AT&T Curve 8520 Dummy Units Arriving In Stores

By Adam Zeis on 21 Nov 2009 09:30 am EST
ATT Curve 8520 Dummy Unit 

It looks like the AT&T branded Curve 8520 dummy units have started to arrive in some stores. The new device is ready for AT&T and was stated to be arriving "in the coming weeks", but no exact date just yet. We've seen this in the past over and over with dummy units and accessories popping up just a few days before the actual device is released. So if you've been waiting on this one, you may not have much longer to go.

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AT&T Curve 8520 Dummy Units Arriving In Stores


Doesnt the "20" of 8520 signify that it has WIFI and Not aGPS? the specs say the same.. a blunder by att or different version of device?

not really...
...plenty of people are perfectly happy with a low cost blackberry device, and don't have the need for 3G. Plus plenty of people (myself included) do not live in a 3G area.

This phone is shit compared to the new Pearl 9100 why would anyone ever get this ugly POS when they could just save up a little bit more money and get a really gorgeous phone aka the BB Pearl 9100!

Hello there,Iam very dissapointed in this Phone....
I can't believe you've made a phone that has ("NO"ADOBE FLASH) INSTALLED!!!!!!

I can't watch anything on the Internet. I tried and failed many times
To download "Flash" but of course couldn't!!!

Then my Service Provider Confirmed it!!!....

"NO" (Adobe Flash) what a disgrace! You Should Not Cut Corners to Save Costs. It will all backfire on you BlackBerry just wait and see....!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Very Disgruntled person!!!

Can anybody tell me if they can watch anything on the Internet using the BB 8520?
I have tried Downloading Adobe Flash but message always says can't Install!! My Service provide told me this phone comes without Flash!!!

I can't watch Utube or any trailers or anything, WHAT'S GOING ON!!!

I'm Soooooooooooooooooooooo Disappointed in this phone!!!!

Hear from you soon...

Hello Genius,

Adobe doesn't make flash for the BB, iPhone, and I'm not even sure what has it. I know in the future BBs will definitely support it, but this is a pretty well known fact right now.

Here's something to help you:

I know this is the curve for AT&T but hasn't T-Mobile had this phone for a whileeeeee now? I could have sworn i played with the dummy at T-Mobile months ago..