AT&T First to Carry the BlackBerry Bold

By James Falconer on 12 May 2008 05:16 pm EDT

AT&T First to Carry the BlackBerry Bold'So who's going to be the first carrier to offer the BlackBerry Bold!?' I can hear you all saying...

Word is spreading that AT&T will be the first carrier with the Bold on offer. It has also been noted that AT&T also has exclusivity on international 3G usage. Sprint and Verizon's EV-DO network isn't as universal as AT&T's HSDPA. I'd still look for the other carriers to launch their own version of the Bold in the near future. Lets give this some time to sort itself out. Still early days.

One thing is for certain...I'm jonesing for pricing details, aren't you? I'm not even going to hazard a guess, even though I'm sure I could be right on the money with this one. No pricing details have been confirmed on the unit as of yet... But with Kevin live at WES, I'm sure he's hunting down more information as I speak.

Stay tuned for more coverage on the BlackBerry Bold!

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AT&T First to Carry the BlackBerry Bold


I sure hope so! I'm lusting over this 9000 right now. I've got the Curve 8310, but I'm gonna have to sell it and get this 9000 as soon as it comes out. Although, Rogers announced that they will be having an "iPhone" coming out soon so I wonder which one it will be. If it's the 3G one, its gonna be a tough decision between it and the 9000. If its the current iphone, guaranteed I'm getting the 9000.

Don't forget that T-mobile was the first to have the curve. I just hope that we (Tmo customers) don't have to wait forever for this beauty. Seems that with all the TMO 3g confusion that we may have a longer wait :( Guess I need to start looking for an unlocked model :)

Ha! That was good. Tmobile wasn't the first to have the curve. It was such a huge deal how can anyone miss that?

I am really wanting to know if and when Verizon will get the Bold. I don't want to jump ship but I will if it is going to take a year or more.

With all the buzz and excitement surround the 9000 debut.. I am second guessing my thoughts of upgrading my 8830 to the 8330 curve.. I was wondering thoughts on the eta of the VZW release of 9000 I know that CDMA providers are the LAST to get the latest and greatest but it seems to me that if this truly is a "Apple Killer" and AT&T has the exclusive on the iPhone that others would want to push this.. Also, any thoughts on Apple talking to AT&T and applying some pressure not to carry this product?... Just interested.. and loving the updates from WES.....

Love the sight/blogs.. keep up the awesome job for us 'crack-heads'..

I'm tired of this. I don't want to but I think I'm eventually gonna switch over to At&t because they always get the phone first. I wish Rim would just sell a version that you can use with any sim provide. Blackberry is a universal phone and I think they have it where you can buy directly/ I am tired of the exclusive bs

LOL, will you really switch over to AT&T just to be the first one on the block with a pretty new phone? Let AT&T have it first and let it's users beta test it so many of the bugs and enhancement needs be worked out before it comes to other, more reliable carriers.

Well......I guess being on Verizon Wireless I'll have to wait a good year or two before I get the chance to get have it.

Why can't VW step up and be the first for once. I know AT&T has GSM which is world wide but, come on VW force your hand for once!!!!!

So exactly who are the so called "other reliable carriers". I can say you are wrong about that. Verizon in my area is no more reliable than AT&T and in fact I have better coverage with AT&T now that the merger is done. I can also swap out to any phone on the go without having to log into a web page, wait 10 minutes and reboot my phone. I have a reliable carrier that doesn't cripple phones or create a vanilla GUI that makes every phone look the same.

I had Verizon for 6 years 3 two year contracts back to back and one day I got feed up with the high prices poor CS and on top of all the other B.S. I started dropping calls at my new job. So i switched to Cingular a year and a half ago and never looked back. I live in what att calls their lowest coverage area and I never lose service if you've ever been to the battle fields at Yorktown yea I get 4 bars there so please don't give me the crap about who is more reliable and this and that Att has the most subscribers that's why they get the phones first VZW needs to get there act together like everyone else because t-mobile will soon have a better network then them trust me I've seen the invoices 96 million a month on towers and satellites.

Looks like ill be waiting a while (verizon wirless customer). I mean we just dropped the curve so it will be some time before anything new comes around

All you Verizon customers who are thinking about jumping ship to AT&T just for the new Blackberry 9000 - think again.
Verizon is going to carry the new Blackberry Thunder 100% full touch screen which will be the new flagship of Blackberry. It won't be available for a little while but just hold on and wait it out. Once verizon unveils it, you will be extremely happy that you waited. Sorry AT&T users.