AT&T Handset Updates: Bold in November?!

BlackBerry Handset Launch Updates for AT&T
By Kevin Michaluk on 18 Sep 2008 09:53 am EDT

This story may have just went from bad to worse. On an AT&T document dated yesterday, September 17th, the expected launch dates for several AT&T smartphones are shown. Honing in on the BlackBerry category, we find these expected dates:

  • BlackBerry 8320 BLUE - October 21, 2008
  • BlackBerry Pearl Oyster Pink - October 2, 2008
  • BlackBerry Bold - ETA November
  • BlackBerry Curve Burnt Orange - Deferred to 2009 

These look like dealer availability dates as the note at the bottom indicates the equipment should actually arrive to retail locations "2" days later.

Now for the games... This document was posted by smartphone scoopster, the Boy Genius, who has been calling for an October 2nd launch date of the BlackBerry Bold on AT&T. Despite the fact this document is dated September 17th, he says "this sheet lists the BlackBerry Bold with a November ETA. We're not so sure what's going on, but we're sticking very firm to our October 2nd launch date on AT&T."

I sure hope the Bold does hit AT&T on October 2nd. If it's delayed until November I think we'll have a mutiny on our hands!

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AT&T Handset Updates: Bold in November?!


I dont get it. Why do other countries have it and its taking us in America where RIM is from so much longer to get this blasted phone

He said America so technically, it's true since Canada is in North America.

Now if he would have said U.S....that would be a different story.

the only reason I can think of is ATT maybe trying to make BB addicts decide between the Bold and the Storm. That is if the launch is in November. Just my $.03

ATT is not getting the storm, VWZ is. So ATT would NOT want to make us choose between the Storm and the Bold because we might just leave ATT all together

I know ATT is not getting the Storm. The reason I said that is because for those who are wanting to get a BB but are waiting to see the latest two greats from RIM to choose from, ATT could be holding out for if the Storm gets bad press. Then the Bold would be the logical choice. Again, this is just my opinion.

For you all, I know this is getting out of hand but...I feel cool about it:

Psalm 138:3 "When I called, you answered me; you made me bold and stouthearted"

I still don't have the money for it, that delay isn't so bad after all. Sometimes I get fed up with my pearl because it's so slow...reminds me of my old 386 SX-20 with a whopping 2 MB or Ram...hehehe

I'll sit, wait and watch till it comes to the ATT store next door. (whenever that would be...)

wtf. If the Bold's not in my hands by Oct 3... a new, non-RIM device WILL be on Oct 4. Tired of this. Gotta draw the line somewhere.

Man,...I have been waiting on this phone since Crackberry announced it!! Now it's starting to lose it's luster!! I am a Blackberry fiend and never did like the touchscreen gadgets (iPhone), but the Storm is starting to look good to me. If AT&T pushes the Bold back to Nov,...i'm done and will switch to Verizon. And I agree with the guy up there, why are we the last to get this phone when RIM is here in America?!!

this document seems to be in line with what an at & t rep told me at the store here in washington, dc last week...

Ever since BG and CB posted thew new sapphire color I have been waiting. Even the stores listed the device on their August/September rebate forms. This is crazy. AT&T sent me a notice that as of Oct 5th, they are updating their records and making billing changes. The rep told me this includes changing rate plans. I have an old "grandfather" plan they say must be updated since it is no longer offered. I was hoping to upgrade to this new phone before October so as to keep my old plan. What is wrong with AT&T. If Rogers can release the phone in September why can't they?

ive been waiting for the blue 8320 for a while. i talked to my rep at my local att corporate store on tuesday and he said they were on the way and will be there in 1 week. that also lines up w/ the original 23rd release date. i really hope oct 21 isnt true.

Come on now FRANCE has it, and doesnt Jamaica have it also? I just hope that the line wont be as bad since so many people bought the IPhone.

okay im really getting disgusted with RIM and AT&T right now.I've been waiting for this phone to switch from t-mobile and this is bullsh**t. I mean, END OF JULY -AUGUST?are you kidding me? thats how long we've been waiting. now theres the storm which is only coming out for VZW, who the f**k uses that, RIM's making some horrible marketing dessision. give us friggin break man.

okay im really getting disgusted with RIM and AT&T right now.I've been waiting for this phone to switch from t-mobile and this is bullsh**t. I mean, END OF JULY -AUGUST?are you kidding me? thats how long we've been waiting. now theres the storm which is only coming out for VZW, who the f**k uses that, RIM's making some horrible marketing dessision. give us friggin break man.

