT LET US DOWN!

** From the down under nation who is patiently waiting to rock the continent with this badass!

Being the first kick at the can with the next generation phones i doubt it will retail for $800. People will take a Android or Iphone for that price that has all the apps one needs.Rim has a lot to prove before people will shell out $800.

We all know how the first gen storm worked out..lol

price is pretty crazy. I thought the z10 was supposed to be a mid entry phone? While the aristo is top end. How much will the aristo be??Maybe this price is for the 64Gb version plus some bundled deal....plus a used car lol :P

I doubt that Heins and those at RIMM are foolish enough to put an $800 price tag on the Z10. If they do, you can bet the swan song will immediately be played for them.

~I am BlackBerry by choice~

If this is accurate @ all, I'm am HOT! Thor said z10 will drop "shortly" after launch. 2mos is NOT my idea of shortly! And that's not even including x10! So your telling me x10 will be 3mos later if z10 is barely comin out 2 fing months after launch date???! What kinda shit is that! I've waited way too long for this damn phone and I'm sorry, I'm NOT waiting 2mos after launch just to be rediculed AGAIN by my mobile peers (isheep/droid users). I will be leaving tmo and switching to another carrier with a more satisfactory date immediately....

I sincerely hope the price "guess" shown is a "buy with no contract " price and not a subsidized price locking you into a long contract as well! I guess we'll all find out soon enough! Certainly $800 is out of my price range!

If it ends up being upward of $700ish I'll wait a while before getting it. I don't want to be " The tester" for that price. lol The platform seems promising but that $800 requires some type of assurance.

I will put it to you this way. Whichever US carrier releases it first, I will switch IF I have to, so I hope BIG RED is listening, otherwise they are about to lose a 10 yr customer

Nail in the cuffin... wrap it up... If this is real, it will surely kill the momentum of bb10 and therefore killing RIM all together. Keep in mind, if this launch date is real, The keyboard BB10 is coming AFTER The Lisbon.. ANd BB has said that they plan on launching 6 bb10 phones by the end of 2013.,, This is looking more and more like they werent prepared for bb10 still. The HIGHLY anticipated Aristo (A-Series) will likely wont show up till late December, early 2013. To me, they have F'ed up this whole BB10 thing. The Devices, to me, PHYSICALLY arent that appealing. The concepts we saw mid 2012 looked 100X better. I want RIM to do well, I want to see them back at #1... But this is not the way. Looks like I'll be keeping my 9900 till at years end


$799. . . I'm hoping it's cheaper in the states. I won't pay a dime over $600. If RIM thinks they can charge more for their phones than an Iphone they're already in trouble with BB10.

Damn, that's scary. I better hold of on pre-ordering untill jan 30. I'm expecting 2 weeks after the launch event and a 650-700$ price tag.

Peopl, please realize that it's not solidly RIM that decides on a launch date. This is for a big part decided by the carriers. Next to that RIM did announce Europe would be first followed by other markets a bit later.

Finally the first sensible comment on here. Assuming these dates are even accurate, it shows a month difference between them. Meaning...different carriers can have different release dates. You think RIM is telling one carrier to hold off compared to another? Hell no, its the carriers that makes these decisions and their launch plans, marketing plans, etc etc. RIM is ready to go as of the 30th of this month, and they want it in the market asap, but not all carriers will launch the same time necessarily. People need to get a grip

I've held off upgrading my phone for the z10 just like a lot of people so the anticipation is killing me, I just hope the availability date is sooner than later...much much sooner.

I have no idea what the phones are going to cost but seeing no difference between the MPP (whatever that is) and the promo price simply doesn't pass the smell test. No point in getting worked up until there is more information.

doesnt anyone notice the street date of Feb 28? isnt that the shipment date? also shouldnt the lisbon launching on March 28 the qwerty version?

It better be earlier than a month after the event! The "big 3" I would assume are sooner, if not this is a HUGE let down from RIM...again...

Carrier stores should have phones in stock and on shelves the day after if not same day...

Bestbuy etc type stores a week or two after..

Not a month plus.

The Bell contest seemed to price it much lower.....650 if memory serves me correctly. I also asked a Future Shop sales guy, and he seems to think they will have it for sale on the 30th or next day. Who knows....some of you guys need to chill out.


This is from the rules and regulations from the Bell website:


5.1 Prizes: There are a total of five (5) BlackBerry 10 Smartphones available to be won. Approx retail value $700.00 Cdn each.

