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T-Mobile 8520 Unboxed Early From WalMart

By Bla1ze on 3 Aug 2009 08:00 am EDT

What's this? A T-Mobile 8520 unboxing video you say? Why yes, it is. Seems the good folks at WalMart have been letting a few of these go out the door prior to the official launch date of August 5th. If you are looking to grab one of these for the $48.88 WalMart is charging new customers, you better hop to it, just in case head office puts a stop to it.

The new customer pricing is great on this one, although the poster of the video states off contract is $349.99, which is indeed a little more hefty for such a device. Now, who out there got one? Does your local WalMart have em? What about this "Out of The Box" Mac compatability - did you get a Mac desktop manager? So many questions! Let us know in the comments and in the forums what the deal is here folks ;)

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Hope to see it in France very soon


$349.00??? This low end BB should be no more than $249.00 without contract! I still say that TMO USA should have added this BB to their PrePaid line-up.

Way to go, TMO. A missed opportunity to steal customers away from Boost Mobile and MetroPCS.


not eat while doing the video? Take 5 minutes from you Milk Dud addiction. Phone looks awesome though. Why would they make it a 2MP camera? It's seems like when you think RIM is making the perfect phone they leave one thing off. The TOur it was the Wifi this phone it's the 2MP not the 3MP Camera. WTF?????


I think the Tour not having Wifi is something on Verizon's part, because none of there BlackBerry's have Wifi from what I hear.


Does that mean that if this device comes with Mac compatible software, its only a matter of days before we see the software available for download off of a third party site?


Too much to grab one without contract!


i really want to try this new trackpad

Michael L#CB

next time you do a video, don't eat a f***** candy. We can here you smacking your lips a mile away.


I will check when I head out today to see if they have it here in Savannah, GA and report back.


He could have at least turned the damn thing on. This clown needs to leave the unboxing's to Kevin or Noah from phonedog.com.


Wow, you are quite the douche bag. He said he was going to stay strictly with the unboxing on this video. If you want to see his review with the phone on, go to his youtube channel.


This guy said no Mac DM was on the install CD.


Where did you get your bed sheets?


Walmart, obviously. Along with his jumbo-sized boxes of Milk Duds.


The Connection Center did receive the handsets early and for some reason (at my store) put them in the display cases this weekend. Good thing no one came around the back of our desk to see them. Although once it's got late in the night me and another associate tested the BB out for "customer service" purposes lol. It's feels really good in the hand and very light. The trackpad is something to get used to I had a little trouble with it but not much. Nice phone, oh and I made sure the phones weren't sold before the 5th Launch Date hahaha some people were ready to sell these on Friday but I told them that that wouldn't be a good idea.


this phone available in the prepaid line up. It's $179 with flex pay...


I couldn't even understand what he was saying because of his smacking. What a moron.

Benji Molina

Hello ppl! I just became a BB user and I am hooked. I tossed around the idea of a BB sevel phones ago but thought I really didnt need it. (how wrong and foolish was I) I love my BB I just wish the sales Guy at Verizon would of told me to wait a month for the Tour but oh well the curve is a great BB starter phone. As for the NEW 8520 @ 50 bucks its priced just right for us in this economy. Keep up the good work BB!

another satisfied user

experiment 626

No pouch? That's not good.


piece of candy out of your mouth. annoying as heck.

toni starks

looks great cant wait to get one. maybe the end of this month if everything goes well