AT&T Potentially Getting Ready for the Bold in White?

AT&T Getting Ready to Release the Bold in White?
By Duvi on 21 Aug 2009 01:47 am EDT

You might not want to read into this too much, but I was snooping around AT&T's account manager and noticed that the list of devices says "Bold Black". I'm always on the account manager and this is the first time I noticed that it didn't just say "9000 (Bold)" like it normally does. When photos dropped on BGR the other day of a Bold in a white (click here for photos) some people responded that it was a third party casing which potentially it may have been, but this change on AT&T's site further adds to the claims that RIM may be about to unleash some white Bolds on the world. Some may have done the modifications to their devices already, but at least if you buy it white, you don't have to go through the hassle of changing out the housing when you need to exchange the device. It also minimizes your chances of voiding the warranty when having to ensure you don't harm the precious little warranty sticker when taking off the screws. I definitely ripped mine when blacking out my Bold (but I didn't care, I knew I'd never use warranty).

I'm definitely waiting for this to drop as I love when the work is already done for me. Anyone else waiting for the white bold to be released? Anyone dropping their current ones to get the new one? And how many of you are saying "Who cares, bring on Onyx"? Sound off in the comments!

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AT&T Potentially Getting Ready for the Bold in White?


nope, dont care. black bold and trackball with red numbers and silver buttons. waiting for the 9700.

since last november, i've purchased 3 bolds. all of them were called the at&t bold black on my invoices. i think that's just the way it appears in inventory and someone inadvertently included "black" on the website.

Mmmhhh can imagine the DIRT that will be seen on this phone...guess you better have a nice cover over it...that will hide the fact that it is white...Mmmhhh

The Bold should have always been ALL black (i.e. get rid of the chrome bezel). Mine has the black bezel, and everybody who's seen it thinks RIM should be making the Bold as all black and not with the looks-like-a-toy chrome bezel.

And like most other posters say, why bother? Bring on the Onyx!

I think I white bold gives chicks the option to have a very masculine looking phone with a little girly touch :) Forget the Onyx. After months of do I get the iphone or a blackberry and researching all the blackberries out and coming out. the BOLD is still the best in the line up.

So I say Bring it Baby!!! Woo-Hooo!