T-Mo USA Getting the BlackBerry Curve 8900 this February?

T-Mobile BlackBerry 8900 to be released mid-February?!
By Kevin Michaluk on 31 Dec 2008 07:25 am EST

I'm not sure what's going on in the world of BlackBerry, but it seems the good 'ole US of A has (mainly) been getting the short end of the stick as of late in terms of getting new BlackBerry smartpones first. The BlackBerry Bold was released pretty much everywhere in the world this past summer, yet AT&T didn't get it until November, the Storm hit Vodafone a week before Verizon (not too big of a wait - won't complain on that one) and now Americans are left waiting yet again, this time for the BlackBerry Curve 8900.

I've had my Rogers BlackBerry Curve 8900 for a couple weeks now and am LOVING IT, so I was glad to see this T-Mobile roadmap get leaked yesterday which calls for a mid-February release of RIM's next generation Curve. This is one of those devices that just needs to be out there asap! Release dates such as these have a habit of changing, but the good news is that February 18th isn't that far off. Half of the fun of buying a new smartphone is the anticipation, so hopefully those of you have been waiting for this one will make the most of the next six weeks of agony. Now we just need to know when AT&T is getting this baby... don't be surprised if you see them release it prior to T-Mobile.

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T-Mo USA Getting the BlackBerry Curve 8900 this February?


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Dont mean to brag here but one of the best things about living here in the UK is that we get these latest and greatest phones first. Well if you buy them off line ie sim free and no carrier branding but then we pay quite a premium for them...which isnt such a good thing.

For instance the BB 8900 Curve was released on Tmobile UK a few weeks ago...i dont know if they have any in stock as im not interested in it...i have the Bold, which wasnt released on tmobile uk till late nov due to software issues.

Sadly T-Mobile doesn't have much going for it at this point. Their current line up of phones is about as exciting as watching grass grow. I believe they know they are behind the eight ball in that regard. After all, when the most exciting thing you have going is the Pearl Flip (which basically no one wants) and the G1... well, what can you say? They haven't even released OS 4.5 for the RIM units they do have. Which is why I left T-Mobile a week ago for the Bold (replaced my 8820). Not that AT&T is all that great, but at least they are there with newer devises and a pretty good user experience on the web site. And, so far, the customer service has been fine... nothing exceptional, but perfectly OK.

When I went into the T-Mobile store a couple of weeks ago the Rep told me they were getting the new Curve in late January or February and their own version of the Storm sometime in the Fall. He was very concerned however that they didn't seem to be making any effort to upgrade the OS versions on a number of their current RIM units... most especially the 8800 and 8820 which are used primaraly by their business and HotSpot@Home clients. He felt their was no excuse for them to be so far behind. Which is T-Mobiles main issue, they seem to be two steps behind everyone else in the US. That said, notice that T-Mobile in Europe is pretty much up to speed. It says a great deal about how they think of their US customers!!

"They haven't even released OS 4.5 for the RIM units they do have."

t-mo's 4.5 release for the 8320 has been out for some time.

Yes, but their prices also don't rape your wallet. They're the only reason I can even afford a BlackBerry. Also, you can always buy an unlocked phone and they are coming out with cooler BlackBerries very soon. Therefore, they win in my book.

By the way, 4.5 OS has been out for the 8320 for months now. I do agree that they need to provide an upgrade for other versions, though.


people take credit away from t-mobile where it should be given

it doesnt provide alot of handsets which isnt appealing

but it allows its customers the ability to buy, and pay for phone plans at reasonable prices for them

and if a customer wants a phone that tmobile does not carry
and its GSM...they can get it unlocked and enjoy the cheap plans tmobile has to offer...

it was posted somewhere...you could get the cheapest plan, with tmobile hotspot calling and my faves...and spend under 100 dollars on your plan a month for next to free calling...

I am really happy that T-Mobile should be getting the new curve but I would LOVE it if they updated their OS for the units they have. I like T-Mobile alot but they are just getting on my nerves with the RIM units

I went to a T-Mobile store last week and one of the reps said they were getting the Bold in January, I asked him again to make to sure and he said the Bold, in January 2009

I might consider T-Mobile Germany a Beta tester, but since Rogers and T-Mobile UK already have the device, and no one is complaining, AND the OS is based on the Bold's OS... No it's not a Beta Tester version... I will be getting mine on the first day they are available to T-Mobile customers.

Its good to see a set date for this phone. I have been wanting to make this my first BB purchase. However I am leaning towards AT&T for my carrier over T-Mobile. I will be interested to see when AT&T gets it. Hopefully the second week of January. And Kevin, the anticipation is not the best part. The best part is getting the phone. The anticipation is just boring and full of idiots trying to pass off worthless facts that mostly end up wrong. In my opinion.

This is SO exciting! I know T-Mo isn't famous for having the latest and the greatest, but they seem to be jumping on BlackBerries. This makes me happy. I may upgrade, or I may hold off until we hear more about the possible touch screen version of the Curve. That is seriously my dream phone... an actual keyboard but still having a touch screen? O.M.G.

P.S. I realize Palm has those, but I would DIE before going to Palm. The end.

AT&T sucks. It took them 4 months to release the Bold and that thing sucks. They won't release the 8900 anytime soon. They just got the 8320. Its been out since 07

Sweet! I've got a decked out 8320 in a custom red housing (that I just got) and a black "atomic" trackball (nothing atomic about it- more like platonic), but I don't mind starting my upgrading process over again with a 8900 in my hands. Besides the fact that it's not 3G, it's a wicked BB! I want it! Plus now I can pace my savings for it. I just became eligible for my full upgrade 2 days ago- Yes!

P.S. T-Mobile is awesome. I pay less for a ton of features and services that other providers charge an arm and a leg for. Their customer service is great. So what if their not a nationwide 3G provider. They soon will be, and until they are, remember- Patience is a virtue!

Why is it that T-Mobile is the last to get new Blackberry Phones? They used to be on top of things. Will they regain there stature any time soon?

I'm trying to hold out for this one. My Pearl is on its last leg!! Hope they don't push it back further!

I have to say i am a crackberry addict. I love my 8330 curve w/ alltel service. I came from the 7100i and my wife has a 8130. We would love to get our hands on one of the new bbs either bold or the storm. But for some reason it takes years it seems for other carriers to get them. Rediculous in my opinion. tmobile now has the 8220 and now gonna get the 8900. how come alltel cant get any of them? well we will never know we just wait on them to come out or pay a lot of money and change carriers each time a new one comes out and we just sacrifice service. just my 2 cents

I must say this is a real joke the 8900 phone is already two years old and it hasn’t surfaced yet hear in the USA what are they waiting for the firmware to be outdated before they release it....its already old technology hope there selling at a good price

I must say this is a real joke the 8900 phone is already two years old and it hasn’t surfaced yet hear in the USA what are they waiting for the firmware to be outdated before they release it....its already old technology hope there selling at a good price