OMG!! This is insane ATT and RIM needs to get together soon, they are gonna loose customers especially if tmobile releases the javelin before ATT get the bold. I canceled my ATT account and switched to TMOBILE and I am currently using a rogers unlocked bold, 3G doesnt work and wont work even when tmobile gets 3g in my area but I dont care its not too much faster as I sure didnt notice the difference when using it on ATT 3G, also tmobiles plans and data is much cheaper than ATT.

Ok first off, RIM is in Canada, not the USA...

Now, being from the US and being an AT&T customer I can say that I honestly don't want the Bold anymore. My contract isn't up for quite a while, and perhaps last month I would have been willing to fork out full retail for it. Heck, I might have still been willing if it came out on Oct. 2nd, but it's less likely, and any later than that, and I'm done with it. Ain't nothing wrong with my Curve lol.

I predict the Storm will be out on VZW before AT&T gets their act together and releases the Bold.

I posted this same thing in the Bold 9000 forum. Figured people would see it too. I am going to be that a bunch of AT&T customers are upset since they keep pushing it back.

The only thing that I can think of a reason for it is probably because AT&T knew or found out about the Storm from VZW and now knowing when it's released, they HOPE to give VZW some competition in sales on the Storm where people may go to the Bold on their network instead.

Why are people getting mad when there was no official announcement??? If you didnt know that AT&T was supposed to get it in July would you be this pissed off? NO! That's the problem with rumors and speculation, they're RUMORS sometimes true sometimes not...

Who cares if att was suppose to get it in July and they didn't. the simple fact that many other countries have it is the reason I think we should. ATT needs to put everything on this phone and get it out because if the storm comes out before the bold Im switching. ATT needs to get the shit together!!!

Looks like to me they are trying to string us out until the Christmas Season. As well as give the new Iphone as much time as they can to convert BB users to crapple users.

Last Wednesday at a conference I attended, a AT&T executive director spoke. Before the meeting I talked to him about the Bold. He obviously skirted the issue about release date and would not confirm the October date, but did insinuate that a November date was possible.

My contract with AT&T ends December 31st. I am more and more leaning to jumping ship for Verizon. Especially with all the things I see about the Storm. I will wait final judgment after I have handled it.

It's amazing t to read how upset everyone is behind this decision. To some degree I fill over one's pain, but also when making decision while in anger. Always seems to be a bad decision we made in our lives. First RIM is based in Canada. AT&T decision to delay the Bold is because the device could not pass the RF Field testing and AT&T refused to push the device out until RIM fixed the situation. Every upgraded software you here about for the BOLD since its initial release, is due to AT&T finding on the device. AT&T is not going to allow that device to be used on its network until it is a quality phone for their consumers as RIM promised to deliver. Me I am about quality and I have the patients to wait and love the fact that AT&T stand behind deliver quality to its's consumer. Instead of going into a la 3G iPhone crisis. Yes VZW is getting the Thunder because they where the only company willing to take the risk on putting a first generation touchscreen RIM product. That's a conflict of interest for AT&T when they have the iPhone. So VZW needs something to compete with that. They are losing there customer due to the iPhone. I really think it comes down to if you are willing to wait or not. Yes other country's are getting their shine on with the BOLD, but focus in on how man glitches their device has. You think your mad about a delayed ETA, whew you would go postal if it dropped and you had to deal with the issue other folks are having.

You say "That's a conflict of interest for AT&T when they have the iPhone." However, do remember that the LG Vu, a first-generation touch-screen LG device, with 3G and Mobile TV to boot, launched very shortly before the iPhone 3G this summer. But, then again, the VU was also plagued with delays, as our LG rep had visited and told us the Vu would launch in February, when it actually launched months later. Oh, well.

However, do remember that the LG Vu, a first-generation touch-screen LG device, with 3G and Mobile TV to boot, launched very shortly before the iPhone 3G this summer."
One mistake and you should know this by working for AT&T. The Vu was not put out to market or compete with the iPhone. That phone specific qualities was to bring consumers to the first generation Mobile TV device w/o using your data plan or run off of Media Net. The touchscreen keyboard was pin there as a bonus to bring excite for a smaller handheld device that may not be the iPhone, but can provide you the same touchscreen options of a iphone. If you felt the iphone was to big. They never and still do not market the Vu with the iphone. It's sole principles where to provide consumers with live TV.