Can personally confirm, the price for any BB10 device will not be over 599 USD & the phones will be available at MOST Canadian carriers as of February 4, 2013.
The X10 WILL be available BEFORE March as well for the physical QWERTY loving people here!

$800.00,,, ha!!! scoff @ that idea,,, attempting to match iTools prices is a BAAAD move,,, that thing better beat out a Cray CX1 for that price...


I am going to take this with a grain of salt just like the other post about the marketing images. Unless it is absolutely confirmed by RIM, carriers, etc., I will not speculate and take rumors as fact.

None of these pictures mention the actual retail name of BB10 phone - Blackberry Z10, so this rumor should be taken with grain of salt till 30th Jan. Let's wait for the actual release dates (as early in Feb, better it will be).

This can't happen. You can't announce a device and then release it 60 days later. That's horrible. Second, if you're a struggling company, charging 800 for a phone isn't an ideal way to win customers. I won't believe anything until I see official stuff.


The difficult, we do immediately. The impossible takes a little while longer.

This news seems deliberate: RIM's marketing team is injecting news before the launch to keep the story of BB10 alive on social media and tech sites. During the launch, RIM will say BB10 is available now everywhere!

Why is everybody acting as though this is final word from RIM?? get a grip people, this is a leak, just like the hologram keyboard for the iPhone 5.

when RIM announces a release date and price you can whine if necessary, until then chillax!!!

If true, RIM has gone insane. First, not having phones on the store shelves 7-10 business days after the announcement is suicide. All of the euphoria would have worn off by then and all of the impulse shoppers are lost. That would result in a lot of lost business. Further to this, $800 for the phone with no contract? Even $700 as suggested by someone else here is excessive. Only Apple can command such a premium because of the perception created around their brand. No other brand has that luxury.

No contract price should be ~$500 to ~$600, and the physical availability should be no later than 10 business days after the announcement. Let's see what happens...

it seems to me the Z10 should be priced the same as the Samsung Galaxy III which is priced between the Nokia and the IPhone.

Folks, these aren't even good fakes. Your being jerked around by some clown. We will have to wait for the truth.

Price will be lower than iphone 5.
And i can tell this for sure. (16gig)

Looking forward!!!

Blackberry by choice , bold 9900 & BB playbook

People I work with that system and I can tell you that the info for the Best Buy image is not finalized. For one the Phone description does not list a phone model, which our system does list for all phones.
Secondly the street date is not set in stone, and is most likely in there because its set in the system so that no one can sell them sooner.
And lastly the price is also not set in stone, the most important part of this is that fact that Best Buy has associated a SKU for the phone, at any time the company can and will change that price.


The usual price is $600, and much less on a 1,2 and 3 year term. The RELEASE DATE is also WRONG. Don't disappoint yourselves OR take ANY of that crap as TRUTH. It's NOT TRUE AND NOT OFFICIAL UNTIL RIM ANNOUNCES IT!!

Lol you're funny because you repeat the same thing over and over again and no one is listening. I read the comments and was wondering when you would explode :):):)

To me, if the device lives up to it's pre-release billing.. an off-contract (unsubsidized) price of US$600 seems fair and kind of in line with what other top-of-the-line models are costing with other device lines.. This isn't a direct comparison as each model is of course different, but assuming this is going to be (for the time being) RIMS's top-line device, then an un-subsidized price of 600 seems do-able.

If the device is as cats a$$ as we are led to believe then I don't think it $800 is out of the realm of reasonable, and if I find that it is that great, yes I will pay that price for it.
So you can get a good tablet for half that price. I only use my tablet to communicate with the rest of the world probably 1/4 the amount I use my phone. Obviously that price for a phone is reasonable for me.
And it will get here when it gets here.
@ Rootbrian MSRP is not the price the carriers pay, paid, or will pay to order that phone. You might wanna chill out on the caffeine or just step away from the keyboard or something to relax.

That's a higher price than I had anticipated. But then again, we are not in the toy aisle @ Apple / Walmart are we.

BleedBlk Blk-

I am amazed at how many people get their panties in a wad over this "leaked", not final, information. As many others have said, chill out!! RIM will have the phones available very shortly after the launch date. Think about it - RIM has been working so very hard to get everything right, from changing the corporate structure and mindset to marketing and building relationships with developers to communicating to carriers. Do you think they would make this kind of mistake...to lose momentum of the Launch date by delaying the availability of the phone for month(s)? Come on readers...this is the new lean and mean take no prisoners RIM! Thor is at the helm!! RIM and BB10 for the Win!!!!

