AT&T Drops Prices On All BlackBerry Smartphones

By Bla1ze on 4 Dec 2009 02:55 am EST
AT&T Drops Prices On All BlackBerry Smartphones

BoyGenius had heard "whispers" about AT&T having a big sale on BlackBerry devices, turns out the whispers are now loud and clear. AT&T has put the page up on their site and all BlackBerry smartphone pricing has been reduced. Even that BlackBerry Bold 9700 gets in on the action being reduced to a comfortable $99.99 after MIR. Restrictions apply of course but that's standard. If you been thinking on a new BlackBerry or wanna give one as a holiday gift, jump on it. No end date for the sale is listed on the site so get in on it..before it's gone.

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AT&T Drops Prices On All BlackBerry Smartphones


Is the 9700 bad or something? Last I heard it was awesome.... Why is it the same price? That's a steal for any att customers.

I'll probably pick mine up today. Lettalk has them for free today as well (price has fluctuated from free on BF to $49/79/99 over the week).

So, let's pretend somebody bought the 9700 for $299 with a $100 rebate and is still within the return period. Will AT&T match their own price drop and refund the $100, or does it have to be handled as a return/re-buy?

Get a 9000. The 9700 sucks.

I'm so happy and glad that there is a treatment for genital herpes! Woohoo!

Just to let everyone know, I just called ATT as I paid the full price too at launch time and they credited my account the difference because I could've just returned the phone otherwise and gotten the better deal. So call and get your $$$ back!!!

I just tried calling and was told I need to do a return and re-buy at the store. I guess it depends on who you talk to just like every other time I call.

I just called and they processed my refund. If you purchased the device within 30 days (which is everyone) you should be able to get your refund. Just be polite and patient and if necessary ask to speak to a manager or to the customer retentions department.

I just went to the store around the corner from my office. They hadn't changed the price on the display yet, so I had to show them on the website that the price is lower. They ended up crediting my account $100, now I just need to wait a couple days to make sure it really did go through. Happy camper now :)

Is this a web price only? I saw on the AT&T website that the white model looks to be web only for $99, but the black model looks like it could be purchased in stores for $99. Any confirmation?

It's so funny that the BRAND NEW Minibold is the same price as the nearly two year old BOLD 9000. That says something for the quality of the 9000.

I got a Bold 9700 from business sales for $200 prior to its release in stores. Called ATT today since I was still in my 30 day return period and asked for a refund of the $100 and they immediately credited my bill $100!

i got my 9000 back in september for 400$. about 3 weeks later the price drops to 300$. Now its only 200$ with the 100$ back. this sucks. i hate when prices finally drop after i buy it :( but its still i think worth it to buy for the original price even though its a expensive phone. the new 9700 is way to small. like others said they are just trying to sell it and make their profits. the 9000 is only a year old so next year there will most likely be a 3 bold since the first one did so well. maybe this will be the touchscreen with the keyboard!

Gets better and better! At first I wasn't getting a rebate and I got an email yesterday saying that I am eligible so I sent that off and I just called in to premier and got my $106 credit (he included the sales tax)

I called Premier and was told I'd have to return the unit/re-buy. Could I simply call again and play the game until successful or do they log such things ?

Call em back you'll get someone to process it for u. If they say no ask for a supervisor or just call back n spin the wheel again.

I purchased my Bold 9700 two days ago and I incurred the early upgrade fee of $75. I just called AT&T and the sales representative told me to come into the store and AT&T will credit $100 to my account. I am VERY happy about this news, so I am going to the AT&T directly after work today.

For all those who have the Bold 9000 and are considering upgrading to the Bold 9700, here are my thoughts on the subject:

I had the Bold 9000 since June of this year and I LOVE everything about it - the wider design, the wide keyboard layout, the brilliant screen resolution and the 1 Gig internal memory. The feel of the Bold 9000 in your hand is incredible.

This being said, I was hesitant to purchase the Bold 9700. For a day after I bought the 9700, I missed the wider design of the 9000 & had to adjust to the 9700's slimmer design. However, now I absolutely LOVE the 9700!! The optical trackpad is AWESOME & INCREDIBLY FAST!! I will never go back to a trackball again. RIM's trackpad is just pure heaven. Also, the speed of the 9700 is phenomenal and the higher resolution screen is amazing, nothing short of brilliant.

I am in the process of selling my Bold 9000 right now. I posted an ad on craigslist. The phone is in brand-new condition since I used it very little as a secondary line.

The Bold 9000 and the Bold 9700 are both top-of-the-line RIM devices and are very well constructed. The quality is top notch all around. Don't listen to the post above who believes AT&T is just trying to get rid of a batch of faulty 9700s. That's complete nonsense. This holiday sale of BlackBerries by AT&T is very good and I would take advantage of it if you're considering buying the 9700.

I've had my 9700 for 2 days now and it's just brilliant. I will say that I still prefer the wider layout of the 9000, but the 9700 has 256 RAM versus only 128 on the 9000. I will have the 9700 until next November 2010, when the 3d generation Bold will be released. Bring it on RIM!!!

Just got off the phone with att. Promo ends Jan 31st. Im getting the 100 credit because i just paid 200 for the phone two weeks ago. FYI

I bought the 9700 2 weeks ago (11/22) for 299. Just got back from the ATT store where they said they'd credit my account $100. Even if they don't credit the tax, I still recouped some of the cost. Now, just to see when they do the crediting...

Dustymugs, check OLAM. My $100 credit appeared as soon as I hung up the phone with customer care, but I called in vs. you having gone into the store.

on the phone with premier AGAIN. they decided it would be nice to charge me an additional $106 bucks instead of crediting me the money. Grrrrr