Actually, in some circles, the Vu *was* presented as an iPhone alternative, if not an iPhone killer. As I've mentioned elsewhere, we're authorized retailers, not corporate-owned, so we're not allowed to sell the iPhone. Early this year, our regional AT&T "boss," along with our LG rep, paid our store a visit. She asked whether customers have been inquiring about the iPhone and whether we felt we'd lost customers to corporate stores because we don't sell the iPhone, then proceeded to say, "well, soon you'll be able to offer your customers something even better..." and had the LG guy demonstrate the Vu. According to other agents who post on internet forums, the Vu was also presented to them as competition for the iPhone. So, at least for the indirect channel, the Vu was supposed to save us from the iPhone. ;-)

What i dont understand is they been talkin bout the bold back since when june or something now all of a sudden its november but the just start talkin bout the storm and it drop in november...if Att pushes it back one more time...well its to late if the storm comes out before the bold im jumping ship thats all i gotta say..

Good news Verizon, I'm staying. I was 1 and a half feet out the door to AT&T (after five years with you and Palm OS). You had all but lost me to AT&T and the Bold. Great news Verizon, you have a kick-ass Storm about to drop, and the Bold is old news to me. Storm = Touchscreen, WorldPhone, etc, etc....who cares about the Bold and AT&T anymore?

Verizon, you have shown that you can truly innovate, and for have won my business back for a 5th device and 2 more years. Well done Verizon.

couldnt have said it any better myself. BOLD is OLD the storm is definitely going to top it and at&t all together

this is ridiculous i have been waiting for this phone forever and now i honestly dont want it. its not nearly worth the wait which will be longer then november at this point. the storm is where its at and thats my final decision

launches this thing, Verizon will have Storm II and Tmobile will have the Javelin II and Rogers will have the Bold II.

But hey, at least AT&T will still have the Curve and iPhone to keep people happy. Yea!!

If its November I will be an iPhone3G owner before then.

Just got one for the wife and it is a great device. Not sure I would be able to handle the touch screen keyboard, but was going to give it a try after the bold was released and use the two week period wisely to see if I liked and if not go back to the Bold.

I'm just going to wait for it. I have problems with the phone I have now, but nothing to major. It's still kickin. And I can save up enough money waiting for whatever price they decide come up with!

I'm with Sprint and I keep seeing these documents that show the Bold will come out on Sprint as a CDMA device in maybe January 09...but who knows, since AT&T is taking so long just to get theirs. Whatever, I can go on w/ my life w/o this phone. Let's try not to get so caught up on material things guys!

Man... EFF RIM @ this point. I'm about to throw my damn Curve @ the wall and say to hell with BOLD. HTC Touch Pro and HD are looking mighty good right now.

Im getting a kick out of everybody saying that they have given up on the Bold, but you know damn well as soon as the thing comes out on ATT where do you think they are going to be standing. My guess will be in a line at the ATT store, and if its in november they will be standing outside freezing there a$$es off. Nothing is more predictable.

You got to hand it to Kevin and BG. He's done a good job of winding you guys up every other day with a news tidbit here and there, stringing everyone along for the ride. The podcast (and this is one of my favorite podcasts) is just loaded with these predictions. I can write a release date prediction on the wall of a Mcdonalds in Nebraska and within hours it will be on CB with Kevin waiving it around like it was the holy grail. Come to think of it i think a date written on the mcdonalds wall might be slightly more credible than a prediction from BG.

Im now waiting for the December prediction to be posted with anticipation.

That is TOTALLY UNACCEPTABLE. If they are serious, I may just switch carriers, not that AT&T cares about anything or anybody except their bottom line.

Honestly i bet it has something to do with the iPhone, maximize profits and make ppl come to ATT for that, and then launch the Bold for the iPhone nay-sayers and maximize the profits on THAT. Honestly im waiting for the first of the year and im going to Tmobile. So glad they are now in the carolinas.