I'm on T-Mobile and I am eligible for an upgrade in February (I have a 9900). HOWEVER, with T-Mobile changing their pricing and plans, I may have to shell out the $$$ up front. Suffice it to say that I'll probably would be buying a few months after the earliest release date anyway.

Is the Z10 going to be a game changer that saves RIM or will it be another Storm/PlayBook debacle?

MRSP is the retail price suggested by RIM. This price is just a suggestion. The cost for the carrier is much lower. To put it in perspective: the MRSP of the Samsung Galaxy S III is $899, but everyone sells it for a much lower price.

I have a brand new S3 still in the packaging that it was received as a hand set upgrade and would sell you for 450 if you want.

Apple does this over and over again. There is mad buzz about a product. And some crazy price is thrown out there. I think I heard 900.00 to buy the iphone 5 to buy out right. Then when they launch the product you here 599.99 and think, Hey that's a great deal. I'll guess that's what's going on here

Psychology 101... Feed a higher price into the minds of everyone so they have that number in their head, then when the ACTUAL price comes out that is much less they will think it is a bargain. I hope that you are right!

I will admit I have been waiting for an upgrade from Bold 9900 to BB10 for a loooooong time now, but if the price is going to be anywhere above 550-600 I am not buying it. Price of 800 as shown above is ridiculous. Anyone with sane mind would think to invest that kind of money on product that is new and God knows how it will be when it comes out. I know it is BB's reputation at stake here, hope they live up to it.

Agreed, if RIM actually releases Z10 with a MSRP of $800.00 then its probable time to give up on BlackBerry. Maybe if stores cut the price to $400.00 people will think they are getting a deal and not buy a Nexus 4? RIM should be selling these phones at cost just for the market share. The 9900 MSRP was $700.00 two years later the cost is still $550 with no contract from T-Mobile. That model didn't seem to work so well. I even have to wonder how many people go buy an iPhone 4s for $550.00

Some of these comments are absolutely ridiculous! 1) Thor said the devices will be available shortly after, but ITS UP TO THE CARRIERS when they will begin selling them. 2) 'anything past 2 weeks after launch date is suicide'. No. Anything past Q1 2013 can be called suicide. Q1 2013 ends at the end of march. Anyone who says the leaked/rumored March 27th date is a "delay" is not that bright and should be working for BGR! Same thing with the prices. These may be Fake, MSRP, wholesale etc. Who knows? well, we all will come the 30th! settle down now people. Nothing to see here.....

It was stated that Feb 4, 2013 will be the day BlackBerry 10 is available. Also I've heard demand for BB10 exceeds how many will be released at launch, though they've been pumping out BB10's for some time. Ow. Hopefully they have enough for the high demand.

Nothing more than $199 USD on a 2 yr contract.....infact for the other letstalk.com etc ...even 50$ rebate will work........RIM needs to go deep into the public to sustain and i agree with teh gentleman posted above the lang post.The prices on the picture are ridiculous.
$199 Max.

For OS 10 and the hardwarre to lift RIM the handsets need to come out simultaneously with the January 30 mega-hyped launch event.
I was close to replacing my Curve with an i5 near Christmas and searched OS 10 and the Z10 - incredibly great competitors - the OS And the hardware - if both live up to the online hype.
But to compete RIM cannot premium price the hardware, nor delay release of the hardware - i5's are currently running $149 subsidized by Canadian carriers - and I suspect Apple may reduce that again on the Z10 launch.
If latest rumours as seen above price the Z10 at $799 - I'm off to Apple like a lot of smart consumers. The value add of BB OS 10 isnt worth the extra cash outlay.

Even $199 is too much IMO - You cannot justify paying more for a Z10 that has yet to prove itself over a iPhone 5, which is the current leader. Just makes no sense - the phone needs to be equal or less in price than the iPhone 5 for people to consider it, especially since it's not proven yet. They need people to buy the phone so that a following can grow... If there is a following - apps will follow and the ecosystem develops.

It can't be too cheap either though - it is a premium high-end phone and it must command a $ premium to buy it, but not more than an iPhone 5 - that will make the decision much easier for people to make the "safe" choice by getting an i5.

So many comments that it is hard to read them all, I haven't seen anyone talk about unlocking this phone. Does anyone have any info if it is going to be easily unlockable? I unlocked my 9900 the same day I got it to add it to a plan that I allready had.

Maybe this is why shopblackberry has been down. Maybe they plan on offering their whole line of bb10 phones unlocked there on launch date.

One can dream...

Just a heads up to everyone that was complaining the street date was way too late for a launch. It has changed in the system. It is no longer set for the end of February.