AT&T Launching BlackBerry Curve 8900 May 22nd

AT&T Launching 8900 May 21st?
By Bla1ze on 20 May 2009 12:15 pm EDT

* Update: No more rumors... AT&T has announced the Curve 8900 will come to stores this Friday, May 22nd, for $199 after a $100 mail-in rebate with a new agreement. Visit to watch for it. *

The boys over at BlackBerry News have gotten some information from a reliable source on the long awaited AT&T release of the BlackBerry Curve 8900. Chances are by now most of you have already gone ahead and gotten the device by other means and had it unlocked but those of you who were holding out for the subsidized price shouldn't have to wait THAT much longer.

The AT&T branded 8900 should start showing up for AT&T customers on May 21st. While I hope this is true for those of you out there who have been waiting a long time for this device it's probably still best if we stick a little rumor tag on it still as we all know while RIM may have issues with delays, AT&T is great at screwing delaying things such as device launches as well. At least May 21st isn't that far away! [ Note from Kevin - Yeah, the 8900 should definitely hit AT&T this week... ]

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AT&T Launching BlackBerry Curve 8900 May 22nd


Cool....will you guys be giving this phone away as well, an dhow do you even come up with the money to do such things?

..that its not even exciting anymore. i cannot believe they have taken so long to (almost) release this stupid phone. shame on ATT and RIM.

I had thought about holding out for this device but went with the bold instead. I am glad that I went with the Bold.

1. It is an upgrade to the curve 83xx series.

2. Better camera.

3. Better keyboard.

4. ATT branded/supoorted means less hassles and technical support issues for the "masses". Not the BB junkies, but the masses.

5. The phone launched what 2-3 months ago? T-Mobile did have an exclsuive. I really hate exclsuives with GSM phones. At least unlocking a BB is easier than jailbreaking an iphone!! (no offense apple fanboys and fangirls).

Gettiong ready to switch att and didn't want to get the wife a Bold and the 8310 is a bit dated. She doesn't need 3G. She does want a solid device to text on. this phone fits the bill.

I don't know why people complain this new Curve is only Edge. This is RIM decision plus sadly the webpages will probably load in the same amount of time since the Bold's native browser is SLOW!!!! Thankfully I have a Beta version of Bolt.

8900 without 3G capabilities > FAIL for consumers

I'm gonna stick with my Bold and get wifey one too. Hopefully since this is coming out maybe they will run another special with a free refurbished Bold like the one i got.

Bold 9000 with 3g capabilites = CAll Failed!!! for most consumers, too many times!

Seriously tho I would rather have a slightly (and i do mean slightly) slower browser, than have to deal with the unstable 3g signal and numerous dropped calls with my previous bold that i got rid of two months ago. Downloading naked rihanna pics a lil faster is far less important to me than being able to talk on an important phone call with out fearing it dropping

I work for AT&T Laptop telephone support, and own a RIM BOLD. I get tons of dropped calls here in Evansville, but my HTC Tilt is right next to me and it doesn't drop calls. I could call at the same time and while my Bold call fails the Tilt is still talking. I think it more of combination of BOLD and the 3G network. So you can't lay blame on one over the other, IMO.

Took too long. I wanted to get this phone when I broke my last phone. I ended up getting a Bold 3 months ago, and I don't regret it at all. 3G Baby!

If you wanted 3G, then the 8900 should have never been a consideration. And to say it took too long is a joke.. It's barely been out on T-Mobile, overall. I'm sure AT&T regrets not being prepared for you breaking your phone.

Not with the numbers of people wanting Blackberries without data plans on the forums I read. And what I see happening, is people will still get the BBs and do everything they can no to add on a data plan. SO they have a phone with QWERTY buttons to push. :)

Can't see it myself, if I wanted a dumb phone, I'd still be using the ones I own now.

Definitely a solid replacement for the Curve! But not at $199 after the rebate. I think I'll hold on to my Bold for a little while til the price drops ;)

does AT&T's 8900 have the voice over IP feature that Tmobile's has? We switched to Tmobile less than a week ago and that feature is awesome.

It shipped with version Platform Phone is awesome, i had the Tmobile 8900 and could not stand the loose battery door, Im not experiencing that at all with the ATT 8900, and im liking the darker gray back door.