AT&T to finally get the Pearl 3G and Curve 3G October 3rd?

AT&T BlackBerry Pearl 3G
By Adam Zeis on 18 Sep 2010 10:05 am EDT

It's pretty surprising that no major US carriers (aside from Cincinnati Bell) have picked up the Pearl 3G yet. It was expected months ago, but for some reason is nowhere to be found. Well Engadget is reporting that it may finally be showing up on AT&T in less than a month. According to a rumored device list, both the Pearl 3G and Curve 3G will be making their way to AT&T (with a bunch of other devices) on October 3rd. So if you've been missing out on some SureType action, you won't have to wait much longer.

Source: Engadget

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AT&T to finally get the Pearl 3G and Curve 3G October 3rd?


Awesome news!! I have been jonesing for the Pearl 3G since the first images dropped.

The 81xx is STILL IMO the best BB ever made and this will just be that much better. Bring it on AT&T :)

Curve 3G is a step down. Slower processor, lower res screen, lower mega pixel camera, no flash. I would like 3G though.

It'll be the biggest mistake in your life... lol. If you're gonna upgrade, check out the ones that actually have good reviews. Like the Torch, Bold, and Pearl.

This is good news.

If RIM was smart they'd install 512MB of onboard RAM in these instead of the current 256MB so it will better handle OS 6.

Ebscer, yes you are right.

However the 9100 is really supposed to be a high end phone (bold in a small package).

If they took this long to release it to ATT my view is they should put the 512MB RAM in it, so it can better handle OS6.

I was under the impression that OS6 is better suited to a 512MB onboard RAM device. If OS6 runs on a 256MB device without any noticeable difference compared to a 512MB device with the same processor, then I probably don't care.

If expanding the memory with a microSD card accomplishes the same task then having only 256MB onboard is no big deal.
I don't know though, I've never even owned a smartphone!

Since when does US Cellular have a GSM Phone? I just went to their sight and there is no sign of a Pearl at all 9100 or 9130 I think you must have been thinking of some other carrier.... Like Cincinnati Bell possibly???? **** Sweet got it fixed =) have a good day Adam

Pearl 3G FINALLY on AT&T.

As I already said in the forums about this, best news since it's announcement.

Now we just need a little more confirmation - it was kind of buried in that original article.

I understand offering this phone, but why would AT&T want to sit on it for half a year first? Something is not quite right about this...

A week earlier, over at the Boy Genius site when there was the big list of phones for AT&T for the holidays, and no mention of the Pearl, I made a comment about the missing Pearl. Someone who seemed to be from AT&T (or at least worked there) answered that it was coming soon, and that it was actually RIM that was the hold up. No other explanation beyond that. I can't understand why RIM would hold it out, but considering the interest at it's announcement, they lost a lot of that interest and it could hurt them.

But then, I'd find it fitting if the Pearl ends up out selling the Torch.

Off topic: I found this while surfin. AT&T is not the only one who officially works for Torch software. You can check Telefonica Venezuela page for official OS for Torch.;jsessionid=43787C6C90D30015EC979501AF6C9633.node1

I seriously hope that this is true!!! I've waiting for this phone since it was first "rumored" to be coming out! Ahhhhh. Let's go AT&T bring me my pearl!!

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