It is def hard to continue to sit back and wait for the Bold to come out, but in my personal opinion, my Curve is still amazing and working great so Ive been able to continue to weather the storm. On that note, the Storm does looking amazing and hopefully somehow there might be one unlocked for At&t or by some means getting my dirty little hands on one if it works with the GSM network. I will continue to wait.

yo, I am hurt. no lie, I feel like at&t + RIM threw a javelin through my heart. (I wish they would man, cant wait for the 3g version of that phone!)

patience is... overrated

After speaking to AT&T today, I have to admit. What's all the fuss? These phones will appear on the market when they are supposed to people. Stop listening to rumors and new pushed up dates. This is all nonsense. The phones will come out when they are in good working order, and considering the shape the world is now in, and our ECONOMY what gives? Everything in America is going down the tubes, banks closing, etc., and all you guys worry about is when a cell phone is coming out? Evan AT&T is laughing!

whos Evan ? ....... jk , but I will be the first to say that yes if its a November release i prob will just wait for the Jav but who knows.... the initial luster of the bold is gone though. And I do know someone who just got their AT&T branded bold yesterday from AT&T ( not a tester ) so should be coming out soon i would assume

Interesting comments on this blog. Hey, this is what it is all about. Everyone is entitled to their opinion and to say how they feel here. I laugh at all those who try to throw dirt into the faces of those who are upset. People have a right to be upset if they want.

As far as me standing in line freezing my rear off, I say, naw, no way in Arizona!! Hahaha

I heard from my local AT&T store that they are hearing November as a release date now. I was told, "problems with the battery or the like". Who knows!

I feel a Storm brewing!

But seriously, my current cell phone is holding on for dear life right now...I've refused to buy a new one until the Bold comes out....I'm not sure it will make it till November!

I'm actually just going to pretend that the bold is coming out on Christmas day. That way, when (and if) it shows up in the market before that, I'll be pleasantly surprised.

tuxtech... since your comment was right after mines i will assume your comment had something to do with me saying EFF RIM, and not waiting no more (i could be wrong about it tho) LoL. but waiting in line freezing in November??? idk where u live but i live in L.A. November is WONDERFUL!!! yet i wont be waiting in anyones line for a phone. i dont give a rats ass if Jesus himself was passing them out with free tickets to "heaven".

b4 u go waiting in line freezing your ass off... stop by starbucks n grab some hot chocolate. might make the wait a lil easier.

Terrible news... But I have a rogers braned bold I might get rid of if the offer is nice.... 207B047B...

Geez! If AT&T keeps pushing the Bold back, we might as well wait for the 3rd generation iPhone! I was rocking back and forth between keeping my Curve, switching to the iPhone 3G or waiting on the Bold, so I'm disappointed to say the least to hear this.

WE got to wait for the storm and u guys got to wait for the bold
ps. bold sucks if you are going to wait for NOV. just get the storm it will blow u away

the bold comes out my bday, lol but the nov shipment, GAY! RIM make your shipping dates as good as your blackberry.

the only problem i see with this, there is no AT&T logo anywhere on that sheet.

who submitted this to BGR? i could have photoshopped that in my sleep.

why would AT&T have announce not even a week or two ago "Octoberfast" with the Bold slated for October, and then say this? That doesn't make any sense WHATSOEVER.

I can't believe it ... I am switching from a Palm to a Smart phone ... in waiting for the Bold, I've had to accomodate the inability to link and share information with my computer and my "PDA/Smart Phone" in order to wait for this new device.

I am not willing to put up with, compensate for, not having a smart phone/pda that syncs with my computer, works with Outlook ... I am done ...

I will look for a device that first gets me off the AT&T network and then ... meets my needs.

Based on AT&T's track record on the "Bold" release as well as their arrogance in not telling their customers the reason for the delay, I am absolutely convinced the Bold will not make an appearance on the AT&T network anytime soon.
After standing by AT&T for the last 10 years (cingular included) I'm done with them. Me and my 20 employee's phones are off to VZW and the "Storm"
Good luck everyone.

No bold by Mid Oct my business and all of rim devices are moving to Verizon once the storm is out these delays are a mess!!

It would seem that AT&T is quite happy to ignore higher margin customers who buy BlackBerry's for the iPhone users who if the article is right, are clogging up the data side with lower profit plans.

AT&T saw no issue with Apple shoving a their half baked POS phone on the market (oh they couldn't test it that's right) so now they say bad battery life from RIM, I smell rotten Apples here.

I'm an AT&T dealer and our equipment and launch update sheet for 9/17 doesn't look much like the one posted above. I'd share it, but frankly, with the big banner along the top that says, "Posting and distributing device models and dates to unauthorized persons & websites is prohibited and against AT&T's Code of Business Conduct," I'm a bit reluctant to do so, lest I get promoted to customer. ;-)

Most relevant to this discussion is the fact that our sheet does not include any mention of the Bold. This could mean that AT&T wants to keep the launch under wraps and will distribute a revised sheet nearer to launch, but it could also mean that the Bold is nowhere near launch.

I will say, however, that on 10/2, AT&T dealers in our region will be attending a meeting with some RIM marketing people about the Bold. Again, I don't know what this says about launch proximity, but one would assume it can't be that far.

It's somewhat apparent, to me at least, that AT&T paid alot more for the "exclusive" IPHONE deal than for the "Bold" and therefore need more time to recoup.
These exclusive deals are injuring the consumers and should be outlawed. For all of us who have relied on AT&T as a result of their "exclusivity" agreements with those "hot phones" advertised by the AT&T marketing gurus, I say use this exclusive marketing against them in opting out of our contracts. If you can establish your reliance on their "snake-oil" advertising campaign and their refusal to release those products for no other reason than to prevent other carriers from competing, i would submit that we could get out of our contracts without paying.
I for one will challenge AT&T with this theory if they attempt to bill me for canceling 20 contracts for me and my employees when we switch to VZW for our new "Storms".

tlav14....i can understand your frustrated with the bold situation as am i but let me comment on the cancelation thing. If they start waving cancelation fees then what is going to happen is they will start making everyone pay retail price for these phones. Think about that for a minute. Would you rather have a service for 1 or 2 years in order to save several hundred dollars upfront or would you rather pay that? Especially in your case having 20 lines with your business, if everyone is getting the bold you figure it should be about 199.00-299.00 with a new contract/upgrade, if you paid retail for it your looking at well above 400.00 per. Most americans are cheap and would never be able to afford the upfront cost for just about any cell phone. But that's just my opinion.

I have looked everywhere and the information is not consistent. When is the Blackberry Bold coming out for Verizon Wireless?

We can't even pick a good choice for presidential hopefuls, are economy is in terrible shape, people losing their jobs and homes and now this. Is this the LULL before the STORM?

I feel very angry that companies that thrive on making money by us buying their products and treating us like we have to beg & making us feel like a bunch of hungry wolves waiting for them to throw us a bone when it should be the other way around.

I'm confused!
AT&T has the exclusive, US, rights to the Bold yet they refuse to release it. Why hasn't there been any complaints from RIM that AT&T has breached their exclusivity agreement? Isn't RIM being injured by AT&T's refusal? I don't get it! Is there a "side agreement" between the two allowing this activity to occur?
It's quite perplexing!

I got my iPhone about a year ago and I am SO tired of it. I am tired of the touch screen and constantly hitting buttons while talking and hanging up on people. My son is even worse with trying to talk on it. It is very annoying. The ear buds that come with it are horrible. I have tried the Blue Tooth and that is better but I don't walk around all day long with it on like some folks I have seen. I, for one, would never have another touch screen. Yes, it is great for browsing the internet and for keeping my photos but as a phone it leaves a lot to be desired. I haven't handled the 3G but I would think I would have the same trouble with the touchscreen. Also I am tired of carrying the iPhone to talk on and my old Blackjack for a PDA. I can at least have my Word and Excel docs on it with document to go. And even edit them. I am hoping that the Bold finally comes out soon as I really want it. But I guess I will try and wait patiently. The operative word is try. I have another year on AT&T and can't afford to cut my contract. And I don't know much about the other companies anyway so can't say which would be any better.

At this point i have no idea what to believe. I'm a store mgr for at&t and my wife works for at&t corp. I have a connection within RIM and i'm hearing all different dates. Originally my account rep. told us end of september, my wife received email stating november. I got a little pissy and tried to pry it out of my RIM connection. He said end of sept. was incorrect and then i told him about the email my wife got at at&t corp. about the november release date. The only thing he would confirm was that both dates were incorrect. I have no clue now! I'm thinking or should i say hoping now that it would be October but who the hell knows!!! I'm getting sick of the wait that's all i can say.